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Here we talk about the rights of animals and what we can do to defend those rights. Some topics include: animal experimentation, the ethics of eating animals and their products, animal used in entertainment, protests, activism, news about animal protection victories.


This subreddit has been created as a source of post regarding Animal Rights and related topics as animal cruelty for entertainment, food ethics, vegetarianism, veganism, and such. If your issue is more related to animal welfare, please note there is a subreddit for that!

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Asking Vegan Gains About His View On Vegans Dating Carnists

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22:12 UTC


Help ban jump racing from being broadcast on ITV and BBC Radio 4

Animal Aid have a campaign against jump racing right now and are asking people to write letters to the ITV and BBC to pull the coverage from their channels:


It does ask for a UK address if you access it off the above page, however for those outside the UK I know that at least ITV has a racing specific Twitter, IG and Facebook pages that you can drop comments on (there's a video on the Animal Aid page or you can share https://www.horsedeathwatch.com/ for example): https://twitter.com/itvracing https://www.instagram.com/itvracing/ https://www.facebook.com/racingitv/

Thanks in advance to anyone that takes part or shares!

16:05 UTC


I have just found out how we can stop animal abuse YouTube videos

As the title says. I was greatly upset the other day when I accidentally stumbled across a channel feeding live hamsters to tarantulas. I myself keep tarantulas but I would never feed them a mammal. It is unnecessarily cruel. I reported the channel and of course nothing happened (I can find it if you'd like to help report).

Then yesterday I stumbled across the answer of how to make YouTube listen. It would take some effort, but it's doable. What do you guys think?

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15:53 UTC


This judge loses it on an animal farmer (Spoof)

00:01 UTC


Could social media be undermining our commitment to uphold human rights and participate in activism? (Everyone 18+ is welcome to participate)

I am conducting a study to look at how social media is affecting our ability to stand up for our rights and engage in activism. This is more important than ever with the level of disregard our governments have for animal rights.

Previous studies have shown that people who engage in online activism are less likely to engage in conventional or high-risk activism. This is concerning as conventional and high-risk activism has been shown to lead to greater meaningful change than online activism.

The study itself is very straightforward and only takes 10 minutes to complete.

It consists of three questionnaires and will require you to provide the number of hours you spent on social media in the previous full week.

Feel free to scroll past, but if you do participate or share this study it would be much appreciated.

The link to the study is: https://goldpsych.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eL6ifoEqqldaLpc

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12:58 UTC


Nike Follows In Puma's Footsteps By Ditching Leather Made From Kangaroos

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10:28 UTC


End Fox Hunting

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02:53 UTC


Vegans - Take Action! Follow directions in link. Ask if you have questions. Deadline 3 31 2023 to submit to ag committees for Farm Bill. This comes around once every 5 years!


When AFA submits our language --- Senators and House Reps need to hear from voters that they align with what we are asking for. It's a huge part of centralizing our voice.

We created an instruction sheet for you to follow.

Reminder--- You can't just say or add themes like "end animal exploitation" in the Farm Bill. I know we want that, but it doesn't work. It will get you nowhere. Is it symbolic to say those things, yes. But, again it will get you nowhere on actual change that matters to animals.

You have to be very precise about the funding you want to add, expand, make more inclusive or set guardrails.

We input some ideas in the instruction sheet. Feel free to customize them, but a good portion of our asks are related to transitions for a multitude of crises happening, giving plant based farmers more funding and safety nets for accessibility, focusing on under-represented farmers with these funds/opportunities and reducing the favoritism and monopolized control of the livestock industry. We have many more asks, but those are the main themes.

And just a reminder, we can't do this alone. As we continue to scale, we need to ensure we can afford lobbyists to represent us in this critical fight. We urge you to consider donating to help us make real progress, and if you're already a donor, please consider sharing our work to help raise awareness. Together, we can create a more just and sustainable food system for all.


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12:43 UTC


How do I get involved in Direct Action activism?

21:01 UTC


Are there any Animal Rights Charities that focus on creating Documentaries / are currently working on further Vegan Documentaries?

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13:01 UTC


Are there any Animal Rights Charities that focus on creating Documentaries / are currently working on further Vegan Documentaries?

With the largest surveys on the topic ( such as this one ) showing that Documentaries are one of the, if not the single biggest thing convincing people to go Vegan, I was wondering if there are any Vegan NGOs that focus speifically on creating these Documentaries?

I know that Farm Transparncy Project / Aussie Farms have created Lucent and Dominion, Earthling Ed / Surge have created Land of Hope and Glory and Shawn Mendes who has created Earthlings, but I cannot find any info if any of them are currently working on creating further Animal Rights Documentaries.

If any of you know about upcoming AR Documentaries, please share, I want to donate towards more such Documentaries being made. Thanks!

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12:59 UTC


Breeders Cup winning horse 'trainer' Maria Borell has an upcoming court date facing her 43 counts of animal cruelty against horses.

Please stop continued animal abuse at the hands of Maria Borell.

Breeders Cup-winning 'trainer' of the horse Runhappy, Maria Borell will be facing her 43 counts of animal abuse in her upcoming pre-trial in KY on May 18th. We can't let her get away with this or let the memory of this atrocity fall between the cracks.

Contact the Kentucky prosecutor and make sure he holds her accountable and pays for her terrible crimes against animals. Ted Dean (859) 734-6320

#mariaborell #runhappy


Here are the details of her court date


If you havent heard or dont remember what she did to these poor animals, landlords, friends, property, or anyone who doesnt agree with her:











01:36 UTC


Best place to donate?

What's a good place to give money to that is working to help improve animal welfare laws?

03:50 UTC

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