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Watching Stargate Season 9 now

I'm just starting Episode 3 (Origin). What are your thoughts?

I have to say that the temptation of Daniel is pretty blatant from our end, but only sometimes on her end. Take the scene at Celestis in this episode. In it, Vala is eating an apple while Daniel is reading the Book of Origin. While we don't know anything about their book (the Bible equivalent) we do know that in our own equivalent (and the one that Daniel was likely taught in the foster homes) includes the story of the fruit from the tree of knowledge (of life and death) and the temptation of Adam by Eve to eat it. You can see Daniel just pause when he sees it and has a moment of deja vu.

They purposely avoided the story of Christianity pretty heavily when talking about the Ori from my recollection of the last time watching the series. Or at least, they avoided getting in deep to the similarities and differences between them.

13:44 UTC


Stargate cakes

It's my daughters birthday and of course she got a themed cake of her favorite TV/movie characters.

Nothing crazy only a cake with a cake topper and a bit icing, food coloring, cake sugar pearls and smarties. My daughter loved it.

So while preparing the whole thing I jokingly said "Just so that you guys know, I want a Stargate cake for my Bday!" I didn't really mean it. It was a in the moment thing.

We went on and joked a bit more about it and finally I googled pictures of Stargate cakes.

I was not disappointed. In fact I was really impressed.

So to all bakers here on this sub who baked or made one of these crazy but magnificent cakes


You made my day.

Hubby is still suspicious whether or not I'm serious. But I'm dead serious. I want a Stargate cake this year 😂 This is not negotiable now that I've seen those pictures.

11:00 UTC


Two high ranking officers in SG-1

Hi everyone! I’m new to this sub, even though I‘ve been a fan of Stargate since the 4th season’s first airing in my country. Due to yet another rewatch round I decided to check this sub out and so far I‘m not disappointed lol

There is, however, a question that has bugged me since watching the show the first time around (tagged with “spoiler” just in case).

Throughout the seasons you see a lot of majors leading their own SG teams, yet Sam seems to be the only major without her own command. Sure, we see her preparing for command in parts of season 6 and more so in season 7, but I’ve always wondered if this is a realistic depiction of (US) military command structures.

This bugged me even more when Mitchell was added to the team (I did, however, like the character in general and I already liked Ben Browder as an actor before he came to the show). I mean two Lt. Col. in one team of four/five? That one is, at least to me, even more unbelievable.

I’d be happy to hear your input and thoughts about this, maybe even from someone who has served and has a deeper insight :)

09:34 UTC


What to look out for in a rewatch

I'm gonna rewatch the entire Stargate franchise and wanted to ask what to look out for? Especially character dynamics and interactions that get overlooked easily or fall into the background.

It could be one of characters or side characters that often don't get the attention they deserve, in your opinion.

08:54 UTC


Which god/goddess personality would best fit each SG1 member?

I am planning on writing a short fan fic in which SG1 (excluding Teal'c) get implanted with Gua'uld symbiotes. But I am struggling to figure out which god/goddess personalities they would take on afterwards. Was wondering if the SG community would be willing to help.

06:52 UTC


Just finished SG1

After about 3 months. We have finally finished binging SG1. Many comments noted and Orinarc isn't good. I admit there were some bad episodes and to be honest, the main plot wasn't as good as before. But the last 3 episodes seemed really poor, like I lost interest in Vala's dad episode.

I havnt seen the movies yet, but a little dissapointed in ending.

Im halfway through S3 of Atlantis and quite frankly, after season 1, that show became better to watch than SG1.

06:12 UTC


[SG-1][S03E10] Forever In A Day: Horus Guard issues

prsently doing a rewatch off the series when I saw a problem of Jaffa guard. The Jaffa guarding Amonet is wearing a Horus helmet that should only belong to the direct family of Ra.

The only exception of a goa'uld having the guard of others was Hathor using her queen pheromone. Knowing the intimate relation of Amonet with Apophis, even with his "death" it should have been a serpent guard. as my knowledge she wasn't guarded by Heru'ur.

03:51 UTC


Would you like to be uploaded into Destiny's computer like Ginn and Amanda Perry?

To me it seems to be the best way to accompany Destiny on her mission. You would be effectively immortal, wouldn't need to maintain a material body with on-board food shortages, hard beds, and spotty medical care, be super intelligent and have immediate access to the ship's Ancient database, would never be tired, and could simulate for yourself any kind of experience, for example eat delicious virtual food.

00:45 UTC


Ancients/Ascended beings viewing events in the universe/lower planes differently is such a cool idea and kinda makes sense 😭 the newspaper they read details events happening in different galaxies and they see things from a grand perspective

Don’t know if they want their name out there

But shout out the user who sent me this they’re the absolute best!

00:11 UTC


Check out this Stargate-inspired story in Wattpad

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21:57 UTC


The quote that illustrates the mentality and dark humor of SGU the best, and showcases its difference in tone from SG-1 and SGA:

Volker, waiting for his kidney transplant:

Volker: I have never liked hospitals or doctors.

Greer: Well, this is not a hospital, and TJ is no doctor, so you're fine.

17:56 UTC


Nicolas Ballard

SG-1 never did an update with Daniel's grandfather, do we know what happens after he went to stay with THE GIANT ALIENS & if there's no Canon info on it what do you think happened?

12:56 UTC


Who was the military SIC during Atlantis S1?

Hey hey y'all,

I was just wondering, for definitely-not-fanfiction-related purposes, who was the second in comand officer during season 1 after Sumner's death. Because from S2 onwards, we have Lorne, but who was doing his job before they got back in touch with Earth?

I considered Ford, but even as an officer, wasn't he a bit... young? To fulfill that role? And Bates was a sergeant, which as far as I understand, isn't an officer, so probably wouldn't be him? Maybe some unnamed character?

I do have to admit, I'm not American, and I don't understand almost anything about their chains of command and all that stuff, which is why I'm asking here.

Thank you very much!

10:37 UTC


Reboot ideas

Given the amount of time stargate has been off the air I think a reboot is more likely than a continuation. So what would your ideas be? More varied mythologies? What are some story ideas you have? More aliens?

I really liked the vibe of earlier SG-1 where they were definitely an underdogs and underpowered. I think alkesh sized ships is about as big as I’d go in advancement whilst maintaining secrecy. I’d make the Gould scarier. Gould Kawolski definitely had potential as a storyline IMO too.

10:26 UTC



09:05 UTC


You've been summoned to triad to defend Klorel. What's your best defense for Klorel to maintain ownership over Skaara's body?

Does a Goa'uld have a right to control someones body they take over? It's there natural instinct as a species to infest and take over a body.

What's your best defense for Klorel to win the triad?

08:46 UTC


A cool bit on continuity that I noticed while rewatching Evolution

07:28 UTC


How many of those "Should we shut down/decrease funding to the Stargate Program" clip show episodes are there? Have I accidentally rewatched a couple or is there really 4-5 of those?

Lazy ass clip shows😄😄

04:21 UTC


SG team missing, again? Aight, imma head out.

Wanted this gun since I saw it as a kid in Stargate. Playing with it in CoD4 I knew one day I would own it. Two decades later it's mine!

03:33 UTC


Has the NID setup a base in Dubai? & been off world acquiring technology again?

02:39 UTC


What device does Carter use in the season 5 episode Menace

I’m wondering if what Major Carter uses to determine Reese is giving off the energy signature she detects; is it a real world device or something the prop department put together.

1 Comment
02:37 UTC


Ok So are the “ancients” stupid or overly technical

Alright so I’m rewatching SGA and episode S1:E15 before I sleep, whilst Atlantis is under siege the ancients try and deliver the last transport with 300 through the bombardment rather than through the Stargate, now throughout the episode the stargate isn’t activated till the end and even then if they go to the nearest planet with one at max it is 30min then redial earth and everyone is already packed so why didn’t they evacuate other Atlantan colonies through the gate rather that transport?Further more how/why did the wraith stop like how did they know Atlantis was abandoned and even then why stop until they knew it was destroyed?

01:21 UTC


If Sam, Jack and Daniel all become Goa'ulds (my theory)

In an alternate universe (one that wasn't explored in the show). Sam, Daniel and Jack all become new hosts to Goa'ulds.

While initially many would think they would immediately fight amongst each other, I believe their close ties to one another (when they were still human) would actually allow them better together. Obviously O'Neill would remain the leader. Here is their breakdown below.

O'Neill: His military tactics on Earth would give him and his symbiote a distinct in military engagements. The knowledge of typical Goa'uld tactics and behaviors will allow him to gain impressive gains and at very least become a notable system lord.

Carter: Her understanding of everything science may not compare to what the Goa'uld know, but she learns fast and would be quick to adapt current tech at her disposal to give her and those that serve her (or those she serves) a technological advantage.

Daniel: His understanding of ancient language and other various tongues would allow him to at very least obtain and possibly even use ancient technology.

Teal'c: He would never willingly serve the Goa'uld even if they inhabited his friends. Either he would be killed or brainwashed to serving his new Goa'uld friends.

01:06 UTC


Did the Ancients have their own name for their race?

I'm writing/planning/having shower thoughts about a fic. Essentially, it's going to involve an equally old advanced civilization that was already in Pegasus when the Ancients showed up. However, in my thinking I realized we never learned what the Ancients called themselves as a race. How would they have introduced themselves to a race they had never encountered?

I know they eventually took on Lanteans in the Pegasus galaxy and people of the same race are the Ori in the whatever galaxy, but what were they before that? Did they seriously call themselves the Ancients? Is Ori their original name? Did anyone ever mention this at any point?

00:51 UTC


So... is SG definitely dead??

I haven't seen any news that there is a new series or movie.

00:22 UTC

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