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Xbox Games Showcase Followed by Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Direct

18:34 UTC


r/Xboxone has moved to r/Xbox, please join us there for all your Xbox news and discussion!

r/XboxSeriesX and r/XboxOne have merged with r/Xbox to have it be your one stop shop for all Xbox content on reddit. Certain things are still in separate subs like all tech posts in r/XboxSupport , but all your news and discussions around Xbox will all be centralized in r/Xbox!

12:04 UTC


Stealth games rated T

I am looking for some good stealth games but so far all the games I have found are M. They should not be any more violent than a Monster Hunter game. So T rated or below, please. Thanks in advance!

20:32 UTC


Exclusive Xbox One and below titles not on PC?

I'm planning to get a One X but it would really be a shame to spend on a whole console just to play 2 entries of the Ninja Gaiden series. I already have a decent PC so it feels even less worth it

18:16 UTC


Join us in celebrating the new r/Xbox - community update!

An Update Past Due

The new r/Xbox

Greetings all,

We'd first like to extend a very sincere thank-you to each of you who visit and participate with us. Today we are announcing some important changes to the overall structure of these communities.

Xbox and Reddit have undergone significant changes over the years. Fifteen years ago, the only way to access Reddit was through a desktop computer and the "old" reddit interface (long may it reign). Today, the vast majority of you find your way here via mobile or app. Communities that numbered in the hundreds and thousands, now have millions of users. What was once a niche corner of the internet is now one of its leading social platforms.

Xbox itself has undergone many transformations in that time as well, not only in terms of hardware, but also in terms of its vision and scope. It has expanded beyond the console market to embrace new features such as play anywhere, cross save, cloud play, Game Pass, and with the acquisition of several major studios. These innovations have enabled many of us to enjoy the Xbox platform in ways that go beyond the traditional console experience.

r/XboxOne 2013

In addition to these changes, we've heard time and again about frustrations with how the Xbox communities on Reddit are structured. Via mod mail, comment, and even from Xbox team members directly. Many of the current mod team were users long before joining on, and we shared those frustrations.The current landscape of Xbox communities on Reddit could realistically be described as scattered and redundant. Essentially, several subreddits are serving up the same content and it no longer makes sense to divide the userbase and content in this manner. In a recent community survey shared in all major Xbox themed subreddits - we saw overwhelming and near unanimous support for some form of consolidation. The most popular (and seemingly logical) proposal, being to merge the major console hubs into r/Xbox

What you said:

"It's past the time all of these communities merge into one.

" It's unnecessary to keep them separate. Have flairs to filter which platform/generation is being discussed, if needed."

"Ideally, we would all migrate tor/xbox as the future proofed permanent sub. Unfortunately, the content on XboxSeriesX is much more engaging currently."

"Maybe more cross pollination of some type? At least between “Xbox” and the current gen’s subreddit."

"It’s a bit fragmented at the moment "

"Ideally I think they should all be combined and r/Xbox should be the main hub. Especially considering Xbox is becoming a platform that spans multiple console generations, PC, cloud, and mobile rather than just console. "

"Unification around the r/Xbox sub, using the r/XboxSeriesX rules & features (like user/post flairs), with mods from all three subs packed together. If only more web moderators had a shred of humility. "

"A combined place, too much fracturing" should become the main community. New generations of consoles will further segregate the community and there needs to be a guaranteed central hub ""Ideally, r/Xbox should probably be the hub "

"There seems to be a lot of redundancy between the three, with duplicate posts/subjects in each subreddit, unnecessarily dividing attention and discussion. I believe it'd be better to centralize most Xbox news and discussion within , making that the general subreddit."

Based on that feedback - we invite you to join us in a new direction for Xbox themed communities on Reddit.

Bringing the community of Xbox gamers on reddit closer together!

"So, what's happening?"

  • r/XboxOne will be sunset and archived.
  • r/XboxSeriesX will be sunset and archived.
  • r/Xbox will serve as the new central hub for these communities and userbases.
  • r/XboxSupport will remain a place to find assistance with technical Xbox platform issues.
  • r/XboxGamePass will continue to serve users interested only in the subscription service.

Bigger & Better

Benefits of Consolidating:

  • Bigger and more frequent giveaways - starting with the game showcase next month where we will have FIVE full years of Game Pass Ultimate to help celebrate!
  • More industry participation from developers, media, and official Xbox sources!
  • Single source with less reposts and redundant content.
  • Larger fanbase for more active conversation.
  • More in line with the current Xbox platform strategy.

"What about the legacy content?"

A major concern with this change from both users and mod team members was the preservation of the history of the legacy subs. This resulted in the creation of the historical posts archive page in the community Wiki. There you will find a listing of past significant posts, and the conversations held in real time within. Preserving the history of these communities through the historical post archive. In the wiki you will also find archives for all past AMA posts, and community Game of the Year winners dating back to 2014!

Historical Post archive

More to come...

There is a lot going on behind the scenes to make this a smooth transition for regular users, and we will be active and available to handle questions, concerns, and suggestions. We couldn't be more excited to address an issue that has been raised time and again, and we hope you'll agree and join us in turning the page on a new chapter for both Xbox, and these communities!Cheers,Xbox Community Moderators


Why is this happening now?

Work actually began on this about a year ago - a great deal of time and care has gone into creating and easy transition for all involved. A universal subreddit is more in step with the current direction of the platform.

What do I as a user need to do?

Almost nothing! If you currently visit via r/xboxone  or r/xboxseriesx - you will be met with a redirect to r/xbox  where you will find the same Xbox news and content you expect today.

What if I don't want to see a particular type of content?

 r/Xbox now has a robust flair system to help sort submissions. Simply click the flair you're interested in ('news' for example), and you will only be shown submissions of that type.

What will the ruleset and culture look like on the 'new' ?

The changes to  are already largely in place. You will find a new rule set more in line with other major console communities with a focus on posts of wide appeal. A new post flair system has been implemented to help users better sort and filter content, backend changes to autmod and other features have been updated, and the largely vacant mod team has been removed in favor of a more active and involved team members.

What about console specific content?

The xbox platform has very clearly evolved beyond any single piece of hardware. Many of us are playing the same game on PC, cloud, and console, and  will be representative of that. Post flairs are required and will help to sort or filter content that is relevant to you!

Will there be a need for new mod team members?

Absolutely, and it is a goal to find more community representation from those of you who visit and contribute regularly. You are the lifeblood of these communities and are key to the future and overall health of each subreddit. Watch for details on open applications in the coming weeks!

Why a separate sub for tech and support?

This issue has now been polled multiple times in multiple communities, and the results have always been the same - the vast majority of you find tech and support posts of limited interest outside of widespread or urgent issues (for example core services being down). A dedicated subreddit allows for better archiving of past issues, and keeps the main community free from the clutter of often repeated technical issues. The goal here isn't to hide issues, but to better focus them. it's a unique approach, and one we hope you will find a beneficial one if you come to reddit for help.

What about PC, Cloud, & Mobile Content?

r/Xbox  will serve as a central hub for all Xbox platform discussion. As more gamers take advantage of features like Gamepass PC and play anywhere, it no longer makes sense to segregate these conversations. A post flair system has been established to help you better sort content.

17:00 UTC


Portable monitor for Xbox ONE S?

Ive seen portable monitors that go on the xbox series S like the depgi monitors, is there some for the one S?

15:15 UTC


games similar to nintendogs?

when i was little i played nintendogs all the time, i recently saw a tiktok that reminded how much i miss the game. is there a game i could download on my xbox that is similar to it? thanks:)

21:27 UTC


Xbox Enforcement: Second Party Notification Report

typically when I report people for acting out of pocket and being toxic I would regularly get a notification from Xbox saying "we've have taken action" whether it was 5 hours later or 24 hours later

but recently this past month I noticed I haven't been getting those notifications that "we've taken action"

Has anyone else noticed or experienced this.?

I tried to Googlfu what was happening, but interesting enough the first thing that popped up said this

"We can't disclose any info about an action that's taken against another player. This doesn't mean that we don't take the report that you filed seriously -we do. Our privacy policies don't allow us to share info about someone"

Which doesn't make sense in my case because over the past few month I was literally getting notifications that they were taking action on reports that I had made

I'm just curious as to why I'm not getting these reports anymore, it gave me the closure and reassurance that they actually cared and were taking toxic behavior and sportsmanship seriously

So again Has anyone else noticed or experienced this.? I'm so confused🤔

18:07 UTC


After 6 years of playing the funny number has finally arrived. Very Nice.

18:04 UTC


Price Reductions Available Now on the Digital Xbox 360 Store – Closing July 29, 2024

Xbox 360 launched 18 years ago and was a generation-defining console that invited many people to jump into gaming for the first time and connect with friends around the world.To celebrate the legacy of Xbox 360, we’re working with our amazing publishing partners to bring you as many price reductions from our online store or from the Xbox 360 Store on the console. We’ll be updating this list with more games on June 18, 2024, and on July 16, 2024, bringing you as many repriced games as possible before the end of July. These price reductions will remain in place for each game through the 360 store closing on July 29, 2024.

17:17 UTC


Best Multiplayer Game

Hello everyone, I’m looking for another multiplayer game like Dead By Daylight, Overwatch, Apex Legends or Smite. I like to casually game and tend to do so with friends so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

15:58 UTC


I got 5$ what games do you suggest?

I really loved Rdr2, Sekiro, Steep, Swat4, Metal gear rising.

14:56 UTC


Midnight Club Los Angeles Rate my ride Achievements restoration

Do you think there is any chance we make a petition to Rockstar Games to bring back the rate my ride so we can do the two unobtainable achievements? I really want to 100 percent complete all rockstar games on my 360 and it is the only one I can complete..

12:22 UTC


Far Cry and AC alternatives


Looking for some new games. Recently I dont really have fun gaming anymore. The only games i truly enjoy are Far Cry games and the Assassins Creed series. Oh, and I really like the Tomb Raider games. Played them all, replayed some. I'm ready to move forward.

Here are some games i've tried but didn't grab me;

  • Doom
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (too slow)
  • Resident Evil 2 remake
  • The Witcher 3
  • Mad Max

I'm on xbox Series S. Not bound to Gamepass.

Let me know :)

Thanks in advance!

11:30 UTC


My recent Forza purchases

I found the most recent forza games(5 and reboot),not as enjoyable as the previous ones,so i went on a purchase spree before the prices might go up.Paid less than 20£ for all 3 of them.

11:26 UTC


I turned to Doom's Snapmap Mode for comfort...

10:34 UTC


Is Sunset Overdrive good?

It's on sale for a good price now, is it good? Is the story good? And does it have split screen?

08:41 UTC


Which version to buy?

Hi all, - I already own a new gen console- I had a Xbox360 and its not functional anymore. And i think about to replace it with a new one since the main purpose is that i want to play kinect and guitar hero since i have the gear for it in/ for X360. Is it also compatible with XboxOne? In that case which version would recommend? Thanks in advance!

06:39 UTC


Game Rec's


I'm looking for single-player game recommendations for people who aren't too game-savvy. I've only ever played Skyrim and really enjoyed it, so I'm not sure where to go from here, but I want to start plaing more games. Thank you!

22:29 UTC


Must have exclusive titles for the Xbox One

I ordered a used Xbox One X a couple of days ago. Primarily to play most big titles out of the Xbox universe I missed in my life.

I want to know what you think are the must have Xbox One exclusive titles. I'm already aware of the Halo Master Chief Collection, Rare Replay, Sunset Overdrive, Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. You can also mention Games which are only available on an Xbox console or on Windows since I'm not much of a PC gamer

17:51 UTC


What’s your favorite game to hop on and play for an hour or two?

When you don’t have a lot of time each week (kids, work, chores, etc), what’s a good game that doesn’t require too much of a time investment (no games where you have to grind, or do a lot of character tweaking, or you forget where you were if you haven’t played for a while).

Games you can just jump in and have some fun real quick.


  • online shooters (although not playing consistently could make you rusty)

  • sports games

But please don’t take my examples as the template for the only suggestions I’m interested in. I want to hear them all!

17:26 UTC


What's the best open world game on game pass

I'm bored I need to know

16:39 UTC


What’s a good gift to get my roommate?

His birthday is tomorrow and he is not expecting anything as we are not very gifty (for example I like to kinda ignore my birthday and just have the day to myself).

He loves playing Xbox and usually logs at least an hour or 2 after work everyday. He plays mostly sports games and battlefield.

What are a couple ideas for things I could get for him to boost his gaming fun.

I am not really a gamer so I am thinking along the lines of a nice headset, but he doesn’t really use the chat features when he plays. Any other ideas that anyone has would be welcomed. He has a nice chair, TV, console & controller. But not much in the world of accessories.

14:24 UTC


Does Season Pass for Fallout 4 ever goes on sale?

How much was it in sale the lowest if anyone knows?

11:44 UTC


Fallout DLC

I just read that all DLC for Fallout 4 GOTY are not on the disk but it is a code so very likely if you buy a used disk GOTY edition you won’t get DLC because someone already used that code in the past before you.

Anyone knows if this is the also the case for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas? Do they have DLC as a code or is it in the disk?

10:39 UTC


Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012 on Xbox 360 overstimulation at its finest

10:12 UTC


Killing Floor 2 is currently 95% off

The game is currently 95% (USD2.99) off for the next 2 days. What will I be missing out on if I miss this deal?

06:32 UTC

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