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This is the spot for all types of tabletop terrain. From D&D to Infinity, we'll take all comers. We love to see what our fellow Redditors are making for their games. Post your work in progress projects and completed works. The regulars here are always happy to answer any questions you may have about materials or methods!

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this is allowed

If someone is PAINTING 3d prints.... they should absolutely be able to post their terrain. 3D printing is probably the future and there shouldn't be any grievances against those who print.

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Stone Dungeon-Tiles

My prototype stone tiles. Look at https://www.tiktok.com/@plantain_jack?_t=8mV0uM37cPd&_r=1 for more. I’m making them actual 3 by 3 tiles now, since I missmeasured the first 4, and my pizza-box sized battle map got soaked in the rain. My new ones will also be more detailed.

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05:22 UTC


Where to get stones like these?

Rounded stones of different sizes, I’m trying to build some stone houses, maybe a barn and a church, and eventually once I’m good enough a castle. Also I’m wondering if anyone sells miniature straw and/or medieval roof tiles for the roofs of these buildings. Any resources/ websites for terrain building are also welcome.

01:04 UTC


Any good Weird West References? - Specifically thinking for Malifaux

I'm probably trying to think of this the wrong way. Is it just normal western themed terrain? I'm used to AoS so I think of a particular faction to inspire the architecture. IS there even an architectural cue for weird west?

22:00 UTC


A dumb question but can you use Woodland Scenics Water Tints with AK Still Water?

I'm almost certain that the 2 items will work together but I'd like to make sure before I waste any of this stuff trying to do it, it was rather expensive.

21:42 UTC


Homemade Sawdust Flocking

Just made this flocking using some left over sawdust and acrylic paints. Not used it yet but seems like a cheaper alternative for store bought flocking until i can get my hands on some.

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19:09 UTC


Stuck in frustration

I feel something is off but I can't put my finger on it can you guys help me figure it out? Thanks

18:26 UTC


Question about resin stength

Hello guys, I play necromunda and am looking for an affordable way to raise some of my terrain (zone mortalis comes is 6x6 tiles). I was thinking of silicon moulding some 5 inches tall walls with bits and gribblies, and casting them with some resin. Being completely new to this I was wondering how sturdy such a raiser (assuming 4 walls glued together) would be to support the Zone mortalis terrain sitting above. Any thoughts or advice?

17:38 UTC


Help, I'm stick

I build orc terrain for Warhammer 40k, painted it base color and I don't know what to do now. I can stain it with oil wash, but there are a huge areas to fill, it's looking monotonous. Please help how to make it nice

16:37 UTC


Spelljammer Street Playset

I made a modular street for our Spelljammer game. Its like a play set.
I would love if you would check it out.

15:39 UTC


Foam Cutting Health & Safety help!

Hey! I'm planning on picking up a hot wire cutter to cut and shape XPS foam for some projects. I've tried doing some research but I'm getting myself a lil confused so thought I'd ask here;

What safety equipmrnt do I need while using the hot wire cutter with XPS foam? I understand the fumes are dangerous but not 100% what kind of respirator is needed? Anything else?


13:37 UTC


Resin bits for foam buildings? (Windows, etc.)

So i have a lovely resin printer, but I'm not using it for large projects like buildings. Do some of you combine resin prints and foam terrain? Any you can recommend? Windows and doors would be great, anything else my lack of creativity cannot remember?

09:35 UTC


does anyone know how to make windows for minature buildings?

02:35 UTC


How many of you would do brick work for someone else?

😅this is going to take an hour each wall I have 8 walls lol well time to get going and get her done

20:31 UTC


Anybody want these? (Seattle)

Thought these might make cool terrain pieces. HMU if you want them, before they go in the trash. I’m in north Seattle

19:07 UTC

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