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Strange Chrome extension and Bing redirection

for a few weeks now I have been battling with a suddenly disobedient google. It is a family computer, so the origin could be anywhere from the elder member's yahoo to a younger's fortnite scam. From what I have gathered, a semingly common Bing redirection hijacker thing is the issue. Other problems besides redirecting any searches to the worst browser known to man are, and not limited to: Chrome randomly closing down and refusing to reopen for at least 15min at least every other day, logging in to sites, such as Twitch, being blocked due to "unsupported platform" (which I looked into, chrome is updated, Windows is fine and oblivious to the chrome hijack). A few more issues are settings, mainly extensions are disabled constantly, and the need to put in the admin pin for every fill-in login page. I have been staring down a enigmatic extension for some time now, unable to disable or delete it called Heliocuben, which has weirdly been replaced by TitanVermilor.

I have tried wiping history, I cant delete the obvious sus extensions, deleting chrome and resetting settings (which had a whole ordeal in itself where it couldnt download properly with crazy server access error whatevers). Now teams is acting funky, where there are spasms in sending/pasting images that just send odd, blank messages, and freak out when you try to edit them. The last option I was given was find a vpn/protection/security subscription that maybe will do it for me.

05:39 UTC


Is it safe to leave a usb hub (specifically an Acer 3.0 usb hub) plugged into my desktop at all times without unplugging it?

As title suggests, I plug in only my mic and mouse into it but I’m stressed it’ll overheat or melt or somehow ruin my pc. Thanks for the help!

1 Comment
05:29 UTC


Dell XPS constantly has trouble loading external HD

Bought a new 8 TB external hard drive that needs to be plugged into power to work, which is a first for me. Anyway i try and plug into my XPS USB adapter and I have to plug and unplug over a dozen times sometimes for it to ever actually pop up. No other USBs have this issue and I’ve had this issue since I got the hard drive and it’s only gotten worse. The computer makes the connection noise like it’s supposed to when the HD gets plugged in, but nothing ever shows up. My hard drive has a solid light on every time too. It takes so much time to get the HD to finally pop up and when it does the connection is secure and totally fine.

What’s the deal?

05:15 UTC


Pc froze and looping audio

My pc froze and it will have an audio loop and it will sound like a buzz as shown here https://streamable.com/nss5hf

How do i prevent this in the future and what should i do during the freeze

05:09 UTC


I need to check if this monitor arm is compatible with these monitors Before i purchase.

Hi there. Like i said, I need to see if this monitor arm is compatible with 3 of the same monitor if i put all 3 on the arm.

I Do not want to purchase until im 100% sure... from looking at the specs i think it will work but yeah, id rather get a second opinion. Here is the links:

Monitors: (3 of them) https://www.samsung.com/au/monitors/gaming/odyssey-g5-g55c-27-inch-165hz-curved-qhd-ls27cg552eexxy/

Arm: https://www.arctic.de/en/Z3-Pro-Gen-3/AEMNT00051A

I sent a message to the customer service.. 3 weeks and nothing gotten back to me.

05:06 UTC


Do monitor refresh rates impact latency if using framerates lower than the refresh rates?

Topic. I'm going through a bit of a fighting game phase right now, and I'm trying to get the least amount of latency as possible. These games are almost always capped at 60 fps. One of my monitors has a 280hz refresh rate at 1080p, and the other has a 165 refresh rate @ 1440p. I'd like to use the 1440p monitor, but not at the cost of any additional nput or rendering latency. Any input is welcome! Thanks in advance.

05:06 UTC


The For You page on the Play Store keep saying No results found.

I know I should be asking this on the Techsupport subreddit but I really need an explanation on this.

Today when I open the Play Store the For You page was empty and said" No results found", even though it was fine yesterday. Then I decided to check my secondary google account, it was normal the For You page wasn't empty.

I don't know what is happening, should I clear data on the Play Store.

04:59 UTC


Really Hot Room with Great PC...


So when I'm just on my computer browsing or playing games, my room gets really hot, each day when i come into my office for the first time its around 70°F degrees and after a 1-3 hours its usually already around 76°F - 80°F degrees in my room. I have blackout curtains, 2 room tower fans running, AC running and it still gets really hot in my room

I am a full time content creator so majority of my day is spent at my computer either playing games, recording, editing videos, using photoshop or browsing the internet. With my room being very hot it just makes it really difficult to be on the computer for long periods at a time since I will start getting hot and sweaty and simply enjoying time playing games.

Over the years I have upgraded my computer a lot and here are the parts inside (listed below)! I know I have a really good PC but I am just unsure if there is really anything I can do like any configurations I can do on my computer or if there is parts I need to replace?

A lot of my friends will game / stream for 6+ hours and their room temperature is the exact same and cold... that is something I am striving for! Could it be my case pumping out too much hot air? PC cooling isn't good enough or efficient enough? Etc. etc... Really looking for some help here, thank you so much!! :)

  • Case - NZXT H7 Flow Mid Tower
  • CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D 4.2GHz (Idle Temp 45°C - 55°C)
  • GPU - GeForce RTX 3080 (Idle Temp 46°C - 52°C)
  • Cooling - NZXT Kraken 360mm
  • Motherboard - ROG STRIX B650E-F GAMING WIFI
  • RAM - (2x) G.Skill Flare X5 Series 32GB 288-Pin DDR5 6000
  • Power Supply - Corsair RM 1000x

Pictures of the inside of my PC:

04:56 UTC


Toshiba Satellite C55 won’t boot

I am getting ready to start classes next week for computer programming, I was going to buy a Toshiba Satellite C55 on market place and right before I went to pay for it, the seller said it wouldn't turn on so he gave it to me for free. The issue is that it won't turn on past the the power button turning on for a few seconds then turn on and it cycles like that. I've tried removing the battery repeatedly, plugging it back in after holding the power button for a minute at a shot. I then tried to hold the "O" key and turn it on, it updated and took me to the Home Screen but the seller forgot the pin, I tried to restart it and it has gone back to the same issue. I'm unable to boot it in safe mode or do a bios reset because it keeps cycling. What can I do to fix this?

04:51 UTC


CPU Throttling

I was having issues with my i7 12700kf thermal throttling and shutting down late last year and got it fixed at a shop. Or so I thought. I got it back at the beginning of this year and everything was fine, but I only recently tried playing a game on it and it immediately hit 100C temps while averaging mid 90C.

I have my 12700kf paired with an Arctic Liquid Freezer II AIO.

I didn't believe it was a pump issue. Instead, I thought that it was a contact problem, so I reapplied the thermal paste and reseated the cooler onto the CPU, but the temps seem to have stayed the same, or gotten even worse. At idle it averages around 50C to 60C and in BIOS it was sitting at 52C.

What should I do here?


04:47 UTC


Toshiba trouble shooting issues

I am getting ready to start classes next week for computer programming, I was going to buy a Toshiba Satellite C55 on market place and right before I went to pay for it, the seller said it wouldn’t turn on so he gave it to me for free.

The issue is that it won’t turn on past the the power button turning on for a few seconds then turn on and it cycles like that. I’ve tried removing the battery repeatedly, plugging it back in after holding the power button for a minute at a shot. I then tried to hold the “O” key and turn it on, it updated and took me to the Home Screen but the seller forgot the pin, I tried to restart it and it has gone back to the same issue. I’m unable to boot it in safe mode or do a bios reset because it keeps cycling.

What can I do to fix this, or is it looking like the hard drive shit the bed?

04:46 UTC


Got my first gaming pc but graphics are horrible in any game?

Hello everyone,

I just got my first ever gaming PC and I was curious as to why whenever I run any games it feels like the frames arent just catching up and it feels/looks laggy. Here are the specs. Hoping anyone can help me this. Im new to gaming PCs so I have no idea how to fix this issue and google isnt really helpful.

Processor AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 8-Core Processor 4.20 GHz

Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.2 GB usable)

System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

04:44 UTC


Does anyone know what this is? (Unknown application which appears in Task Manager)

I suddenly got this thing called "Bulb" and I have no clue what it does or where it came from. it's in a folder, there are a few of them, all of them have strange names like "escalate" and "alderman".

Has anyone seen these before?


1 Comment
04:40 UTC


says i have no storage when i have deleted files

So i am looking at my storage settings and it says my game valorant is taking up a majority of my storage, so i went into my files and deleted valorant from there but when i go back to storage settings it still says valorant is there. when i click to uninstall valorant from the storage settings window it says it is unable to uninstall because it can't locate the file for the game, as said before i deleted the files. so how can i either make me computer see that i deleted it or how do i get around this issue.

1 Comment
04:33 UTC


MacOS Messages App stopped sending SMS, will only send iMessages

I have MacOS Monterey, 12.7.5

I've been using the Messages app to send and receive SMS/iMessage along with my iPhone for at least a couple years at this point. For some reason a few weeks ago, I'm no longer able to send SMS from my Mac, only iMessage. It still receives SMS though, just every time I try to send it fails. Sending/receiving iMessage works just fine.

I'm really puzzled and have no idea how to fix. I tried Google and Chat GPT, but haven't had any luck so far.

04:32 UTC


Error: Hard drive not installed!

Two days ago I went on a plane and took the laptop with me, yesterday I turned it on and used it for a few hours, then it suddenly crashed, showing a blue screen and a message saying there's an error and it needs to restart, when I restarted, a support assist screen showed, saying hard drive not installed, then I ran the bios diagnostic, it said there's an error in the thermal sensor, and each time I try turning on the laptop it shows the hard drive error, can someone tell me how to fix this?

Note: the laptop doesn't overheat, and I replaced the fan and the thermal paste three months ago and haven't had any issues ever since.

Edit: it's a dell Inspiron 15 5000 series, windows 10

1 Comment
04:30 UTC


How do I fix lock screen overlapping (S23 phone)

On my galaxy s23 I want to organize my lock screen efficiently, so I messed with the widgets and clock and the notifications that show up on the lock screen and I'll set it how I want it but then when I test it the notifications are still in one place and no matter what I do they always stay there. I don't know what to do and unfortunately I can't share my screenshot. If you have an answer please share it, it's bugging me so much.

04:25 UTC


Reddit email digests

Why do none of the links in Reddit's daily digest emails work? Every link in every digest takes me to reddit.com.

04:19 UTC


Ram optimization on mac

like when you can enable xmp on a windows pc to max out the transfer speed of the ram can you do something similar on mac not the silicon version

04:18 UTC


SD card Help!?

So recently I brought a SD card 128GB SanDisk extreme two months back and it was working fine the first month. But after the first month I started getting this issue: • When I transfer some file from my PC to SD card the files do get's transferred and I see them in SD card. • But after 5mins or so the files just vanishes itself and doesn't show up in file manager anymore..I did check up with other file manager apps and nothing helpful so far • And the plot twist in all these is the Files do still exists in the SD cards and I can open them but it won't show up at all in the directory it besides in, but can be accessed through recent media...

TLDR: The files did show up in the SD in the first 5 mins of getting transferred But after 5 mins it disappears but I can still access them from the recent media files

Those who'll suggesting formatting it, I did do it and it had the same issue still..and even switching SD card in different device still doesn't solve the issue So any suggestions?

04:15 UTC


Windows 11 Lenovo ideapad black screen with cursor.

I haven't used this computer in over a year. I turned it on and it started to update but got stuck on 0%. I restarted it mid update than it was on "undoing changes made to you computer" for a while until it finally starting to show the Lenovo logo and a spinning icon. Finally let me sign in and has been on a black screen with a cursor for a long time. Nothing unsual looking in task manager - but i also don't know exactly what to look for besides closing unnecessary background apps. Even task manager was very slow on startup and froze a few times. Also in task manager it shows my disk is at 100% other things are under 20%. Any solutions? (also i don't know if it's open software like tagged i'm not farmiluar with what flairs are)

1 Comment
04:12 UTC


Issues with Windows Photo viewer (and maybe HDR)

TLDR: Help me fix HDR, Windows Photo viewer, or find an alternative to it.

So long term Windows user here. I do photography and graphic design and it's pretty vital for me to, you know, view my images.
I have a Samsung M7 4k monitor which is pretty neat. It enables HDR viewing, and without it, everything looks fuzzy, dark, and drab. Almost like the HDR is the intended view experience or something.

But recently, there have been issues.

Previously, this manifested as this intense, hyper exposure when taking screenshots, often making them unusable. This was a bit trash, but I could try and work around it, often by disabling HDR then re-enabling it if I really needed a screenshot.
But now, very suddenly I might add, it's doing this same hyper exposure thing to windows photo viewer, making it just impossible to view or preview my images properly.
It's horrible.
I can't/don't want to disable HDR, because the difference is honestly pretty insane in viewing quality. But I need to do something, or find an alternative photo viewer that doesn't just boot up an big, chunky, slow program.

Any advice?

04:10 UTC


What does fixing H: mean

I started my windows 10 computer and it shows ”fixing (H:)” in a pixels font. I wanted to just wait it out, but the wait started at 4 hours, then it kept increasing and now it’s 60 hours. How do I fix this?

1 Comment
03:53 UTC


Can someone help me with this?

My button for emojis won't work, it's just Gray

1 Comment
03:52 UTC


Keys on my key board result in the S key being spammed?

Recently some keys on my key board (A,D etc) result in the S key being spammed until I stop it.I have never had an issue like this before and can’t find much information on the subject.

The S key has no input whatsoever and cleaning the keyboard with compressed air didn’t really do anything.

My computer is a Thinkpad 13 Yoga and I’m unsure on what to do other than getting it professionally cleaned.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

(Please ignore any spelling mistakes writing this on my phone since my keyboard is screwed right now)

03:44 UTC


Windows won’t reinstall or repair itself

I get this error anytime i try to reinstall windows i also can’t follow the instructions since they don’t work. The issue happened when i was messing with easyBCD and it broke windows entirely and i can’t even reinstall.

i do have linux which is what i used to try and reinstall with using ventoy but window’s won’t install at all.

It gives status 0x0000014c Info: Boot configuration data for your pc is missing or contains errors File: /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/BCD

It also gives some instructions to fix it which don’t work and just give more errors

03:43 UTC


The buzz came back | Microphone

After countless hours of trying to figure out a fix for this annoying issue I've been having for a long time. Fixing a lose connection on the audio cable in my PC and it fixed the issue.....until it slowly comes back. I'm starting to give up on trying to fix this. It gets worse while on games, discord, and obs (while recording)

Here's a video of the buzz: https://youtu.be/oSZCvhVuPLE

03:42 UTC


I can't close ad on my phone when it's in horizontal mode

So I played a mobile game, and I clicked an ad to get a free bonus from the game. But when I finished watching it and the game said I earned my reward. I can't close it as the X button is near the back button on my phone. I pressed the back button and it works sometimes, but it's not always the case. Is there any way to tweak the resolution or force the ad screen to be vertical? My phone is Vivo V15.

1 Comment
03:40 UTC


PC isn't recognizing USB or AUX audio

My computer is a prebuild (STGAubron gaming desktop) running Windows 11 and I've been using the speakers that came with it since I started using it. They didn't work when I plugged them in via USB or AUX, but I figured they might just not be good speakers, so I just used them with bluetooth and resolved to get better speakers later. Well, turns out it wasn't a problem with the speaker, since I got new ones and they don't work either. The USB ports work fine for everything else, including audio and video input, but output just isn't working at all.

1 Comment
03:39 UTC


Bluetooth Keyboard Won't Show Up on Any Device

My Bluetooth keyboard had connectivity issues even if it's fully charged yesterday. I tried to unpair and repair it as that usually works but when I unpaired it, it no longer shows up on my Android tablet. It also won't show up on any other devices. I've looked for tutorials but they only show instructions for other Bluetooth keyboards. Can somebody help me?

03:32 UTC

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