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My beloved drew this adorable Wolpertinger from German folklore, and I gave it monster stats and turned it into a bookmark. It's compatible with old school D&D and includes (ascending AC) for use with modern editions. Image file is included for those who want to make their own. 😁

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Three-headed Rat-fish Encounter

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Broke and not handy at all…what are some basic tricks you love?

I’m always impressed and inspired by those of you who can 3D print, paint, craft, build, etc. Wish I had someone with that skill and dedication at my table.

But my DM skills just don’t really extend into the physical realm. I have clothespins on my DM screen with player names to track initiative. I use poker chips under minis to denote conditions. I’ll print out a picture of the monster(s) they’re fighting and slip into their side of the DM screen so they get some visual, but just use army men for creatures I don’t have a mini for.

It probably sounds lame to many of you and that’s cause it is! But I also like the sorta punk rock simplicity of solutions like these. What other tricks along these lines have you used, and what are some simple things I can do to start improving my maps?


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templates from SHIFTINGLANDS [selfpromotion] [OC] [Art]

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Stuck with Tiny Bottles in need of Big Ideas: Transforming Dice Potion Vials into DIY Marvels!

Hey fellow adventurers of r/DnDIY! I recently found myself in possession of a surplus of tiny glass bottles intended for dice potions, only to realize they were more suited for pixie-sized adventures. Now, I'm on a quest for inspiration on how to repurpose these miniature wonders! 🧙‍♂️✨

I'm reaching out to this creative community for your ingenious ideas. What can these pint-sized containers be transformed into?

They are 22mmx70mm, and are just to small to fit a die.

Looking forward to your fantastic ideas, adventurers! May your crafting rolls be crits! 🌟 #TinyBottleTransformations #DnDIYAlchemy

20:57 UTC


My Paper Minis Setup

18:26 UTC


Heroforge 2D alternative?

I don't want to buy a 3D printer (in my country they are VERY expensive), so I am making 2D paper minis (like the ones in "Printable Heroes"). The thing is that I suck at drawing so I need a tool similar to Heroforge to make fullbody 2D characters.

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I made some dice potions for my players as a Christmas Gift 💗

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From what material/how I could make bases for these trees?


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Mini Dice and Dice Box

This is an item I was inspired to make after finding this super small (only 6mm) dice online. I saw the dice set and thought since I make dice boxes for full size dice, why not try making one for these tiny dice.

The fruit of this inspiration are these little dice boxes, roughly 1 5/8 inches (41mm) from point to point and 1 1/2 inches (38mm) from side to side and only 3/4 inches (19mm) thick when closed. The image shows the dice fitting on a US quarter for scale.

I cannot express well enough how much people have underestimated how small these dice and boxes are and how fun they are to fidget with. I also offer a variety of felt and laser engravings for the boxes or can do completely custom engravings.


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More sci-fi terrain...

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DnD Table help please

Hi everyone !

I'm kinda new to DnD and also wood working, but I wish to create a similar table of this very famous model : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spdescYFqIE

I made some adjustements to fit my needs and envy.

(Color are for visual representation of my pieces)

But here is my problem i don't know how to properly connect my brown top plank to my blue plank

Most of my pieces will either be connected by some screws or wooden pin



If you need any additionnal information, tell me !

10:01 UTC


D&D 5e Google Slides Character Sheet

Sup! This is my final iteration of a google slides character sheet template that I've been workshopping for about a year or two. This finalized version is the one I'm proudest of, and the one that I think is the most accessible / easy to use, so I wanted to post it somewhere for other folks' convenience!

Here is a link to the slideshow, which you can make a copy of and edit for yourself: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-aYq-3S3sRZWzyDilUrcl4DpJtBDG-NG7sE57cBPhC8/edit?usp=sharing

I have a few notes / recommendations for people who plan on using it:

- On the spellcasting slide, the little boxes next to the spell level # are for spell slots. The top box is for slots used, the bottom box is for total slots allocated by your class.

- Also on the spellcasting slide, where I inserted the placeholder text "brief description", I recommend making your short spell descriptions link to the DnD 5e wikidot page for the spell. That way, when you click on the brief description, it links you right to a full one. If you don't know how to make text link elsewhere on google slides: highlight the text you want embed a link into and then hit ctrl + K, and this should bring up a little menu for you to drop a url into.

- If you ever struggle to find good art for your D&D character, go to websites like artstation.com and pinterest.com and just type in core aspects of your character for good inspiration. Like if you type "Tiefling Artificer" into artstation's search bar, you'll find a ton of great art for your character. Obviously if you make any content with someone else's character art, ask for permission and credit them though.

- I recommend copy-and-pasting full ability descriptions onto the race & class ability slides, for ease of access. Also, you probably won't have enough room for all of your character's class abilities on one slide, so just duplicated that slide to your heart's content (right click on a slide and hit the duplicate option).

Please let me know if you have any recommendations for how I could improve the character sheet, and enjoy using it! I worked really hard on improving it into the best version of itself, so I really hope other players and even DMs can get some use out of it.

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