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17:23 UTC


Made a new sub for fuzzy animals with r/hiddenwhitefur

The r/hiddenwhitefur sub is a new sub for posting pics and videos and educational material of fluffy animals that do not look white but actually have hidden white in their fur! You may see me post a lot of pictures of black cats, but any color of any fuzzy creature is welcome here! Just make sure that some hidden white fur is visible in the post (it doesn’t have to be super obvious, but it has to be there).

Why did I make this sub? Well I love all furry animals and I already have a cat sub devoted to kitties with white spots (r/piebaldcats), but a lot of cats that have a little hidden white fur don’t really fit there. I also saw there is no cat sub devoted to kitties with small amounts of white, or any sub for any fuzzy creature with hidden white fur for that matter! Also, I have a kitten with a lot of white flecks and I want to document her growth in this sub and track whether her little snowflakes change over time. She isn’t a cutie-piebald, but she is a cutie patooty nonetheless!

Examples of what kinds of things to post using our post flares:

🍦 Dollop of Cream🥛- White lockets, buttons, and small spots on the chest, belly, toes, chin, etc

☁️ Wisps of Cotton Candy 💭 - Wispy locks of white hair, such as white ear tufts

🌊 Ocean brined 🐠 - A large number of single white hairs evenly distributed throughout the coat. Aka “salt and pepper” pattern

🥨 Lightly Salted🧂- A few random white hairs here and there

✨ Stars and Snow Sprinkles❄️ - Random patches of a few white hairs here and there

🍧 Frosty with Glitter 💎 - Fur with white tips that make it appear to shine, including glitter, shimmer, or grizzle patterns found in some Russian Blue cats. White ticking is also welcome

🌫 Seasoned with Smoke 💨 - White undercoats, including e.g. smoke fur patterns

03:40 UTC


Made a sub for any animal named Trixie.

Was inspired by my Dilute Tortico, Trixie, but if you have a Trixie please feel free to post in r/petsnamedTrixie.

15:48 UTC



r/AlaskanKleeKaiDog - sub for the Alaskan Klee Kai dog breed

22:56 UTC


r/smolseals - Seals that are smol

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09:17 UTC


/r/cutepupper is just about exactly what the title says

I'm pretty strict about only canines & only young ones as the moderator but otherwise we are pretty flexible about what to post. /r/cutepupper is a sub where you'll see the cutest puppers around. Morning more, nothing less. Please come join us if you like cute baby doggos.

04:13 UTC


r/PaintedWolves - for anyone who likes Lycaon pictus, the African painted wolf aka painted dog or African wild dog - or would like to find out more about this endangered species.

Painted wolves are Africa’s second most endangered large carnivore. Only about 6600 remain in the wild.

Compared to some of the other species under threat, they are still relatively under the radar of most people. Additionally, those who have heard of them often have a very distorted view of this incredible social mammal, based on very one-sided reporting and myths which surround them.

The painted wolves sub is trying to balance the picture a little and make friends for this African underdog.

Find out more about them, share images and videos of painted wolves and hear news from the conservation organisations monitoring them in the field.

The sub often features artworks depicting painted wolves but currently there is more than the usual to promote an online exhibition dedicated to the species which is also raising funds for their conservation.

Hope you’ll visit and maybe join the pack if you like what you see!

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20:37 UTC


r/katten a reddit for Dutch / Norwegian catlovers

Momenteel met 3 leden. Dat kan beter! 😁

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10:24 UTC


r/Ethicalpetownership a subreddit dedicated to keeping pets in an ethical way for both pets and your surroundings

Our subreddit is about the ethics of owning pets and how it can be influential to others. Some people get obsessed and do more harm than good. We're trying to point this out as well to try to give some insights as to why certain behavior is damaging for the animal or your surroundings. Also am working on pet guides and all help is welcome!

Everyone is welcome, animal lovers, and petfree people! Share your story, aks questions, or spark a discussion in a friendly manner. We're happy to welcome you!

Maybe we'll see you soon!

05:57 UTC


r/megafaunarewilding/ - New sub about rewilding and conservation of nature!

09:58 UTC

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