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How good is Protrack really?

Hey guys. To be direct, I was wondering how good Protrack really is, and whether their promised "3 month patrol" following their 6 week training pipeline is what it is presented to be?

For some background, I recently completed instruction in the French foreign legion. Due to medical issues I was discharged after about 8 months of service (bad eyesight and new rules regarding medical made me inapt as a combatant).

As such, I'm looking for somewhere where I can use my natural aptitude and the skills I've learned to contribute to something worthwhile. I've always felt very close to nature and wildlife, and have seen the devastation of it in my own country due to poaching. Where could I volunteer to receive some tracking training and direct action/patrol work with a weapon in hand?

I am currently a student in Europe and my regular job is physically and mentally demanding all the same. I'm not looking for a full on profession, rather something I can do a few months a year to add some meaning to my life, contribute, and use the skills I learned in the unit (even if it's just patrolling in open terrain with a gun on safety for weeks).

Appreciate it!

09:31 UTC


Hunting dogs roam the forest at night near Liepāja Latvia scaring the living daylight out of hikers

i emailed this to agencies that deal with hunting and wildlife problems




there is no obvious place to report this and expect a serious hearing from someone fluent in English and scientifically minded

the following is what I wrote a month ago after the event

i can't judge after hand how much danger i was in but i would treat it seriously

luckily has not happened again in this country for a month. hopefully never happens again. although the next time i will have the benefit of having experienced it already

when police arrived i demanded prison for the dog owner in clearest possible way i could. after my speach was done they did not ask me a single word. they could tell i was furious of fear. and better to talk another time. i am so drained from global security work that i can't follow up on this but this should be available for anyone to read that might experience it themselves or take upon their self to wander around this globe as i do

i will probably feel guilty if the owner lose his dogs or hunting permit or reputation in his community. i am not going to judge anyone extremely harshly

if they ask me to fill out a criminal report according to some kind of format standards i am not going to do it myself an experienced prosecutor that has done it before is free to report this or pass it along. just not going to fill in report fields in some kind of form. you do it for me if you want to. i am not doing it. should be enough information to find


is the exact location and anyone can guess where the dogs came from probably the nearest mansion two thousand metres away to the east across p111 near upsede. upsede mansion. good luck asking them about it they don't speak a word of English here development is seventy years behind the west


this is so incredulous that it could be picked up by news

still in shock six hours later at dawn

just the title should give you the general idea

i have never heard of such outrageous neglect in dog keeping in my life

the dogs escape unnoticed at night and hunt without human supervision and presumably return in the morning without anyone doing anything about it

this dog owner would make the top ten list anywhere in history

the dogs occasional howl brought up pictures of wolf movies the grey with that guy from Schindler's list the guy that played Oscar Schindler fighting with wolves with broken glass and a big knife to his death but i can safely discard all theories besides a runaway hunting dog militia on four legs in a large pack sounded like at least ten animals

in that immense fear of a completely unfamiliar situation in a life of hiking around the globe thoughts whirled around all possible night mares before i realised it is obviously hunting dogs all else is pure fantasy wolves are absolutely ruled out

they did not retreat when they sensed my presence but stayed in full alarm perhaps as when they encounter prey on a supervised hunt to alert the humans. even though they knew they were alone and no one to alert, they knew i was probably not prey, did not know enough to EVER be alone unsupervised anywhere but home preferably inside, but did NOT know or predict the length of the prison sentence they just brought on their owner by this nightly escapade. whoops

the locals will predictably put the lid on but the power of the internet is a wonderful thing

i can not imagine any circumstance that would make this less than prison anywhere in the union or West europe. now this is the old east. no one understands English etc. one escaped dog barking in the forest. fine. slap on the wrist. possibly losing care of the animal...ten rabid hunting dogs in full alarm scaring the life out of a hiker resting at night. shake those bars for three months. watch that prison television. and there won't be any Marlborough or beers in prison

the entire report

the exact location is near the highest hunting tower on the old railway trail passing by upsede north east of liepaja that is used for hunting commonly judging by all the towers lining the road there

This began around Four hours after dark on the early night of Sunday 28 April 2024 or exactly 1:00 o'clock

I will first describe exactly what happened and after that separately my interpretation in hindsight when recalling these events three hours later when I can calm down

This is a rather long story so I will get to my point right here before the story

What can I do if I encounter a dog pack like this again except tell at them and calmly leave. What if they hunt me or behave like they are guarding a territory. However remotely that might seems. There is a reason this is a serious crime. Too much uncertainty

Can you confirm that this kind of incessant barking is absolutely impossible in any other animal

In no circumstance whatsoever would any wolf pack or any deer flock behave like this even if I stood right on their den with ten kids inside

The occasional howling is something that dogs still retain from their wolf origin not long ago

It is not unlikely that a pack of hunting dogs alone would howl occasionally

Despite yelling at them several times there was no yell back from a human. Very likely the dogs escape at night without anyone caring about it extremely dangerous and frightening to a hiker that need. Rest at night not the fright of a life time

I could not imagine that in a relatively rich country anyone ever would drive their dogs for a night hunt. Would be absolute insanity. Neglect and alcoholism depression (försupen dumhet Swedish) I can easily imagine. Not outright insanity. Even if night hunting permits are sometimes issued in Germany for "animal control" "population control" of wild pigs. This is a completely separate topic that I will not say more about than that I am working on these issues on and off. My view as a progressive world ambassador could not be further from the idea of shooting at anything anywhere for any reason. Except tranquilizer darts for humane population control of CAPTURED animals not hunted. Captured. It is clear in Sweden that shooting anything anywhere with fire arms does not belong in the future society. Now this is all I will say about this. We are working on this as fast as is possible. The education effort still left on this planet is still enormous and daunting

Regarding dog behaviour in detail I know very little despite inspecting a manuscript by the foremost scientist on the subject that work in Budapest that is most famous for working on the Philippine paradise fish ten years ago before they changed to dogs and removed their aquarium

Dogs in particular have very little room in the professional literature since most pros are not anthropo centric. All mammals share common traits like an early recognition of friend and foe. Dogs in particular has almost never been studied at least not dogs for guarding or hunting. There might be one single work perhaps by one single biologist or behaviour ist ethology biology for shepherds dogs that life with grazing livestock

All books cover territory selection and protection and pack hunting or other flock behaviour. But almost nothing has apparently been possible or interesting to anyone to publish as a professional seeking a career in science in ethology animal behaviour or population biology. so i am not the only one drawing a blank when trying to explain the behaviour with any satisfaction more than anecdotal that is hard to call science

what I experienced

A sudden bark that I expect to be a roe deer that bark and run away. happens all the time

Although the bark was not quite right. more like a dog which I have never encountered at night

Suddenly a roaring festival of barking and occasional howling

The distance is extremely uncertain but perhaps five hundred meters

The direction was towards road p111 to the east toeards Upsede. i am by the big tower. There is one house near the road that the dogs could belong to if they crossed p111

Now my primal instinct set in and I envision a pack, a large pack, of wolves near their den the core of their territory. Frothing over my intrusion and ready to approach in full alarm

In hindsight this is just the occasional howling that caused this and everything about this speaks against wolves

IF wolves can behave like this or has been observed or heard doing this in ANY circumstance whatsoever I absolutely need to hear about it because it would bear on my future expeditions

If there is this single wolf dog hybrid pack maybe only one in Europe that I happened to encounter I absolutely need more information. feral dogs that would possibly go unnoticed in Belarus has crossed over to Latvia?

I have never heard of anything like that

All wolf incidents as rare as they are in Poland or anywhere have been with lone wolves that are sick or hungry and have lost their feir of humans

I have never heard of an aggressive wolf pack in Europe or anywhere on the planet

I have seen wolf droppings so many times and spent so much time day and night in wolf territory that I would never expect them to be so aggressive about human scent or sound like that

I have certainly had wolves near me many times but never heard a peep. In Sweden and Norway on long expeditions all summer and even winter and on and off for years from Spain to France Belgium Germany Poland and now here in the Baltics for one month so far direction Finland

The pack was in full alarm with barking and an occasional howl that dogs will still use. But much less than wolves. Wolves never bark together like this in any circumstance I have ever heard it seen if

It is with near certainty the pack of dogs that have hunted there before that happens to live on the farm on the opposite side of the road and escaped west around thousand metres into the forest.

Perhaps they do this regularly but no one cares

And now I happened to be there

Hiking and trekking and wild camping is MUCH more common in Sweden and Norway than anywhere in the world even Finland that is a close second. It is the Scandinavian spirit. As has recently been proven paleo lithic pre farming humans breed into the farming population only in Scandinavian nowhere else in Europe. I am personally absolutely at peace in nature and hate combustion engines that bother few others

Without getting off track completely I am continuing my expedition around Europe and almost all ground breaking record breaking endeavour of exploration has come from Scandinavia specifically. First settlement of the new world five hundred years before another European country etc etc etc first man on the south pole endless list of did what no one else could ot would. I am not placing my breed on a pedestal just explaining that if anyone would encounter something like this most likely it would be a Swede and the locals are most likely entirely puzzled why I am not living my life in doors at home or in a comfortable guest house

But this is beside the point just a side track to explain my presence in this rare encounter

in hindsight what happened

It is clear to me now that a pack of large hunting dogs. Not the small loud ones. Tax in Swedish. I have never owned a dog or hunted. I am a scientist. So I don't know much of anything about dog breeds. But presumably Large dogs that can hunt and kill on their own that have been trained to not kill the prey but only stalk it or drive it and make a loud alarm to draw the apes (not condescending just scientific classification of my species)

This is all speculation I just can't imagine what I heard to be a pack of tax (Swedish) small rabbit hunting dogs. These were large animals certainly with courage to act alone without humans

But I don't know anything about common hunting dogs in this region or anywhere so I can't suggest what breed it could have been that could behave this way

When I yelled at them they silenced for a moment then the roar continued

They had no intention to move back. I called for a police to meet me on road p111 and moved. I could hear the dogs for one thousand metres which gave me the impression that they moved after me at a safe distance perhaps curious about what I was

Again. If wolves can ever in any circumstance behave with this curiosity or aggressive confidence on human scent AND loud roaring. I yelled at them as a three hundred kilos silver back gorilla would try to show how big and powerful he was. No wolves ever no matter how big their biggest packs are in Europe would do anything but withdraw. These animals stayed at a distance and gave me the impression that they followed me on the road even. But not close

Distance is extremely uncertain but my best guess would be five hundred meters

This location has been used before for hunting and these dogs have been released during supervised legal (presumably) hunting in this exact location

They have smelled or sensed a wild animal and followed it into the forest where they have hunted before

will anyone stop this. how common is this

The police said they would call the nearest farms and ask about their dogs and the hunters that set up the hunting towers there in that old railway road where the dogs live that they bring to hunt there

But unfortunately I don't expect them to do anything when the response is "I know nothing". This is obviously a massive incident since I told them I am a scientist that will likely enquire with other scientist and if they cover this up it will explode big time. this is not s minor incident

Jägarna is a popular Swedish movie about the sad reality of this kind of stuff. anything related to mis management with hunting or dogs is so deeply rooted in human behaviour since the stone age that the local police do anything they can to forget about it. "Probably just a barking deer" or "wolves are common in the forest" and might bark despite my sincere explanation that this is hunting dogs not wolves and carries a prison sentence if heard in front of a magistrate

if you imagine "i like logic circuit design" the absolute opposite is "i like dogs and hunting". it's as different as a von Neumann machine is from sticks and stones in technological achievement. and a massive education effort is still needed for that population should they not cause a complete collapse of civilization like 1930s Germany. you might like NATURE you certainly don't like fire arms or dogs. has nothing to do with investigating nature. it is not conscious behaviour. but only photographers and hunters visit nature? you are obviously not a scientist ("what is this?" looking at bowling ball in small Lebowskis bath room. "you are obviously not a golfer")

I don't expect them to even ask anyone and just hope I forgot about it or they never have any other hikers near that spot at night

The "police report" that I received when they returned from the spot I told them to investigate was exactly that "it was probably just a deer and now I will go home and sleep". that only told ne that the pack had moved or did not respond to a car or they went to the wrong place or most likely could not be less motivated to find them

I gave the female officer that spoke English a stern explanation what would happen in Sweden. Prison. Absolutely nothing else than prison. Grave negligence in dog oversight. No hunting license and no dogs for the rest of his life

This is extremely serious that this is seen as a minor mistake that hunting dogs are stalking wild animals alone at night. Only in Sweden do we understand clearly that HUMANS are in the forest at night sometimes. We have palaeolithic blood lines and the world's foremost paleo biologist among other things. I am a renowned explorer. My father and uncle is one of the world's foremost wildlife photographer for WWF NG etc. Wild life is strictly monitored and controlled and this kind of neglect is absolutely treated with utmost sincerity

Our society is not in a state of civil war. Escaped hunting dogs hunting alone at night. Prison. Period. And the local police that tries to suppress it or treat it with a yawn will be investigated by internal affairs and released from service and prohibited from similar work with a responsibility to investigate seriously

We in sweden have the most aggressive policy in the world to combat this suppression of neglect related to hunting from the local community or any kind of coverup attempt or failure to investigate serious neglect, crime or not, we are not "paragraph riders" (paragraf ryttare) we investigate serious problems. anyone can understand how serious this is before digging after paragraphs

more about dog behaviour in general that might be relevant

Regarding dogs that hunt alone. I will not name any names but I have met a couple that lived in a remote valley in Portugal where their two large extremely aggressive dogs (even after ten minutes they were extremely uncomfortable with my presence and would not listen to their owner's calm regarding my encounter near their caravan on Canary islands) hunt together and bring home food. Literally drag it home to the family. Needless to say they have no kids and I will not say more about it more than the point that large dogs can easily on their own learn to hunt wild game. Possibly several breeds. They are still all close relatives of animals that do exactly that to survive. Guard territory identify intruder stalk and hunt prey is their basic behaviour anything else would result from actively counter acting instinctive behaviour that has become common to convert security staff patrol units and killers to social support animals because morons absolutely need to own a dog

Recall that in less developed countries like Chile dogs bark all night EVERYWHERE and run free in the day

I was in Chile for six months and never encountered dogs at night but had to suffer through the incessant noise if "guarding" at night. EVERYONE has night guard dogs. it is completely incomprehensible if you ever passed first grade with honours that they blindly follow a relict tradition for no other reason. Those dogs are GUARD dogs that have no experience of hunting ever. And when they encounter a human in the forest during their daily adventure they are never aggressive that far away from home

In western Europe outside Spain almost never dogs that bark all night. Same in Latvia. Two weeks in Lithuania don't think I ever heard a dog at night. A welcome serenity from Chile that I just arrived from after completing my record breaking expedition there

13:26 UTC


JAGUAR ─ The Bloodthirsty Feline that Hunts Caimans and Anacondas!

14:41 UTC


Gorilla Genocide: Hidden War in Africa

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04:00 UTC


Inside an Antipoaching Unit in Kenya Trying to Protect Sea Turtles

20:01 UTC


The diary of an Ant-Poaching Ranger in South Africa

The life of an Ant-Poaching Ranger: One more Day: Diary of an Anti-Poaching Ranger in the Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa.

11:23 UTC


Battling Illegal Poaching 😳😱 | Louis Ferrante

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07:39 UTC


Vote to help save the Painted Dog from poachers

Hello Anti-Poaching Enthusiasts,

I nominated Painted Dog Conservation in Zimbabwe for a Project for Awesome grant this year. Painted Dog Conservation has been protecting the painted dog (also referred to as the painted wolf or African wild dog) one of the most endangered in Africa, from poachers for over 25 years. Project for Awesome is a 48 hour virtual fundraiser the gives out grants to the top 30 charities voted on by the public.

There are 163 charities vying for 30 spots this year so every vote counts. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Voting is free and easy. If you don’t want to click the link below, you can put Project for Awesome in your search bar, select Painted Dog Conservation from the charity drop down menu and hit the orange Vote button. Voting will continue until 12pm EST on February 18th. So we still have another 16 hours.

Link to vote: https://www.projectforawesome.com/watch?v=hFm9rT9Ts_k

The amount of the grant depends on the total amount raised but in the past few years each charity has received between $20,000-$30,000 USD!

Please leave me any suggestions for other subreddits or places where I can post about this and share if you are so inclined. Thank you!

00:23 UTC


Your opinion matters! Survey on public contribution to conservation 🌱🌏

Hey All, I'm doing some research for a university conservation project I am working on! I would love it if you you could take a moment to fill out my survey 🙂

Help shape the future of wildlife conservation! Your input is vital to our survey on using technology for environmental protection, with a focus on Africa. Your views will guide effective conservation strategies. Click to share your thoughts and contribute to a sustainable world: https://forms.gle/F9GMAR6euqG4utcz9. Your responses are confidential and for research only. #ConservationMatters #YourOpinionCounts

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A better version of jason statham as an anti poacher

02:40 UTC


Jason statham AS An anti poacher

04:27 UTC


Poisoned Painted Dogs - a Call to Action!

I refer to this article posted here by another member -


It is highly unlikely that the guilty parties behind this heinous act will ever face any kind of justice. At the very worst they will receive a 'Smack on the Wrist'. In light of this, I therefore call on all members to join in a boycott of the 'Lekkeslaap Mountain Bush View Lodge' in the Waterberg, Limpopo Province of South Africa. Inform all your family members and friends of what these - I hesitate to call them people - have done, and that they should avoid going and spending any time/money there.

My other suggestion is that we start a petition, addressed to the local authority, insisting that they take whatever punitive action necessary to make sure that the perpetrators are brought to proper justice, and their establishment be closed down.

00:23 UTC


Mass Poisoning of a pack of African Painted Dogs


The property is Mountain View Bush Lodge, address Grootfontein 589 LQ, Waterberg. Combination game farm and tourist lodge. The owner promptly took down the website as this was made public.

The lodge is still on Lekkeslaap tourism site. https://www.lekkeslaap.co.za/accommodation/mountain-view-bush-lodge

18:20 UTC

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