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YT on WP8.1!

  1. Open IE and navigate to iteroni.com

  2. Hit the gear Icon at the top to open the sites settings

  3. Check "Proxy Videos" and change player style to "Invidious"

  4. Save settings

  5. Pin page to start

  6. That's it!

Disclaimer(s): In order to avoid common errors, such as "Decoding error" or "Invalid Source" simply reload the page. Unfortunately for some longer videos, these errors are unfixable.

Fast forward and Rewind is unstable at best.

03:49 UTC


Is it possible to Upgrade to Update 2 of Windows Phone 8.1?

I have a Lumia 1020 that is currently running Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1.

Back in 2015, I was also running 8.1 Update 1 and was able to use a trick to update it to Update 2. It was something like... I had to use the Preview for Developers app or Upgrade Advisor app (don't remember which) to start the upgrade process to Windows 10 Mobile, and then cancel after the first update, which would leave you on 8.1 Update 2 instead of Windows 10 Mobile.

But, I eventually did upgrade the phone to Win10... and it make the phone extremely buggy and slow. It was so much worse than 8.1, so I ended up using a tool from Microsoft to erase the phone and put it back to 8.1, but this only left it with Update 1, not Update 2. And by this time, the trick to get 8.1 Update 2 no longer worked; it would just send you straight to Windows 10 without the intermediate 8.1 Update 2 version.

Does anybody know of a way to get Update 2 these days? I've seen that there are many experts on here that have done all sorts of hacking on these old Windows Phones and have all sorts of ROMs in their own repositories. If anybody knows if it's possible or not, it's you guys.

02:56 UTC


Twitter/X (Nitter) PWA for W10M - sad but good news.

I know this is sad, but Twitter on Windows Mobile devices is officially gone for now. When we found a solution by swapping UA I knew it would stop working one day, and this day has sadly come I think.

The good news is that for now we can use Nitter.net, a Twitter frontend that does not use their official API but also don't have login. They plan to add an account system with timeline in the future. I hope so.

Credits to the Nitter creators (https://github.com/zedeus/nitter).


Now using Nitter for acessing Twitter.

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21:21 UTC


Twitter/X (Nitter) PWA for W10M - sad but good news.

I know this is sad, but Twitter on Windows Mobile devices is officially gone for now. When we found a solution by swapping UA I knew it would stop working one day, and this day has sadly come I think.

The good news is that for now we can use Nitter.net, a Twitter frontend that does not use their official API but also don't have login. They plan to add an account system with timeline in the future. I hope so.

Credits to the Nitter creators (https://github.com/zedeus/nitter).


Now using Nitter for acessing Twitter.

Download: https://t.me/Windows10Phone/222616

21:21 UTC


Anybody know how to update lumia 635 to windows phone 10

13:42 UTC


Motorola Q9h - Old firmware question

I picked up (for some reason) a "brand new in box" Motorola q9h that seemed to be unlocked - but stuck in Hebrew (no matter what I did in settings, the keyboard would only output hebrew characters)

I did somehow find the AT&T Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM for it, and was able to flash it to that.. but it now no longer takes my T-Mobile SIM, and asks for a SIM unlock code when a SIM is in it.

I am certainly not wanting to use this as my primary device, but it'd be neat to be able to tinker with it with a SIM card in it. I've got a few SMS/call only SIM's and this keyboard actually is not bad to type on. This will mostly be used for tinkering and maybe some music playing when i'm out running and do not want to carry an actual phone.

Just curious if anyone still knows where to get a modded unlocked Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM for this thing - as all old links I can find are long dead sadly.

07:41 UTC


Metro Browser- A Windows Phone Browser Themed Browser for Android

Hi Guys! Here is a quick mockup for Metro Browser.

I have been sluggishly proceeding with the development of the basic applications required for my Metro OS project, which was to create a Windows Phone Themed OS experience for Android. (It is a custom Rom but i havent started working on even the first bits of it.)

As such, there will be a bunch of applications in the suite. And ill start off with the most basic one:
Metro Browser:

This figma sheets serves as mockups for the new OS as well as each of the applications in the suite (Check the Pages)

Please do let me know what you think so I can improve upon this.

06:51 UTC


why are you still here

20:09 UTC


Downgrade from Windows 10 Mobile (Insider Preview) to Windows Phone 8.1 possible?

I have a Lumia 640 XL LTE running W10M IP. The phone was only supported until WP8.1 but I really wanted to try W10M at the time. Is it still possible to downgrade back to WP8.1?

Also, I have a Lumia 620 which is (or was) running an earlier W10M IP build (this was before W10M launched). It suffered the same fate as the 520 that was running the same build (Nokia/MS never mentioned the 620). It bricked (red screen of death) when you downgrade from W10M IP. I tried to unbrick it years ago but failed & got a black screen but is still detected by Windows.

I'm asking out of curiosity. Would be nice if there's a solution.

17:40 UTC


Windows Mobile update 6.1

Hello, I'm making this post because I need help with a specific file. I have some Zebra MC9090 handheld devices running Windows Mobile 5.0, and I need to update them to 6.1. The issue is that the downloadable file is not available on Microsoft's website or anywhere else; I've searched everywhere.

Does anyone have the file to upgrade from WM 5.0 to WM 6.1? I would greatly appreciate the assistance

14:50 UTC


WPinternals stuck on "assembling data for unlock"

i have a nokia lumia 520 and its stuck on that when i try to unlock bootloader running windows 8.1

02:59 UTC


this is why i love windows phone

17:38 UTC


Another day of begging for Metro OS support

10:00 UTC


someone made a petition to bring back windows phone

so i recently go to change.org to support the good sides (y'know what i mean) and i was kinda curious to see the tech section and i found someone want to bring back windows phone

here's the link if you really curious: https://www.change.org/p/urge-microsoft-to-revive-the-windows-phone

do you think this petition will work to make Microsoft bring back windows phone again?

06:42 UTC


Windows Phone/Mobile Ecosystem:

Ok, now all windows phones/mobiles are discontinued. So, what can we do? Maybe a collaborative project to make Windows 11 Mobile with some edit windows programs, by coders, and a phone by designers and others... viewing and suggesting feedbacks pre-launch. But, we need a poll about if you prefer a Windows 11 Mobile, or like are we now

View Poll

05:04 UTC


Windows in 2023

So I love the Alcatel idol 4s and want to make it live again. Is there any mods or hacks I can do to make it usable or is it a lost cause.

01:00 UTC


Nokia Lumia 720 Pamphlet, 2013.

09:13 UTC


Junkyard Find locked Lumia 830 Custom edition (I guess is an employee phone)Any ideas?

It has company name on front/side/back of the phone, it’s in mid condition but pin locked(maybe employee left without wiping, so they just toss in to the bin) Can’t access Recovery mode via key combinations (might be the security reason of that company) so I tried to flash retail version flu via WPID/WPI but all of them said devices mismatched/invalid platform ID

Any ideas? Or I should leave it as a paperweight?

Also, since the company is TSMC, So it’s not surprising the phone appear in my local junkyard .

WPI INFO: Model :RM1049_1008 Product code: 059W769 Operator:CHT-TW

Platform name: Nokia.MSM8926.P6122_TSMC1.1

Bootloader: Lumia Bootloader spec B (I think is locked)

Storage :Toshiba 16G(14.6G in flash mode info)

14:38 UTC


The first 900 series Lumia wasn't...it

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11:59 UTC


Someone please help.

I was trying to unlock the bootloader on my Lumia 520 so i can install Windows RT to it, but i keep getting this stupid error. "Unexpected error during scanning for loaders" Im a bit of a noob.

02:13 UTC


Which model should i buy? I need one for lumia 640

13:27 UTC


Windows Phones could return

I say that because with the growing movement of people wanting to get away from all of the apps on their phones mostly social media apps I think a new version of the Windows Phone could succeed today by being a smart phone without the addictive social media apps. Now granted that wouldn't be a very large market but I could see someone carrying around a smart phone that doesn't do all of the things that current smart phones do which more than likely would probably make people call them "semi-intelligent phones" or "average phones" but some well placed marketing and Microsoft could get back into the phone market.

02:40 UTC


amazon shopping app for windows 10.

so on every old windows 10 phone review, i have always seen an amazon app for windows 10. but its removed from the window store and i was wondering if anyone had the appx so i can maybe deploy it to my windows phone.

23:18 UTC


XBOX TALKING TO PARTNERS FOR MOBILE STORE, CEO SPENCER SAYS Microsoft $MSFT is talking to partners to help launch a mobile app store that will take on Apple $AAPL and Google’s $GOOGL dominant position in the business, according to Xbox- Phil Spencer. could this be the return of windows phone?

20:10 UTC

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