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True ETH circulation

How much ETH is owned by active or recently active (past 12 months) wallets over the course of a month? I understand that there is about $120m ETH but how much of that is lost?

17:57 UTC


Flowery vs Wordcel vs Reality Language with Crypto Policy Makers

There are basically three different strategies here, and obviously the first one is the one policy makers want to hear, or at least a heavily dumbed down one. Uniswap suggested using an analogy of tractors and regulated plows.

I think there is an immense potential for abuse here with word games, so I'm going to spell it out in Reality terms

You either support the United States using it's power over the OECD and Ofac to force pretty much every other country in the world but Russia and China (ask me why they can't to those), to do some type of mandatory KYC and geoblocking and criminal and civil penalty to those who deploy and maintain smart contracts, either through frontend middleware or directly embedded zksnark KYC or embedded whitelisting into smart contracts

or you do not

Your position on this being premised that the US does not have the authority to pressure this through treaties, extradition, and sanctions, is untrue, it is incorrect, it is false. The United States does have the power to do it and


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16:57 UTC


Demo of emulating EVM/Solidity contracts on any CosmWasm chain. Part 1: EVM bytecode transpiler.

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12:38 UTC


Use retirement funds (IRA) for solo staking

For any Americans who may want to use their retirement funds for solo staking, I just published an article showing my process. Hope it helps someone out there that may be considering doing the same: https://www.yamlike.com/archive/fund-solo-ethereum-validator-node-with-ira

02:42 UTC


Modular smart contract building: Does it make sense?


since the UX ist one of the biggest problems in the web3 landscape, is it realistically possible to build a platform that allows you to buid smart contracts by using several moduls (like a puzzle) ? A puzzle could contain "payment", then you connect it with another block/puzzle that defines the kind of payment (in rates or at once) and so on, until you created a contract with your desired conditions/attributes without coding. What do you think about that? What are the biggest problems holding that idea?

22:43 UTC


Why is this community so technical?

Might be unpopular opinion and I will be probably downvoted into oblivion, but I was wondering if I’m the only one who is bored about the topics discussed in this community vs for example r/bitcoin

I think majority of people on Reddit in crypto threads have some kind of investment and are interested to discuss these topics (future application, trends, market etc). That’s exactly why I like following r/bitcoin

And would love the same for ETH discussion. But every thread here is about technicalities which only a small group of people might understand. Where do we discuss market dynamics and future of ETH if not in r/ethereum?

Just curious. I’m not hating.

Edit: wow, was not aware how much hate this community had. Sorry I asked…

16:29 UTC


Is there a tool where I can move all my on-chain assets to other wallet in on click?

Ex. If someone knows my private keys and I need to move all the assets - NFTs, coins/tokens to another wallet with just a few clicks and one bulk transaction, do you know of any such tool?

*one - title

08:24 UTC


Looking to connect with blockchain people

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working with blockchain development for the past 2.5 years. I’m currently working at a DeFi startup. In my free time I like to explore zero knowledge proofs and build something on it. I recently built an E2EE private messaging protocol on chain using ZK-SNARKS. I’m currently working on decentralised identity on chain.

I’m looking to connect with like minded devs and exchange ideas. Hmu if you’re down.

My interests: Web3, Quantum Computing, AI and climate tech

04:00 UTC


Decentralized coin swap options? Non kyc.

Looking specifically for an ETH to BTC pair with no kyc and low fees if possible.

This exists already right?

03:03 UTC


Question on security

Is it truly safe to leave your money on L2? And is it just as safe as leaving your money on eth L1? If so, why?

21:10 UTC


Optimism drop into my Coinbase Wallet app Possible scam?


I had dabbled in crypto a while ago and used the Coinbase Wallet app along with the Coinbase website and would sell ETH to take out the cash. I stopped using it over a year ago and recently logged in to see that OP has been dropped into my wallet.

Were there any known scams out there like this? I searched in different reddit subs for any posts and did a quick google search but nothing really came up. Google did say there had been a wave of scams but not sure if it was the same thing.

If I try to send the OP to my Coinbase it says I don't have enough ETH but does not show any gas fees.

Not really sure how to proceed with it and if I can even cash out this token.

Any help/insight would be much appreciated!


Edit/Add: I checked etherscan and it shows the transfer so it must be legit, from their recent airdrop.

11:53 UTC


Sent ETH to ETC!!!!

So as stupid as it sounds, I accidentally sent Ethereum from Stake.US to my ETC wallet on robinhood. I didn’t realize the mistake until 5 hours passed and it still didn’t deposit. I have the Transaction Hash and all the information about the transactions, but Robinhood support is saying the funds are just gone and I can never get them back. So I basically just lost $3000. And Stake.US is saying they have no solution either. Does anybody have a solution in any way possible to recover the funds? I would greatly appreciate it.

08:02 UTC


Looking for recommendations about streamers!

I'm an avid gamer with a deep passion for MMORPGs.

I'm looking for web3 gaming streamers who truly love their games, have a solid knowledge of the industry, and bring value to their viewers.

I'm not fond of streamers who rely on cursing and goofing around or typical NPC content.

Instead, I'm attracted to those who delve into the games, exploring every nook and cranny, discovering easter eggs and richly engaging with the gameplay.

I'd love to hear your recommendations for streamers who fit into this mix.

Where have you found the most value? Thanks in advance!

14:52 UTC


EIP-7517 : Giving Consent to AI Data Mining on Blockchain

11:26 UTC


why is bridged ETH from different bridges (orbiter, zksyncbridge) interchangeable?

Is it all wETH, but how? Isn't the bridge just a contract giving you custom token for eth on mainnet? Also, is it inter-changeable for EVMnets like polygon or only for roll-ups?

06:30 UTC


Frequently Asked Questions + Weekly Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Weekly Discussion. Please read the disclaimer, guidelines, and rules before participating.


  • All sub rules apply in this thread.
  • Discussion topics must be related to Ethereum.
  • Behave with civility and politeness. Do not use offensive, racist or homophobic language.
  • Comments will be sorted by newest first.

Useful Links:


/r/ethereum is a community for discussing the technology, news, applications and community of Ethereum. Discussion of the Ether price or trading is not allowed. Please keep those discussions to /r/ethfinance and /r/ethstaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the best place to buy ETH?

There are many centralized exchanges that support Ethereum. If you live in the US, the most popular exchanges are Coinbase, Gemeni and Kraken. Coinbase users can use Coinbase Pro for lower fees.

How can I stake my ETH?

The best way to stake your ETH: by running your own validator.

  • Running your own validator requires a modern computer and 32 ETH. Visit /r/ethstaker for more details

Why are Ethereum transaction fees so high?

Like most blockchains, Ethereum fees are determined by supply-and-demand. The large demand to use Ethereum has pushed transaction fees quite high (however, fees were just a few cents only 2 years ago). Fees are especially high during market volatility, and during NFT drops.

What is being done to lower Ethereum transaction fees?

Ethereum fees are reduced by using layer-2 rollups. Rollups are scaling solutions that allow for significantly cheaper transactions, while still maintaining Ethereum's security.

Additionally, data shards will make rollups even cheaper.

While rollups are cutting-edge technology being actively developed, a number are already live on Ethereum mainnet. Visit l2beat.com to learn more about rollups.

What's the best wallet for Ethereum?

The most popular tool for using decentralized applications is Metamask. However, for security reasons, we recommend using a hardware wallet such as a Trezor or Ledger.

Are there questions you'd like to see added? Leave a comment below.

06:01 UTC


🦏 Rhino Review - Ethereum Staking Journal #15 is out!

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19:07 UTC


How does restaking affect alt-L1 coins?

ETH is the token with the most amount staked of any blockchain. Restaking, introduced by Eigenlayer, is the idea of using staked ETH for more than just validating blocks on Ethereum. It can be used to validate information on oracle networks, l2s, and potentially alternative l1s.

L1 tokens are also used to validate blocks on their respective network, but they have significantly less staked than ETH on Ethereum. If ETH is used instead for validation on these networks, how does that affect the demand for L1 tokens? Surely there are still some use cases for these tokens, such as governance.

15:58 UTC

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