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Soo baldurs gate 3 is so amazing that it got me wanting tabletop. I’m currently Getting ready for my first table top this Saturday. I’m creating my character tomorrow. What should I know before I go into creating this character?

I didn’t know what flair to put on this. Sorry :(

05:51 UTC


Okay, since I got a lot of opinions on my last post, what is the most underrated theme in dnd?

I got a lot of opinions, and I must say, I did not expect my last post to get as much attention as it did. Now, for the most underrated dnd theme, I think I have to go with the classical dragon threatening the realm, like some real Greatwyrm shit. Let me know what you guys think!

05:51 UTC


Silly vs Serious

I've been having an internal debate for a while now, started during my first (and only) campaign DMing and now restarted by the campaign I just joined as a player...

I very much enjoy serious fantasies like Lord of the Rings, and I hear people like Matt Colville talk about the incredible stories they've been able to co-create with their players. I'd really like to worldbuild a setting that feels real and to have players that engage with the fantasy as we explore their stories.

However, there seems to be an inevitability with sillyness. In my campaign, I wanted to make a world that felt consistent, with realistic responses from NPCs to player shenanigans and some degree of stakes. It ended up being almost like a classic comedy duo, where the world is the straight man and the party is the wacky one who bounces off the other. It was a lot of fun.

In the campaign I recently joined, I made what was supposed to be a serious character. He had real motivation to be working with the party members (he's lawful good while they're basically chaotic neutral). 4 sessions in, and I don't think I can keep up the lawful good shtick. It's just a lot of fun to be chaotic in a chaotic party.

But there's the rub. I feel like there's an inevitable trade off with hijinks and randomness where you have fun at the expense of any kind of serious story, stakes, etc (and fun is the priority). So while I think I'd like to run a game that has a great story like Lord of the Rings, I feel like I'd have to stifle fun to make that really work (which is obviously undesirable).

As a DM, I struggle to find that balance. Because running a fun, wacky game is a lot of fun, but (for me, at least) it can feel really pointless as a DM. Why even put effort into the world and NPCs if it all exists to serve a gag? But you can't coerce others or yourself into sacrificing fun for those other goals.

I'd appreciate insight from people who have had similar internal debates. For me, it's not just a matter of the players, but myself. I don't know if I could keep playing a serious, roleplaying PC in a game I (somehow) ran. It's like I want both but wish for one when I have the other. I don't know how well people manage to have both cohabitate; it's always seemed to be that they're mutually exclusive, given how tonally opposite they are.

05:44 UTC


PCs ran into 11 cyclops

I DM a campaign with my brother set in ancient China. The party ran into cyclops that tunneled under the Great Wall to hunt deer. My brother grinned a knowing grin then asked: “what are their names?”

We both thought this was hilarious, and after recovering from laughter, I rearranged some medicine names for the cyclops. My brother wrote them all down and said he’d quiz me later. The characters convinced the cyclops to not eat humans for a month and the chaotic party thought it was good enough so they left on good terms.

I have completely forgotten the names of the cyclops. Won’t forget this moment though.

05:39 UTC


Luckiest PC alive 🤣

Between stepping up to dwarfs in a tavern, stealing from merchants then boldly admitting I stole from them, and stowing away on boats it's truly a miracle I haven't been ran through with a broadsword yet 😂. I also nearly spoke up against a clan leader before my party member bailed me out by doing it themselves. If they hadn't I surely would a done something 10x worse than what they did 😂.

My PC is truly one lucky bugger 🤣🤣🤣. I suppose that's what a subpar intelligence paired with an overinflated ego gets ya 😂. My whole group was utterly shocked I had a good idea after the session 🤣. Always remember it's better to be lucky above all else. 😂

05:26 UTC


Is it evil?

At my LGS I’m playing a neutral necromancer for the most part they follow AL rules so no evil alignments.

I have 2 skeletons that have been around for a few sessions now (named Gary 2 and Gary 3), one of my party members polymorphed Gary 3 into a giant ape.

I go down during combat but was healed by a teammate, with only 7/54ish health I decided to cast vampiric touch and restore my health from Gary 3’s massive pool of health. Another member asked if they could do the same and I agreed.

The DM allowed it but warned me that it was awfully close to being evil, but after the session they said it was cool but horrifying.

I’m just curious to see how others would rule that.

05:21 UTC


Am I right to be mad?

So I am in a campaign with a first time dm and a party of 6, me included. We are a few sessions in, about 6 I think, and the last session we played one of the party members decided to betray us because of a joke that we made earlier in the campaign. The traitor is the strongest one in the party and has a lot more hp then the rest of us. He decided to betray us because he says “we planned to kill his dad”, i nor do some of the other players remember this happening, we do remember when we first met the characters dad and he immediately threatened to arrest us and brought another NPC that we hate to see us. Most of us definitely called him a bitch and my character and maybe another might have joked about stabbing him (my character is a very impulsive fighter) but there was never a plan to kill him, anyway we were supposed to be assassinating someone important but the assassination turned on us. On top of this character attacking us there were about 4 overpowered guards that had two attacks and dealt a average of 13 damage every attack against our party which all of our characters have max health in the 20s, the first attack the traitor did used his action surge as he is also a fighter and attacked a party member twice and instantly killed them (This fallen party member was my characters best friend). After a few rounds the bard joined the traitor and left the rest of us, the two fighters (there are three fighters, one is the traitor and the other two are me and my friend who are both half-orc fighters) have died once and used relentless endurance to get back up but my friend was struck down again by the bard and is now on death saving throws and my character is on 1 hp, the ranger is on 3 hp and already went down but was healed by the bard before went also betrayed us, and the sorcerer cannot land a single hit and is on full hp but also doesn’t care about us dying as they are a very new player and are not the one getting killed. The session ended on that and we are immediately resuming combat next session, while we were getting killed there was a second campaign going on with all the players knowing the reason behind this betrayal and saying our characters deserve to die, just encouraging the tpk. On top of all this the DM is completely fine with this and even planned this before with the traitors player, after the session I did message the DM and ask why she was completely okay with a tpk so early in the campaign because of something that might not have happened and she reassured me she had a plan then proceeded to remind me to make a new character.

I don’t know if this is a kinda shitty thing to do especially since we put so much work into these characters and I’ve grown very attached to my character, I’ve only been playing for a bit less then a year and I’ve only played in one full campaign, a oneshot, and am currently in 3 campaigns including this one + DMing one of my own. Can someone tell me if my anger is justified or if I’m overreacting I just did not enjoy that at all and I don’t like the fact that the DM encouraged and even planned a tpk over a joke, also thank you to everyone that read all that I just kinda needed to rant.

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05:07 UTC


Trouble getting into the DMs voice

I'm hoping this reaches a few people that might be able to help.

I have trouble getting into my DM voice, describing events or coming up with things on the fly when I'm around players, it's like a stage fright but I feel embarrassed or cringe. When I'm alone I can do it fine, I can spout out exactly whatever I need but around the players it feels like a train wreck, normally I play with people a lot older than I am too, so that might be apart of the reason.

04:57 UTC


Just Finished My Campaign

After playing for almost 2 years, my party and I finally completed our recent campaign. This was heavily inspired by the Dishonored video game franchise and featured a mixture of modern day mechanics/steampunk themes with dark magic. For this campaign, I played a Changeling Inquisitive Rogue. He is my second Rogue, the first I played in his subclass and my very first Changeling and non-Human character. I played him as a private detective on the hunt for the serial killer that framed my party and I for murder. To say that I loved playing him would be an understatement. We made it to Level 8 and during the final missions of the campaign, I made good use of his feats/abilities. I loved coming up with his backstory, finding out pieces that my DM made for him, and exploring his deep relationship with his adoptive family. I loved playing out his selfless and, at times, paranoid nature to the point where I started to think like him IRL. I will miss playing as this Rogue, but that won't stop me from coming up with head canon for his future.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my character reignited my interest in playing a Rogue since the last time I played one, it didn't go so well and I didn't click with the character I made.

04:51 UTC


Warlock Provides HUGE boost to patron - how to reward??

TL;DR - Warlock used the party's only Wish spell to send an adamantine golem to their Noble Genie patron as a slave; this is an enormous deal for the patron who is building an army and waging a war. This seems like it should provide a HUGE reward for the warlock and I'm not sure how to proceed or what reward is appropriate. A magic item seems cliche. Looking for ideas.

Full story:

A 1-20 campaign 2 years in the making, currently level 12.

My warlock player has a Noble Genie patron; a female efreeti vying for Sultanate of the City of Brass after the current Sultan was killed; she has been amassing an army throughout the campaign and is in the middle of a planar raid to take over the Nine Hells. The party has provided this patron with A LOT of powerful slaves and items throughout the game, to the dismay of most of the party members, because they're concerned over her conquest and that it will spill over into the Material Plane. Obviously, gifting an efreeti with slaves and powerful magic items is an easy way to enter their good graces, and they've done this A LOT. So they've interacted a bit with this patron more so than in some other campaigns. While this is NOT the driving force of the campaign nor the main story line, her involvement with the party has been impactful at certain points, and my warlock player does an outstanding job of roleplaying a mixture of adoration/fear of their patron.

Originally, her Genie's Vessel (a ring) could capture any fire elemental creature and send it to her patron as a slave. This was a cool little feature I added that was intended for minor use in the campaign, thus the patron would tell the warlock to "send me slaves." However, through clever play with some NPC's and a couple incredibly lucky rolls, they've found some ways to send additional slaves. They've also granted the patron some powerful custom armor (intended for them to guard, instead they gave it away to her, and yes, that came with consequences), and a rare artifact that can raise corpses into undead slaves at will (this is slowly corrupting the patron which will come into play in the end stages of the campaign, and they kind of see this one coming).

Slaves Provided Thus Far and How:

A small army of drow (helped stopped a major drow attack on a major city, convinced the High Magi to open a portal to the elemental plane of fire and move all the drow there instead of having the problem of so many drow prisoners. They used clever tactics including the logistics of feeding them plus the morality of the NPC's against killing innocent POW's, plus very high persuasion checks (passed 25 DC).

Half a dozen Fire Giants and a massive Fire Giant leader (left the bodies and left a note in her genie's vessel room plus meditation)

5 Fire Elementals (intended and provided by the ring)

A prior campaign BBEG's animated corpse from a prior campaign (straight up gave her the location)

A pack of displacer beasts and 2 Pack Lords (they don't know this yet, inadvertant)

A young black dragon corpse (straight up left the body and gave her the location)

Tens of thousands of corpses/zombies from the capital city that was razed to the ground (they didn't knowingly/willingly give these up, but they were indrectly the target of this catastrophe, and the patron took advantage of the amount of available corpses with their undead-raising artifact).

Plus some others I'm not remembering off the top of my head

And most recently...the warlock used a Wish to send a freaking adamantine golem as a slave to the patron. I didn't expect this at all. If you look up an adamantine golems stat block, the thing is a fucking truck. The dungeon they were in involved 3 different ways to stop/hold the golem, which they could then eventually whittle down and maybe use the adamantine to forge weapons/armor. Instead, they pulled an audible and used a VERY well worded Wish (their only one) to send the golem to the Noble Genie patron. (The Wish had consequences which were hilarious and they're still dealing with).

This adamantine golem is a HUGE weapon for the patron and could single-handedly turn the tides of many battles. This was never intended to be available in the open world etc., but they played it so clever that I couldn't reasonably say no. As a result of this, the end-dungeon rewards for the dungeon they were in (a massive 4 session dungeon btw) were no longer available, as it required treasure the golem was carrying...thus the cleric didn't get a powerful magic item they were seeking in the first place. It's a bummer for him but even he admitted it was a fantastic play and everyone at the table was thorougly impressed. It was a big moment they all celebrated.

My conundrum is...how do I reward this spectacular play? The patron would be THRILLED with this slave, it's a huge deal, and it seems reasonable she would reward her Material Plane champion with something very impactful. The warlock has powerful magic items already, so just dropping some random item for her seems lacklustre and a bit cliche.

My only idea was a "get out of jail free" card...something like a patron intervention (divine intervention equivalent) as a one-time use.

Other possible idea was still fitting in a way for the cleric to get his powerful magic item, but make it come from the Patron (could be complex, but my gut instinct is the party might ask for this).

Any ideas or comments about how to properly reward a warlock who has GREATLY enhanced their patrons ability to reach their conquest goals?? While warlocks are expected to serve the interests of their patron, I truly feel like this player has gone well above and beyond what might be considered normal in the course of a campaign.

I appreciate all thoughts/comments.

04:07 UTC


Suggestions for a campaign start?

Hey yall, this might be a long post.

So I am currently DMing for a Roll20 campaign that starts out similarly to Dragonlance's Shadow of the Dragon Queen with a different world history. I would like suggestions as to how to continue from where I am with my party. I have some ideas, but some extra brainstorming would be nice.

So basically about 367 years ago, most of the denizens of the feywild were forced to retreat into the material plane due to Titania being slain by Iggwilv/Tasha. In the process, most Fey lost their magical longevity, making most Fey live about as long as your normal human. With this event came the Damnum, a disease that came from Iggwilv's magic. For how this disease works, refer to The Hollowing from Dark Souls. Once you catch it, it slowly degrades your mind until you become a mindless dreg of who you used to be.

The Fey ending up on the material plane obviously brought strife with it. Some people responded with racism, and some responded with inclusion and acceptance. A lot of people, especially the superstitious, believe that Iggwilv might turn her ire unto the material plane. Aside from the Damnum, however, things have been remarkably quiet from Iggwilv and the Feywild.

The party begins their adventure recieving a letter from a woman named Sera Bladesong, who is inviting them to attend the funeral of a man named Ignis Well-brookes. Everyone in the party were good friends with Ignis, and are attending his funeral on the same day of a festival called the Red Lance Festival in the town of Hilt. Very similar to the beginning of Shadow of the Dragon Queen.

I am currently debating on how to continue past Ignis' funeral for how to set these budding level 1 adventurers onto their journey. Additional world-building concepts are also welcome.

04:04 UTC


Warlock/Paladin embracing Karma

In the campaign I'm playing, I play a vengeance paladin who was baisically forced to take a deal with a devil to try and get his wife back from said devil. He's a lizardfolk and the way I imagined him is that his elven wife taught his to me more empathetic and embracing emotions which is uncharacteristic of lizardfolk but I thought it would add wight to her character and their relationship.

Anyways, we've been playing for a while and I want him to grow as an individual and I had the idea of him embracing the idea of karma. With his concept of justice stemming from the idea that those who commit actions on purpose that negatively impact the lives of the many are due karma, whether it be by him or the world as a whole. I was hoping for some input on how those ght look and how to implement it over time.

Important to note that he does not follow a god. I liked the idea that after his wife was taken, he spent some time as a mercenary before realizing his wrongdoing and taking a personal path to commit to good. He has dabbled in religion but sees God's more as powerful beings rather than idols/ things to be worshiped.

TLDR: looking for advicr for vengeance paladin who ebraceses karma as a concept or incorporated the ideas into his belief system.

03:55 UTC


A Haunting D&D Session That Went Dark Fast

Last night's D&D game took a dark turn that none of us saw coming. We started in an enchanted underwater cave, protected from the water by a magical bubble, surrounded by shipwrecks turned into makeshift homes by merrow inhabitants. Intending a mix of stealth and diplomacy, my players opted for a full-on assault instead. The encounter escalated quickly, with our fighter leading the charge and the rogue delivering a lethal sneak attack. Things got grim when the party, victorious but morally ambiguous, used the fallen merrow's homes for a campfire and, disturbingly, their bodies as rations.

But the real twist came when they found a grieving merrow child in the next room, crying for its parents. Faced with the horror of their actions, they debated and ultimately decided on a mercy killing, fearing the child's trauma was too great. This decision left the party in tears, not from my coercion but their own moral deliberations. They honored the fallen family with a burial at sea, but the session ended on a somber note, later however I learned it gave one of my players nightmares and discomfort among the rest of my players

I'm at a crossroads and seeking advice. How do you navigate such dark themes responsibly? Did I push too far, or was it the players' autonomy that led us here? How can we recover from this and ensure our sessions remain enjoyable but respectful of everyone's boundaries? Not really sure what flare to put this under. Sorry.

03:47 UTC


Am I playing Paladin wrong?

For reference, I'm playing a Level 7 Scourge Aasimar Sorcadin (Sorc 3, Pal 4) and I have pretty much just been playing the game as a frontline using my spell slots pretty much exclusively for reaction spells (Shield, Silvery Barbs, etc.) and Divine Smites, mostly Divine Smites. I have not once casted Compelled Duel, and the only healing I put out, if ever, is through Lay on Hands or Healing Hands (my racial feature). We do have a healer in the form of a Druid that also serves as a tank and only like one player in our party is a real squishy. Some of my teammates have joked around calling me the "Paladin of all time" and saying I'm "playing the class wrong". Thoughts?

03:46 UTC


How do I fight other players?

Right, I'm trying to set something up where, after being separated from her last session, the party's bard (one of the DMPCs) shows up as a dungeon boss.

How would I go about doing that? Can I just increase her HP so she doesn't get instantly killed by the party? or is there something better to use?

03:37 UTC


Reaction feats/spells?

My DM introduced a shop that specializes in magic inscription; enchanted pens, books, scrolls, and tattoos. One of my party members already got one, and the effect was pretgy solid. I was thinking of giving my monk some way to attack as a reaction, are there any feats or spells that can do so?

I splashed a couple levels of warlock (archfey patron) and I'm going with a Sun Soul monk reflavored for cold damage, so anything that matches thematically helps, but isn't necessary.

Thanks in advance :)

Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm on 5th edition

03:36 UTC


A devil is going to possess my body on the first day that dying is possible again

In a home brew campaign I’m playing in, the main villain made it so that dying is impossible now. This sounds great except it’s horrific and we have to change it back. People that normally would die are now piles of living viscera on the ground. Using magic to heal them works but there’s some kind of weird consequence that I don’t think we’ve seen yet to someone who should die but doesn’t. A meeting of all the leaders of the kingdoms occupying what used to be North America convened and one of the solutions put forth was to get into contact with a devil to help extract a divine spark. I don’t know much about what divine sparks, but apparently you need one to be a god. The god of death had his stolen by BBEG and that’s the reason no one can die. The devil agreed and in exchange I delivered bread to a random woman’s house. 🤷‍♂️

However I made a second deal for him to scout out a spot where a dead god is located. This whole divine spark fiasco is very time sensitive because a cult is trying to make their leader the new god of death which would be really bad. In return for his services of scouting this spot out, he wants to take control of my body for the first day that dying is possible again. In the heat of the moment I only set two real boundaries which were he cannot harm/interact with my family or my party. I’m so afraid of what he’s going to do, I tried to pry a little bit and all I know is

1: he’s gonna meet up with some old friends at a tavern 2: he doesn’t think he’s going to kill anyone but he didn’t say he wouldn’t 3: if anyone messes with him while he’s inhabiting my body he will kill them

We rolled initiative to fight the cult who are currently extracting the divine spark from the dead god and then we ended that session. I have to grapple with this for TWO WEEKS before we play again. I don’t have anyone to talk to about this stuff so I’m screaming it at the sky because it’s insane. I think it’s possible he just wants to hang out in the material plane for a day but I think that’s wishful thinking at this point.

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03:34 UTC



I want a dragon to be depression give it depression my idea is 4 combat in a trench coat with hight olushin to sedowx the dragon marry the dragon then explode

03:32 UTC


The one time inventory management was fun

So... we slay the dragon and then descend on his hoard like the loot-jackals we are. Only one problem... Dragon has been sleeping on his bed of gold for years. All that heat and pressure has compressed his coins into a single ingot of about 300 pounds. Nobody can carry it.

Artificer (after giving DM a look of blackest malice) finally improvises a hand-cart -- think oversized wheelbarrow -- from various lair wreckage. Part 2 of the adventure was protecting the loot as we laboriously trundle it back to town through a wilderness full of bandits/peasants/freedom fighters who had been happy to ignore a party of broke adventurers before.

Once we finally got back to town, we got our satisfaction. We went into the rude merchant's shop, asked to buy a dagger. That'll be 5cp, you ruffians. Then we all lift the huge ingot up onto the counter: "Can you break a hoard?"

TL;DR -- Inventory is fun. You guys have inventory stories to report?

03:32 UTC


[OC] [ART] Party poster sketch + extra doodles

Final sketch for the campaign poster!

I’m currently working on a party poster for my whole dnd party (we’re 8 players which my gosh it’s a bunch).

I finally finished all the colors so now I only need to clean everything up and render it all !

I also added the 3 main foes our Dm is hella proud of as a thank you for all his hard work!!

It’s gonna take me a while to finish it but I’m liking how it looks so far :)

From bottom to top, the pcs are:

  • Fifi, our owling cleric and the sunshine of the group!
  • Joder, our rogue kenku, who has a problem with vodka.
  • Delilah, our other half-elf rogue, who was kind of the catalyst of the whole campaign.
  • Victoria ku, our other human cleric, and an expert con artist.
  • Cass, our human warlock detective, whose spear is a talking weapon and their patron, and who is the defecto mom of the group, cause most of them are a hazard to society.
  • Don tardon, our human bard, who doesn’t know what’s going on but’s hella happy to be here.
  • Mederik, our huge and I mean huge (215 cm) warforged paladin, who has just disconnected from the hive connection like 3 days ago and it’s still trying to understand the world.
  • Bonnie, our undead necromancer, who takes parts of any corpse we come across and has a bird hidden inside his chest.

As for the foes, from right to left, they are:

  • Korvath, who we suppose is Cass father due to the similarities they share but who looks way way younger than he should.
  • Don Comedia, the main foe they have faces till now, a scary being who freezes everyone each time they step in the same room as him, making their hearts beat like the tic tac of a clock.
  • The knight and his horse, Slow dancer, who is kind of a spoiler as we haven’t face them yet in the campaign but my DM requested that I added them to the final poster.

Hope you all like our little band of misfits!


Also, here are some extra doodles of the warlock, Cass, and the rogue, Delilah, who are into an enemies to lovers kind of path.

Delilah suddenly kissing Cass

Cash catching Delilah

Cass and Delilah cuddling while asleep

Main portrait of Cass casting arms of Hadar

Main portrait of Delilah with her crystal daggers

Delilah's hair rendered

Alternative outfits for Cass and Delilah

Cass expression sheet

Cass with their gun

Cass' nighmares sketch

Cass' nightmares a bit more clean

Delilah chibi sketch

Plus some silly little character charts of the warlock.



And the main shield of the city the campaign is taking place!

Otrora's shield

As you can see, this campaign has kinda become my roman empire, so I hope you enjoy all my silly little doodles regarding it!

Feel free to ask anything regarding the characters or the plot in the comments, I do love to ramble about them all!

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03:21 UTC


Can Mage Hand hold on to something if attacked?

There was a pool 60 feet in diameter. Levitating above the center of the pool, about a foot above the surface, floated a single garnet.

I sent mage hand to the garnet to retrieve it, as it clutched the garnet a tentacle burst out of the water and tried to grab the mage hand.

Now, mage hand is spectral, and the description doesn’t say what happens exactly if the hand is attacked.

The question is, can the hand hold onto the garnet? or would the tentacle smack it out through the hand?

TL,DR: would a tentacle slap a garnet out of a mage hand? ie: through the mage hand?

Our table’s opinions are divided.

03:21 UTC


Adventure Template

Greetings, fellow Dungeon Masters! (and of course those who are just interested in the topic ^^)

I am a DM for quite a few years now and even though my players still try to finish the first campaign we started that time it contained a lot of adventures to achieve certain sub-goals. Despite the experience i gained since then, it's still always a challenge for me to write a new adventure when one is needed, rather than when the idea for it comes naturally.

What i mean by that is, most adventures just pop into my mind when thinking about the current in-game situation and i have lots of ideas on how to design the next encounters. But sometimes there are situations where you need new adventures out of context. For example, after completing the last big chapter, we decided that we want to play a few down-time sessions, without any earth-shattering events or drama or big lore, in order to let the last events fade away in a relaxed manner before we plunge back into the action. So i have new locations, new npc's etc. etc. etc. and the need to create a new adventure from scratch and as usual i had no clue on where to even start.

In the process of designing this new adventure i got an idea: Why don't i just look at what my past adventures consisted of and work out a template that i just need to fill out when i am struggling with such situations? So i did. But i feel like there is a LOT that can be improved greatly so i want to ask YOU on what you guys think a great adventure needs. And even though he makes every encounter a better one i do not mean Boblin the goblin by that. What i am searching for is something like "it does not only need npc's, but it needs these specific kinds of npc's! (like a mentor, a villain, a questgiver...)", or like "it needs a problem to solve!". You get my point. As a comunity full of creative people i hope we can create something that not only i can take advantage of but many DM's out there who might struggle with the same problem.

Feel free to share your opinion about what a great adventure needs in the comments below and let us help each other to learn from shared experiences!

My current personal approach: Step 1: An adventure needs a great goal to be achieved. This is not to find the item that can kill the BBEG. This is also not to kill the BBEG. This is (for example) to get rid of the bad influence of the BBEG. Killing it is just one way to achieve that and belongs to step 2.

Step 2: Come up with 2-3 ways in which this goal CAN be achieved. In most cases you don't want to limit your players in creativity but you do want to have some intended options and their relevant ways to achieve prepared.

Step 3: Create a problem for each way that has to be solved to proceed in this way.

Step 4: Come up with 2-3 ways in which this problem can be solved.

You can expand this list to what you find most usefull for your specific case. Just repeat step 1 and 2 until you are satisfied. Following this guideline often helps me to find the specific needs for my specific adventure but it reaches its limits when you do net even know what you want and the possibility to grow a massive multi-session adventure (which is definetely given by this approach) is not always something you want.

03:05 UTC


Fighting a planet — 20th level final boss fight (?)

My players are 20th level, and are about to finally face off against the BBEG. The BBEG is based off of Ego, the Living Planet from Marvel Comics. I’m seriously struggling to figure out a way for them to have fun fighting it. There’s an observatory in a big city they know, and my party’s artificer spent the last two weeks brilliantly inventing a way to magically project a teleportation circle onto the surface of the planet via the telescope and use the observatory’s permanent teleportation circle to get onto the planet. So now I wonder, how are they going to kill it? It has a literal heart at its core, and it’s only 30 or so miles across, so getting inside of it might not be impossible, but how do you run combat against a planet?

02:53 UTC


Mimic and Goodberry

I have a question for all of you folks here. I have acquired a Mimic as a sort of pet in one of the campaigns am currently in. Both my Dm and I have the question of what happens if you are to feed a Goodberry to a Mimic. Dose it fill it for the day, Is the Mimic filled for the rest of its lifetime? Dose a Goodberry even work on a Mimic. We have decided to turn to you lovely folks here for advice on what happens as we have no clue.

02:48 UTC


Anime DnD Items?

Has anybody made any items based on Anime tropes? How did it go?

E.g. "The Power of Friendship" legendary totem; immediately grants the effects of a long rest to the user. (Or at least, they get all their spell slots/abilites/ racial abilities back) In addition, for the next 1 minute, user adds 1d12 to all damage and healing rules

Edit: can only be used when full party is below 10% health, or in death saves

What are some you've made? Any thoughts on the above?

02:48 UTC


What would be the consequences of soul bundling?

A character sells their soul to a devil. It then gets bundled with other souls and re-sold. What consequences does the character see?

At the very least, some kind of notification from time to time that "Your soul is now serviced by Karmatron(TM)." Is there soul foreclosure, if you fail your end of the contract? Bad customer service if whatever you sold your soul for doesn't work as per contract?

02:45 UTC

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