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Are you a supporter of endangered species? Interested in learning more about them? This subreddit is dedicated to all aspects of endangered species. From fun facts to serious issues anything related to the critters or plants in trouble is open to discussion.


A community for sharing and discussing news about endangered species with the aim of protecting species and their habitats from extinction through knowledge. We view this statement in its broadest sense. Feel free to discuss and post all aspects of species loss; from potentially threatened to critical, all forms of life, and the large range of opinions concerning conservation techniques. We value all forms of knowledge and perspective and hope you join us in the conversation.

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Rusty Patched Bumble Bee

Forum for discussing the bombus affinis species, which became critically endangered in 2017.

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Putting Africa's Wildlife on a Path to Sustainability - Explorer and conservationist Dr Willem Daffue shares the stark realities of the state of natural resources on the continent and take a closer look at conditions in countries such as Somalia, Sudan and The DRC. | LCAfrica [01h:47m:50s]

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