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The goal of /r/hardware is a place for quality hardware news, reviews, and intelligent discussion.

/r/hardware is not the place to come for help of any kind. This includes tech support and PC building questions.

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Microsoft,intels newest customer.

Does this mean we are possibly going to be seeing that 18a chip in the next iteration of Xbox’s?

Just when I was about to start building a PC.

Honestly, with all the exciting stuff coming out, I think I’ll just postpone my decision six months just to see what happens 🤫😏.


20:14 UTC


[Digital Foundry] NVIDIA in a next-gen console - can it happen?

18:18 UTC


Is there a (rare) stability issue with the Core i7/i9 K/KF models of Raptor Lake?

Twitter's Sebastian Castellanos draws attention to a possible problem with the K/KF models of Core i7/i9 from Intel's 13th & 14th Core generation ("Raptor Lake"), in which some of these processors can exhibit noticeable stability problems, especially when compiling shaders in games. These are purely stability problems due to the fact that these problems should disappear after reducing the maximum clock rate by just 200 MHz, as game developer Fatshark officially notes in a tech FAQ for its games "Vermintide 2" and "Darktide". The manufacturer of the compression software 'Oodle' (which is used for the shader compilation of the Unreal Engine) also notes a very similar sounding situation. However, the problems probably only affect a small part of the delivered processor batch, which is explicitly concentrated on the high-clocked K/KF models.

Speculatively, there is no real architectural or manufacturing problem here, but the affected processors were (maybe) simply binned to high. At least overclocking by users should probably not be the cause, as systems on absolute default clock and without memory overclocking are also be affected. In addition, the current outside temperatures (at least in the northern hemisphere) are not necessarily suitable for making those processors sweat. However, it is not yet certain whether this problem really occurs more frequently, i.e. whether there is more to it than a few forum reports. The entire matter is therefore currently being acknowledged with reservations: It is important to have mentioned this so that more data and user feedback can subsequently be compiled and the extent to which the problem actually exists can thus become clearer.

Intel i9 13900k/i7 13700k: Underclock 'Performance Core' Speed

It has been noted that players with the Intel i9 13900k/i7 13700k CPU are prone to these crashes. Players have been able to work around this by underclocking the 'Performance Core' speed using Intel XTU, from x55 to x53.
noted by game developer Fatshark

RAD has become aware of a problem that can cause Oodle Data decompression failures, or crashes in games built with Unreal. We believe that this is a hardware problem which affects primarily Intel 13900K and 14900K processors, less likely 13700, 14700 and other related processors as well. Only a small fraction of those processors will exhibit this behavior.

noted by software developer RAD

Source: translated from 3DCenter.org

15:56 UTC


Why was audio return channel (HDMI ARC) given such an anemic bandwidth of 1mbps even though it released in 2009?

Hey, all. As I've been researching sound bars for my theatre set up, I got into looking into the ARC feature. I find it fascinating that it's given so little bandwidth to work with. The old optical audio from the 80s/90s had 384kb/s which was great for the time and could even transfer 5.1 surround sound. But then ARC comes around in 2009 and the bandwidth is only bumped up about 2.5x... why? DTS back in 2004 developed its lossless codec for use in blu rays which could go up to 24mbps. It's not like the hdmi 1.4 was hurting for bandwidth at the time either. It had 10gbps of bandwidth, far more than enough to spare the 37mbps we see in earc today (for more advanced codecs like atmos and dts:x) and still present a 1080p 24hz movie. So why did it take until the second revision to free up a sensible amount of bandwidth for the ARC system?

19:35 UTC


[STS] Arctic Liquid Freezer III 420 - The Best Just Got Better

15:02 UTC


[GamersNexus] The New Best: Arctic Liquid Freezer III 360 & 280 CPU Cooler Review & Benchmarks

13:28 UTC


AMD Ryzen 5 5600X3D vs. Ryzen 7 5700X3D vs. Ryzen 7 5800X3D, Gaming Benchmark

12:45 UTC


Intel's new low-power N-series CPUs are a game changer for budget low power PCs and laptops.

I love tiny PCs, but they usually comed with massively underpowered CPUs, N-series is going to change that!

I got my hands on an N100 laptop, but before I did, I did a little test.

You see, I'm a software dev, and I need my laptop to be able to run the things I make smoothly and efficiently. Having a 13900K in my main workstation, I ran my thing and set affinity to an E-core far down the core list. It seemed to run fine, so I figured it will be probably 50% slower on the low powered N100 that's basically trhe same core but much less watts.

To my surprise, the performance is nearly on par! It's crazy fast and supports AVX2, the perofrmance is comparable to Skylake flagships (6600-6700) and having tried J-series (J4105) and N-series (N3050) and M-series (M-5Y37 and m3-8100Y) and Atom before, this thing is waay above these!

You can now get a low-powered PC that's actually usable and it rocks!

10:17 UTC


4:14 / 17:59 • Broadcom Avago Acqusition History PLX PCIe Switches VMware GUTS Customers with 10x Price Increases

01:42 UTC


PSA: Beware of counterfeight Scythe products, including the GT360 AIO

There are a number of products allegedly being produced by Scythe which turned out to the creation of copycat companies. This apparently includes the GT360 AIO which has been shown on a few press sites.

Here's a press release I recieved from Scythe regarding these products:

In recent times, several products, including GT360, have emerged in the market that have no affiliation with the SCYTHE group. Currently, SCYTHE does not have any authorized distributors in China.

In China, in 2008, a third party entirely unrelated to the SCYTHE group applied for and successfully registered the SCYTHE trademark. This trademark underwent multiple resales and has persisted until now. Throughout this period, we have taken legal actions multiple times. It was only last year (2023) that the court recognized

our ownership rights to the SCYTHE trademark, and the trademark registered in 2008 in China was declared invalid. We have promptly re-submitted the trademark registration, which is currently under review. This has led to a situation in China where our SCYTHE trademark is in a state of having no rightful owner, and products unrelated to SCYTHE are being illegally sold by unauthorized vendors.

We anticipate obtaining the SCYTHE group's trademark registration in the near future, and at that time, we will use legal means to gradually eliminate counterfeit SCYTHE products. We sincerely apologize for the confusion and inconvenience caused to our customers due to our oversight. Please ensure not to mistake these

products for those of SCYTHE, and SCYTHE will not provide maintenance or warranties for these listed items.

As of now, we have not produced liquid cooling systems as original products, but we are currently in the development stage. Please stay tuned for further updates.

23:08 UTC

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