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In a time of ancient gods, warlords and kings, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. She was Xena, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle. The power. The passion. The danger. Her courage will change the world.

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I hate gabrielle's peaceful way.

We all love gabrielle and how she thinks is important not to kill, she has a good heart and all, but come on, even if Eli made her go down this path, that's not her path at all, she chose to ride alongside Xena and therefore, war, violence, fights will always come, that's her true path, the path of a warrior. But she insists to keep up with this nonsense, and she becomes the queen of amazon after Ephiny, she should have let bruttus died there, this loving peaceful way is beautiful, but not for her anymore.

Edit: Keeping brutus alive was smart, but I still hate this peaceful thing throughout the season 4

22:01 UTC


What would Xena do about Wolfram and Hart from Angel?

Xena and Gabrielle are in the year 2000-2001 during Angel season 2 when Wolfram and Hart are at their most evil.

Wolfram and Hart are the type of antagonists you'd see on Xena, they're human villains similar to Callisto. What would Xena do about Wolfram and Hart from Angel?


19:52 UTC


How can someone say they are a fan of the show if they hate Gabrielle?

This came about specifically because of one person on TikTok, but I have seen this take before.

It feels like some people who say they love Xena seem to idealize the idea of Xena herself and act like Gabrielle is just the dopey sidekick.

If you are a true fan of the show, how could you have that opinion?

16:54 UTC


This or That? Chakrams.. (Chakra??)

Which chakram is your favourite?

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15:04 UTC


Looking Death in the Eye - that one line at the end… damn!

Ares: “You’re with her now (Gabrielle) . . . when you sacrificed yourself for others, you were hers, but when you kicked ass, you were mine.”


What did you guys think of this episode??

02:54 UTC


Here lies another victim of "A Friend In Need".

I'm a new fan of XWP and I've marathoned the series. I just watched AFIN II, and, oh the pain...

I think it's a cliché for Xena fans to express their disgust with the last two episodes of the series. I'm just another grain of sand on this beach of dissatisfied Xenites.

But I would still like to share my suffering here.

You know what breaks my heart the most? It's just that a few episodes earlier, in "When Fates Collide" Gabrielle said she felt empty inside until she met Xena, and then she burns the loom of the fates because she didn't want to live without her. ( At least that's what I understood. )

Then, in AFIN pt 2, Xena dies. Gabrielle begs her not to do it, but there she is, alone, without Xena. I don't want to know if Xena's ghost was there with her on the boat or not. Or that "I'll always be in your heart" thing. Xena is dead! Dead!

How will I overcome this???????

Already knowing what would happen in the end, I left the episode "Soul Possession" to watch as the last one, because in it the reincarnations of Xena and Gaby are together in the modern day. I hope this eases my grief.

That is all.

15:20 UTC


Given the current landscape of podcasts and 90s nostalgia, I feel like there's a market for a podcast recapping Xena episodes hosted by people directly involved with the show.

Podcasts such as "Showmance: Glee Recap Edition" feature two former Glee actors revisiting the series, offering commentary on episodes, inviting guests, and delving into behind-the-scenes anecdotes. Similarly, the podcast "Pants" has episodes in which actresses from The L Word revisit past episodes, besides interviewing co-stars and staff. Additionally, Avatar: Braving the Elements follows a similar format, with the actress who voiced Korra and the actor who voiced Zuko discussing the series, and it's supported by Nickelodeon itself.

Despite the ongoing connections among the cast and production team of Xena through conventions and retreats over the years, it's surprising that no one has taken the initiative to pursue such a project. I believe that now, more than ever, there's a place for it within podcasting.

This wouldn't be unfamiliar for the cast and staff, given their extensive involvement in the DVD commentary, Coffee Talks, etc.

Given the choice, I would be thrilled to see Steven L. Sears co-hosting with Adrienne Wilkinson. Steven's in-depth discussions about Xena, particularly evident in his episode of She Nerds Out, are utterly engaging, and Adrienne seems to be super into producing Xena content even nowadays. Also, she would provide the vision of someone who wasn't there for the earlier seasons, while Steven could do the same for the later ones.

Regardless, I would be delighted for anyone to take on the task.

Now, which bank do I have to rob to make this happen?

01:27 UTC


Kindred Spirits/Antony & Cleopatra

I was really happy watching Kindred Spirits for the Xena & Gabrielle moments that have been non-existent in whatever the heck is going in the middle of S5 (Xena finally read the scrolls - yay!). But then I watched Antony & Cleopatra and oh boy… poor Gabs is just completely sidelined again. Episodes like this feel like such a regression of their characters from what we’ve seen so far!


•I loved the bits of subtext in both of these episodes. In Kindred Spirits, Gabrielle asking Xena to settled down and essentially work on a fixer-upper together, the Queen Gabrielle?! “Not tonight line,” the shots of Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve lying on the blanket together at the end - so cute! (Wish there were more moments like that in this season!). In A&C, Gabrielle’s jealousy! I feel for her! “I’m losing sight of this plan, Xena” and “he’s your type” are great lines along with Gabrielle breaking up their make out session! ROC nailed the portrayal of the jealous girlfriend perfectly.

I love the super cheesy, childish fight scene in Kindred Spirits - I’m a sucker for stupid comedy like that. I specifically love the part where Xena has to keep putting the pinch on Joxer to prove to the Amazons that he’s “dead” because they keep saying, “I can still see him breathing” and “his hearts still beating.” In A&C I thought the battle scenes were so well done. It was so hard to watch Gabrielle take those hits from Brutus, but I love that moment for Gabrielle when she slashes his throat. It feels so jarring for her character compared to previous seasons, but I like it when she kicks some ass! You rock girl! Yeah - so the fight scenes were spectacular along with the costumes & set! Micheal Hurst is awesome!

In Kindred Spirits, I like the idea of Xena & Gabrielle being on two different paths again with Gab’s wanting to be Queen & Xena not wanting to settle down ect that causes them a temporary departure but I wish is was explored more. Although it did lead to Xena FINALLY reading Gabrielle’s scrolls, and I think that made Xena reflect on WHO Gabrielle is to her (something missing this season & something that’s disregarded in A&C). That little Amazon who is obsessed with Xena is a cute parody of S1 Gabs.


I made a post earlier where another fan brought up Joxer’s peeping Tom situation in this episode is problematic & I 100% agree. I’m making this post again because I didn’t think I clarified that enough. Although I love Joxer’s goofiness at times & his satirical line in thiss about how men “aren’t animals” when his actions prove they clearly are, Kindred Spirits was uncomfortable to watch at times because of this plot line. I did enjoy Joxer’s facial expressions and stupidity in the fight scene.

In A&C, I just feel like this was so shady of Xena & I feel SO out of character. On one hand it’s powerful that she has agency over her sexuality, but I feel like we’ve only see her use her sexuality to seduceeee like that in the flashbacks to her warlord days. And she really hardcore sidelines Gabrielle. There’s that’s scene when Gabrielle gently wipes a bit of honey off her mouth and Xena hits her hand away as in like “don’t touch me.” I was like damnnnn! (Poor Gabs!l)

I was also reading on Whoosh commentary for the episode and one fan pointed out that at the end, when both Xena and Gabrielle are standing there bloody from the fight, they did not go up to each other, and I agree - I was absolutely waiting for them to run up to each other and check to see if they’re okay, or embrace like they use to do in pretty well every episode before S5! I feel that you could argue it was a very stoic & dramatic post battle scene where there stillness and standing there covered in bloood around the carnage of the dead bodies is a great shot for a dramatic ending, but it still felt OOC! Then at the end too when Xena is hurt about Antony (okay whatever) and Gabrielle comes over to stand besides her. No cute looks, no words of comfort, no Xena & Gabs:( rip.

Also, I think all the actors in A&C were amazing! The dude who played Antony did a great job, but personally, he’s not that attractive. Especially when you got Gab’s with those biceps😍 Xena, come on girl!

15:07 UTC


For new viewers, there's a meta story about The Xena Scrolls

Here you go:



The writer on the episode The Xena Scrolls (Rob Mellette) actually adapted that episode from his meta story he'd written earlier. That meta story was being posted to the old MCA Xena site, in the form of an email chain between academics studying the scrolls and trying to understand them. These are a LOT of fun to read.

Explained by Whoosh!:

"In 1995, the Official Xena website (back when it was ran by MCA) had the coolest series. They were posting over time the dispatches from the Xena Restoration Society. These were the e-mails from the archaeological team that discovered the Xena Scrolls, from which the stories of Xena become known. They introduced the grandkids of Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas (namesakes of their grandparents) and the whole backstory to the episode THE XENA SCROLLS. Sadly, the dispatches were taken down within a year and we lost them forever until I found them rumaging around my harddrive before it imploded for the 32nd time. I reprint these gems created by Robert Mellette for th sake of posterity. They are hilarious, they are educative, they are clever, and they are sometimes subtle. If you love the first season as much as I do, then you have to read these. There are many in-jokes about the episodes and they are fun to read. So go for it!"

13:51 UTC


Longshot fanfic request? Mostly for places to look besides AO3

Okay, so I'm a multishipper in basically whichever fandom I find myself in, and not gonna lie, I adore both the Ares/Xena and Xena/Gabrielle ships.

Part of that is that I routinely seek out OT3 fic involving my primary ships in a fandom. Does anyone know where I might find something like that? Not asking for happy fic, necessarily, as it could be out of character for these three to ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after, but I'm seriously jonesing for some fic where they settle any jealousy by just getting together, either temporarily or permanently. (Given the existence of the "Old Ares" episode, I'm really surprised there are zero threesome fics on AO3.)

Bonus for Gabrielle catching some kind of feelings for Ares, entirely despite herself.

06:28 UTC


What would be Xena and Gabrielle's favorite modern food in the 21st century?

We know Xena loves take out pizza and dougnuts based on Send In The Clones, Gabrielle likes soda.

00:21 UTC


This or That (or the other!)

Ok, making this a three way poll. Favourite Xena lookalike?

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22:43 UTC


"Send in the clones" I didn't understand what Xena meant.

Xena and Gabrielle are watching the scene from the episode "Return of the Valkyrie" where she wakes Gabrielle up with a kiss and Xena comments: "That's not how it happened. I woke you up before I went to Valhalla, right?"

This seemed confusing to me, what is she talking about? I mean, what do you mean "before going to Valhalla"? I don't remember this episode very well. Did Xena go to Valhalla after kissing Gabrielle? My English isn't good so maybe I'm not reasoning. lol

20:43 UTC


Desperately looking for a song

I’ve been searching my butt off for a long time now, maybe I missed something? I’m looking for the soundtrack that plays when they do the ritual in Adventures in the Sin Trade, it’s also played in Them Bones, Them Bones. I’ve listened to the Turangi songs by Joseph LoDuca but it’s not there.

Does anyone know the name of this song?

I’ve found the song on Tom’s Xena Page, I’ll post it below in the comments, hoping someone will know the name. :)

12:46 UTC


Asian Dudes in Bushes

This practically turned into a trope. The next two are only inserted for viewer nostalgia for The Debt. They could have easily written any other scene to call Xena back to China and Japan. But there just has to be a bush with a guy hiding in it. It's hilariously uncreative.

If it weren't for the fact that FIN was a standalone film divorced from the series continuity, when they pulled Saburo out I'd expected Gab to roll her eyes and say "I'll start packing, Xena, you fill me in."

11:43 UTC


Just finished watching the entire series for the first time and I-

I literally made a Reddit account in order to post this… She dies at the end?! Can we (lesbians) not have ANYTHING nice? 😫

04:05 UTC


Time Traveling Goddess Callisto finds baby Eve and realizes it's her reincarnated soul/Xena's daughter.. What does she do?

04:01 UTC


What weapons has Xena used throughout the series besides her sword and chakram?

Preferably with episodes listed.

01:17 UTC


Looking for an episode

Already posted on r/tipofmytounge to no avail, maybe someone here can answer? I hope it's Okey to ask such question, I'm looking for a Xena episode (almost certain it was Xena) where a king falls to his death from a balcony. The accident turns out to be a ploy orchestrated by the heir apparent. Sadly, I don't remember anything else. I've been reading through episode descriptions, but this doesn't seem to show up. Thanks for any help in advance

ETA: I distinctly remember the old king/leader walking off the balcony as he doesn't realise he's not inside the castle. ( The balcony has no railing). Later on it's revealed that he fell victim to a ploy.

16:37 UTC


Gabrielle learning everything..

I'm not a FIN hater other than the random reason Xena "had" to die for that particular atrocity and not all the others, but should they have started a couple episodes earlier with Xena teaching Gabrielle all the final points (the pinch, how to hear "what's behind the sounds" plus Gabrielle weilding the chakram).. seemed a bit rushed to master all that.

02:23 UTC


What do you think of Xena and Gabrielle's relationship in the early years before they become significant others?

In the first two seasons Xena and Gabrielle saw each other as sisters until they begin to grow feelings for each other sometime in the series and become significant others by series 6



00:22 UTC



I really like the character of Virgil, and I wish they would have used him more. He is how the writers should have handled Joxer from the beginning instead of making him the clown. His son became the warrior he never could be. Did anyone else, (besides the “progressive” fan base) see any potential relationship between Virgil and Gabrielle?

18:43 UTC


Season 2 Episode 5: Gabrielle's Hope

It was one of the most interesting episodes in Xena🤔

18:28 UTC


I love Borias

This guy had the pottential to be a huge leader of a country or something, he was smarter than xena back then and I'm sure she learned a lot with him, even if they were using each other, his diplomacy and way of getting out of situations that Xena's greed left them were very outstanding

17:10 UTC


Thoughts on Najara?

Interesting character. I don't think there is a right and wrong situation for her, these are just three people who thinks completely different from one another, Najara thinks that there is no salvation in evil people, hence, their deaths. Xena and gabrielle don't believe that killing unarmed man is the right way to go and think the prison system and choices can change them

16:31 UTC


Season 3 Episode 1: The Furies

I like how Lucy Lawless play Xena's madness🤔

11:50 UTC

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