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[RF] Yamma the wild magic sorcerer

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20:11 UTC


[LFA] Lady Ren Hohi, alchemist monster hunter

Ren is a noble who is the second eldest of her family, which has the tradition of the eldest taking over the alchemist guild while the second becomes an adventurer in a far away. She has trained her whole life to develop her own way of fighting, using her rapier, her collection of potions and poisons, and her innate psionic powers to overcome her enemies, typically through attrition as she uses her magic and tactics to avoid being hit. Mechanically, she is a DnD 5e character, variant human hexblade warlock with the pact of the blade. I have attached her current image, but I am hoping to find something that is a bit more in line with the alchemist route I have taken with her. I have also attached her family crest, as it would be nice if she could have a colour scheme like it, though I'm not sure how well it would work out as an outfit. I have also included the tables from the template for ease and to cover the finer points.

Character Basics



|Full Name:| Lady Ren, of house Hohi|

|Race/Ethnic Group:| Variant Human|

|Class/Occupation:|Monster Hunter who uses her history as an alchemist to fight|

| Character Nature: | High Fantasy (DnD 5e) |

Character Details



|Gender:| Female|

|Age/appeared age:| 21|

|Hair:|Black hair, approximately mid shoulder blades in length|

|Eyes:| brown|

|Significant item:| The important thing are her potions/poisons. Thinking belt or bandoliers, but they need to be somewhere that she can easily reach them. |

|Body Type:| Tall (6'2", 6' 6" in her heels) |

|Color Scheme:| Will admit that I am not great at this, so will leave up to you. Thinking either something following her family crest (so blue and black with splashes of gold and red) or something earthlier to be able to blend into the woods. The more colourful version may also struggle with the potions|

|Gear:| Rapier, a number of vials filled with different coloured potions and poisons (thinking a few bandoliers, but could have them along her belt, in a bag, or in a bag), a book somewhere she can easily grab, fancy hat that is still practical (and preferably made of an easily cleanable material as it is often thrown into the dirt to start duels), boots with heels that add 4" (not the most practical thing to fight in, I know. But the reference picture had them and they've been talked about enough that they've become a core part of her) |

|Animal Companion:|N/A|

|Action/Pose:|Flexible, but something showing some confidence and being relaxed would be nice. |

| Other: | Despite the new situation that she finds herself in, Ren always exudes confidence. With grace and a strong will, she believes that she can overcome any challenge |

Character Persona



|Alignment:|Chaotic Good|

|Personality Traits:| The common folk love me for my kindness and generosity. My eloquent flattery makes everyone I talk to feel like the most wonderful and important person in the world. |

|Ideals and Goals:| Independence: I must prove that I can handle myself without the coddling of my family. Ren's goal is to create a new alchemist guild in her new home, as well as being a successful hunter. |

|Bonds and Flaws:|Bonds: I will do everything in my power to look out for those that have given themselves to me, even if it costs me my life. Flaws: In fact, the world does revolve around me, I have an insatiable desire for carnal pleasures |




|Visual concepts:| The important thing is that Ren is a noble first and foremost (one with plenty of money from adventuring and max charisma), so she should have a confidence and swagger along with elegance in her look. Still, she fights monsters for a living and is a scrambler when it comes to fighting, so being able to move freely is of the upmost importance. |

|Backstory:| Born to a noble house running a large alchemist guild, Ren has always been surrounded by potions and poisons her whole life and has learned many things about them. Despite having acquired a large knowledge on the science of potion (and poison) making, as the second eldest her role was to move to a far away land and become an adventurer to spread the family's reputation. As such, she has been taught to hunt, fight, and survive in addition to her alchemy lessons and learning how to interact in the courts. At the age of 21 she finally set off on her own, using her skills to become a monster hunter. |

EDIT: Apparently Reddit doesn't like it having both pictures and text so wasn't able to add them to the post, but here are the links
Current Reference: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1208304848307757087/1209351607448510524/t60vyejdqqbb1.png?ex=662734f3&is=6614bff3&hm=4b8a45306df1585776365cd53a0ec2aaebe6a67d28fc097102ac242a8abba29d&
Family Crest: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1043892929887998025/1229520916254298122/Hohi_Family_Crest.png?ex=662ffb95&is=661d8695&hm=103882d79ecec95e34dc69e7dc536d537e470de43229f929ace682d693b23a85&=&format=webp&quality=lossless&width=552&height=662

19:54 UTC


[RF] Tide, the hall shark barbarian

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19:50 UTC

18:52 UTC


[RF] Doodled someone's goblin guy.

17:31 UTC


[LFA] Gothic Cathedral Stained Glass Dhampir Warlock With Gargoyle

16:53 UTC


[LFA]Goblin Tavern Brawler in oversized timberland boots and a yellow puffy coat.

Our table runs a pretty goofy, fast and loose campaign. DM decided I found the following loot:

Oversized classic Timberland boots Oversized yellow puffy goat.

Naturally, Muh of all Darkness, is quite chuffed about these comeups.

And given my inability to draw stick figures, I was hoping one of ya’ll might have some fun with this.


14:39 UTC


[LFA] Sigurd Slipwing, the Owlin Bard

Sigurd was made the head of House Slipwing, a new and controversial noble house, after his parents were assassinated. He left his home in charge of his childhood friend while he went to go investigate the assassination.

Despite his race and class, he's rather buff (strength score of 16). He primarily wears green, carries with him a lyre, pan flute, and pair of drums, and in combat wields a light crossbow and a rapier.

He's rather out there, boisterous, always looking for new material to turn into his next song. Can be a bit obnoxious and sometimes rather snooty, but he's a good soul. Always looking to uphold justice and do the right thing.

(If it helps, his main inspiration is Twilight from the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series)

14:08 UTC


[LFA] Diego Mishiék, punchy boi

I don’t really have a class in mind for him, he just punches stuff really hard

13:14 UTC


[LFA] Llŷr Stàilinn, Valor bard. (Report/updated ref sheet)

Hello! Hoping to get him done.

A little about him:

Llŷr is a noble from the city of Neverwinter on the Sword Coast. He's actually a steel dragon disguised as a human as they usually do to intermingle with the commonfolk. If he's drawn, thanks, it really means a lot.


06:57 UTC


[LFA] [Repost] Nobody and Noah Attol, same changeling, different worlds.

Nobody Attol, a favorite character of mine from a long time ago. He originally was a rouge that was a sheriff of a town named Nowhere but we did another campaign where I remade him as a ranger who was a well experienced adventurer who acted as a guide for the party. Though different classes both suffer from amnesia where Nobody had his memories magically removed from a bartender friend and Noah's was a natural response to trauma.

04:54 UTC


[LFA] [Repost] Charcoal, Magma Genasi in the Circle of Ash.

Charcoal was a warrior member of his druid circle, trained in combat and flame based magic. Sadly his circle had been destroyed, leaving him as the last known survivor. He was found and taken by Fey creatures to fight and die in a colosseum as entertainment. Thankfully, he has survived his first two rounds and gave a bright enough spectacle to receive rather useful rewards.

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04:51 UTC


[LFA] Annie Fraus, Arcane Archer and Warlock of an Ancient Dragon

01:45 UTC


[LFA] Thaniel, a Leviathan Academy student for a modern fantasy world

Very early 90s styling, thinking High School Musical Troy Bolton or *NSYNC styling. Creative freedom is allowed!

00:02 UTC


[RF] Persephone and her Hellhound

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22:18 UTC


[LFA] Rosinante Sternberg, High Elf Alchemist

20:37 UTC


[LFA] Lysander Enki, a scholarly, gentle-spoken, knowledge cleric for a dnd campaign I'm joining.

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20:25 UTC


[LFA] Ophelia Nevrand, Aasimar Divine Soul Sorcerer of Paladine

Skin color, head design (face shape, hairstyle/color) from this. Hair should be glowing faintly in Radiant Soul form: https://i.imgur.com/u3yaUZR.jpeg

This outfit: https://i.imgur.com/YtEySoe.png

This pose, but with a more serious expression and without the pseudodragon: https://i.imgur.com/0piU0t3.jpeg

These wings, but more shimmering and translucent like typical Aasimar wings (still platinum colored though). Eyes should be glowing the same color as the wings: https://i.imgur.com/ennzrXh.jpeg

If you post the image to another social, I would ask that you not include my username in it

this is a free request, please do not DM me about payment

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18:13 UTC


[LFA] [Sci-fi] Ayre, and Mihaya, the twin lagomorph Scout and Tank

Ayre and Mihaya Airan are twin lagomorphs. (Aka bunnies) They are about 19 years old in this universe, while being low ranked adventurers. Their parents died in a mining accident, which left the twins with barely enough money for gear, but not enough to get off the dustball of a planet they lived on.As for body types, the twins are very petite, and lithe. Barely five feet tall each. Their hair can be up to the artist to design.

Ayre is the “older” of the twins. She is the loud and annoying one. Hyperenergetic basically. She is a good bean, but still very active. Her weapons are two ‘plasma swords’ (Aka Lightsabers, but not Lightsabers…) Her hair is shorter. (Shoulder length) She is literally a ‘jedi’ without being a jedi. (Cause copyright.) Mind powers, healing powers, the whole nine yards. She tends to run around with a smile on her face.

Mihaya is the ‘younger’ and more stoic and quiet sister. She gets dragged into the antics of the ‘older’ sister quite frequently, but wants nothing more than to defend her, and make sure that smile stays on her face. That is why she took up the shield, to protect her older sister whom she loves dearly. Her hair is longer, almost mid back length.

Mood Boards: https://imgur.com/a/EZo5k5n

Reference links (So anyone who finds anything can pull them without having to do much): https://imgur.com/a/UUL28eq

17:53 UTC


[LFA] (Repost) Frednik “Nik” Friedrich, half-orc Battlemaster.

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11:57 UTC


[RF] Ronin

for u/rakshanx

original LFA

I just loved the energy this character gave off! I hope I did him justice for ya~

07:18 UTC


[LFA] Astya, Changeling Paladin

03:46 UTC


[LFA] Pastel Pink Witch for Pathfinder

03:06 UTC


[LFA] [Repost] Ir Anul, Arch Daemonhost Vigilante

00:13 UTC


[LFA] Genevieve, the High Elf Glamour Bard

00:07 UTC


[LFA] “The Gold-blooded”, general of the dragon queen’s army

The name “the gold-blooded” is both a nickname and placeholder for a new name, since his old name was Heskan Torroth…which is very generic.

(Note: does not need to be a full body/show everything. Sword and damaged dragon mask can be removed if it’s only an upper body thing.)

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22:26 UTC


[LFA] Honoria - Four-Armed Elf Druid

21:23 UTC

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