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Subverting traditional hierarchical systems in favor of a more resilient, innovative, networked, transparent and sustainable world.

Radical Decentralization - The Nature of the Future

Welcome to /r/Rad_Decentralization

This subreddit is dedicated to exploring the new Decentralization Revolution and how it's emerging through technology, politics, society and life.

Decentralized technologies are being developed in almost every industry and market worldwide, in both physical and digital forms. Collectively, these technologies have the potential to cause a "radical" shift from the status quo, hence the name: Radical Decentralization.

We welcome anything that has to do with subverting traditional hierarchical systems in favor of a more resilient, innovative, networked, transparent and sustainable future.



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We are privileged to be living in the midst of the greatest transformation in the history of mankind. After muddling through the controlled and structured television era, we have each gained a planetary voice and now have undreamed knowledge and resources at our fingertips.

Only twenty years ago all important media were one-way mass media: TV, radio, newspapers and magazines—giant corporations pushing their agendas to the masses.

All communication flowed down from the top of the pyramid, it was nearly impossible to have your voice heard. We were passive receivers of whatever they wanted to push on us.

In the blink of an eye, all that has changed. Information and communication have gone free. The Internet has allowed a complete rewiring of mankind. Cell phones have fully penetrated the developing world. In a couple more years, virtually everyone over the age of 10 on the entire planet will soon have the full power of the Internet in the palm of their hands.

This amounts to a massive decentralization of power, shifting away from the old hierarchical systems, like governments and large corporations, to individuals and small groups.

And the changes aren't stopping with the internet and communications.

We can see other changes emerging all around us: in agriculture, energy, politics, education, and everything in between.

Few have realized the massive personal empowerment now taking place. Technology is enabling us to have more control over our own lives than ever before, and it's getting easier to peacefully opt-out or outwit present circumstances.

Never before, in the history of the world, have so many people had the tools or ability to become so empowered. This truly is an exciting time in history.

By peacefully subverting established systems, decentralization promises to be the next big evolutionary leap for humanity and the revolution that will define the 21st century.

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Four years ago TechDirt founder Mike Masnick released his essay Protocols, Not Platforms — A Technological Approach to Free Speech outlining the need for decentralization.

3 important takeaways that are even more relevant today:

  1. Big tech platforms centralize control over data and influence.

  2. The general perception of the internet and social media has transitioned from being largely positive to increasingly negative.

  3. Protocols can redistribute power, boost competition, and enhance user control.

A great recent interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-xxIJC8wJA&t

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Moera node & client 0.14.0

Moera is a decentralized social network based on the original idea of the Web: every user, group or project has their own node that hosts all their data. Nodes use open protocols to interact with one another and with clients. If you want to read more about Moera, there is a comprehensive design overview and differences between Moera and other decentralized social networks.

Moera node & client 0.14.0 release includes link previews, access controls, friends, bans, new settings, plugins and translation to different languages. Read more at https://blog.moera.org/moera/post/acd6001e-ecb8-41aa-86e9-4f32c54da128

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An Infrastructure Agenda for Rural Eco-Socialism Part 1 by The Last Farm

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conference talk: Ahau - decentralized indigenous archiving

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