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    Is there a windows 7 iso under 2gb?

    I need a win 7 iso for a 2 gb usb stick (actually a sd card but dont matter) also it needs to support a emmc drive.

    1 Comment
    18:50 UTC


    Documents folder Properties sometimes only has 'General' tab, missing the rest

    Windows 10 Home 22H2 19045.4046

    My Documents folder, and by that I mean specifically the System Folder you get to from the "This PC" link in File explorer, occasionally only has the General tab when I go to Properties. Every other personal folder, like Downloads, Pictures, Music, etc., has all of the tabs (example with Downloads folder). However, when I don't use the direct link from This PC and manually navigate to C:\Users\User\Documents and look at that folder's properties, it has all of the tabs.

    I have noticed it twice over the last week so far. Each time I restarted my computer and after a restart, the Documents folder from the This PC shortcut has all of its tabs restored (Sharing, Security, Location, Previous Versions, and Customize), but then after some arbitrary amount of time it will go to having just the General tab.

    Earlier this week, I was playing around with the Location settings of the Documents folder, where you can change the actual folder location for the default Documents folder (this is done in the Location tab of the Properties window). I experimented a couple of times by just changing it to a Test folder on my Desktop to see what would happen before changing the Documents location to its default C:\Users\User\Documents directory. I can't say for absolute certain that my recent issue is related to that as I wasn't exactly checking the Documents properties regularly, but it seems like it could be related. I didn't do this with the other folders (Music, Pictures, etc.) and as I stated above, i'm not noticing this issue with those folders.

    Ran DISM RestoreHealth and SFC /scannow command prompts in between the two instances of the issue being present, which don't appear to have done anything.

    I don't have any restore points from before I noticed this.

    Direct image links which are posted above:

    https://i.imgur.com/nLUCghe.png (Documents Folder properties, only has General tab)

    https://i.imgur.com/nFIT0kl.png (Downloads Folder properties by comparison, has all the tabs)

    https://i.imgur.com/vM2LmTy.png (Documents folder from C:\Users\user\Documents)

    Any help or insight would be appreciated.

    18:42 UTC


    Please help i think i screwed up.

    So, i was installing windows 7, and my monkey brain thinks its done with easybcd (since i dont have a flashdrive), so i delete the other entries i had, i forget i deleted them and started installing windows professional.

    Then, the mouse wasn't moving, the keyboard aswell, i tried to plug them out and in but didn't work, now im stuck on this screen, im gonna die.

    18:03 UTC


    I got a virus somehow

    I accidentaly downloaded a virus on my windows hp laptop. Whenever I use a search engine, I'm redirected to the search but with https://ssj4./main?q= and then what j searched. Does anyone know how to delete it? Whenever i search for solutions i get redirected to the damn site.

    EDIT/UPDATE: I gave up and resetted my pc, since nothing was detecting the virus. It was a hijacker apparently, but i just didn't know what to do anymore. If it's still on my pc after the reset i'm throwing my pc out the window. :)

    EDIT/UPDATE 2: The reset failed? Idk how to link an image but yeah. Give me ideas please!

    17:11 UTC


    Winforms VS electron VS JavaFx for tray application

    I'm currently faced with the task of choosing the right technology to develop a tray application. I've narrowed down my options to three main frameworks: WinForms, JavaFX, and Electron. However, I'm seeking guidance from fellow developers like you to help me make an informed decision.

    I'd love to hear your opinions on which framework you recommend and why, or if there are any you advise against using for this specific project. Your insights will be incredibly valuable in shaping my decision-making process. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!

    14:33 UTC


    How do I set the default for Explorer


    Why do I have to change this every time? Why does Windows assume every file is a music mp3? I tried doing a google search but I don't know what to call it. I sat threw several UT videos that were no help.


    14:26 UTC


    Samsung Windows 10 laptop sign in screen (for inputing password) not showing. PLEASE HELP.

    My father bought a second-hand Samsung laptop with a manually installed windows 10 by the seller.

    I added a password, signed in to my Microsoft account, then once again, was prompted to add another password (a PIN this time).

    Afterward, I tested the lockscreen by clicking "sleep". I turned it on but now I cannot sign in to my laptop.

    The screen only shows the "sign in" button but nothing ever happens when I click it.

    I already restarted the laptop a couple of times and tried shut down. I also tried safe mode. I looked for factory reset by following "shift + restart" then "troubleshoot" but even the reset option doesn't show up after.

    What can I do to fix this problem? Badly need your help. I don't wanna waste my father's money.

    14:18 UTC


    How to stop wireless mouse from auto sleep when idle?

    I have searched this online and cannot find anything for windows 11. Only few articles talking about power management settings vaguely. But I cannot find where in Power & Battery to find such setting. Can someone provide step by step details please?

    14:14 UTC


    My PC (Windows 10) makes things disappear


    As you can see in the video, my computer is doing weird things. It's hidding my desktop icons, that appear again after pressing Windows button and, when in Firefox or Edge, it makes the start page (and all of them) flash and, sometimes, it deletes what you are writing. When it deletes what you are writing, it also refreshes that web.

    This has happened four different times after four clean installs (everything official from Windows).

    The computer is a Teclast F7. 6gb RAM, Intel Celeron N3450 and Intel Integrated Graphics. I'm only using it fro browsing and would like to install Office for some very light Excel and Word.

    When seeing the task manager,after a Windows clean install, it states CPU is somewhere between 25% and 50% (every other process is below that) and these weird things with Edge or the desktop icons are happening, so it may not be a slowliness issue.

    13:30 UTC


    Turning real time protection on increases CPU temps by 10 degrees

    Why is this happening? What the heck is Defender doing in the background that causes this?


    12:34 UTC


    CPU 100% usage/Overheating issue

    to clarify, I am pretty casual with my PC usage. I use my PC for gaming and homework stuff and thats about it. I've been having this reoccurring issue with my CPU, its nearly always at 100% utilization, despite the fact that I usually try to keep my app/process usage to a minimal. today my windows actually crashed and brought me to my BIOS menu saying that my CPU was overheating so much 💀

    CPU at 100% utilization

    I dont know what could be causing this. I'm running a full scan on my windows defender right now to see if my quick scan missed anything (although it has an ETA of about 2 hours), because i thought something like a virus or malware would be using resources. pretty sure I'm safe but thought there's no harm in trying anyway.

    Google wasn't much help. I searched my issue and I just got the same answer over and over again, "go and clear out your task manager". I did this but it didn't change anything.

    this is starting to become more of a problem and I'm starting to worry for my PC's health 😭 help/advice would be appreciated, thank you 🙏

    11:14 UTC


    Microsoft store can't download / updates apps

    Good morning everyone, I have my PC with Windows 11 (not officially supported) which has had problems with the Microsoft Store since February 14th (it doesn't download apps or find updates). Does anyone know how to solve/is having the same problem as me? Already tried with WSRESET

    11:02 UTC


    How can I stop an old work Microsoft account from popping up on personal PC.

    My friend changed jobs but he keeps getting notifications to sign in to his (now defunct) work Microsoft account on his personal Windows 11 PC. How can he completely get rid of this old account?

    The machine is running Windows 11 and is registered to his personal Microsoft account. His work account is not listed on the Windows accounts page. He also has a personal license for Microsoft office and he removed all instances of the work account from Office. In any case even when he was using that PC for his old job he used a VPN to access the company services.

    Despite this he keeps getting a notification to log into his work account. When he clicks the notification it seems to load the windows settings-apps page and asks him to log in. Unfortunately it doesn't say what app is linked to the old company. We have tried uninstalling any possible app but it still persists?

    Is there any way of finding what is causing this notification and finally getting rid of it?

    10:55 UTC


    Does Modern Standby always kick in when the Idle Timer is reached regardless of Windows Power Settings?

    I'm trying to get a grapple on Modern Standby.

    On my laptop's Windows 11 Power & Battery settings I have "put to sleep" and "turn off display" set to never for both battery powered and plugged in.

    Doesn't matter. With some background USB file transfers going, after 10 minutes the laptop's screen turns off and the system has entered a low power state.

    If I close the lid of the laptop manually it also enters this low power state.

    This means my file transfers don't complete.

    I'm seeking to understand the triggers of Modern Standby.

    From what I understand, Modern Standby turns on when the Idle Timeout is triggered. Does it also turn on when the screen is turned off? It seems that there's no actual way to prevent Modern Standby from happening in the Windows Power Settings, right?

    The "Do Nothing" option in Power & Battery actually includes going into the low power Modern Standby state. "Do Nothing" doesn't seem to actually mean that it will continue to stay in its high powered state?

    10:45 UTC


    do everyone see this? windows search page on file explorer


    here it is folks! this is what happen if you open "search-ms:" with the windows run prompt or open it directly using file explorer. the question is, when was this page added? windows 7? windows xp? judging by the looks of this page, i assume this was added to windows xp

    09:53 UTC


    Desperate to uninstall my license, nothing is working, I'm about to give up.


    Looking for a way to deactivate/uninstall my Windows 10 Pro retail license that's linked to my Microsoft account in order to transfer it (READ post before commenting about ANYTHING ELSE).


    So I've recently upgraded the CPU and motherboard on my Windows 10 Pro PC with a retail license that has (unfortunately) been linked to my Microsoft Account. The license was originally for Windows 8 Pro, but I did the free upgrade to Windows 10, and it's been linked ever since. I've never swapped out the CPU or motherboard on this PC before, so even if it didn't have the full retail license rights due to the upgrade, there should be no problem transferring the license over, since it's the first time I'm doing this. (Is there a way to see, whether my license has unlimited transfers, and how many transfers I have left?)

    Upon installing the new hardware, I realized that the product key was still installed, but Windows 10 wasn't activated due to the hardware changes. Sadly, reinstalling Windows is not really an option for me because I have hundreds of programs and plugins installed/configured that would take years to restore to the original state (If I'm stupid and there's actually a way to reinstall Windows without losing any of the hours of registry/app/plugin/task/backup/etc configuration, please tell me about it).

    I've gone through just about every applicable method to activate windows that I found on the internet and none of them worked (Read my previous posts before you comment on alternative methods of activating Windows). Also, for whatever reason, the option to unlink the license from my account does not appear in settings either. An independent helper under some old Microsoft forum post insisted that this happens to people when their Microsoft account is corrupted, without elaborating on what that means or how to fix it (If you can, please do so).


    Luckily, I've managed to get my old hardware back up and running again and once I installed my SSD, Windows went straight back to being activated without any problems. So now, at least I know it's not gone and all I have to do is follow the proper procedure of transferring a retail license from old hardware to new hardware and all is fine, right? Except Microsoft does not specify anywhere on their website how to do that with a linked license. According to them, my retail license should just magically transfer over as soon as I connect the new PC to the internet, which it clearly doesn't.

    Now I've tried numerous console commands to deactivate windows, to no avail:

    slmgr /upk
    slmgr /cpky
    slmgr /rearm

    each show a dialog saying that it worked and that I should restart my PC, but even after restarting, nothing changes in the activation settings.

    slmgr vbx /upk

    returns error code 0x800706BA and a message saying that there was a problem connecting to server vbx and the RPC-server is not available. (Is this a me-problem or is Microsoft already starting to shut down Windows 10 activation servers as Windows 10 support is coming to an end?)


    After weeks of troubleshooting have passed, my search for other ways to unlink/deactivate my digital license or reactivate Windows without reinstalling has come to an absolute dead end. At the moment I'm currently considering running the Windows 11 (aka. Windows 10 cashgrab update) upgrade on my new ("unsupported") PC, as it'll probably be inevitable anyway (RIP Windows 10 support) and as far as I know, that should be "equivalent" to reinstalling Windows, that is to say it would reactivate my digital Windows license. However, if that doesn't work, then I'll be solely dependent on my one system backup image to reset the system back to its current state, which just doesn't sound fun at all, so I want to try getting Windows activated without doing that first. Any leads to how I may fix this issue are greatly apprechiated.

    Thank you for your time, it means a lot.

    09:39 UTC


    Tiny10 2303 x86 - Won't boot its setup on HP Compaq 6120

    Hello, I would like some advice about my problem with installing the Tiny10 OS by NTDEV on a 32bit HP Compaq 6120. The version of the OS in question is the 2303 x86 made exclusively for low-end and old computers running 32bit. Whenever i boot from usb that has been created using Rufus software, the Windows 10 logo flashes for a second a then nothing happens until I power the laptop down. Asking if It's a problem with Rufus creating the bootable media in a different format than It's supposed to be, or just the laptop itself. Also if I try to open the setup.exe on the already installed Windows XP, It's telling me that "this is not a valid 32bit application".

    Thanks. 👍

    08:51 UTC


    Is there any software to drag a window from one monitor to another while in TASK VIEW mode?

    TASK view is triggered by hitting Window key + Tab key. I would like to be able to drag the window from monitor 1 to monitor 2. It's already possible to drag the window around within the same monitor, task view is open on multiple monitors, why is it not implemented? You're 90% of the way there -.-

    1 Comment
    08:49 UTC


    PC suddenly not able to use wifi

    I've been having the issue for the past week or so. I have a Razer Blade laptop with Killer WIFI 6 chip, and recently for no apparent reason, my computer just does not want to use the wifi. If I open YouTube, ill be able to watch maybe 1 minute of a video, before it then just buffers endlessly. If I let it go for a long time (not sure exactly how long) eventually I'll be able to get maybe another 30 seconds or minute before it then starts buffering again. My PC is seeming to not use the WIFI, with sporadic moments of the WIFI working. It appears im fully connected to the internet, and when I've been able to connect to a speed test website in one of those moments that the Internet works, it shows my normal speeds. I've checked all my wifi adapters and everything seems to be working perfectly fine.

    I've reset all my network adapter settings several times and have forgotten my wifi several times. Seemingly randomly, if I reset my network adapter and reset my PC once or twice, then my internet MAY work, but only for some periods of time until everything just comes to a stop again. This is not happening to any other devices on the network, leading me to believe it's my computer causing this. I've run a full scan with Bitdefender and Malwarebytes and they've been unable to find anything.

    Any ideas??

    07:16 UTC


    anyone help me? plsss

    06:29 UTC


    Reset PC now its slower?

    Just reset my laptop, and I chose the option where every app would be deleted but I kept my files. Now my laptop is even slower than before. I am going to do SFC Scannow, but any other advice would be appreciated.

    04:56 UTC


    Encrypting after decrypting?

    I was following a video on cloning SSD data to a new one and one of the steps was to decrypt in settings. I'm on Windows 11 Home, so I don't have BitLocker but is it safe to encrypt again? My friend said not to touch it.. he warned me I might accidentally lock my computer and might need an encryption key. I have one but he said it could regenerate(?) if I try encrypting again and I might not be able to access my computer anymore.

    In settings all I did was turn off "Device encryption" and it decrypted my files for ~2ish hours. Would it take the same time to encrypt again? And do I have to worry about computer locking or anything? Or is it fine? Do I need encryption anyways? Sorry if this is really stupid. I'm just paranoid and I don't want to ruin my computer

    1 Comment
    04:49 UTC


    Need help disabling webcam AGC

    Hey guys hope yall are doin good not sure if here is the right place to post this but i don´t know where else to post,so i just bought a generic (generic in the sense that it´s a generic brand from a store here where i live they have their own brand for tecnology stuff) webcam so it doesn´t have a software and it´s also a "plug and play", the webcam has a AGC(auto gain control) and all auto related stuff but the AGC leaves so much artifacts that the quality is terrible, the webcam sometimes "bugs" and the image is clear without artifacts and it´s a pretty good quality but after sometime the AGC kicks in again, i´ve been looking for a way to turn it off but without luck i´ve managed to go to the advanced settings of the webcam with ffmpeg but its all greyed out i tried diferent softwares that recognized the webcam but they also didn´t let me touch anything, is there a way to disable it or a workaround to do so?

    1 Comment
    02:57 UTC


    windows 11 external drive backup

    Did windows 11 take away the external drive file history if so what are good alternatives?

    00:51 UTC


    I have dual monitors, is there a way to have three keyboard shortcuts two to turn off each monitor and the third to turn off both? Also I want them running with programs and all just the screen goes full black

    Need help

    1 Comment
    19:21 UTC



    I have a registry key named exactly like this. Is it safe? What is it exactly? I tried looking in program data as well for it, but couldn't seem to find an OEM folder

    15:32 UTC


    What exatly is Windows Enterprise and what I do

    Hi, I searched online about Windows Enterprise (mainly on the microsoft site), and I was wandering what way it is different. Yes it is more secure and all of that, but I am pretty scared about the "Control and Management part of apps". I say this because this pc was build by the brother of one of my friend, but I don't know him in person; then I noticed that I had windows enterprise (I was expecting the pro version). What I'm trying to say is that: could this person have access to my pc, apps, info or anything else being it a enterprise version? I hope that this is not a stupid question, but I am pretty concerned about this. Tnx in advance.

    TL:DR - my pc was build with windows enterprise, i don't know how it is useful and i have some concern about security

    14:22 UTC


    BitLocker lost it's mind. Partitions listed as BitLocker Encrypting despite it being disabled

    I just built a new Windows 11 media server. I had an existing content library which was attached to the old server via some Synology iSCSI LUNs. I built the new server (easy enough) and moved the LUNs over to the new host. Now for some reason, despite having never enabled BitLocker, it seems the drives are stuck in a permanent state waiting to have BitLocker enabled. Their partitions show "BitLocker Encrypted" in disk manager but the only option in BitLocker Drive Encryption from the control panel is to "Turn on BitLocker", which I don't want to do. All the drives show as "BitLocker Encrypting" in this menu but there's no option to disable it because it's not actually enabled.

    Is there any known way to clear these flags? I would hate to have to encrypt whole volumes only to decrypt them again. This is a colossal waste of disk I/O and wear and tear for 21TB of iSCSI LUNs.

    00:13 UTC


    Can I activate windows without an account?

    So I have a key for windows 11 pro but I’m using a local account. My question is if I can activate without creating a Microsoft account or is it recommended activating it without a ms account

    23:42 UTC

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