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Does anyone know the internal volume of the Enterprise (CV-6)?

I've been looking for a volume figure (cubic metres or feet) for this ship, but I can't find one.

23:39 UTC


USS Buchanan (DD-484)_alongside_USS Missouri (BB-63)_ 9-2-1945-tokyo bay_peace treaty Our dad was on the Buchanan in WWII. My brother found this photo on an internet search 10-15 years ago. I am looking for the original but can't find it. I thought maybe you guys could help me. [950 x 540]

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18:52 UTC


Current state of US Navy escort ships

I was unaware that the only class of destroyer/frigate type ships, save for 2 Zumwalt prototypes,are 73 Arleigh Burke class destroyers? That's it for an already stretched thin naval deployment? Are there any plans for a smaller, lest costly destroyer or frigate class ship to be built in the works?

17:25 UTC


How good or bad of a design was the Tegetthoff class?

I seen a Video explaining how bad these ships were with their turrets and how they couldn’t breathe inside it due to a fault, claiming that it was one of the worst Dreadnoughts in ww1, is this true?

03:45 UTC


Proof of time travel in WWII😂.

They got the story mixed up with a more modern ship of the same name. Considering this was published I’m blown away it didn’t get noticed by the editors or even the writer.

21:10 UTC


Can anyone identify this ship on my travels? Apparently its a new one for the American Navy, located near Mobile

16:50 UTC


Airship USS Macon ZRS-5 Radio Broadcast Navy Day 1934

01:32 UTC

18:19 UTC


Project 23000E



What's the deal with the attached (which is a model of Russia's claimed new carrier design)?

I know this is just a model (and maybe propaganda), but would it be a challenge to have catapults that transition into a ski jump?

Seems like it would be a good option for the US to have full functionality of both F-35Cs and F-35Bs with a catapult and ski jump.

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23:33 UTC


USS Oklahoma decomissioning?

As we all know USS Oklahoma was sunk at Pearl Harbor and subsequently raised and was supposed to be scrapped but later sank. However I recently read somewhere that she was suppose to be decomissioned in early 1942 because of her engines. However I can't find any sources that back that up, it makes sense though because she was the only standard to use triple steam expansion while all the others used turbines. Obviously she wouldn't have been decomissioned if she survived Pearl Harbor but Im still curious to know if it has any truth to it.

04:57 UTC


What ships are on the poster top right? Especially the silhouettes

09:28 UTC


The photos below are of the B current for Hms Hood in 1928-37 but I can't find a reference photo for World of Warships Hms Hood historic camo, any ideas?

20:55 UTC


I'm coming to America in 10 hours to finally see some actual battleships!!

In 9 hours I'm getting my flight from Heathrow tomorrow for 10 days in America to see my first battleships.

I'm nearly 30 and for most of my life it's been my my Dad promoting the Navy and having a huge interest in it even though he was a policeman for most of life. He even dragged me to a Navy recruitment centre, I eventually joined the Army tank Reserves.

Only when I started to play World of Warships and talk to Dad about Warships did my interest grow. Next thing I know I'm going to Warship Societies, buying Naval Antitiques and now it's grown to organise seeing 4 Battleships on a trip of a life time.

Seeing Texas first then Alababma, North Carlolina then Winscoinsin.

I keep thinking this is just a phrase but it's been going on for 8 years now and I have a feeling after America it will only make my interest in Warships alot more of a problem haha

I'll be sure to post some photos on here. I deffinalty want to get a turret shot on everyone but unfortunately Texas is closed off so a overall photo with have to do

20:14 UTC


I need help of someone, it's for investigation porpuses

I am carrying out an investigation of the old Costa Rican navy (because yes, it had one), after doing a lot of research, I found a list of several ships. In this case, this boat called Irazu caught my attention, and I am interested in finding more information about it.

The only thing I found is that it was previously a screw steamer called "Pelican" built by the United Kingdom in 1863, which apparently was in the American Civil War.

Could someone help me find more information? more records or whatever, it would be quite useful.

20:45 UTC


January 1946, the battleship Gneisenau frozen in winter ice. She was sunk by the Germans on March 27th 1945 to block the port of Gotenhafen in Poland. Her turrets were later removed and re purposed as coastal defense batteries. She was finally cut up and scraped between 1951 and 1953.

19:01 UTC


Anyone been on the tour of U-505 at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry? Is it worth the $$?

Sorry for pointless post, I couldn't find any reviews or anything online. I've visited the MoSI before but didn't realize you could go on a tour of the interior. It's kinda pricey ($44 with general admission), and it only lasts 25 min. Was hoping someone here could give me input on whether it's worth it.

22:35 UTC


Just missed going on the Texas

I've posted on here before about finally organising a trip to see real battleships for the first time. I've organised a trip with my Dad to come across from England to see the Texas, Alabama, North Carolina and the Wisconsin across 10 days. My Captain from my Army reserve unit said they have just launched the Texas into the water only two days ago. As soon as I get home I looked it up and told Dad, he did some emails and got a blunt reply to say they are not taking any public until next year. Its such a shame to have payed all this money and have just missed out to have had the opportunity to step onto the Texas or attest got up close to it. I was really hoping to get a phone infront of the guns on all of the battleships we were going to see.

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17:05 UTC


What are these fin looking things? What is their purpose. The ship is the Mikasa btw.

06:15 UTC


Anyone else here planning on watching USS NEW JERSEYs journey to drydock

I am planning on going to Philly to watch from the USS Oylimpia, because I doubt inwill be able to get close enough at BB62 museum site. Anyone else planning on going?

20:34 UTC


Please help with ID!

Guys, these two destroyers came to Stockholm, Sweden on an official visit a couple of years ago. My colleague swears by them being japanese. I think they are Dutch.

Can someone please ID these two destroyers, what nationality they are, their class and any other info there might be? A link to a Wikipedia entry would be nice too!

Thank you! This is a score I HAVE to settle to be able to relax. Also, I want to be right.

Dutch, right?

18:12 UTC


D-DAY Delivered: LCT 7074 – 'Revelation’: The last of three films charting the restoration by the National Museum of the Royal Navy of this D-Day veteran. 2020’s ‘Revelation’ reports the touch-and-go delivery of Tank Landing Craft LCT 7074 to her new home in Southsea.

03:20 UTC


Help for modeling ships for a newbie

Hey guys. I am a 3D artist planning to get into 3D-printed models. Similar to you I love the sea and that's why I decided that creating and painting realistic ship and submarine models would be the ideal job for me. I started checking out current models and I saw that there are already numerous models of well-known ships and submarines, so I am not particularly inclined to recreate them. However, I currently lack intensive knowledge about ships and submarines. In my online research, I found it challenging to navigate through the broadness of the field and I felt a little lost so I thought asking enthusiasts like you could help.

I have 4 questions for you:

  1. Do you have a personal favorite ship or submarine, and if so, which one is it?

  2. Are there any resources or websites that you recommend for expanding my knowledge in this field and that you find particularly informative?

  3. Which ships or submarines would you like to see realistic models of?

  4. If you were considering purchasing a ship or submarine model, what factors would you pay attention to?

Thanks in advance.

18:14 UTC


Turbo-electric WW2 destroyers?

In our history it's understandable why turbo-electric ships were rare but let's theorize that the Washington Naval Treaty doesn't ruin turbo-electric developmemt and there would be decades of development for the system. How useful turbo-electric systems could get?

Before you say it's just extra weight on the most weight-sensitive warship class of WW2 hear me out first!

A lot of destroyers had their steam systems spread to at least two distant compartments. This meant the midship powerplant had to drive a shaft which ran through most of the hull. The issues with this and the gearing system were also often understated. Fixing electrical systems also sound complex but they aren't mechanically linked so often it takes very little to solve in comparison.

I don't say this wouldn't cost extra tonnage at all. Albeit I don't have any hard metrics on these. So I wonder, how feasible would be a steam turbine destroyer using turbo generators to power an electric drive instead of geared mechanical systems?

11:46 UTC

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