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[Q] All open Edge tabs lost; way to resurrect them (registry hack, local db, etc.)?

Dear all, after a strange issue w/ my battery, my external SD needed a scan/fix (done by the OS). Alas, all my open tabs on Edge are gone. Where is this data stored in the first place? Any hacks to get back that data?
OS: version 1709, build 10.0.15254.603, Nokia Lumia 1520

14:50 UTC


is there even a way to update windows mobile 8.1?

ive been trying to update my 925 rm-910 to the atleast 8.10.14219.341 so i can put windows 10m in it but trugh the phone update it reports error (80072efe) is there any workaround to updating the phone os version?

12:49 UTC


Windows phone messaging

Hey, so going onto the Microsoft messaging app on my lumia 650, and every message I try sending almost always fails, and then I check the Microsoft store page, and it says you can't send texts from it, so... does anyone have a solution to this, Or can I not text fron my phone anymore?

10:14 UTC


Photo Recovery Windows Kin Two

So I have had a Windows Kin Two sitting in a box for over a decade now. I think at one time the phone didn't turn on again and I was never able to transfer some really special family vacation photos off the phone.

I have held on to it in the hopes that one day in the future there would be someone that knows how to pull them off. Could anyone help me recover these photos?

1 Comment
01:35 UTC


Apps and games on Lumia 920 w/o PC?

Hi people, I’m an old fan of Metro design, and Lumia and Surface in particular, and I finally bought a 920, my dream phone since I was 14. I haven’t touched Windows Phone since my 820 died in 2016 so I’m sure I’ll be deeply moved.

To recreate my teenage years experience as much as I can, I want to install games and apps on it like I had. However, I don’t have a PC anymore since I moved to Apple completely in 2017 to experience the same ecosystem perfection I felt with Windows back then. I don’t even have a Mac because I wanted a device like Surface Pro so I have an iPad Pro with magic keyboard. So is there a way to install apps on my Lumia without a computer?

00:30 UTC


WhatsApp on Lumia 950? Is it possible?

I'm thinking about getting myself a Lumia 950 cuz i found a cheap one in my area but i just needed to ask if anyone has tried using WhatsApp via the Apk2Appx converter?

Its like the only method i know that i know and that sounds plausible enough.

I mean i dont really need to use it for much since most stuff that i use is web based anyways and i really want to start using my phone less, so yeah any help is appreciated.

Also no i wont be using whatsapp web xd

20:29 UTC


Is it possible to use tiny 8.1 on a lumia 620?

Hello, I’ve recently found my old lumia 620 and was wondering if it was possible to install an os like tiny 8.1/10/11 on a windows phone. I saw a video of a lumia 950 running tiny 11 and that got me thinking. Thanks in advance

18:45 UTC



Anyone else’s lumia 920 gone yellow? How do I fix it?

15:50 UTC


Help finding a game

https://www.reddit.com/r/windowsphone/s/eJSegs36YV Game was in portrait mode and I also remember it being on an old HTC which I sadly lost years ago doesn't help that i was a kid so my memory of this game is extremely foggy now. I think this post basically describes most of the details about the game but i also want to add i remember there being some enemies you could shoot with like guns you can buy, and you get i think stars stuck in blocks before entering a portal to go to the next stage or something along those line

09:26 UTC


Lumia 650 How to login in google again?

Hello i am a staunch Windowsphone user and am since years continuesly login Google there now i did out of a mistake pressed on login out of it , i tried to login again but always when i try to access the login site similar like actually qiute many sites i try to acces on my windows phone are loading(perhaps seemingly) multiple times and it tell the message then in a error message "during the loading of the Site a problem occured " is there a way i could login on my phone again with a trick? or is google not allowing any logins on this whone anymore ?

23:41 UTC


Installing Windows Phone 8.1 Or 10 On The Surface RT

Does anyone know how to install Windows Mobile on the Surface RT?

22:24 UTC


Is there any way to update my Lumia 532 to Windows 10 mobile in 2024?

So I recently found my old Lumia 532 with Windows Phone 8.1. I would like to update it to the highest possible Windows 10 Mobile version but with both WDRT and OTC updater it always flashes Windows Phone 8.1 and also on Lumia Firmwares the highest version I can find is 8.1. Is there a way to update to Windows 10 Mobile?

20:56 UTC


Recent purchase

Recently got this Lumia 920 the camera is amazing! However I can’t find a simple way to side load apps any help?

20:48 UTC


I present project tiles

its android with a windows phone interface and emulator

15:55 UTC


Flappy bird .xap for windows phone 8.1

Does anyone have the flappy bird .xap for windows phone 8.1? Because i've found a website but it doesn't want to install the .xap.

14:24 UTC


Trying to access photos inside of my old locked Nokia Lumia RM-975

Hello reddit!

As is stated in the title of my post, I'm trying to access photos, or really any files, from my old Nokia Lumia phone. I couldn't guess the password of it, so I decided to turn to Windows Phone Internals to see if I could access the files from my PC.

I am not very tech savvy. I do not understand anything about what this program is telling me. I downloaded the "FFU-file" and "emergency-files", as well as a different random FFU file from a different model of phone because the one I downloaded wasn't working for the 3rd part of the "unlock bootloader" process. The flash failed. Thankfully, the phone didn't seem to brick, but I'm not risking it again without asking for advice.

The best case scenario would be me accessing everything on this device, but I don't know how realistic that is.

If you want to help me, first of all, thank you. I appreciate you.

Second of all, you'll have to explain things to me like I'm a frustrated grandparent who can't open google dot com.

I'm attaching a photo of the general info that WPI gave me, so I hope that helps. Thanks for reading. Hoping for the best!


09:12 UTC


Help with wpinternals Lumia rm-825

Hello, I've been trying to unlock the bootloader and then get root access on my Lumia for the past week but I'm not able to. I've used the FFA of my phone which when I installed it showed the right is version, then I used different Ffa but nothing, then I used the (RM-1085, 059X4T0) with it's own emergency files but it doesn't work because it gives slb1 error, then i used my phones emergency files but still errors out . What donor ffu should I use then? I'm completely out of ideas.

09:04 UTC


OS Recommendation

What OS should I use on my Lumia 640, windows phone 8.1 or windows 10 mobile?

08:39 UTC


Snapchat destroyed WP

Ok just a shower thought and an unpopular opinion. If it wasn't for snapchat WP would be still here. I remember back in the time snapchat was one of the most popular apps that they refused to have a WP app. If only they did, the gap of missing apps would be insignificant as the other popular apps made their WP versions sooner or later. Sellers discouraged people buying WP because of the app gap. Thanks for reading.

20:31 UTC


What should I do when my bricked Lumia 950 does not get detected by windows, no sound, anything, but my pixel phone when plugged that phone in shows that it's plugged in and is getting charged

Here are screenshots:

17:47 UTC

14:45 UTC


I dropped my windows phone in water by fault

I think one year ago I dropped my Microsoft lumia 650 in water and it isnt working. Now I think to fix it because I loved very much this phone. Any ideas if I can fix it by my own or I need to go to service ???

06:59 UTC


Question about replacing a model's PCB with mine (possibly different model variant)

Title. I've considered 2 years ago that I'll try to recover my old data from my dead Lumia 520 after left unused (battery dead, as well as LCD; the digitizer was cracked and inputs go crazy).

My plan was to buy a "new" Lumia 520, replace its PCB with mine, and try to backup the ROM with WP Internals.

So far, I've found one online, possibly with a different model variant. Based from the little showcase vid from its store page, it seems to have a different carrier, tho the listing says "Unlocked".

Would that matter if I'm just replacing it temporarily with my old Lumia 520's PCB?

1 Comment
06:55 UTC


windows 11 bluescreen on lumia 950XL

i'm trying to install windows 11 on my 950XL but no matter what version i try, after flashing the install.wim or install.esd file i eject the device safely then reboot, but when i select the option to boot into windows, it will sit there for a bit and instead of going to the OOBE (first boot setup) it bluescreens then restarts, after restarting it will tell me it has to restart to redo the setup. i let it restart but the screen goes black, then blue screens again, then it comes up with the same error again. is there any way to fix this or will i just have to deal with windows 10 (which worked)

edit: so i managed to get it working after reflashing. the trick is to unplug the phone after ejecting it (might just be coincidence but it worked when i booted it first time not connected to a computer)

23:55 UTC


GridLauncher - open source WP inspired launcher

I've just updated my open source launcher inspired on Windows Phone to add some extra personalization options.

You can give it a try: https://github.com/Tgo1014/GridLauncher

It's just a hobby project now but any feedback is welcome!

Some images:

Home Screen

App List

20:26 UTC


Nokia Lumia 1320 in QHSUSB_DLOAD

1320 is defined as QHSUSB_DLOAD. When you try to fix the bootloader via WPI, the process of restoring/unlocking the bootloader is in progress (nothing on the phone at this moment), after which the message "Phone is booting" and an error (in the screenshot). When I try to restore via thor2, the same thing happens, as soon as the progress reaches the reboot, an error occurs. Help please, what should I do?



18:05 UTC


My Nokia Lumia 920 just came in!

16:07 UTC


HMD Skyline (Lumia remake) will allegedly launch in a few weeks

Source: https://www.notebookcheck.com/Nokia-Lumia-Neuauflage-HMD-Skyline-zeigt-sich-im-Benchmark-Leak-mit-Snapdragon-7s-Gen-2.849584.0.html

Leave it to HMD to drop the Nokia branding right when they decide to make a Lumia tribute 🙄

They also appear to have managed to fuck up the backside with an inset backplate.

I will take a good long look at this phone, as I like my Note10 with Launcher10, but hoooo boy.

14:34 UTC

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