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Screen type for lay-flat VTT setup?

Currently torn between a couple of screen types for a VTT table. I'm worried about the reflectivity of a TV affecting useability. Both are around the same cost, brightness, HDR etc. Has that been a big driver of people's choices?

Current two options:

32' IPS QHD (2K) monitor
43' 4K TV (not finding matt models available, assuming glossy)

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Working Armillary Sphere for a Wizard Fight (I am currently 3d Printing it)

21:13 UTC


Want cheap maps with various themes? Check out my Patreon. Only $1 a month.

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Finished my game table!

Made to comfortably seat 8 players plus me (dm). Made from ash wood. Taking it to its new home this morning

13:11 UTC


Making "Crooked Staff" Terrain Walls and Decorations Magnetic (Tutorial)

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Build-your-own Papercraft Market

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Recommend paper craft tiles for cavern floors?

Can anyone recommend an artist who does paper-craft terrain for caverns and such?

I am looking for tiles for a large cavern that can spruce it up with things like cracks in the stone floor, wide chasms that run across the map, underground streams that fall into the abyss, fungal forests, and tunnel openings in the floor with stairs or ramps leading down.

I have been pouring over the printable terrain section of Drive Thru RPG and am not having much luck finding an artist that does things like cave floors.


19:45 UTC


[OC] 9 Fantasy themed Spotify playlists (also on Youtube) with a lowfi 70s/80s/90s sound: only Dungeon Synth from Old School to Medieval or Fantasy to Folk

14:38 UTC


D&D 5 Year Campaign: Final Session Custom Map & Minis

21:56 UTC


Vision of a thousand Galaxies super chonk liquid core d20

14:18 UTC


It went absolutely amazing!!

All of my players loved it!! And they successful destroyed it after 13 rounds of combat. Can’t wait to start up again in a whole other arc of the campaign now

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16:14 UTC


The D&D themed graffiti is complete! I want to thank everyone for the input, I used some ideas directly and took inspiration from others. I love the way it looks now!

00:31 UTC


Making a Dice Tray out of a Metal Lunchbox - Need Suggestions?

Hi everyone-
Sorry this is so long, I have adhd and have to be thorough.

I recently purchased one of the Dnd lunchboxes bioworld made- because I think it would look neat as a dice tray. I think I am going to add a raised bottom to it because its rather deep (3.25 inches, probably going to make the depth ~1-2 inches in the end).

I also purchased another lunchbox of the same size to make as a prototype because I figure this is going to take some trial and error, and I dont want to beat up the dnd one too much before its finished.

WRT my skill level:
I'm a fairly crafty person, but with minimal experience of using large power tools. I was an industrial design student for 2 years (in 2016-2018), and I wish I had access to a laser cutter right now, it would make this so simple. (fwiw, I didnt really enjoy the design school environment and so I transferred to the chemistry department and I am a gainfully employed chemist now). I have many tools and such from my design school days, and other projects I've had to do fixing up the house I live in. The tools I have access to are a power drill w/drill bits, a dremel, a small hacksaw, chisels, and like a basic tool kit with hammers, screwdrivers, utility knives/xacto blades, sandpaper, etc. (I have other tools as well, but these are the ones I think are most applicable to this project- feel free to ask if I have a certain tool, as I could actually have it, or could be willing to buy it). I can also ask my dad, as he has the all the larger stuff, but I would have to ask him to borrow it and probably get help with it.

I'm looking for suggestions about:
My biggest questions are about glue tbh.

What to make the raised bottom platform out of?
The most cost-effective option for me seems to be these wooden art panels Michaels sells, i think its composite wood, (5 pack of 8x10s). Would this be a terrible idea? I may have already bought them... (I can be convinced to get something else and put these in the craft box for another use someday). Bass and balsa wood seemed to soft and dent-able to me, and nothing else I could find at the michaels was big enough without being too expensive for its final purpose and also like a 1/2 inch thick.
I think I am going to use a thick piece of styrofoam to raise the bottom. is there a better option that styrofoam? (floral foam?)

Padding/lining and glue?
I think I am going to go with Craft Foam and felt for padding the top of the platform (layer of foam between the felt and platform), and then line the sides of the lunchbox felt (to prevent an awful amount of clanking noises when im moving the box/dice around.) should I also add the foam padding to the sides?
-What is the best glue for gluing the foam to the felt, and the felt to metal walls (or the foam to the metal walls if I pad those?) Should I use something other than craft foam? I've seen cork be suggested? I think super glue should be fine for the foam to the platform. What about the styrofoam to the metal and to the platform?
-I've done a test of felt squares onto the foam with tacky glue, rubber cement and super glue- super glue (loctite liquid super glue 'for crafters and makers') soaked through the felt and hardened it, and sort of stained the felt, so its a no-go. Tacky glue (Aleene's original tacky glue) did this to a much lesser extent. Rubber Cement didn't harden or stain the felt, but it peeled easily when I tried it.
-I've read suggestions a couple of places about contact cement and also seen that Aleenes has a 'Felt & Foam' tacky glue and was wondering if that worked without hardening the felt like the normal tacky glue? I've seen suggestions about spray adhesive but unsure of any suggestions on what type.

Protective coating on the outside?
Also I wanted to know if I should try to put some type of protective coating/varnish on the outside of the lunchbox to keep it from getting scratched up, or if that will be a futile endeavor.

The TLDR/question summary:
-I want to make a dice tray out of a metal lunchbox, and put a false bottom/raised bottom so the tray isnt as deep.
-The tools I have on hand that I feel are relevant for this project, without going to ask my dad for help are a power drill, dremel, small hacksaw, chisel and a basic tool kit, as well as sandpaper. My dad has the "bigger" power tools.
-I think I'm a crafty enough person to get this project done with the tools I have on hand.
-What should I use for the platform for the false/raised bottom? I have some composite wood art panels.
-I'm planning on using craft foam and felt to pad and line the main rolling surface. Are there better materials for this? Should I also pad the sides of the rolling area?
- (This is my biggest question) What glue should I use for: foam to felt, foam to metal, felt to meta, styrofoam to wood(/platform), styrofoam/metall? I've tested super glue, original tacky glue and rubber cement and wasnt satisfied with the result. I've seen suggestions of: contact cement, spray adhesive and Aleene's Felt & Foam tacky glue. what are yalls opinions on these?
- (This is my second biggest question) Should I add some sort of coating/varnish to the outside of the box to protect the paint scratching? or will it be a futile endaevor?

Sorry this is so long, I like to be thorough with background context.
Thanks for your help and feel free to ask any questions!

18:40 UTC


[OC] My first expirience with miniature painting

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20:17 UTC


Amateur Painter

23:13 UTC


my shoestring budget dm book as a broke student

I made this out of colored papers, folders and time spent at the library. Comes with stuff for me to read to help with improv, my main dm screen, an initiative tracker i made ( you take the folder sticks and just slot them into what order they go), and a count of how many NAT 20s we've rolled total. It's made in a clearbook so I can just bring the least amount of things whenever we play, as we all live far away and meet at school to play Im still thinking of things to add onto the book, could you guys give me ideas? Excuse my bad handwriting and janky arts skills, it definitely could look cleaner, i just dont have the brain for it.

Total cost: 2$( maybe?, had everything but the printer at home)











19:33 UTC


Wizzro in the ice cavern, models from Irnkman's Minis 🧊

01:24 UTC


Any thoughts/advice on this faux brick pattern, particularly the top and end view?

19:13 UTC

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