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What ways can loss aversion be used to persuade?

Loss Aversion appears to be a general principle of disproportionately weighing losses and gains of the same value differently based on the sheer virtue of whether you gained or lost something. If you gain $10, it's pretty cool. If you lose $10, it's the end of the world. Psychologically, it's because we're wired to focus more on the negative than the positive.

So how could this be used to persuade someone to help you, rather than using it in sales?

22:00 UTC


What are the ways you have bonded with new people fast?


Week long professional scholarship/camp thing .

Class where you do an outdoor activity that is dangerous over many weeks

Overseas hostel travel

Living down the hall

Meeting at a few rapid succession events with someone who lives near to you

Meeting at a wedding

15:14 UTC


How do social media platforms keep content creators hooked to creating more content ?

I read a lot on the internet on how social media platforms manipulate users and what strategies they use to keep regular users around for longer times, but I would like to learn more about the tricks they use to keep content creators around, producing more content. What false/real incentives do they provide.

I personally tried to start multiple Youtube channels over the time and I always felt the number of views I get on the first couple of videos is completely arbitrary. I tend to get higher views first and then they drop as I post more videos.

I tried to read about this online, but I didn't find a lot of sources, as most articles discuss what we know about manipulation on the viewer side.

05:19 UTC


Do girls do this kind of thing to manipulate guys?

11:42 UTC


Best resting face for charisma/influence.

As someone who has struggled to learn social norms, without studying them, I’ve gotten much better once I’m engaged in conversation with someone. But what should be your standard resting face when walking around, through groups of people etc. i have RBF naturally as a male with big eye brows, unless I’m trying to do a slight smile and open my eyes more. But is that creepy to walk around like that as my default face? haha.

Is walking through a mall with strangers different than walking into a room with a bunch of aquantences? Or should i just let me face relax, but give everyone I walk past the eye contact, slight smile, etc. regardless of whether i know them or not.

00:23 UTC


WUW start to be a Lens Client protocol. SocialFi aggregators

18:32 UTC


Need help to scam a scammer

So guys! A few days ago, I was contacted on WhatsApp by a scammer who said they had received my resume and decided to give me a job at their company (a fake company). I knew it was fake because I had never submitted my resume anywhere. I decided to play with them and said that I was grateful for getting the job and stuff. Then they gave me another WhatsApp number to contact for further processing. I contacted him, and he told me everything about the salary and what the 'job' was, then he sent me another number for training. I contacted and completed the training, and they gave me some amount of money in crypto (USDT), then asked me to deposit it back to their website, which I did, and that amount increased by 100%. They then asked me to withdraw it to my crypto wallet again, which I did and sent to my other wallet to secure and fool them that I had deposited it back into their website, on which he said that they hadn't received any funds and suspected me that I had sent it to some other wallet, but I provided them fake screenshots of the transaction to their wallet. They are not suspecting me anymore but are asking for a 50 USDT deposit to start working again as the funds were stolen by someone else. Now I need to convince them that I can deposit 5000 USDT, but not before I earn some funds to see if the job is good.

15:11 UTC


How to detect and fulfil someone's emotional needs?

For example, someone might be in need of validation.

08:01 UTC


How can I find out who owns a phone number?

Long story short, I need to contact the owner of my old phone number because my dumbass didn't add set the new phone number for google 2FA/recovery and there are no recovery options at all. Calling/texting the number seems like a non-option because they never answer call/texts they don't know and immediately add them to the AT&T block list. I think it's automatic blocking, so Caller ID spoofing seems like the next logical step if it comes to that.

I've tried info dealer sites but they all say it's linked to me and nobody else. How can I find out who owns my old number so that I can contact them (e.g. letter to mailing address)?

19:42 UTC


How to stop Nervousness EFFECTIVELY before going to social event , Job Interviews or Meeting someone new

Nervousness is something we all experience at various points in our lives. Whether it’s before a big presentation, a job interview, or a social event,

I remember one time I had to give a speech in front of my whole class. I was so nervous, I couldn’t even say my name. And That’s how powerful nervousness can be.

You might already know some common ways to deal with nervousness, like taking deep breaths, chewing gum, or thinking positively.

But while finding a better solution on how I can overcome nervousness, I found a great research study on the neuroscience of Visualization.

Now, you might be wondering, how can visualization help with nervousness?

You see, Visualization is the process of creating mental images or pictures in one’s mind.

It involves using sensory information and the imagination to simulate experiences and situations that feel real despite not being physically present. And research has shown that the brain often can’t tell the difference between a visualized image and actual reality. This means that when you visualize a specific action or outcome, the same areas of your brain are activated as when you actually perform that action.

If you want to have a better understanding on how visualization helps to overcome nervousness, I have created an animated video to share what I learned.

how to overcome nervousness

If you prefer reading, I have included important reference links below.

I hope you find this informative. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!









17:06 UTC


How do I become a friend with a classmate

Hello everybody! So I’m in a class for college in which I want to make friends with this girl who is in my class. Now we were in a group project and we talked a lot over text and sometimes I talked to her in class but not a lot because of my social anxiety. However, she sits about 4-5 seats left to me and idk how to talk to her. She’s a really nice person and I want to be friends with her and she has a lot of friends and is super extroverted. She always makes new friends and I want to be friends with her since she’s nice and I could make some friends off of her since I have no friends in this class. Would it be too awkward to just sit beside her since I sat away from her for the first 9 weeks of class, how do I go about doing this. She lives far away from campus so I can’t ask her to hang out. I just wanna be friends and we talked before and she’s super nice so I thought she would be a good person to be friends with. How do I go about this. Btw I have bad social anxiety and it takes me a lot of courage to talk to her, I only talked to her three times before in person and it took a lot of courage to do so. How do I deal with this and make friends with classmates in general, feel free to ask any questions. Also I kind of get jealous when I see her and other people make friends so effortlessly and I have none so I want to make friends and talk with people but idk how to and I wanna stop being jealous. Feel free to ask questions and thanks 🙏.

18:02 UTC


How can you add warmth in your interactions?

One way I can think of is being really expressive with your face, like when smiling, surprised, etc

11:05 UTC


Sneaking into rolling loud

Just as the title suggests, (my friend) wanted to know how to sneak in to rolling loud.

It’s being held at the Hollywood park grounds near Sofi stadium. Keep in mind (My friend) is athletic so he can hop fences and squeeze through tight spaces.


03:04 UTC


Some kind of problem... always.

I have an acquaintance that, on an ongoing basis, expresses that a problem has been discovered, and the acquaintance wants to spend copious amounts of time over-discussing it. Often, the problem doesn't exist. For example, the problem could be a facial expression that "meant" something when there was no change in facial expression. It's not a confrontational thing. It just seems to be some sort of exploratory attempt to discover something. It happens 2-3 times per day, and not only is it annoying, it's absolutely baffling as to what is being gleaned from this repetitious behavior. Has anyone in the group experienced anything like this, and if so, did you ever determine what's driving it?

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20:14 UTC


Avoidant: How can you tell if someone has an avoidant attachment style?

What questions would be good to determine this?

Perhaps a question about their childhood relationship with parents?

17:01 UTC


Social Engineering Awareness Course - Dissertation Participants Required

Are you interested in enhancing your cybersecurity knowledge?

I am a final-year Computer Security student. As part of my final year project, I'm conducting a social engineering training course, and I'd like to invite you to participate.

What's in it for You:

  • Enhanced Understanding: You'll gain a deeper understanding of phishing threats and social engineering tactics.
  • Real-world Experience: Participate in hands-on simulations without real risks.
  • Raise Awareness: Contribute to spreading cybersecurity awareness.
  • Become Resilient: Learn to identify "red flags" and defend against cyber threats effectively.

Your Role:

  • Complete a multiple-choice quiz on social engineering (Approx. 10 minutes).
  • Complete an online social engineering training course (Approx. 2 hours).
  • Identify phishing attempts in a simulated environment (Approx. 20 minutes).
  • Complete a scenario-based social engineering quiz (Approx. 10 minutes).

Your Privacy Matters:

  • All data collected will be anonymized and processed in accordance with GDPR guidelines.
  • Your personal information will be handled confidentially and stored securely.
  • Your participation is entirely voluntary, and you can withdraw at any time.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Please fill out the information in the contact form here: https://forms.gle/xKyPsGr3XhUscs8t9.

15:02 UTC


Dealing with childish classmates as a student representative

Today, our professor announced that he would postpone the exam. Some students disagreed with this decision, while others supported it. To gauge the opinions of the students, I created a poll. However, I faced harsh criticism as a student representative. They accused me of not reading their messages and being incompetent, despite my efforts to address the situation appropriately. My coping mechanism was to ignore their comments and simply inform them that I would convey the majority opinion to the professor. What do you think of my approach? Any advice on how to handle such situations P.S: This is not the first time I've encountered such behavior from my classmates. Despite being grown-ups, some of them resort to childish behavior when faced with decisions they disagree with. How should I deal with such situations? Any advice on how to handle immature behavior from classmates in a professional manner.

21:55 UTC


Social Engineering Stories

Do you like stories of social engineering engagements? Then check out this episode of the Layer 8 Podcast with Dylan The Magician! He explains the engagement where he got his moniker. Can you get sensitive information just through a phone call? Let Dylan explain:


Or on whichever podcast platform you prefer.

17:12 UTC


Mastering the Game of Trust: A Comprehensive Guide to Social Engineering

Exploring into the psychological underpinnings of human interaction, 'Mastering the Game of Trust: A Comprehensive Guide to Social Engineering' offers a captivating exploration of the art and science of influencing others, revealing strategies to ethically exploit the power of persuasion in everyday life.


02:59 UTC


Tool for finding logins

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21:05 UTC


I Lost a Friend how to get it back ?

She was my best Friends one years ago, I Nevers had a Friend like her and I think it's the same for her. At september 2023 WE stop talking together, before christmas send me a message and now since that date we have been talking punctually. She mad New Friends during this Time. I sont now how Can i get it back, if someone could help me he would be great. Thanks

12:01 UTC


How to make someone who hates me into liking me

Ok the title is just to catch your attention! Here’s some context. He doesn’t HATE me, but he seems to dislike me…

I’ve known him since we were kids, and rn we’re in our last year of hs together. We have one friend group in common, so we’re often together. The friend group is actually going on a full week trip together soon. A year ago, him and I made out under the influence. We didn’t talk about it afterwards. But a few days later, he saw me looking sad at school and asked if I was fine- to which I said yes, and we continued as friends. A few months later, we all hung out and it was just me and him at this one point when he basically told me he was worried I liked him because he didn’t like me at all… I was baffled bc I never did anything to give him the impression I liked him. After we made out that one time, I literally told him “don’t tell anyone” and we promised to keep it from our friends bc we agreed we didn’t like each other. I reiterated I didn’t like him.

A few weeks pass by, and one of the guy friends in our co-ed group and I get into a fight. It kinda split the group apart for a month, and ppl obv picked sides. The guy I was with, he picked the dude’s side obv. And I find out he was talking shit abt me from other ppl bc I apparently would “make fun of him” but it was just light teasing that all the girls and I did??

Anyways, now, since the most recent summer, we’re all friends again. The other guy and I bicker like siblings all the time since we’ve known each other the longest, so it was chill. The other guy and I are on better relations than me and the kiss dude. The kiss dude and I had a talk a month ago about how we both felt bad about how we treated each other and I apologized for being mean to him and he apologized for how he’d always be passive aggressive to me. I thought it was the end of it, until this one dude brought up the fact during a boys trip after we made up, he brought up the past again. He was saying how I was a bitch at that time and doing too much lol. That same friend also told me he knew we made out bc he told him like half a year ago.

And we’re all going on a trip together and idk what to do to make him like me. He’s always nice to me at school and stuff - offering me his drinks and food, but I have a gut feeling he still doesn’t like me. There’s this one girl at our school who did me super dirty, and he’s also friends with her knowing that.

Anyway! Are there any ways I can get him to like me as a person again? 😭😭🙏

05:05 UTC


Interior Design as a method of SE

Hello, aspiring architecture and interior design student here.

For years I've been fascinated with the idea of designing spaces that promote mindfulness, accessibility and comfort while still remaining usable.

A couple nights ago, had a discussion with an industry veteran who has done a lot of work with corporate spaces. Particularly in corporate settings with a specialty in lighting. He mentioned how he often sets up lights to automatically lighten and dim as the day progresses. When I asked why, he responded that supposedly doing this has the psychological environmental effect on workers as they go through the day to be more positive, in better moods, and also work harder as it's more in accordance to the lighting one would experience outside.

While I don't have the sources to verify this, however this got me thinking? How much do subtle things in the environment actually impact a person? Also, how can someone use subtle things like this to influence worker mood or well being? The idea is to create a workspace that makes both the employer and the employee happy.

While I'm not sure this is the sub to be asking this, I figured since social engineering often deals with influencing certain outcomes, I am genuinely curious if guys have any resources, particularly on the psychology of environments that you think would be useful or interesting to me.

Anyways thanks!

20:17 UTC


Best way to deal with condescending coworker

I work with a woman who has a overinflated ego and strokes it by interrogating me daily in a super condescending tone. It's clear that she is looking for a reaction and trying to get a rise out of me, but she does it with a smile on her face and pretends she is my friend when in reality she is a bully. I play a long with her antics in order to keep the peace, but it's driving me crazy.

I'm starting to think the best response is to display no reaction to her BS. What's the best waybto do this? Won't a no reaction be a reaction in a way?

13:45 UTC


CONCEPT OF not liking someone then liking them even more over time?

I may be misremembering but isn’t there some concept where basically:

Person A is disliked for some time by Person B

Then over time Person B changes their mind about Person A and ends up like them MORE because they disliked them to begin?

Or nah? Ty

19:58 UTC


This subreddit is useless

Whenever someone asks for help with something they either get troll replies or "that's manipulation". It's almost like... that's the whole point??

12:24 UTC


someone said communication studies teaches social engineering. how well do you think it does that?

People with degrees in communication studies go into fields like marketing, sales, journalism, customer relations, and social media management. It builds interpersonal skills and persuasive skills according to everything I read about it. So my question is does that mean it teaches prerequisite social engineering skills to be able to do social engineering for penetration testing and does that mean its worth taking some communication studies classes?

Apparently, the social skills and persuasive skills are built into it.

03:31 UTC


How do I get contractor to give me all the names of companies that built a house?

Basically I need a contractor to tell me all the names of the companies that built a house he is currently working on I have his phone number but I’m not sure how to spin it.

20:32 UTC

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