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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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  • SEASON 7 - 27th MAY 2020
Episode Date Discussions
The New Deal May 27th LivePost
Know Your Onions June 3rd LivePost
Alien Commies from the Future! June 10th LivePost
Out of the Past June 17th LivePost
A Trout in the Milk June 24th LivePost
Adapt or Die July 1st LivePost
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Where is vjay nadeer

Im in s4 and the buildup and hype for the story of vjay nadeer is incredible just for him to die so soon. Whats the purpose of the scene where he went back to terrigenesis if he will not appear later? Its so exciting to see his powers and how shield would utilize it but a huge disappointment to kill him off.

10:57 UTC


Just watched “The End” for the second time

What did the 17 on the >!thing Fitz left for Simmons!< signify? I know I should remember but I don’t. Also, I didn’t bawl this time so yay me? But this time through I know the story goes on, as opposed to when it originally aired

07:32 UTC


How come the show killed off Triplett and Ward?

They were great characters. I particularly wanted Ward to live through the Framework so he could see first hand that there was good in him.

16:50 UTC


Did anyone else HATE the fact that Coulson was brought back as an LMD???

It just felt wrong to me. He had the same personality as Coulson and all his memories. But still it technically WASNT HIM at all but a knock off copy of him.

I know they all loved Coulson very much and his death was really hard on the team but I just find it a bit disrespectful to resurrect him in this way. He wanted to finally allow for nature to take its course and actually die. But instead they were selfish and went against his wishes by bringing him back as an LMD.

Then again it wasn’t him but an LMD but still sort of the essence of Coulson still if that makes sense. I don’t know I just think it’s disrespectful to replace someone you loved with a clone robot version. The entire time I just kept going “this isn’t even actually Coulson it’s actually an LMD”😭I LOVE this show and having Coulson back made the last season a lot of fun but man I have such mixed feelings about it. Part of keeping was happy that he was back but the other part kept thinking that the REAL Coulson is actually dead.

Also I get the same for Fitz since the real him died and he gets replaced by an alternate timeline version or whatever that was😭I think marvel has a problem of not being able to kill characters off and always bringing them back. But all it does is make death absolutely meaningless. Again still love the show but this was one of those things that always bothered me.

11:54 UTC


Do you have an episode you find difficult to re-watch?

Because it hits you right in your feels not because you don't like it.

For me it's when Bobby and Hunter got caught and were forced out of Shield.

Breaks my heart, that last scene, ugh

19:47 UTC


I can't stop making Fitz' sandwich

I tweaked it a little but a soft bun lightly toasted, provolone cheese, proscuitto, and a hint of pesto aoili. I throw on some mixed greens because I definitely saw something leafy on his sandwich.

Love this show, currently on my 7th or so rewatch. But damn if this sandwich isn't one of the best things that came out of it

23:16 UTC


top 10 fav characters

tell me your top 10 favorite characters and I'll tell you what I think about it :)

18:58 UTC


may and yo-yo

I absolutely LOVE how they explored May and Yo-Yo's friendship in season 7 and I don't see many people commenting on this, anyone else love them?

06:16 UTC


What could be the magnitude of earthquake caused by Destroyer of Worlds on Richter scale ?

Earth quake caused by Talbot literally blew the earth into pieces. What could the magnitude be??

05:58 UTC


Why do the characters of this show assume every single powered person is an Inhuman?

Basically the question posed in the title. In the beginning, they were calling powered characters "enhanced" people. But it seems like once they discovered Inhumans, they just assume every single person that's powered is Inhuman. That's part of why I loved when Ghost Rider appeared so they could acknowledge other types of powered people exist. Like they don't think the Hulk is an Inhuman. Dr. Strange exists, Wanda and Pietro, Spider-Man and a bunch of characters debuted in movies they directly reference, and none of them are Inhuman. It makes me wish the X-Men (or more importantly, Mutants) existed in the MCU at the time so they could just acknowledge that there's more than one type of powered person out there. Did anyone else find this kind of annoying? Pretty much my only gripe with the show.

Fyi I just finished season 4 for the first time and still have to watch the last three so try not to go toooo hard with the spoilers lol. But maybe more types reveal themselves in later seasons that I'm yet to see.

00:38 UTC


Question: Vijay/Deathlock/LMD's: Can They pop up later in MCU?!

So... we know that when Nadeer was shot in the gut and seemingly killed by his own sister, his body was then dumped into the sea where it then underwent Terrigenesis once again. Obviously they put that their for a reason, possibly a good way to start an 8th season wich I realized is not happening, therefore I believe that Vijay may appear later as a character in a different MCU show/movie, idk, possibly even an avenger with his power as an inhuman. This also got me thinking, DEATHLOCK! Can Mike Peterson become an avenger, I mean he is almost like a Iron Man suit (nr tho) and then my final thought was LMD's if needed ywhoever becomes the big bad brains of the avengers now that tony is done can build an army of LMD's to fight lets say Kang. I know this all sounds crazy. I was just wonering someone who understands the MCU much more than me to give their knoledge of the possibilities and opinion especially on Deathlock, i mean like lowkey, he can be a Head of the line Avenger right next to Thor, Bucky, etc. i just feel like maybe Avengers wont be as boring as i suspect it to be, idrk. But if anyone knows if lets say Nadeer DID pop up in a show that i didnt watch.....

20:48 UTC


The Blip

I’m pretty sure I have my timeline right… In S6 Mack says to Daisy about it being 5 years that she was gone in space (between seasons 5 and 6). Is this the only reference to the 5 year blip post-end game?

05:52 UTC


Really wish they killed off Mack instead of Agent Trip

Mack is a good guy and all but can be very annoying and judgemental. There really wasn’t a scene where I didn’t love Agent Triplett.

Edit: Idk why people are trying to make my opinion about race when that wasn’t a factor at all. Especially considering I am a black man myself. I’m sure everyone has had a moment when a favorite character died and you were like “well if you were going to kill anybody off it should’ve been …”. It just so happens that the characters I mentioned are both AA.

18:49 UTC


Did Fury know about the Monolith, Hive/Alveus, and Hydra’s true origin?

Bobbi mentions she thinks Fury knew when discussing what to do with the Portal. It’s never discussed again.

What’s peoples thoughts? It wasn’t in the Black Box or Coulson would have known, while shit like the Darkhold was. So it seems unlikely.

18:34 UTC


How did Whitehall lose his accent?

Was he faking it or did he spend so much time in America that it just faded away?

03:26 UTC


Best Agent May Episodes?

I am about to begin yet ANOTHER Re-watch, and want to skip through the best Melinda May episodes.

*Obviously the Bahrain episode.

22:49 UTC


The ONE thing I dislike about AoS.

First of all, not hating on the series, I absolutely love it.

But this one thing just bugs me to no end: how casually/callously they treat all of the extra agents.

And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, nor am I the first to bring it up here on this sub. But as I'm going through a rewatch rn, I just felt like talking about it. Especially because since the last time I watched the series, I watched another show for the first time that treats their extras with respect and dignity.

But first, while I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about, let me explain anyway. Throughout the show, all of the extra agents we see around the bases and on missions are treated as nobodies. They're more a part of the environment than they are characters. Hardly any of them are even given names, and they're so often killed off just to show off the power of the new bad guy (think those four agents in the tunnel confronting Eli Morrow) and often when this happens, the main characters show little, if any pain or sorrow. It's like that's what these guys are there for, to take bullets so that our main cast doesn't have to.

And this isn't a problem unique to Agents of Shield, lots of shows do this. And I do understand why, the writers want to give all of the focus and attention to the main characters. And from a production standpoint, giving more attention to the extras will eventually turn them into side characters, and then you have to pay those actors more.

So it's not really a bad thing when a show does this, per se. But when a show actually takes the time to treat it's extras like real people, it elevates the series, imo. And that's what Stargate does.

I showed up late to the party with Stargate, only getting into it about 2-3 years ago. But it quickly surpassed Agents of Shield as my favorite series, for a few different reasons, but one of those being how the extra SGC personnel are treated.

Now yes, you do still have plenty of unnamed soldiers who are little more than window dressing. But even these guys are treated with more dignity than most shows treat their extras with. They aren't just there in the background, to make the set a little more lively. The main characters acknowledge them and interact with them on a regular basis.

And then you have the side characters. Now, AoS is not completely void of side characters there are a few. But most of them are people of some importance, government officials like Talbot, or people with super powers like Jeoy and Yo-Yo (before she joined the main cast in S4) Regular agents who become side characters, like Piper or Davis, are rare.

But Stargate, on the other hand, has tons of characters who started out as little more than a named extra with one or two speaking lines. But then instead of disappearing, never to be seen again, they show up again in a future episode. And then again, and again. Before long they become a real character, someone who's face and name you know and remember, someone who you're happy to see again, and who you worry about when they're in danger.

And in having so many characters that started as random extras, and then evolved into recurring characters, Stargate elevates all of those other guys who stay as random extras, because you know that they could just as easily become a mainstay of the series as anyone else.

Before I wrap up, another show that does this super well, perhaps even better than Staragte, is Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Because the writers of that show took the Clone Troopers, who were literally MADE, both in-universe and out, to be faceless, disposable soldiers, identical carbon copies of each other who would fight and die for the Republic, and turned them into distinct individuals with names, personalities, skills, and even looks that differed from each other.

So anyway, there's my rant. Just wanted to say that AoS could have done better, and wanted to promote a show that does do better.

21:53 UTC


Meet the Koenigs

The koenigs are great side characters.

21:37 UTC


Does anyone know where I can find scenepacks for edits?

I really need some philinda scenepacks (among other ones) and I can't find any 😭

02:51 UTC


favorite episodes

I'm curious, what are your favorite episodes of each season?

19:19 UTC


Help finding a scene

I am looking for a scene where Skye/Daisy says something along the lines of “and the attackers are invisible” I think it is in season 1 but I’m not sure

14:59 UTC


Do you think Jemma would’ve been just as scary as Fitz if she became the one with the evil side instead?

I think we could all agree she would be force to be reckoned with because she’s just as smart as Fitz just in different areas but do you think she would’ve been as creepy/scary as evil Fitz was?

13:52 UTC


bro s5 ep 4 was so exciting and i loved it for a stupid amount of reasons

It's a lot to read. You don't have to read it. I needed to dump my thoughts somewhere, and thought maybe one person on this sub would understand, lmao.
I dunno if I'm wrong to thing that a lot of you won't get these references but... It's midnight, I'm a football fanatic, and damn things went down. Just a lil rant about my process through all this and uhhh they didn't fumble these references as confusingly as they did the minecraft ones earlier on lol. Half of it may be confusing if you aren't very football (soccer) aware. Sorry lol


So Fitz showed up out of nowhere, and i genuinely fell out of my chair, like i just jolted and slipped out like wtf lets frigging go?? Bro it was so unexpected and I was just like whooping man. Wowzers. Could've sworn I got an adrenaline rush from a tv show, lol.

And then we go flashback time and this man tells these bozos that all he needs are books, pencils, paper, and a SCREEN TO WATCH FOOTBALL. MY MAN has his PRIORITIES set STRAIGHT. AMEN. hAHhaaa.
Also yelling at the ref is so relateable. Istg they are actually blind sometimes. And really harsh. But that's a rant for another time...

And then HUNTER OUTTA NOWHERE just like that with his funny accent and DAYUM I missed this man. And the first thing they do, is stink on each other's football teams. As they should. If that's not a real friendship, idk what is.
(This is where the football obsessed nerd part of me comes in). At this point like I was so hyped, and they both made some fair points to be fair, considering this season was released in 2017-2018. Fitz called Hunter's team, Liverpool, wankers, which is true. They're wankers for trent alexander arnold taking a quick corner kick against my team, knocking them out of the champions league. They're also wankers for coming back 4-3 after being down 3-0. Yes I'm still salty.
For a sec I was gonna be like "aww fitz, man utd? really? that's who you chose? not something scottish, like celtic, or rangers?", but that's today. If he was getting mad at 2nd placed 2017-18 man utd, that monitor would have been broken much earlier if he was watching 2024 man utd. Losing 4-0 to crystal palace and getting knocked out by copenhagen is a lot worse than getting 2nd place to the team who's won the past 4 seasons IN A ROW, lol. But 2017-2018 man utd is acceptable to support, because of the special one Jose Mourinho, the man who lost his prime, Paul Pogba, and the beast, Ibrahimovic. Fitz, I'm sorry, but Man Utd doesn't get any better. And Hunter, I'm sorry, but neither does Liverpool, and Jurgen Klopp leaves. But don't worry, my team is still dogsauce too.

And irrelevant to this entire episode, just something small to point out:
Did the writers just want to like, give May the most possible pain like ever? Like that poor woman needs a break, lmao. Loses her husband, gets kidnapped and trapped in the Framework for forever, then five seconds later the alien gods decide to spawn her into the future with a pipe speared into her leg. It's like getting spawn killed, lmfao. Poor lady. Frigging badass lady. When she cracked her knuckles, i think I melted, lmao. At least she doesn't suffer the pain of supporting a deadbeat football team.

Ok that's it guys, that 2nd last paragraph is all football references, and if you're one of the smaller few who get that, lemme know. Goodness I have been so invested into this show, and I'm totally getting unnecessarily hyped over something completely irrelevant that will never come up again but...

Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

Also whatevers happening with may and coulson is hilarious. side note. lol.

15:41 UTC


Favourite S.H.I.E.L.D Base?

Currently doing a rewatch and in Season 2. The 3 main ones iirc were, The Bus, The Playground, and The Lighthouse

23:52 UTC


What happened to Theta Protocol?

Did Coulson / Gonzalez just put it in the basement and the Gov took it after S4?

23:02 UTC


Why didn’t Daisy break bones from quaking in S3?

I just finished my 3rd rewatch of S3 and I was noticing just how many times she did really big quakes! (lol) She quaked the base apart, repeatedly quaked hive, repeatedly quaked everyone I swear etc and in all of them she wasn’t wearing her gauntlets. But S4 comes around and if she quaked at all snap there goes a bone.

I’m sure this question has been asked many times and many have wondered so I hope we can all enjoy and learn something from this posts comment section. 😆 Good day! 🌼💜

16:25 UTC


Why didn’t Mike’s leg regenerate?

It’s been a while since I watched AOS S1 but I’m wondering if anyone can remember why Mike Peterson’s leg didn’t just regrow due to the Extremis in his system. Aldrich Killian basically grew back from nothing. I can’t remember if there was a line that said he had lost some of his power as a SHIELD Agent but I seem to remember he still had his strength after the first episode.

08:41 UTC


Did you know? The Witness voice actor…

20:25 UTC


Captain America: Brave New World reuses Agents of Shield Roxxon logo

This font has not been used anywhere else in the MCU or the comics. Might just be a reused asset or a nod rather than a true connection but still.

18:07 UTC

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