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A place to draw characters for each other, and check out cool character art. This sub focuses on requests for D&D or other TTRPG characters, and the artists who draw them.

This subreddit is for fans of role playing games to submit request to get their characters drawn and for artists who want to draw characters from ttrpgs. This is purely pro bono work, meaning it is done voluntarily out of good will. Please read the rules before posting, they can be found below the sidebar picture.


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1) All posts must have the appropriate title tag

  • [LFA] stands for Looking For Artist - use this if you want an artist to draw your character for free
  • [RF] stands for Request Filled - this is for artwork that comes from an [LFA] post made in r/characterdrawing
  • [META] is for discussions relating to the subreddit; use sparingly

2) No graphic or sexualized content

  • Depictions of explicit themes such as gore or sexual acts are not allowed
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  • Moderators have the final word on what is allowable based on their interpretations

3) No unrequested solicitation for payment

  • Do not ask for money in [LFA]s
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  • Do not post rates or price sheets anywhere
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  • Artists may link to their portfolios and social media on their [RF] posts

4) No blatant advertising

  • Titles must focus on the character(s) within the artwork and contain no advertising
  • Do not advertise products or services (e.g. Etsy store products, YCH)
  • You may provide links to your personal websites that mention commissions in your [RF] posts
  • You may respond to people asking if you do commissions, but direct them to DMs for further discussion
  • Moderators have the final word on what is allowable based on their interpretations

5) No unrequested or unproductive critique

  • Do not critique an artwork unless the original poster specifically asks for it
  • Critique must be constructive (i.e., be helpful and not a jerk)
  • All members are expected to be civil and treat each other with respect.

6) No DALL-E, Midjourney, Hero Forge, Artbreeder, or similar [OC] submissions

  • AI or Hero Forge screenshots (or from similar image-generation services like Artbreeder and DALL-E) are not allowed as [RF] submissions
  • Generated screenshots are just fine in [LFA]s or [COM]s to supplement character descriptions

7) [LFA]s are limited to one post per seven days per character concept or set of characters

  • Multiple [LFA]s per seven days for different characters or groups of characters are allowed

8) Create a link or tag the original poster if you submit an [RF]

  • Posts that do not link to or from the original [LFA] post or tag its original requestor will be removed
  • Do not subvert the [LFA] - [RF] system by making a fraudulent [RF] post

9) No OC. All image posts must be a request [LFA] or fulfill a request [RF]

Posts of non-requested characters are not allowed.

  • Feel free to include your other work, gallery/price sheet links, and social media links in the comments of your other posts.
  • An image compilation of your other work and the services you offer WITHOUT PRICES may be posted as the last image in a gallery post, if you wish. This is to ensure the focus stays on the art, and discourage low-effort posts for advertising purposes.

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[RF] Florina Allgood, Tiefling Artillerist for u/Orinsi

1 Comment
00:59 UTC


[LFA] Ferugin, the Owlin Div Wizard

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00:25 UTC


[LFA] Karat Katar the Uz(Troll) cultist of Argan Argar and sorcerer of the cult Arkat Kingtroll. (NSFW is because one of the troll example images, the character himself is not NSFW). [REPOST]x3

1 Comment
23:25 UTC


[RF] Quetzal the squishy kobold

21:55 UTC


[RF] Verus, the Jarfolk oathbreak-lock for u/Tired_Whale51

21:40 UTC


[RF] Damien and Evelyn, requested by u/YonackDreven

18:13 UTC


[RF] Evelynn Wolf, the Fawn Shadow Walker

15:50 UTC


[LFA] Theam, the Gorgon

11:57 UTC


[LFA] Request for my D&D character: Ehytal

Character Basics

Full Name:Ehytal Briskeld / Isbre Gelier (Past Name)
Race/Ethnic Group:Genasi (He is a homebrew subrace called Bone Genasi. This is a unique subrace that is an experiment between any Genasi and a Bone Devil or similar creature)
Class/Occupation:Ranger (He is an informant/assassin for a major company/corporation in my world. Along with being a vigilante)
Character Nature:DND5e Fantasy

Character Details

Age/appeared age:He appears to be later 40s, early 50s
Facial Features:Eyebrow slit on his left.
Hair:Faded blue and purple. Long hair, usually tied in a bun for everyday or in a low ponytail if it is a casual day.
Eyes:His eyes are reminiscent of a dragon in style. Red eyes with green explosions within. His right eyes is a bit lighter due to partial blindness.
Distinguishing Marks:He has a scar near his right eye from a claw attack.
Body Type:Well-built with a more trapezoid shape. His arms and chest are well pronounced while his legs are slightly less so.
Color Scheme:His body color scheme is blues, teals, and purples. His clothing color scheme is blacks, browns, golds, and purples.
Gear:Main items are a magical dagger and a pair of chainblades (like from dauntless)
Animal Companion:He travels with a pet raven that has a small blood red patch of feathers on his chest. The raven's wings also have undertones of the blood red feathers.
Action/Pose:Up to artist.
Others:His ears are more elven in nature. He has demon-like horns that go from a deep teal at the base to purple tips. He has demon-like wings that are dark teal for the main parts, light blue accents, and the flesh inbetween the sections go from ice blue to white. He has a tail fading from a deep blue to purple with a black arrowhead on the end. His skin is highlighted with ice blue sections in typically darker areas.
Clothing:He wears dark, almost black, cargo pants that have many hidden pouches and are covered in chains. On his torso, he wears a black, skintight turtleneck that has faded purple lines running down the arms. Over the turtleneck, he wears a dark brown tactical vest with gold and deep purple accents that has a hood with a golden trim at the end. He also wears a mask on the lower part of his face that is silver with gold running along the top. His shoes are a pair knee high brown combat boots with multiple faded gold and faded purple buckles all along it. Finally, he wears a simple pair of brown leather fingerless gloves.

Character Persona

Alignment:Neutral Evil
Personality Traits:A protective, secretive, and silent fighter for what he believes is right.
Ideals and Goals:He is trying to take down a group that poses a threat to the entirety of reality while trying to silently and secretly guide his group to join his side.
Bonds and Flaws:He is extremely protective and cunning when it comes to his close friends. Due to this, he often witholds many things from others to try and protect someone else.
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08:32 UTC


[LFA] Sprymar, Half-Elf Illusionist

02:05 UTC


[RF] Rori the 3ft time wizard, requested by u/Shadowstrike775

01:17 UTC


[LFA] Gelato and Rings, a friendly and strange ooze/alien superhero duo fighting crime in the ocean and land!

1 Comment
21:55 UTC


[RF] DnD character Fazira for @evilaus <3

15:08 UTC


[LFA] Skelly man with bird friend

My ever giving dm has allowed me and my friend to play respectively as Path of the giant barbarian skeleton and a raven rogue My thought process quickly spiraled, and im thinking viking esque skeleton and my friend the raven lives inside my ribcage in its nest If this seems like an interesting concept feel free to fill it out, and if you have ideas to expand on it then feel free to write in the comments ^^

10:42 UTC


[LFA] Aaron, the half dragon form

Just like the title says, this is Aaron but in his half dragon form. The body of the dragon is based on those Chinese dragon but with five limbs, four front arms and two legs. He is very tall (9'20) and his half dragon body is very long however if you want, you could make a cute version of him or turning him into his fully dragon form!

This ref sheet is drawn by me and sorry if it looks rushed!

10:06 UTC


[LFA] Calixte, the charming Malkavian peacemaker.

Proprietor of the Le Pétale Écarlate, a club in New Orleans, Calixte is a mysterious figure. Using the rarity of her official appearances, as well as couching herself in vodou mysticism, she keeps people guessing. Is she a voodoo witch? A sea hag? Some sort of devilish menace? Underneath all of the rumours, Calixte is an old and powerful vampire of the eighth generation. Embraced in 1764 by the owner of the plantation she lived on, he was somehow surprised when she turned on him a year later, even when he himself admitted that he chose her for ambition and cruelty. She managed to get the drop on both him and his own sire, one Gouverneur Jean-Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie, performing the Diablerie; in which a vampire consumes another vampire, blood, soul, and all to rise in Generation and, therefore, power.

The years have softened her, though she would be loath to admit it. All told she is happy to run her club, in actuality a masquerade Elysium (as Kine, or humans, frequent the establishment) as well as her own Haven, and do her best to duck the madness that is kindred politicking and manoeuvring. The Jyhad is a dangerous bore in her mind, where vampires dance at the whims of their betters. She would rather gather quiet power and use it to forge alliances between the Kindred of the city and other supernatural beings, as New Orleans has a history for being a place of cooperation between those what go bump in the night.

As with all Children of Malkav, Calixte is afflicted with a derangement. Her treatment at the hands of slavers left deep scars on her mind, and sometimes she still sees their visages flash onto the faces of kine authority figures like the police, an institution that itself grew out of the old “slave patrol.” The Camarilla is usually willing to look the other way, as this allows them to shore the waning police numbers with their own informants, as well as ensure that there is a constant influx of “pigs blood” into the mouths of the New Orleans kindred.


04:06 UTC


[LFA] Jakk, Goblin Greatword User

03:31 UTC


[RF] Samizura, Half- Orc Barbarian

03:17 UTC


[LFA] Wes Mercury, bloodhunter cultist child

03:17 UTC

00:33 UTC


[LFA] (REPOST) Lucille Diamondheart - Aasimar Divine Soul Sorcerer

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00:19 UTC


[LFA] Rom ~ Beauty in Choice

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19:46 UTC

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