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A place for conversation about the Imaginary Network Expanded (INE).

A place for conversation about the Imaginary Network Expanded (INE).

The Imaginary Network Expanded (INE) is a network of art sharing subreddits ranging from broad in subject to very specific. It is the goal of the INE to share, inspire, discuss and appreciate paintings, drawings, and digital art while maintaining artist credit and source links.

Our promise is to show respect to content creators, submitters, and subscribers. It is our sincerest hope that you will find our moderation team approachable and helpful and the INE subreddits an interesting and fun place to be.

Rules (See All):

1) Submit credited, sourced paintings and drawings.

a. Follow title format: Art Title by Artist Name. Add no other info, except if to tag as OC.

b. Comment with an artist published website link. We want to drive some traffic to the creators!

c. Traditional paintings and drawings only. No videos, screenshots, photography, audio, multi-panel comics, content generated or AI-assisted submissions.

d. Posting your own work? See our best practices for submitting OC.

e. Requests, meta, and discussion should be posted to /r/ImaginaryNetwork.

2) Make quality submissions.

a. Do repost something that was posted to this subreddit less than three months ago, or is currently in the top 100 posts of all time. Use the search function before you post.

b. No collections, galleries or other multi-image submissions. Instead, submit your favorite image and link the rest in the comments.

c. Don't look spammy. Do not post to the same subreddit more than twice a day. No more than one crosspost per day.

d. Low resolution images may be removed. Images that contain too much background, text, or advertisement may be removed. Images must be submitted in the correct orientation. Submissions should not be more than 25% text. Text should not be necessary to understand the context of an image.

e. The scope of this sub is based on "what you see in the picture." The subject needs to be identifiable by the art alone, without descriptive title or any knowledge of lore.

f. Content should first glorify the subreddit subject matter. Hypersexualized characters should not be a main focal point. NSFW submissions should be limited to approx 1 in 10 per user.

g. Images of or titles mentioning merchandise are not allowed. No submission links to storefronts. Instead, link that info in the comments section.

3) This sub focuses on art appreciation.

a. All comments must be phrased respectfully. No name calling.

b. No dirty birdies or body-shaming. Low effort negativity may be removed.

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    Trying to figure out the best place to look for "flooded city" type art

    Heres an example of what Im talking about https://imgur.com/a/Smll7LT

    19:11 UTC


    Is r/imaginarymerfolk only for fish tailed sirens or can be also for the ones with bird body?

    You know like in the odyssey

    10:48 UTC


    Does anyone know other sources of digital art other than ArtStation and DeviantArt?

    I'm looking for other sources since ArtStation and DeviantArt are being spammed by AI-generated images, especially the "Latest" section. I appreciate your help.

    09:09 UTC


    New Mod - Tips, Tricks and Recommendations

    Well.. It finally happened. After a few years of participating in the Imaginary Network, I've taken my first steps in officially becoming the mod of 10 (maybe 11) Sub-Reddits within the Imaginary Network. The 10 (maybe 11) INE subs include:

    • r/ImaginaryArtifacts (Maybe)
    • r/ImaginaryBooks
    • r/ImaginaryChild
    • r/ImaginaryClerics
    • r/ImaginaryFairyTales
    • r/ImaginaryFogscapes
    • r/ImaginaryMonuments
    • r/ImaginaryStatues
    • r/ImaginaryStillLife
    • r/ImaginaryWalls
    • r/ImaginaryWinterscapes

    With that said, I am looking for some tips, tricks and recommendations from some of the seasoned mods on how to streamline the process. I'm not necessarily concerned with the "Mod" aspects of it since I have years of experience with my other communities which requires a much more hands-on approach, and so I'm more curious on how you all find content on Artstation.

    To clarify, I know how to search for keywords and I've only chosen the subs that are straightforward and easy to search for (With the exception of ImaginaryArtifacts). However, do you have a certain approach? Do you have multiple windows open? Do you plan days (or even weeks) in advance?

    00:14 UTC


    Need some help with finding some paintings

    Recently lost some really cool paintings(I guess it's paintings) that I found in some article about metal guy. I just can barely describe them, but I'll try. All three of them are in dark fantasy style. So first is the black knight with small skulls on his belt and he have some kind of weaponry that I can't remember. Second is knight with a spear with a green dragon's head on its tip and there's a corpse of the dragon on the background. And the last one, there is knight with a sword that moving towards bright yellow sunset or sunrise(if it's not something else xD). I would really appreciate if somebody help with this.

    22:37 UTC


    Cleaning up the mod list

    Only active mods of INE subs will remain. Creators & mods of INE extra subs are always welcome to promo here, but for the sake of clarity will be removed from this mod list.

    Looking at Spring cleaning on other subs as well. If you have low to no actions but wish to remain, just comment here! :)

    1 Comment
    18:59 UTC


    The situation with imgur

    Hi. Since this is one of the biggest images subreddits and the old post on imgur will be removed if they are anonymous I want to know if mods have think about it. A solution for this situation?. Thanks and have a good day

    15:57 UTC


    Artstation but for classic artwork styles

    I'm active in some subs under INE and as a fellow admirer of art, I have taken an interest in classic hand drawn styles like the ones done by Frank Frazetta.

    I want to share more of those styles but the sites I look for are limited. I've found some artists' websites but they are also limited. That's why I'm looking for other website recommendations that are similar to ArtStation but for this style. I guess I just feel nostalgic.

    Thank you for your responses.

    05:51 UTC


    I love sad art. is there any imaginary or any other kind of subreddit for art that gives sad vibes?

    r/imaginaryfeels is the closest thing i have for this but unfortunately it doesn’t really fit the category. I usually find some gems in r/imaginarysliceoflife, but it’s pretty random that i’d come across them.

    14:58 UTC


    are there an r/ imaginarypsychic? or similar?

    15:25 UTC


    My attempt to update the list of INE subs and INE Extra subs (in alphabetical order)

    • r/AdorableArt
    • r/AdorableDragons
    • r/armoredwomen
    • r/BadAssDragons
    • r/BattlePaintings (real battles only)
    • r/BirdsForScale
    • r/CelestialBodies
    • r/CharacterArt
    • r/CreepyArt
    • r/Cyberbooty
    • r/DarkElfHalls
    • r/DarkGothicArt
    • r/dragonporn
    • r/EbonyImagination
    • r/EpicMounts
    • r/fanart
    • r/Gryphons
    • r/ImaginaryAdrenaline
    • r/ImaginaryAdventurers
    • r/ImaginaryAetherpunk
    • r/ImaginaryAgriculture
    • r/ImaginaryAirships
    • r/ImaginaryAlchemy (under 200 members)
    • r/ImaginaryAliens
    • r/ImaginaryAngels
    • r/ImaginaryAnimals
    • r/ImaginaryAnime
    • r/imaginaryAnthro
    • r/ImaginaryArchers
    • r/ImaginaryArchitecture
    • r/ImaginaryArmor
    • r/ImaginaryArrakis (Dune)
    • r/ImaginaryArtifacts
    • r/ImaginaryArtisans
    • r/ImaginaryArtists
    • r/ImaginaryAssassins
    • r/ImaginaryAstronauts
    • r/ImaginaryAsylums (last post 1 year ago)
    • r/ImaginaryAutumnscapes
    • r/ImaginaryAviation
    • r/ImaginaryAww
    • r/ImaginaryAzeroth (World of Warcraft)
    • r/ImaginaryBakerSt (Sherlock Holmes) (last post 2 years ago)
    • r/imaginarybards
    • r/ImaginaryBattlefields
    • r/ImaginaryBeasts
    • r/ImaginaryBehemoths
    • r/ImaginaryBeingDerps
    • r/ImaginaryBending (Avatar)
    • r/ImaginaryBestOf
    • r/ImaginaryBikers
    • r/imaginarybiopunk
    • r/ImaginaryBlep
    • r/ImaginaryBlueprints
    • r/ImaginaryBodyscapes
    • r/ImaginaryBoners (BANNED)
    • r/ImaginaryBooks
    • r/ImaginaryBridges (PRIVATE[?!])
    • r/imaginarybridge
    • r/ImaginaryCanyons
    • r/ImaginaryCarnage (NSFW)
    • r/ImaginaryCastles
    • r/ImaginaryCaves
    • r/ImaginaryCentaurs
    • r/ImaginaryCharacters
    • r/ImaginaryChild
    • r/ImaginaryCircus
    • r/ImaginaryCityscapes
    • r/ImaginaryClerics
    • r/ImaginaryColorscapes
    • r/ImaginaryCosmere
    • r/ImaginaryCowboys
    • r/imaginarycozyplaces
    • r/ImaginaryCrawlers
    • r/ImaginaryCritRole (Critical Role)
    • r/ImaginaryCultists
    • r/ImaginaryCybernetics
    • r/ImaginaryCyberpunk
    • r/ImaginaryCybertron (last post 7 years ago)
    • r/ImaginaryDarkHorse
    • r/ImaginaryDarkSouls
    • r/ImaginaryDC (DC Comics)
    • r/ImaginaryDemons
    • r/ImaginaryDerelicts
    • r/ImaginaryDeserts
    • r/imaginarydesigns (last post 1 year ago)
    • r/ImaginaryDestruction
    • r/ImaginaryDieselpunk
    • r/ImaginaryDinosaurs
    • r/ImaginaryDisney
    • r/ImaginaryDragons
    • r/ImaginaryDruids
    • r/ImaginaryDuels
    • r/ImaginaryDungeons
    • r/ImaginaryDutchAngles (under 200 members)
    • r/ImaginaryDwarves
    • r/ImaginaryDwellings
    • r/ImaginaryEgypt
    • r/ImaginaryElementals
    • r/ImaginaryElves
    • r/ImaginaryEquestria (My Little Pony)
    • r/ImaginaryExplosions
    • r/ImaginaryFactories
    • r/ImaginaryFaeries
    • r/ImaginaryFairyTales
    • r/ImaginaryFallout
    • r/ImaginaryFamilies
    • r/ImaginaryFashion
    • r/ImaginaryFederation (Star Trek)
    • r/ImaginaryFeels
    • r/ImaginaryFlora
    • r/ImaginaryFogscapes
    • r/ImaginaryFood
    • r/ImaginaryForests
    • r/ImaginaryFridgeDoor
    • r/ImaginaryFutureWar
    • r/ImaginaryFuturism
    • r/ImaginaryGallifrey (Doctor Who)
    • r/ImaginaryGaming
    • r/ImaginaryGardens
    • r/ImaginaryGatherings
    • r/ImaginaryGayBoners (BANNED)
    • r/ImaginaryGiants
    • r/ImaginaryGlaciers
    • r/ImaginaryGnomes
    • r/ImaginaryGoblins
    • r/ImaginaryGods
    • r/ImaginaryGolarion (Pathfinder tabletop RPG)
    • r/ImaginaryGotham (Batman Universe)
    • r/ImaginaryGraveyards
    • r/ImaginaryHalflings
    • r/ImaginaryHalo
    • r/ImaginaryHeavens (last post 3 years ago, unmoderated)
    • r/ImaginaryHellscapes
    • r/ImaginaryHistory
    • r/ImaginaryHogwarts (Harry Potter)
    • r/ImaginaryHolidays
    • r/ImaginaryHorns
    • r/ImaginaryHorrors
    • r/ImaginaryHumans
    • r/ImaginaryHunters
    • r/ImaginaryHybrids
    • r/ImaginaryHyrule (Legend of Zelda)
    • r/ImaginaryIcons
    • r/ImaginaryImmortals
    • r/ImaginaryInteriors
    • r/ImaginaryIslands
    • r/ImaginaryJedi (Star Wars)
    • r/ImaginaryJungles
    • r/imaginaryjustnice
    • r/ImaginaryKanto (Pokemon)
    • r/ImaginaryKnights
    • r/ImaginaryKobolds
    • r/ImaginaryLadyBoners
    • r/ImaginaryLakes
    • r/ImaginaryLandscapes
    • r/ImaginaryLesbians (NSFW)
    • r/ImaginaryLesBoners (NSFW)
    • r/ImaginaryLeviathans
    • r/ImaginaryLibraries
    • r/ImaginaryLovers
    • r/ImaginaryMaidens
    • r/ImaginaryMaids
    • r/ImaginaryMarvel (Marvel Comics)
    • r/ImaginaryMassEffect
    • r/ImaginaryMechs
    • r/ImaginaryMedical
    • r/ImaginaryMeIRL
    • r/ImaginaryMen
    • r/ImaginaryMerchants
    • r/ImaginaryMerfolk
    • r/ImaginaryMiddleEarth (Lord of the Rings)
    • r/ImaginaryMindscapes
    • r/ImaginaryMinecraft
    • r/ImaginaryMonsterBoys
    • r/ImaginaryMonsterGirls
    • r/ImaginaryMonsters
    • r/ImaginaryMonuments
    • r/ImaginaryMountains
    • r/ImaginaryMovies
    • r/ImaginaryMusic (RESTRICTED)
    • r/ImaginaryMutants (X-Men Universe)
    • r/ImaginaryMythology
    • r/ImaginaryNarnia
    • r/ImaginaryNatives (BANNED)
    • r/ImaginaryNecronomicon (H. P. Lovecraft)
    • r/ImaginaryNetwork
    • r/ImaginaryNewEden (removed from INE)
    • r/ImaginaryNewNewYork (Futurama)
    • r/ImaginaryNightscapes
    • r/ImaginaryNinjas
    • r/ImaginaryNobles
    • r/ImaginaryNomads
    • r/ImaginaryOoo (Adventure Time)
    • r/ImaginaryOrcs
    • r/ImaginaryOverwatch
    • r/ImaginaryPathways
    • r/ImaginaryPeople
    • r/ImaginaryPets
    • r/ImaginaryPirates
    • r/ImaginaryPlanets (last post 3 years ago)
    • r/ImaginaryPolice
    • r/ImaginaryPolitics
    • r/ImaginaryPortals
    • r/ImaginaryPrisons
    • r/ImaginaryPropaganda
    • r/ImaginaryPunks
    • r/ImaginaryRedDead
    • r/imaginaryRickandMorty
    • r/ImaginaryRivers
    • r/ImaginaryRobotics
    • r/ImaginaryRodents
    • r/imaginaryrogues
    • r/ImaginaryRuins
    • r/ImaginarySamurai
    • r/ImaginarySanctuary (Diablo video game series)
    • r/ImaginaryScars
    • r/ImaginaryScholars
    • r/ImaginaryScience
    • r/ImaginarySeascapes
    • r/ImaginaryShadowrun
    • r/ImaginarySkyscapes
    • r/ImaginarySlavery
    • r/ImaginarySliceOfBread
    • r/ImaginarySliceofLife
    • r/ImaginarySolarPunk
    • r/ImaginarySoldiers
    • r/ImaginarySpidey
    • r/ImaginarySpirits
    • r/ImaginarySploosh (NSFW)
    • r/ImaginarySports
    • r/ImaginarySpringfield (The Simpsons) (RESTRICTED[?!])
    • r/ImaginarySpringscapes
    • r/ImaginaryStainedGlass
    • r/ImaginaryStarfinder
    • r/ImaginaryStarscapes
    • r/ImaginaryStarships
    • r/ImaginaryStash
    • r/ImaginaryStatues
    • r/ImaginarySteampunk
    • r/ImaginaryStephenKing
    • r/ImaginaryStillLife
    • r/ImaginarySuccubi (NSFW)
    • r/ImaginarySummerscapes
    • r/ImaginarySummoners
    • r/ImaginarySunnydale (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    • r/ImaginarySwamps
    • r/ImaginaryTamriel (Elder Scrolls)
    • r/ImaginaryTanks
    • r/ImaginaryTattoos
    • r/ImaginaryTaverns
    • r/ImaginaryTechnology
    • r/ImaginaryTemples
    • r/ImaginaryTowers
    • r/ImaginaryTrains
    • r/ImaginaryTrees
    • r/ImaginaryTrolls
    • r/ImaginaryTurtleWorlds
    • r/ImaginaryTyria (Guild Wars)
    • r/ImaginaryUmbrellaCorp (Resident Evil) (removed from INE)
    • r/ImaginaryUndead
    • r/ImaginaryUnicorns
    • r/ImaginaryUnofficial
    • r/ImaginaryUrbanFantasy
    • r/ImaginaryVampires
    • r/ImaginaryVaultHunters (Borderlands)
    • r/ImaginaryVehicles
    • r/ImaginaryVerse (Firefly/Serenity) (last post 6 years ago)
    • r/ImaginaryVessels
    • r/ImaginaryVikings
    • r/ImaginaryVillages
    • r/ImaginaryVillains
    • r/ImaginaryVolcanoes
    • r/ImaginaryWalls
    • r/ImaginaryWarhammer
    • r/ImaginaryWarriors
    • r/ImaginaryWarships
    • r/ImaginaryWastelands
    • r/ImaginaryWaterfalls
    • r/ImaginaryWaterscapes
    • r/ImaginaryWeaponry
    • r/ImaginaryWeather
    • r/ImaginaryWerewolves
    • r/ImaginaryWesteros (A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones)
    • r/ImaginaryWestWorld
    • r/ImaginaryWheelOfTime
    • r/ImaginaryWildlands
    • r/ImaginaryWinterscapes
    • r/ImaginaryWitcher
    • r/ImaginaryWitches
    • r/ImaginaryWizards
    • r/ImaginaryWorldEaters
    • r/ImaginaryWorlds
    • r/ImaginaryWTF
    • r/ImaginaryXenoverse (Alien & Predator)
    • r/ImaginAsian
    • r/INEGentlemanBoners (SFW)
    • r/INESwordAndSorcery
    • r/KoboldLegion
    • r/oldschoolfantasy
    • r/PopArtNouveau
    • r/RayGunRepository
    • r/ReasonableFantasy
    • r/RetroFuturism
    • r/StarshipPorn
    • r/SuperStructures
    • r/SympatheticMonsters
    • r/unReasonableFantasy (NSFW)
    • r/UnusualArt
    • r/WholesomeFantasyArt
    • r/WholesomeSliceOfLife
    • r/wimmelbilder (busy, detailed art a la "Where's Waldo")
    • r/ZodiacArt

    Multiple edits: added to list, added some "nsfw" tags and sub statuses

    18:29 UTC


    Looking for dragon fantasy landscape artworks (reference artworks in comments)

    I know there may be a plethora of dragon artworks out there, but what I'm looking for specifically is a dragon in a landscape, preferably flying around and not destroying everything. I'm looking for a nice dragon rather than a mean one. I search around all over the place I can't seem to find much of what exactly I'm looking for. Thanks!

    19:48 UTC


    How to handle unknown source?

    I have an image saved offline that could be good for r/ImaginarySkyscapes. I've had this for years, just gave it a short file name, there's no metadata and I can't find the creator using Google's reverse image search (only a bunch of "500+ [topic] wallpapers" websites that probably stole it). I would like to credit the artist, but can't. I also don't know if it's allowed to share it (but I probably got it from some kind of public source) and can't ask the creator. How should I proceed? Just not post it, even though it's a cool image? Post it with a title like "[Any title] by unknown"? Is there a place where I can ask people for the source, maybe like r/whatsthisbug/bird/fish/plant/rock, but for image sources?

    18:16 UTC


    Rule #1c Reminder: No AI-Assisted Submissions

    Reminder about Rule #1c:

    Traditional paintings and drawings only. No AI-assisted submissions.

    The Imaginary Network and affiliated art subreddits exist to appreciate dexterous human artists and their work. This has always been our intention, but modern developments call for modern clarification.

    We collect work created by people who paint or draw by use of their artistic hand-eye coordination, painstakingly learned at a human-pace. AI prompts are full of ideas and we love ideas, but we are not an idea sub. We're a sub for appreciating the work of artistically dexterous humans.

    Unfortunately, until AI-use artists are more clear at tagging their work, we may still see things slip through now and again. Please report these submissions to the mod team. Reminder for everyone to always phrase your comments thoughtfully and respectfully, even especially when you are right!

    19:00 UTC


    Best of 2022 Awards - Nomination & Voting Thread!

    It's time for Reddit's Best of 2022 Awards! Big thanks to the admin for giving our communities creddits to award to our amazing community members and artists.

    Choose your favorite submission or comment of 2022!

    ###Make your nominations here and/or upvote your favorites.

    • You are welcome to categorize your nominations, i.e. Best OC, Best Comment, Best of Year, etc.
    • Only one nomination per comment.
    • Please do not nominate yourself.
    • You may only nominate submissions made in 2022.

    In Q1 2023, the votes will be tallied and we will give mod-exclusive Best of 2022 awards (similar to receiving a Platinum award) to the winners!

    Feel free to message us if you have any questions.


    1 Comment
    01:15 UTC


    Looking for artwork of a giant robot watching the skies.

    I remember it being alone, old, and in the background. It was holding a gun like a human would and watching the skies for something. I think there was a human looking at it, closer to the viewer.

    18:02 UTC


    r/ImaginaryRodents has been started

    r/ImaginaryRodents has been created, please feel free to drop by and post anything you think would fit with it

    17:25 UTC


    Is there a sub for Imaginary Rodents?

    I've been looking but can't seem to find one with any name variations I can think of, basically I was looking for a sub for artwork about mice and rats. Secret of NIMH, Redwall, that kind of thing. I've seen art that would apply in a bunch of different subs, but I thought it would be neat to have a place more focused on that kind of artwork. Is there one like that, or would there be interest if I made one?

    12:47 UTC


    Is there interest in an r/ImaginaryRedDead sub?

    I mainly post in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout subs, and I pretty regularly come across some beautiful RDR art that I'd love to share.

    Is there anyone who would be interested in a dedicated ImaginaryRedDead?

    14:30 UTC


    Not sure if I am in the right place but I am looking for an image of a starship that looks vaguely like a clamshell

    I am looking for an image of an imaginary spaceship that looks like a clamshell. I am sure I saw one once although I might just have dreamt it!

    Does this ring any bells for anyone or is it more likely I am just remembering a dream?

    13:26 UTC


    Request, specific astronaut image

    I need help finding a very specific image, of an astronaut woman I think on the moon. She was wearing a purple, kinda puffy or padded astronaut helmet with a diamond pattern stitched into it, and I think it had cat ears.

    Apologies if this isn't how this request thing works, this image has been driving me wild for like 12 straight hours. I remember seeing it on Pinterest a few months to a year ago but I guess I forgot to save it then. Now I can't find it anywhere.

    21:42 UTC


    Do any new or small Subs in the Imaginary Network need an active user to post?

    I don't necessarily like to post in multiple subs. I originally posted in ImaginaryHellscape before migrating to ImaginaryWinterscape. Now that ImaginaryWinterscape has matured enough to have an active user base, I'm looking for a new community.

    14:16 UTC


    Old vs New reddit sidebar

    03:55 UTC


    Looking for a book that belongs in ImaginaryDwellings

    I read this book as a kid but I can't find hide nor tail of it since. Every page was gorgeous, incredibly detailed, action packed illustrations of slightly anthropomorphized (redwall ish) little woodland creatures and their dwellings.

    The book focused on a conflict of winter forces and spring forces and I recall they were gearing up for some battle with things like hot water bottle grenades and such.

    Does this ring a bell? I was going to pay in ImaginaryDwellings but the sidebar says to post requests here.

    08:20 UTC


    Here's one you'll love


    20:10 UTC


    Introducing /r/WholesomeSliceOfLife! (art by Wei Wang)

    1 Comment
    21:45 UTC


    A new Imaginary Subreddit

    20:35 UTC


    A new Imaginary Subreddit


    For artwork that creates that warm nostalgia feelings.

    03:19 UTC

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