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Need insulated water bottle recommendations

I currently own a water bottle that i bought some time ago from a random store.

However cleaning it has always been a hassle and I finally have an excuse to replace it because I dropped it and dented the base now it wont stand up.

My main issue with it is removal and cleaning of the rubber ring in the lid. It has the little middle area raised making it really difficult to reach and remove the lid.

https://imgur.com/S0BNjT3 the green/brown color on the ring is a stain i recently cleaned and scrubbed it with soap and it just doesnt get removed. I clean it once every 2-3 days I only ever put cold water in it.

So I am looking for recommendations for an insulated water bottle around 500ml-750ml capacity with an easy to clean rubber ring/lid I do own water bottle brushes so cleaning inside the bottle itself is no issue. Would prefer a simple twist cap without straw as it would be placed horizontally in my sportsbag.

Edit: For anyone that might come across this post in the future.

I ultimately went with u/face4590's Klean Kanteen's water bottle. Their cap design is very accessible and easy to clean which was my main gripe with alot of water bottle designs.

Another great find are these Takeya Actives. The cap rubber rings have tabs on both the main cap and the sippy lid to make them easy to remove and clean. But I preferred the simple twist cap of the Klean Kanteens.

07:24 UTC


Which one do you think is worth it?

For side/back sleepers

01:47 UTC


Looking for a good undershirt whose neckline will not sag

I am a 3x in American sizes, and, to put it frankly, I sweat like a racehorse, even when the AC is blasting. As such, I have to wash my clothing quite frequently, I only get one use in between each wash. Anyways, I have tried many different white, u-neck t-shirts, and even the best I have found will have sagging, unkempt looking necklines within a month at best. Any suggestions are much appreciated!!

01:39 UTC


Looking for a printer with duplex printing, document feeder, and wifi

I need a multi-function printer with duplex printing, document feeder, and wifi. It should be easy to set it up to scan directly to a folder on my desktop. Should be able to use it out of the box without a subscription or general hassle.

I don't really care about color, and I've heard that laser is better than inkjet in that case. I don't plan to print very often, I'll use it more for scanning documents, but some occasional printing.

I've heard good things about Brother, but not exclusively good things, so I'm willing to look at other options too. Their website is startlingly bad, but the Brother DCP-L2550DW looks like it might suit my needs at a reasonable price.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

01:27 UTC


Quality minimalist bed frames?

I’m in the market for a minimalist queen bed frame on the market, no head board or footboard, that will stand up for the next 10 years, every single design I’ve seen around either breaks the bank, or has problems with bent pieces or missing bolts. I finally grabbed one I thought was going to be okay, and the design had weight resting alone on bolts. Anyone have success with bed frames that fit this style? I’d love to know brands you trust.

00:39 UTC


BIFL lightweight garden hose?

Know I’m asking for an oxymoron but with hand arthritis a rubber hose that is BIFL is painful to maneuver. Looking for the next best option.

Also in the market for a quality long arm spray nozzle with a dial (the kind with a ball valve). Ideally not terribly heavy which unfortunately means there will be plastic involved. But there are grades of plastic….

23:38 UTC


Leather sectional $8k - $13k budget. Room and board Metro? Recommendations?

Hi I'm looking to buy a leather sectional. Room and board metro deep with vento leather is $13,100. It's 125x125. This seems to be one of their most expensive leathers (full aniline). Should I pull the trigger or buy something else? Does anyone have any experience with room and board leather sectionals? Or for that price, what other sectional brands should I be looking at? Thanks!

23:18 UTC


Buy it for life pet bowls?

I know this sounds dumb but i had a very cute yellow jonathan adler pet bowl for my cat with a rubber base. Unfortunately it fell off the counter and the ceramic broke. Couldn't find the same one online to replace it.

My dog has those metal bowls but over time the rubber underneath basically disintegrated and now when he eats it moves around.

Was wondering if anyone has BIFL pet bowls that are still in decent shape after years of wear.

22:10 UTC


BIFL Travel OR Nurse Edition

I'm an OR nurse but I have also worked as an ER nurse over the years. I wear a little leather fanny pack which contains a few tools which I consider essential to my daily tasks. Most of these seem to be leaning towards "buy it for life". I recently discovered this wonderfully valuable sub so I thought I'd share the items that are really valuable to me as an 8 year travel nurse.

Portland Leather Zip Tight Belt Bag - I bought this last Fall for around $50 on sale. Made in Mexico but surprisingly well made from quality materials and it is really holding up. It would fit just about anyone. It holds up my scrub pants. It is super comfortable and just the right size.

Leatherman Raptor Shears - I bought these in 2013 for $95. They now make a sleeker cheaper version which I haven't tried. I love these. They have literally saved lives. They have built in ring cutters, a glass breaker, an O2 tank wrench, etc. They cut through literally anything. I use them no less than a dozen times per day. They come with a holster but I just fold mine and keep them in my fanny pack. These have even been through the autoclave several times. I could not do what I do without them. Surgeons, nurses, etc. are constantly trying to steal them and then they end up buying a pair of their own.

Streamlight 66608 MicroStream 250-Lumen EDC Ultra-Compact Flashlight with USB Rechargeable Battery - $30ish. This little gem holds a charge for sooooo long. Sometimes during surgeries when lights are off and I need to be able to shine a light on the back table this little light saves the day. Yesterday we had a lost needle and I shined it on the floor and the needle lit up right away. It is so useful and reliable and does not require me to be constantly changing the batteries. I've carried this daily for 3 years with zero issues and probably only 6 recharges.

Gerber Dime Multi-tool - $25 This tool has served me well. I use it to make on-the-fly repairs to operating room equipment almost daily. Loose handles, drifting monitors, the blade is useful for cutting through packages of implants, etc. it just has proven to be so extremely useful. As you can see, the paint wear shows how much love it gets.

Cheap aluminum and brass pill boxes off of Amazon - one holds ibuprofen and the other one holds tylenol. They stay closed with no issue. Watertight.

The nail file pictured is available on Amazon and is sold under the brand name "Mr. Green" for around $6. I have owned this one for around 3 years. It is the highest quality and most functionally superior file I have ever encountered. I use it for all kinds of things. Not just nails. I have used it as a tool to level things that have manufacturing flaws. To remove burrs from wood and plastic, etc. It is extremely well made. I have one in my car, another in my backpack and one at home. I keep one in my camping gear for filing magnesium shavings for firestarter.

Uni Jetstream Edge pen in 0.25mm point. - $8 This is the perfect pen for an OR nurse. The tip is tiny and the ink is oil based and fast drying making it perfect for tiny writing on pathology labels without the issue of smearing. The body is metal and the clip spring is tight so when you clip it on your scrub collar, it stays and will not fall off at the most inconvenient time (such as into the sterile field or onto the sterile prep, or into the trash when you're tearing down the drapes with dirty gloves on). It is refillable. You can buy 5 packs of refills.

uni Jetstream 4&1 Metal Edition, 0.5mm Ballpoint Pen (Black, Red, Blue, Green) and 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil - $13.50

Durable, reliable, Refillable. Everything you need.

Zebra Pen PM-701 Permanent Marker, Stainless Steel Barrel, Fine Bullet Tip, Black Ink, Refillable, - $7 to $10

Durable, Reliable, Refillable.

Lochby Pocket Journal, Waterproof Waxed Canvas, Zip-Around - $35 - As a travel nurse, everywhere I go, I quickly have to absorb mass amounts of new information, names of co-workers, surgeons, surgeon preferences, glove sizes, machine settings, orders of operations, etc. So it's important to keep a little notebook where I record some of this information so I can quickly refer to the details when I need them. I have tried many options but this little waterproof zip-around Lochby canvas notebook cover is the best one I have found. It is compact, sturdy and everything I need it to be. The stitching is quality and the fabric is fine. It has little pockets inside where I can store some labels and note cards and a small notebook that I can change out each time I go to a new assignment. The outside has handy slots for my 4 in one uni jetstream pen and my zebra refillable permanent marker.

21:45 UTC


33 years old Peugeot 205 GRD (unbreakable xud engine)

literally unbreakable…

20:33 UTC


Wrought Iron Lounger FTW

Needs some basic TLC to clean the spot rust and old spray paint job off. Snagged for $125 at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, plus $25 for the cushion. Can’t tell if it’s Woodard or something else, def old looking like my grandparents stuff though. Any wrought iron experts?

1 Comment
20:32 UTC


In the midst of a renovation. Looking for recommendations on modular BIFL sofas.

Title. Willing to spend, but don’t want to do so unnecessarily.

20:00 UTC


Garden Hose & Nozzle

Can someone please recommend a hose and Nozzle that doesn’t break in the first three years or degrade in the hot southern sun. Every time I reach for one or the other he hose has kinked and cracked or the nozzle is just junk and breaks.

17:11 UTC


Does anybody have a picture of this after use? Also, any reviews of it? Looking to get a wallet that will last forever that isn’t a Saddleback

15:47 UTC


Air purifier for 3000ft2 100 year old home with a dog and two small children

Need some advice on the best air purifier for allergies. I’ve had a runny/stuffy nose for months and months now and I’m at the end of my rope. Only have symptoms in my home really. Our house has lots of walls but not many doors in the main living areas. My husband really trusts Forbes reviews and is therefore leaning towards Levoit but I’ve read conflicting things regarding their filters lately? Thank you for your input!

14:36 UTC


Solognac Water bottle (Decathlon)

i live in europe, and have looked around for some water bottle that would last me a long time.
in the end i got a solognac bushcraft water bottle and i'm very happy with my choice, i didn't see anyone talk about it in this sub, so i wanted to share it. it doesn't have any thermal properties but from what i have seen it will last a long time

it's all made in stainless steel besides a rubber gasket, i don't think they sell replacement ones but it's removable and i would guess they are pretty standard

also they are cheap for what they offer (25 euro for 1L)

the only thing is that you need to clean it when you get it since it could still have some metal smell (i just washed it with baking soda and left it dry in the open)

this is from the italian Decathlon site but it's available also in other countries

09:55 UTC


Romanian BIFL items to watch for?

I’m spending 3 weeks in Romania, any BIFL items I should keep an eye open for?

Mostly in Bucharest but going to Brasov this weekend.

07:23 UTC


Simple fitted T-Shirts

I thought it'd be easy, but I can't find any solid color, comfortable fitted T-Shirts anywhere. All the shirts I find are huge in the torso area.

03:36 UTC


What are your favorite “better after life” items?

What items look or perform better the longer you own them? What forms a nice “patina”? My favorite is my waxed canvas and leather bag, that thing gets more beautiful the more I beat on it. Another item I’d like to buy that’s in the same category is a carbon steel kitchen knife, they form a beautiful patina that reflects how you cook. These items tend to always be BIFL friendly. What are your favorites?

02:21 UTC


$5k crate and barrel couch for $1.5k - will it last?

Have heard a lot on this sub about crate and barrel. Have a chance to buy a crate and barrel couch for $1,500. I know it's relatively new and it was bought at crate and barrel outlet. I know a few pros have said that crate and barrel does have s few products that aren't built as well. I've included the link below. Would really appreciate the input before I buy.



02:16 UTC


Dualit Perfect Toast Technology

I have been looking for a toaster that uses a bread surface thermostat like the original sunbeam radiant control toaster to always give a perfect toast regardless of the type of bread. I saw that the new dualit toasters use these temperature sensors to adjust the cooking time, which they are calling perfect toast technology. Is this analogous to the radiant control toasters?

21:29 UTC


After a few hours of cleaning, fresh gas, and new mantles, they’re good as new

And 2 are already gone. My brother claimed and a friend claimed 1 each. That friend also got the Thermos seen in the previous post.

20:57 UTC

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