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Welcome Angel fans! Here we gush about Joss Whedon's spinoff from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The path to redemption is never an easy one.

Welcome Angel fans! Here we gush about Joss Whedon's spinoff from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The path to redemption is never an easy one.

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Hot takes

What are some of everyone's hot takes in Angel. Mine is that the group should've never expanded beyond Angel, Cordelia, and Wesley.

Edit: Guys I'm well aware my statement isn't the majority, thus why it's a hot take thread.

19:19 UTC


Would Oz had fit on ANGEL if the show had gotten a sixth season?


There have been a rumor for years that had Whedon not gotten ANGEL cancelled due to forcing the WB giving an early renewal; Seth Green would have joined the show to help Angel's friend Nina being a werewolf

20:47 UTC


What would’ve the show been like they cast Paul Wesilewski as Teenager Connor for Angel season 3 in 2002?


Paul Wesley's birth name is Paul Wesilewski. The guy from Wolf Lake tv show, Everwood tv show, The OC tv show, 8 Simple Rules tv show, Peaceful Warrior movie, Roll Bounce movie, Fallen tv movie, Smallville tv show, The Vampire Diaries tv show, and Star Trek Strange New World tv show. I was thinking he should be Teenager Connor for Angel tv show long time ago.

He loves hockey like David Boreanaz loves hockey too.

Everybody wants to see Angel playing hockey with Cordelia and Connor as father, mother, and son bond moments. Even everybody and I wants to see Connor bonding with his favorite surrogate uncle Spike too. Oh boy Angel and Cordelia gonna be so very over protective about Connor bonding with his favorite surrogate Uncle Spike.

I know the show over but imagination lives on to create fanfiction.

But hey he will be Connor-Two. Like Peter-Two or Peter-Three from Spider-Man No Way Home movie.

20:01 UTC



Hey! Where can I buy the comics? Preferably online. Or if there's a reliable website where I can read it for free?

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15:44 UTC


Connor in Sunnydale.

If only Connor had come with Faith and allied himself with the gang in Sunydale. Would they have accepted it?

08:12 UTC


The Real Character Assassinated On Angel

Hi all!

I normally post on the Buffy board, but I made a podcast about assassination of Cordelia during S4 I thought you guys might be interested in.

The Real Character Assassinated On Angel

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04:48 UTC


What would’ve the show been like if Xander join Angel season 5?

I wish Xander join Angel Investigations and Wolfram&Hart in Angel season 5.

He's The One Who See Everything Beyond The Supernatural.

I mean the dude play Xander wants to join Angel season 5.

I'm wondering Xander and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce bond as surrogate nephew and surrogate uncle. Xander will be researcher assistant for Wesley.

Xander bonds with Fred as friendship. Xander open his heart to Fred why he hates monsters because of Angel’s first love Darla made his one of his childhood best friends Jesse McNally into monster and forced to kill him.

Xander have deep unlikely friendship with his surrogate brothers Angel and Spike.

Xander continues write letters to his surrogate sister Dawn or keep secertly contacting her.

I want Xander to be independent. He's Heart Of The Scooby Gang.

Xander bond friendship with Cordelia as he always visit her in hospital. Xander helps Angel and Cordelia's wedding day.

Xander bring his unlikely close friend Dracula with him to help Angel's crew.

Xander finds Amy to help Fred balanced her inner beast IIIyria within her.

Xander bonds with Connor the most before he discovered Connor is Cordelia's surrogate son as he finds out Connor is Angel and Darla's biological son. While Xander finds why Angel takes over Wolfram&Hart in the first place to save Connor and Cordelia. So he understood that.

Xander and Charles Gunn's deep unlikely friendship as brothers.

Xander contacting Faith to kill Lindsay so Xander find way save Wesley.

The show over but imagination lives on to create fanfiction.

16:29 UTC


What would’ve the show been like if Alonna Gunn still alive in Angel tv show?

I want Alonna still alive and continued always stay her brother Charles's side to team up with him so Alonna and her big brother Charles join Angel Investigations together.

Everybody wants to see more scenes family bond of Charles and his sister Alonna.

I believe Alonna is the one for Groosalugg. I don't want Groosalugg to be like Angel because of Cordelia. Cordelia is not the one for Groosalugg.

Alonna helps look after her surrogate nephew Connor after what he been through.

Alonna keep reminding Charles that's he's not just muscle for team all the time.

Alonna and her older brother Charles have brain upgrade by Wolfram&Hart but not corrupt before Charles inadvertently sign customs contracts to Illyria possessed Fred.

Alonna always look after Charles in hospital.

Alonna helps Charles after give necklace on the big guy to trap big guy in prison dimension.

Alonna and Charles helps Cordelia reunited with Cordelia's surrogate son Connor after she discovered Angel made ultimate sacrifice deal with Wolfram&Hart for Connor and Cordelia's sake by save them to give Connor a new wonderful good normal life and recover Cordelia from her coma.

The show over but imagination lives on to create fanfiction.

16:16 UTC


What would’ve the show been like if Cordelia Chase invites back in Angel season 5 for more episodes?

Always upset at Joss wronged Cordelia in Angel season 4 and kill her off in Angel season 5. He waste Charisma's talents like he waste Vincent's talents too.

Cordelia is Heart of Team Angel Investigations. She will be Head of Special Projects Wolfram&Hart while Angel taking over Wolfram&Hart.

Funny thing, Cordelia flirting joke on her husband Angel about have three way with Nina but Angel react uncomfortable and he absolutely loves Cordelia the most than Darla, Buffy and Nina. Angel is not cheating on Cordelia with another woman. Cordelia is the true one for Angel. Cordelia is not laugh at Angel's puppet form.

I wish Cordelia still alive in Angel season 5. And I wish Angel and Cordelia getting married as they have wedding day in Angel season 5. Maybe I wish Angel and Cordelia reunited with her surrogate son Connor too.

Only two members of Team Angel Investigations who secertly still remember Connor is Angel and Cordelia.

Connor: You gotta do what you can to protect your family. I learned that from my father. And my mother too. Angel and Cordelia shocked.

I know the show over but imagination lives on to create fanfiction.

16:03 UTC


Angel Investigations on Google Maps

I’m from LA, and last time I was there visiting my parents I stumbled across a familiar listing on Google Maps while I was looking for a nearby bar… 3.3 stars, Cordy would be fuming!


14:32 UTC


What would’ve the show been like if Doyle survived?

Obviously Glen Quinn had issues and it was no longer practical to have him on the show. But what if he survived, how would that affect the rest of the series? Doyle was a very underrated character

09:14 UTC


Theory about S4, Ep 1: Deep Down

In this episode; Angel hallucinates actually getting to meet up with Cordelia on the cliffs and they profess their love for one another. Cordelia says “I like this version better”.

My theory is that this could be the actual, real Cordelia speaking to Angel as a hallucination since she could’ve seen what Connor did to him in her higher power role.


07:25 UTC


Did they want us to forget Cordelia's age by season 3?

In the first two seasons Cordelia is still the character we knew on Buffy but by season 3 after Connor was born they age her up she's only supposed to be in her early 20's by You're Welcome

20:15 UTC


Cordelia’s Attitude in “Offspring”

I never understood Cordelia’s actions in “Offspring”. Her anger and disgust over Angel fucking Darla seemed a little much to me. I get her being disappointed in Angel but she was so hateful… it felt weird and off to me.

04:38 UTC


2x18~ and just like that… one of the best characters in all of buffy and Angel is gone…

But what a send off man…

Lindsey was incredible. What a character. So well acted to. In season one and two Lindsey centered episodes were some of the best in the show.

And let’s just talk about his performance. WHY was he such a good singer… was it the evil hand 😂😂

I’m probably grasping at straws but when Lindsey hit the “why aren’t you trying to kill me” to Angel that instantly reminded me of “ANGEL KILLS ME” in season 5.

But let’s talk about the fact the person who gave Angel the worse beating he ever took across both shows was regular human, lawyer Lindsey.

Such an incredible character. Wish he had a longer time in the show.

01:08 UTC


Lorne's powers

Lorne was introduced as anagogic (not sure that how it is spelled) who reads peoples' aura I suppose and guide them when they sing. But the AI team often go to him if they reached a dead end in the case they were investigating and how does that work? His powers seems very vague and whatever the plot demands.

Again as the seasons went he kind of became solution to every mystical problems. He knew someone about the conduit and a memory spell, he can analyse signals sent by PTBs etc. How did he know about Cordy/Wes/Gunn in danger during that skilosh episode?

09:11 UTC


PTBs and Jasmine

At what point did the PTBs found out about Jasmine's plan, when Cordy moved to higher dimension? Considering PTBs don't interfere and Jasmine wanted to is the reason why they let everything happen the way it did? Also, there was no seer/champion working for PTBs after Cordy moved and Angel was at the bottom of the ocean. Did they already find another seer/champion pair? If yes, they could have sent a vision to them to save Cordy/Angel/Connor from Jasmine. I don't understand the PTBs reasoning here or am I missing something?

09:00 UTC


is anne from buffy anne from angel?

I've seen a couple of similarites between them by "anne" i mean s3 ep1 of buffy and s2 ep12 of angel. i think the actors are different (or looks a bit different) but theres alot of similarities where she says "a couple years ago i used to think vampires were a big turn on... until i seen one" or something along the lines of that; also in the theme tune and the intro video (at least in the first season) theres a clip of something that was used in that episode of buffy so it alludes to it being in the same place(the one of the girl standing in the street) therefore anne couldve been the same person. also i forget his name but the demon that angel gets his information from says that anne changed her name a few times again alluding to them being the swme person. i suppose if they were the same person the writers would want us to reallt know that but possibly they planned something to do with her later but just didnt end up doing it but im really unsure

21:23 UTC


“Get Over It”

rewatching the show and trying to take note of every time the phrase “get over it” is said. It’s striking, since the scene of Buffy season 2 when Cordelia first says this to Buffy is pretty memorable, and further uses of the phrase seem to evoke some of that same spirit. I know cordelia says it to Angel as well in one of the earlier Angel seasons, but if anyone can find the exact scene that would be appreciated. I also know Angel says it to Connor in season 4, and Wesley says it to Angel in season 5. anyone have the other times it gets said? working on an essay about this.

18:04 UTC


Kate after her Dad

I gotta say she is extremely annoying. However it is completely understandable. She’s just discovered the whole underworld. Started to learn it doesn’t make them evil and then her dad gets killed by them.

I know she is pretty annoying but I do think she’s a good character.

I always enjoyed Kate as a character.

13:23 UTC


I’m genuinely loving my rewatch of season 2

I’m currently on episode 5 “dear boy” so I’m in the thick of angel’s sleepless storyline. These episodes have been so good. The perfect thing is they i don’t remember everything that happened asides from the big plots.

13:05 UTC


Would you say Wesley was chivalrous?

I suppose it would make sense for Wesley to be chivalrous considering his background, I've heard him be described that way but I'm wondering if anyone has any specific examples or if anyone disagrees.

01:36 UTC


Ain’t no way Wesley said this in 2x3

If some of y’all can remember back to Wes and Angel arguing about the spare pink helmet. I can’t believe Wes said “stop being a wanker and put it on”

As a British viewer I burst out laughing when he said that to Angel, and then followed with “hop on gorgeous” 💀

Wes is genuinely making me laugh so much at this point. I’ll hold on to this funny nice, bullied by cordi wes before it all goes down for him…

23:49 UTC


What Is Your Favorite Buffy Edit

19:44 UTC


Just finished my session 1 rewatch and I forgot just how good of a character Lindsay was.

He was just such a cool character.

Watching his hair grow out from city of angels to the Lindsay I remember.

The fact I know how he goes out makes me find him that much cooler. Shane he’s not in the show too much.

13:39 UTC


Is this a parallel?

Buffy and Faith both get uniquely beat up and floored by an opponent around the same time as each other, the ubervamp for Buffy and The Beast for Faith. This causes their respective groups to believe they might not be up for completing their mission.

02:27 UTC


Angel timeline

I’m confused about Angel’s backstory. I’m on my first rewatch of Angel and just saw the episode about him reminiscing about the Rat Pack in Vegas. I thought he was turned by Darla and being evil until he was cursed in the 1800s, then was a guilty mess eating rats until he was led to Buffy. So when did he have time to be normal in Vegas and in the LA hotel in the 60’s? Even if he was a broody loner during those times, I feel like I’m remembering him being disheveled and a full on disaster when he decides to go see Buffy.

00:31 UTC


How did everyone feel about the finale?

So after being a Buffy fan for most of my life I finally watched Angel. I was surprised that I ended up enjoying it this much. Season 5 was maybe my favourite season in Buffy verse, but I don’t know what to say about the finale. The last moment was so underwhelming to me, I wasn’t expecting that kind of ending at all. I think I was expecting it to be similar to Buffy, I wanted to see them survive and save the world. It ended feeling like there was going to be another season or at least another episode.

11:37 UTC


How's the Modern Angel Fan Feel About Joss?

This is my first post here, nearly 20 years after the show ended. I used to be on the Angel IMDb boards a bit back in the day so I used to discuss my favorite show a lot, but not recently.

One thing I noticed back then, was there was a feeling that Joss could do no wrong as a creative genius. That can't be true anymore.

With his Justice League movie being bad, his ugly feud with the Cyborg actor, and Charisma going into more detail about how much he sucked, it's easier to take the rose-tinted glasses off about every decision he made.

Now as an Angel fan specifically, I've come to realize Angel was more Greenwalt's baby. I felt like Joss was minimally involved until season 5. And then in season 5, I felt like Angel was sorta out of character. Joss himself admitted that he had trouble writing Angel, as he didn't relate to heroic characters.

I guess I'm just taking the temperature to see what you guys feel in this regard and if it's similar to how I look at it.

01:04 UTC

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