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Contentment and conversations- collab between me (houlefineart) and southernwindkwe

18:05 UTC


Uh, "Indigenous Policy and Program Lead"

This Indigenous Policy Program Lead position for these oil companies keeps popping up, now. I noticed it a few years after Standing Rock. Maybe I missed it before. I know that the oil companies probably keep tabs on all of these forums but I can not give two shi*s anymore. I brought up ENBRIDGE before online and got followed by one of those big ol black pick up trucks with the tinted windows for a bit.

What is this position? With these oil companies. This one was with WOOD up in Alberta Canada. Another with Enbridge in Michigan USA. Oh, it's painted to be a wonderful community relations role. What is this nonsense, fellow agitators?

17:25 UTC


Painted a thing

More Native adjacent than outright Native.

16:10 UTC


Mama Quilla (Inca Goddess of the Moon) painting for a comic series I am currently making about Inka Mythology

1 Comment
02:01 UTC


Traditional Men's Drum Songs

Tawnshi hello everyone!

I learned to drum in high school and it was a wonderful experience for me. My brother was uninterested at the time but has now asked me to teach him how to drum.

My problem is that I was never taught any men's drum songs, not being a man and all, and I was hoping any of you guys knew some I could learn and then teach him!

Maarsii <3

18:22 UTC


The famous “I’m am Indian too” line has to be one of the most cringe responses when confronting ignorance

00:44 UTC

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