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A place for conversation about the Imaginary Network Expanded (INE).

A place for conversation about the Imaginary Network Expanded (INE).

The Imaginary Network Expanded (INE) is a network of art sharing subreddits ranging from broad in subject to very specific. It is the goal of the INE to share, inspire, discuss and appreciate paintings, drawings, and digital art while maintaining artist credit and source links.

Our promise is to show respect to content creators, submitters, and subscribers. It is our sincerest hope that you will find our moderation team approachable and helpful and the INE subreddits an interesting and fun place to be.

Rules (See All):

1) Submit credited, sourced paintings and drawings.

a. Follow title format: Art Title by Artist Name. Add no other info, except if to tag as OC.

b. Comment with an artist published website link. We want to drive some traffic to the creators!

c. Traditional paintings and drawings only. No videos, screenshots, photography, audio, multi-panel comics, content generated or AI-assisted submissions.

d. Posting your own work? See our best practices for submitting OC.

e. Requests, meta, and discussion should be posted to /r/ImaginaryNetwork.

2) Make quality submissions.

a. Do repost something that was posted to this subreddit less than three months ago, or is currently in the top 100 posts of all time. Use the search function before you post.

b. No collections, galleries or other multi-image submissions. Instead, submit your favorite image and link the rest in the comments.

c. Don't look spammy. Do not post to the same subreddit more than twice a day. No more than one crosspost per day.

d. Low resolution images may be removed. Images that contain too much background, text, or advertisement may be removed. Images must be submitted in the correct orientation. Submissions should not be more than 25% text. Text should not be necessary to understand the context of an image.

e. The scope of this sub is based on "what you see in the picture." The subject needs to be identifiable by the art alone, without descriptive title or any knowledge of lore.

f. Content should first glorify the subreddit subject matter. Hypersexualized characters should not be a main focal point. NSFW submissions should be limited to approx 1 in 10 per user.

g. Images of or titles mentioning merchandise are not allowed. No submission links to storefronts. Instead, link that info in the comments section.

3) This sub focuses on art appreciation.

a. All comments must be phrased respectfully. No name calling.

b. No dirty birdies or body-shaming. Low effort negativity may be removed.

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    Is r/ImaginaryPropaganda unmoderated?

    An AI generated image is still up more than 12 hours despite AI generated images banned in the INE.

    Post link: https://www.reddit.com/r/ImaginaryPropaganda/s/vfgDtuG04o

    03:29 UTC


    r/ImaginaryTrains has reopened

    r/ImaginaryTrains became restricted after too long a period of mod inactivity. I applied to be the new mod so the subreddit would not be lost. I was approved, and I have made it public once again.

    Please come and post art of trains, locomotives, cable cars, trolleys, trams, etc!

    16:36 UTC


    9 Imaginary Sub-Reddits up for adoption

    Good morning! I volunteered last year to adopt these subreddits, but I'm not able to put in the proper time to tend to these communities. I have other passion projects on Reddit, and I realized that these other communities have been slightly neglected as I spent hour(s) searching for content for the Imaginary Network.

    The list:










    I'm still going to be around posting periodically, and I'm keeping r/ImaginaryWinterscapes, but the other communities deserve a dedicated contributor. Please comment below or message me directly if you are interested. HOWEVER, I will only appoint users who already contributes to the Imaginary Network.

    15:55 UTC


    Deprecating Post Collections, Mark as OC, and Community Content Tags

    1 Comment
    15:53 UTC


    r/ImaginaryTamriel is up for adoption. Looking for a new top mod.

    15:34 UTC


    heads up, a lot of repost bots today

    Noticing multiple repost bots today, reposting posts with high numbers of upvotes. Please report and ban them. I know they're bots because they are reposting personal, user-specific posts and old posts that were time-relevant only at the time the original was posted.

    Accounts are also brand-new.

    Here's Some : u/Pale-Forever6530, u/Public_Bit_1805, u/Odd_Sweet_2678/

    edits- adding usernames as I find them: u/ChoiceGoose3069, u/PhotographOne4113, u/Sea_Plenty_8761, u/UsualYak317, u/PowerfulConclusion97, u/Sad-Eye9545, u/Putrid-Ad6196, u/Usual_Respond_7710, u/New_Chemistry_9747, u/Chemical_Reaction140, u/Ok-Pay-7736, u/Pure_Alternative_846

    15:13 UTC


    Are INE subs being invaded by bots?

    Some of my posts has been spammed with similar comments from different accounts with non credible Reddit history.

    Here' s a sample (hope this won't get removed because it's a link from another sub): https://www.reddit.com/r/ImaginaryCityscapes/s/HqXucENkV4

    11:06 UTC


    Are AI generated images allowed?

    r/imaginarycosmere is allowing AI images from DALLE. Is that consistent with the Imaginary Network rules?

    17:40 UTC


    Submission views way down?

    Have you all noticed the views at most INE subs are way down from this time last year? I suppose it has to do with reddit killing third party apps, and maybe some change to the "hot" and "rising" algorithm. It's like subreddit growth has been kicked back 3 or 4 years, and all the ground gained since then is lost. Bummer.

    I also suspect that viewing images in the reddit app is painful? I dunno.

    Somewhat related - I am looking to reduce my sub count by some and will start adopting out some of my more redundant subs. /r/ImaginaryCarnage is looking for a new top mod here!

    14:40 UTC


    r/ImaginaryBikers is back

    r/ImaginaryBikers got restricted after it’s mod, u/GoodLibrarian, inexplicably fell silent.

    So I applied to be the new mod and just got approved. I have reopened the sub- please consider contributing!

    16:56 UTC


    Is Cara down?

    UPDATE: I can access it now (September 23, 2023)

    I've been using it as my ArtStation alternative since ArtStation is spammed with AI generated images and Cara bans it. I can't access it now. Not sure if its my ISP since I've used it on 3 different devices in different ISPs/locations. Thanks for the responses.

    15:16 UTC


    Friendly reminder that Reddit will be "sunsetting" coins and awards on Tuesday, Sept. 12. You have one week left to spend 'em. Go reward good content!

    Official announcement:


    I intend to spend all on I have on worthy art, reviewing older posts, and OC especially.

    16:49 UTC


    Looking for an artwork Keyword ( BAOBAB tree, Warm Colors, a flock of white Birds)

    4-6 years ago I had a great collection. Now All lost, can't seem to find this one.
    A BAOBAB tree (upside down tree) likely on an alien planet with warm colors like Breaking Bad Mexico and yes some birds.
    That's all I can provide If anyone has a clue let me know.

    12:47 UTC


    Using Instagram to discover artworks

    I've found IG has many artists I don't usually find on Artstation (which is getting infected with AI generated images) and Cara (my artist friendly alternative platform).

    My question is, how do I maximize my search?

    What hashtags should I normally use?

    Thank you for your responses.

    14:05 UTC


    Be Advised: List of suspected bots currently spamming in the Imaginary Network

    Good morning! The past month, our communities in the INE have been bombarded with countless bots. I want to make this list for both the MODs and the subscribers, so you can help report potential spam.

    • Complete_Cost_9307
    • Intelligent-Heron-75
    • Final_Spray_5198
    • Electronic_Wait323
    • LawfulnessInternal17

    What makes someone a bot?

    Someone who is spamming content without the correct format (as stated in the community rules) in order to gain as much karma as possible before the MOD removes the post.

    What can you do to help?

    Report the post! It is much easier to spot these when we have reports blowing up our queues.. The rules for Imaginary Network may vary slightly from community to community, but the TWO universal rules are:

    1. Credit the artist in the submission title.
    2. Please comment with at least one source or artist website link.

    If you see any post not following these two guidelines, report it. Perhaps someone simply forgot to add the source (I have a few times), and a "report" will help remedy an innocent mistake as well.

    14:15 UTC


    Would anyone be interested adopting ImaginaryMonuments and ImaginaryStatues?

    Good morning!

    As the title has suggested, I'm wondering if any preexisting Mods in the INE would be interested in adopting ImaginaryStatues and ImaginaryMonuments.

    Why? Although I love the the concept of these two subs, I'm having a difficult time finding NEW content. I'm constantly scouring through "most popular" and "most relevant" filters, simply because there's rarely (if ever) anything on "latest" which would be appropriate to post.

    It's quite surprising really.. I thought content for these two subs would be the most abundant when I initially adopted them.

    If noone is interested, I'll certainly keep them but communities like these may flourish better with someone who enjoys scouring through multiple sources for content.

    P.S. I'm open to exchanging them for some smaller less visited communities.

    13:13 UTC


    Would the Imaginary Network be interested participating and sharing coordinates in r/Place tomorrow?

    According to Mod News, r/Place will allow communities to share their community's coordinates.

    If the ImaginaryNetwork participates, it would take some coordination, but may be fun for the communities.

    18:53 UTC


    Looking for a painting from either ImaginaryUndead or possibly ImaginaryMonsters

    It was a painting of a tree at night with a woman in a red-stained white dress or nightgown hanging from one of the branches, with multiple 4-legged ghost-things with glowing blue eyes looking on.

    There were forests in the background, with the spires of a medieval town or castle poking over the trees.

    1 Comment
    02:23 UTC


    Reworking Awarding: Changes to Awards, Coins, and Premium

    22:33 UTC


    Just for fun, what’s your biggest imaginary art pet peeve?

    For me, it’s either posting what you think is an amazing piece that ends up getting little or no upvotes, or posting art of something real and somebody comments “aKshUaLLy tHAt’S nOT iMAGiNaRy”

    23:53 UTC


    INE Subreddits with less than 15k Members

    I'm looking for recommendations for INE subreddits with less than 15k members that need contributors. Thank you for your suggestions.

    17:15 UTC


    Influx of overly complimentary comments from new, Temu-linked, spam accounts with usernames that are word_word_number?!

    This week I am noticing an influx of comments from new users. The comments are super-complimentary and the accounts are very new and almost all follow the same naming scheme: word_word_number. When viewing the account, most of their posts are begging for upvotes, and in Temu-related subreddits. Temu is a cheap Chinese e-commerce site, that's some sort of Wish version of Wish, lol.

    I think these are just spam accounts, but the comments are well-written.

    Anyone else notice this, and what's the best approach to deal with it?

    edit: article on Temu: https://time.com/6243738/temu-app-complaints/

    16:45 UTC


    Question to the Mods: What is your approach on preventing spam and malicious links?

    Good morning! This past week, I've noticed an unusual amount of spam and malicious links in the Imaginary subs I moderate.

    Do any Mods utilize AutoMod to help manage their communities?

    I'm currently updating the rules in these subs just incase it's new users who may not be familiar with the guidelines. However, my next step will be to work on the AutoMod.

    I despise YAML, RegEx and anything else involving code.. It's not my cup of tea, so I'd really appreciate if any Mods could send me what they use.

    1 Comment
    13:33 UTC


    My response to the API announcement and subreddit blackouts

    I'm not into any of it. I get on reddit as a respite from the real world. I feel for the users and third-party developers negatively impacted by reddit's API announcement, but I don't necessarily agree with the logistics of their movement. I am also disappointed with reddit's response.

    The above said - none of this directly affects my day to day at this time. I mod on desktop exclusively. If I had to do mobile modding, I would lose my interest and will in no time. Let's hope that doesn't happen. I mod using toolbox on old.reddit desktop. Sometimes I use new.reddit desktop to try to get used to it, but I never last too long before switching back. When or if Toolbox/RES goes away, that will be the last straw for me. Right now mod tools are not affected by API changes, but the overall bad business vibe may still incite mod tool devs to quit.

    My subs have and will remain open through blackouts. While our subscriber count is still growing, I have noted a reduction in voter traffic since the blackouts; plenty of voting redditers are MIA.

    I am not speaking for all Imaginary and related subs. The top mod of any sub may participate in blackouts as they choose, but should always let the rest of their mod team know prior to execution.

    19:00 UTC


    What's up with r/ImaginaryBikers?

    It's been restricted since about 19 days ago- that was before the whole Reddit API/blackout controversy started, so it's not that.

    moderator u/GoodLibrarian has not posted since 19 days ago, and my requests to become an approved user have gotten no replies.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    21:19 UTC


    Will r/ImaginaryNetwork be participating?

    21:35 UTC


    Trying to figure out the best place to look for "flooded city" type art

    Heres an example of what Im talking about https://imgur.com/a/Smll7LT

    19:11 UTC


    Is r/imaginarymerfolk only for fish tailed sirens or can be also for the ones with bird body?

    You know like in the odyssey

    10:48 UTC

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