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Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank.

Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank.

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Any halving parties in Los Angeles?

Just figured out I'll be in LA for the halving, are there any parties going on in LA/Santa Monica?

Any other halving parties around the world that want to chime in for the vibes?

21:07 UTC


Mining question (research site)

What sites or books or blogs provide a fundamental understanding how Bitcoin mining is done and what the exact difference is between a normal PC doing it vs Asic miners.

I'd also like to know the formulas to calculate time it would take to mine a block solo.

And what does prime numbers have to do with Bitcoin if at all?

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20:45 UTC


Bitcoin derivatives

I can buy bitcoin through my online broker, CMC. I believe I wouldn’t actually be holding BTC though in the same way as buying BTC etf’s.

If I have no intention of using BTC as a currency, I’m holding purely for capital gains purposes then does anyone see a problem with this?

Would you still choose to hold actual BTC?

20:01 UTC


Australians laugh after banks won't give customers their money

18:16 UTC


How does a company get on the Bitcoin standard?

Bitcoins price seems to fluctuate. We've seen it between 60ish-ATH the last few weeks. How does a company adopt the Bitcoin standard without going broke. Bills need to get paid. If we're sitting on cash that needs to go to someone obviously if the money goes up you're not worried. But what happens when it drops 10k? How do businesses whether the storm? Obviously if they are holding and the price goes up it makes it easier to whether the storm. But what about getting off zero with little to no capital to invest, but they can start taking payments in bitcoin?

18:03 UTC


Bitcoin and the Evolution of Digital Wealth

17:57 UTC


The choice is yours.


You have a choice.

Option A: storing your money, time, and energy in a currency that is *mandated* to lose value every year via inflation.

Option B: storing your money, time, and energy in a currency that *mathematically guarantees* your money, time, and energy will never be stolen from you.

Let's make sure you make the right choice.

Here is what happens with Option A:

(spoiler alert: Option A is the U.S. Dollar and all other political currencies)

In 2023, you worked 40 hours a week and made $100,000 for the year.

You saved all $100,000 and kept it in the USD.

At 2% annual inflation (the mandated rate by the Federal Reserve), your money becomes worth $98,000 next year.

After 35 years, that original $100,000 is worth $50,000.

Inflation and the USD just said that you only worked 20 hours a week in 2023.

But you didn’t. You worked 40 hours.

Nope. Inflation says you only worked 20 hours.

The U.S. Dollar stole 1,040 hours of your time.

The U.S. Dollar stole 43 days of your work.

The U.S. Dollar stole $50,000 of your work’s value.

And that's at 2% inflation. Reality is much worse. And that's in the United States, what about countries with 40% inflation rates?


You did nothing to deserve this other than existing in a monetary system where this is a reality.

The U.S. Dollar steals from its earners and holders *every* year.

Option B is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a monetary system that runs purely on code that cannot be changed by anyone, is rooted in the laws of physics and math, and is protected by a computer network that does 600 quintillion calculations per second.


Per second.

That's the choice you are facing. Putting your money in a system that is constantly manipulated by humans and inflated away, robbing you of your time and energy, or putting your money in a system that can *never* be manipulated by humans and is secured by the largest computer network human civilization has ever seen.

Nobody can ever create new bitcoins, it was designed that way. This means your time, energy, and money can never be inflated and stolen from you.

Your time, energy, and money will always be protected from power-hungry and greedy bankers, politicians, and governments when you store your money in Bitcoin.

Throw that understanding together and then ask yourself this:

Would you rather store your money and have it go down in purchasing power every year, or would you rather store your money and have it go up in purchasing power every year?


17:23 UTC


JUST IN: Kraken releases new Bitcoin commercial leading up to the halving

17:22 UTC


JUST IN: Coinbase releases new Bitcoin halving commercial

17:21 UTC


New Whales Accumulating FAST!

When you sell, this is who you are selling to… The modern whale - big money. Open your eyes. They know what’s coming.

16:24 UTC


Im so confused pls help me with this situation.

So this is the second time i buy some crypto, and try to withdraw to a cold wallet, and im totaly confused about what happenning. When i withdraw first time i register my wallett in the exchange as a safe withdraw wallet, lets call it adress A. When i try to withdraw to my cold wallet, i set up my cold wallett application to show a reciewer address, but its a totaly different adress than address A. Lets call this address as address B. If i check tha balance of adress A, i see the balance i withdraw on the past, to address A. But Address B have a zero Balance. When im in the app of the cold wallet, i chose the only available wallett to show the adress for withdraw. I see here the identical balance of address A, but the address the app show is address B.

I check the balances on blockchain.com.

Im just confused what happening here.

(don't send pm-s i dont read them because of security purposes)

15:24 UTC


How to transfer over 1.5 BTC?

Sorry for bad spacing i am in mobile.

Recently my driving instructor talked to me about investments and he said he made a huge mistake a few years ago. I dont know what he did but he showed me his account and it had 1.7 BTC equivalent to over 100k in EUR. I asked him why he does not do anything with it. He said “its stuck and i keep getting calls of scammers, i dont trust them at all”. He clearly does not care. I asked him, why not try to make a new bitcoin account and transfer a small sum on to the new one to see if you could withdraw the money. He said “I dont trust these bitcoin websites at all, there is no one to trust.” I honestly feel bad for him but anyway to show him that he can withdraw the money to his account without me having acces to a single penny? I have about .7 mbtc my self in an electrum wallet. Worth about 40 bucks. Maybe i can show him an example?

Long story short.

Man i know has over 100k in btc. Does not know how to withdraw it and barely trusts anyone with it. Nor does he trust any exchange websites. I want to show him how to withdraw it without me having acces to any of his funds.

14:16 UTC


I've been looking at buying land for many years

My only goal in this life is to become the steward of a quiet homestead in the mountains. Before Bitcoin, I used to look at the prices for land and get depressed. Every year, I would wonder how I was supposed to save an ever increasing amount of fiat with a rapidly depreciating buying power. I'm not going to be receiving any type of inheritance, and with 2 chronic disabilities, I am not able to just work more/ harder. My partner works and makes a decent salary, but each year our taxes, insurance, and grocery bills go up and our buying power goes down.

Since I've found Bitcoin, I no longer worry that my goal of owning a few dozen (or more) acres of land in the mountains is impossible. I don't care about the day-to-day or month-to-month fluctuations in prices (although I'm always happy to acquire more on sale). I have a goal 5 to 10 years in the future and Bitcoin is my savings account. And for the first time in my life, I am 100% we are going to get there, regardless of how expensive things become in fiat.

It doesn't bother me when people call BTC a scam or fundamentally misunderstand what it is. I just laugh when people say it's used primarily for criminal activity (yes, a public ledger is the best place to do illegal activities...) I don't bother trying to explain to others why Bitcoin is better than fiat or gold or stocks. Other peoples opinions of me (or BTC) are none of my concern. I just keep quiet and stack sats. I've done my research, read several books, dozens of articles, and learned more about the monetary system and government than most people I know. And now, I wait.

I know fiat is going to continue to be devalued. I know we are adding $1 trillion of debt every 100 days. I know the system will eventually collapse. And, because of Bitcoin, I have no fear. I feel so much gratitude towards the creators and BTC itself.

I hope you all achieve your goals, financial and otherwise,and feel confident knowing you are one of the early adopters of a new financial paradigm.

Happy Halving Week!

14:16 UTC


Different bitcoin address classes in a wallet.

Hey quick question. Can a crypto wallet hold more than one type of BTC address? As in a bc1…, 1… and a 3… in the same wallet? Would that be an issue when it comes to change addresses? Or does the change auto default to bc1?

Thanks in advance.

13:51 UTC


"Wake Up from the Matrix once and for all!" 🛌💥

Bitcoin (BTC) keeps surprising! 🚀 Renewing its yearly high, BTC is advancing for the fifth consecutive day, driven by inflows into US ETFs and the proximity of the halving event. 📈💰

The new US BTC spot ETFs have already accumulated over 300 thousand units of the crypto (around $17 billion), according to K33 Research data. 💼💡

Short-term volatility remains a constant, providing opportunities for quick profit but also presenting risks.

💨 It's crucial to understand and be prepared for these fluctuations.

But look to the horizon: long-term volatility tends to stabilize, making Bitcoin a reliable store of value and a smart choice for the future! 🌟

Follow u/bitcoin100treta if you want to evolve...


13:46 UTC


Fake coiners?

Have any of you had any experiences with a fake coiner, someone who claims to have bitcoin but actually doesn’t.

So at my workplace during the bear market I was getting memed by my co workers for having bitcoin, well now nobody wants to say anything about bitcoin except one guy.

We used to work the same shift so we know eachother quite well and I can recount numerous times that he said bitcoin is stupid or that I’m an idiot.

The other day he sent me a screenshot of his portfolio and he was claiming to have 150k in bitcoin, I first noticed it was a virtual portfolio and not a screenshot of his address or exchange which I thought was kinda weird.

On Saturday night (April 13th) when I was coming in for my nightshift and he was leaving for the day he had seen me and in a room full of a bunch of others he said my 150k is now 180k. The same day we just had the biggest correction in recent times. I didn’t respond I just nodded my head. This guy has been known to lie about all kinds of stuff.

Just thought this was very weird and wanted to share, remember stay humble and stack sats(for real tho)

Edit: idk how someone can be this stupid, it blows my mind.

13:41 UTC


Observation from a Tax Preparer

It's April 15 and the end of my first year doing taxes. I did about 120 returns for HR Block. I have to ask everyone that IRS question " did you sell bitcoin ". About 80% of answers was a disgusted laugh " I don't believe in that stuff" . The other 20% basically had never heard of bitcoin. I had one guy who dabbled with 50$ and sold after 2 months. My point is that we are still early.

13:39 UTC


Can someone please tell me how much btc is enough to retire in Third world country for 1 family

Pretty much the title. I would say 5 But i don't know what I'm talking about mate

13:31 UTC


Check out this impressive electronic billboard ad in Hong Kong promoting a major Bitcoin ETF.

13:28 UTC


Coldcard Q Bitcoin Wallet Tutorial Video - Air Gapped QR Device for Mobile and Desktop

13:28 UTC


The demand for Hong Kong Bitcoin ETF may be real. Google Trends show the term "bitcoin ETF" trending the most in Hong Kong when compared worldwide.

13:18 UTC


Seedsigner doesn’t recognize an address from a seed created in Bluewallet.

Basically I’m trying to send BTC from one adress created from a Bluewallet seed to the one I entered in Seedsigner (created in Bluewallet as well )

I’m iniciating the transaction in my watch-only in Bluewallet and using Seedsigner just to sign the transaction.

Seedsigner doesn’t recognize the Sending address , there’s this question mark that appears next to the seed id.

I cannot sign the transaction

I had to put the seed in Bluewallet to send it . Don’t want to do that anymore !

Ever happened to you ?

I appreciate any kind of help

Thanks a lot

13:06 UTC

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