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TEFL - Student Visa from Spain?

Hi all,

Has anyone here successfully applied for a student visa from within Spain while applying for a TEFL program here? If so, how long did it take ? Were you able to return home for the summer with a regreso?

I'm considering applying for a student visa from Spain as I currently live in Madrid, teaching through NALCAP, but switching to a TEFL program for the upcoming school year.

Some say the visa process can take 6 months here. From the U.S., the decision is faster after an appointment with the consulate, but I'd have to do another round of FBI fingerprints, apostille, and the medical exam/certificate, which I won't be able to do until I'm back in the U.S. this summer.

Thank you for the help!

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18:50 UTC


TEFL or translation? (rant/advice)

hi! I'm an undergrad linguistics student unsure what I wanna do with my degree. I've thought about becoming a teacher for a few years now since I do really like helping people and explaining things, but lately I've been considering the relationship I want to have with my career in addition to my interests. I don't wanna live to work, I wanna work to live, and the idea of having to bring my work home with me and spend extra unpaid hours grading? Sounds awful! Already I miss when I took a gap year to work, when I was able to clock out and do whatever I want with the rest of my day.

So basically: is it really that bad? I guess it probably depends where you go. I was planning on doing TEFL in Japan after I graduate, just for a year to see if I really like it. But I've heard some horror stories about Japan's work culture too, so now I'm kinda reconsidering everything. Obviously for translation I would have to take a couple extra years to become fluent (I'm thinking either Spanish or Japanese, both of which I'm pretty proficient in already), but that's been a life goal of mine anyway, and might be worth it if it gives me more free time in the future. Thanks for reading, if anyone's got relevant advice for this I would really appreciate it!

13:01 UTC


Help! I'm at EF and I want out


So I'm currently working for EF in China since I landed Feb 27.

Unfortunately I did my research via websites reviews on EF pre-covid which seemed to say good for a first timer to get your foot in the door with training provided. And good support getting you over here. That part I confirm is true.

But a lot has changed post-covid and if I didn't know then, I do now – I am not suited for a language center environment.

So yes OP is stupid, she should have consulted with Reddit.

Right now I am trying to change to a public school or university (not kindergarden though) Aug/Sept.

What advice do you have in not making the same mistake again?

And apart from echinacities do any of you have recruitment groups on wechat I could join?

Much appreciated 🙏


Bachelor of Arts Degree

Only experience is working with EF since Feb

Before 3 years caption editing with captioning, translation and transcription company.

TEFL 150hrs.

Australian Native-English speaker

11:27 UTC


Advice on teaching 7 to 9 year olds after years of teaching higher teens and adults (classroom management) (Vietnam)

I've spent the last four years on and off teaching business English, advanced teens classes, and IELTS. My classes were mostly conversational and I barely had to do any classroom management beyond saying no phones and asking them in a polite manner to refrain from using much Vietnamese.

Now I'm transitioning roles due to working in a new city and surprisingly I've been allocated kids classes rather than the area that I'm skilled at. I'm choosing to look at this as a challenge rather than a bad thing.

But my issue so far is the language taught is a bit basic as they arent conversational yet, so I cant ask them much based on the language. I feel its just drilling, fill in the missing words, play a game, do the book tasks. Is that normal?

Also, and this is the big issue - classroom management. Half of them want to leave their seats, some of them grab my arms, I tell them to sit down but they are back up in 2 minutes (I do empathise slightly as they've been in school all day and now they want to cut loose, but its grating being yanked and proded a bit, here and there)

I'm not an authoritative person, very passive by nature, I'm used to saying, 'take a seat,' and, 'use english,' and it worked in the past with teens.

So what is the trick with these younger learners?

The big and more serious downside is because of the noise of the classes and the hecticness, I do find I need to drink a beer to unwind after it and I never really needed to drink after a teens or adults class (unless socially). So I know its important to fix the students behaviour lest I become an alcoholic as a coping mechanism due to the wild and feral nature of the class.

In short, please advise a poor old teacher from becoming a drunk vis a vis coping with the madness of teaching youngsters (I am part joking and part serious - mostly serious).

09:24 UTC


Hangzhou, China - Is this a legit offer?

I am a student in college that is graduating in July (NOT and education major). I am looking to go teach abroad afterwards. I will have my TEFL certificate by then, and have teaching/tutoring experience as well.

I was in contact with a recruiter over WhatsApp. I sent them an introduction video, and even spoke to her over skype. She has sent me this offer- and as someone with 0 experience teaching abroad, i'm curious if things are up to snuff! I will copy + paste the message in the picture:

We are urgently looking for teachers to fill the following position:

Primary School Teacher in Hangzhou:

A middle school in Hangzhou urgently requires English teachers.

Salary and Apartment: Up to 20k RMB per month, depending on experience Modern and clean apartment provided within walking distance from work.

Native speakers from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South-Africa, Ca Working hours:Less than 12 teaching hours per week + office hours(8:00am


Paid Visa/Work Permit transfer

5000RMB Flight Allowance per year

Fully furnished modern apartment

Accident Insurance

Free medical check

Free modern and clean apartment, teachers with families are taken into con requirements.


Currently residing in China Transferable Teaching Z-visa

No Criminal Record

Bachelor's degree


NATIVE SPEAKERS ONLY from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland,

12:41 UTC


No renewal

I’ve been told by the manager that my contract won’t be renewed - when I’m nowhere near the end of the contract. I’m not even halfway through.

He also said the company and the country are not a fit for me.

I can’t help but feel dejected and unwelcome. Like I’m being pushed out. I can’t help but think why should I stay? (apart from losing my deposit and being poor).”

It just sucks because I’ve been with this company for more than a year (on my second contract) and so it was renewed for a reason. And it feels this manager is using my personal bereavement against me (this manager is different from the one that hired me and renewed my contract). I feel like I’m being told to just go.

I even told a co-worker and they said they never heard someone not being offered a renewal.

Guess I’m starting to see that negative side of thing now.

07:16 UTC


Any countries you wish you taught in while younger?

I often see many people saying x or y country is great in your 20s and Im trying to make the most of my youth. So id like to choose a country that I could go to while young that might not have the same appeal if i had waited until my late 30s to live it.

Bonus points if its a country easy to land an entry level job with a US college degree but no prior tefl exp

03:59 UTC


Where can I get the most money

I have:

  • A Master of Arts (honours) in management (it’s actually a bachelors but because of the system in Scotland it says MA on the certificate)

  • A 120hr TEFL certificate

-4 years online tutoring experience

-1.5 years classroom teaching experience in Korea

  • And a willingness to go anywhere (except Korea) and do any amount of work.

What’s my best option to save up the most amount of money in a year?

02:02 UTC


Expat Teacher (Indian) at Apollo English, Vietnam

Is there any one here who is currently or has in the past been an expat teacher at Apollo English, Vietnam? Particularly someone from India as I have a lot of doubts regarding the notarising and legalising processes.

Also, in general I have several queries about the country and the employer that I would love to get clarified as this will be my first EFL gig.

01:57 UTC


Certa in Ireland

Has anyone done the CELTA/TESOL in Ireland ? I'm a non-native speaker but have an English degree. I wanna go for the CELTA/TESOL in the blended version if possible.

Anyone in the same situation ? Or has anyone on here done it in the same conditions ?

edit: I was tired

22:35 UTC


Craving adventure but need to get paid and have support in a different country - international summer camps ? Other opportunities?

I have the entire month of July and some of August / June off ( but mostly looking at July) in both 2024 and 2025 and my American hustle of always working and never having money is getting old and depressing. I would like to have an adventure that will let me see beautiful places and connect to a new culture. I’ve used my TEFL online and in person and truly think I rock as a teacher (as do others). I have only been abroad with my undergraduate university and don’t have that kind of money to go through a university at this time. I just want to enjoy my summer off. What are opportunities for me to teach English abroad for just a month and have in country support from a reputable agency ? Premier tefl is where I have my TEFL certification through but the summer camp they have in Germany starts a little too early for me.

20:45 UTC


Help with a demo class

Howdy y'all

A little bit about myself: I have decent teaching experience in Vietnam as well as in my home country, but I'd still appreciate some help. I'm going to deliver a demo class for a potential job with a company that sends teachers to public schools around Hanoi. The title of the lesson is "I'm tall and thin" from Family and Friends 2. The reason behind my post is to seek help regarding the flow of a 45-minute class as I haven't taught classes that are shorter than an hour and a half in a very long time and I'd really like to get this job because I want to switch to daytime classes for the upcoming academic year. My students will be company employees who will act as secondary students, which makes things a little tricky as I'm sure that they'll be familiar with the vocabulary and the language in the lesson. So, here are my questions: What's your usual flow for similar classes? What games would you use for secondary students? Any other kind of help is more than welcome. TIA

19:09 UTC


How much is health insurance in China? Offer from a school with no insurance, but the salary is a good 5k higher than others I've received.

Bit of a weird one. The school states they offer a work visa, flight allowance, a fairly decent salary range compared to other offers I've received, housing allowance...but no insurance? I thought it would be a legal requirement for the employer to provide this.

I asked about this and they said the recruiter said the insurance was too much for them. Red flag, right? You'd think they'd offer 1,000 or however much less salary and get the insurance.

Job search is going weirdly. A lot of low balls so this jobs salary piqued my interest, but not if something funky is going on.

19:01 UTC


Classroom Experience/Pay in Teaching in Thailand

I am looking into teaching English in Thailand. I am 33 years old and have a bachelors degree in Communication Studies. I have been working full time in USA at a couple sales jobs for the past decade. I am planning to go to Thailand in the next year to pursue an English speaking position. From what I've read, it seems like pay is about 30,000-35,000 baht (roughly $1000) per month salary with a TEFL without experience but could be up to double with teaching experience. I am not planning on going back to school to get a teaching certificate or anything but was wondering if I were to get a job as a teachers assistant or some other support type role in a school if that would be seen as experience that would be considered relevant. I plan on leaving my job in a few months and will need to find a temporary job between now and when I leave to Thailand. Teaching in USA would probably not be my first choice if it doesn't effect my pay in Thailand but if it meant I could make 20-25% more money when in Thailand then it would be worth it. Is there anyone out there who has gone over with classroom experience without being a lead teacher who has been able to make more than the minimum salary I see most places? Obviously I'm not pursuing this job to get rich but would like to live as comfortably as possible there.

18:51 UTC



Hi, I know this question has been asked before and I’ve had a read over some of the previous answers but I’m still unsure of what to do.

A little background; I’m 25, Irish, have worked abroad in Canada for the last four years in the hospitality industry, have worked at an American summer camp, and have taught swimming to children/volunteered with charities that help children with disabilities. I do not have a degree, I just did a one year PLC in 2018.

I’m hoping to head to Spain this September to teach, but I’m unsure if I should do an online TEFL course with the Irish TEFL Institute or they also offer a 10 week internship program in which you complete your 120h online TEFL course and then they place you with a host family and gain work experience.

The other option I’m leaning more towards is heading to Barcelona in August and taking the Cambridge CELTA in person classes, it is more expensive than just doing the regular TEFL course but from what I’ve read online I think it could be the more beneficial of the options.

Any and all feedback or advice is much appreciated! Thank you :)

12:43 UTC


Primary vs Secondary teaching hours?

Hi there, just looking for some advice. I’ve been teaching lower secondary for the past 2 years. I currently teach 16 x 50 periods a week at a private school in Bangkok. I was just looking for some information from any upper primary teachers about how many periods / hours they do a week? I’m looking to make the change

10:16 UTC


May be starting slightly late, anyone else with similar circumstances?

Teaching English abroad was always one of my potential plans after graduating university. However, life circumstances crept up and it's been about 3 years since then. I do have my degree (BA in English) and I am from a G7 country. Only recently have things changed where I might be able to leave the country for work rather than staying near family.

Is a multiple year gap between acquiring my degree and applying for a TEFL position a potential problem? I haven't been working a related position (education or such) either, just blue collar work that most adults could probably do. I'm also in my early 30's, which is close but not quite what seems to be the target age for new TEFL teachers, seeing as most of them start after graduation in their 20's.

06:41 UTC


MA in TESOL vs MA Applied Linguistics


I am recent grad currently teaching in Vietnam and I’m looking to get my MA but I can’t decide which would be better for my goal. Long term I would like to teach in various countries in Asia at universities and international schools. I am also interested in becoming an administrator as well. I graduated with a BS in psychology with a minor in TESOL and Asian studies. Any advice would be helpful!!

Edit; I’m looking at online programs currently because I won’t be going back to the states for the time being

A lot of past post mentioned some schools in the UK but I am also looking to apply for FASFA; I’m seriously looking at UMass Boston because It’s my home state

05:25 UTC


Has anybody here worked in Zhengzhou, China?

Does anybody have impressions of the city/area? Seems like posts about it on this sub are all relatively old. Just want to check in if anybody has a more recent take. I'm being offered a directorship at a university here.

01:38 UTC


Advice for Australian Native Speaker

Hi everyone. I'm a 40 year old native English speaker from Australia. I have a BA from a good uni, and an honours certificate from an extra year's study. I double majored in English and History.

I have a large amount of teaching experience, having started tutoring music in the late 90s. This has only been one to one classes, but I also spent a decade or so teaching large classes in a gym. The biggest class was around fifty students at once. I ran separate classes for adults and children under fifteen. I have also given a couple of paid lectures at a tertiary level.

I'm interested in TEFL within Australia. I have no desire to move overseas.

I'm hoping to start a new career in this field, so my plans are long term.

I've been through countless threads, and am getting conflicting information.

I'm sure a lot of you already know what my question is but I'll ask it anyway.

Cert IV or CELTA?

I've got this place shortlisted because it's self paced, which is a huge plus for me. I can't find anything on this sub about them though.


Does anyone have any experience or opinions?

Even though I've had the posting guide open in another tab while writing this, I've probably still managed to forget something important. Just let me know if there's any additional info relevant.

Thanks for your help!

01:23 UTC


One month opportunities in Europe this summer

Are these things possible? Just like a volunteer basis where you get your rent covered. I wondered if places in Italy, Spain etc had summer schools.

19:26 UTC


Teaching TEFL overseas as a couple?

Me and my girlfriend are considering looking for work overseas, doesn't really matter too much where.

But we've been wondering if that would even be something we would be able to pull off?

We don't necessarily need to work at the same school, we only need to be in the same city and in the same accommodation.

Is this something we could persue?

15:30 UTC


Career pause

Hi everyone. I am a Speech Therapist/Pathologist and I mostly trained during the pandemic. Before that, I had really wanted to teach English in Asia for a few years before starting my career, but obviously this was ruined by covid. I have 2 Bachelor's degrees (linguistics and Speech Therapy) and 120 hours TEFL cert.

I am feeling so burnt out and fed up of SLT at the moment, and I have a real itch to travel. I'd be taking a pay cut doing ESL, but to be honest I don't get paid that well anyway (I live in the UK). I am interested in Vietnam but open to other suggestions.

My questions are, how stressful is ESL? My job right now is stressful for me and my mental health isn't the best. Could taking a career break for a year or two be too detrimental to be worth it? I'm only a year into SLT but I just really want to do something different whilst I'm young and have few responsibilities, then go back to SLT when I'm ready.

I have also considered doing SLT in Asia but I am restricted to countries with a large English speaking population, such as Singapore and Malaysia, and sometimes they want a local language too.

Any advice would be so welcome, thanks! Sorry about formatting, I'm on mobile.

14:48 UTC


In your experience what mistakes do you think green/inexperienced teachers make in the class and their host country?

Curious what you all have to say, might add my own little experiences and what I've seen in a bit! :)


14:04 UTC


Stand up open mics worldwide

Weird question. I’ve recently finished my TEFL course and I’m now looking at potential places to move to in the world to teach. But my passion in life is performing stand up comedy on stage… I was wondering if anyone knows of, or lives anywhere worldwide teaching where they have English speaking open mic clubs? I’d love to be able to carry on doing it abroad. I’ve heard they do have them in certain places like Tokyo, but I thought I’d see if anybody here have come across any in their experience. Thanks!

08:26 UTC


Breakdown of Monthly Expenses in HCMC as the Teacher with Apollo English

I have received an offer from Apollo English and I needed a rough idea of what monthly expenses look like for a Expat TEFL Teacher in a city like HCMC. In particular I am curious about rent, utility, transport, groceries, and other miscellaneous costs.

Even a ballpark figure would be super helpful in making my final decision.

02:50 UTC


Weekly r/TEFL Quick Questions Thread

Use this thread to ask questions that don't deserve their own thread on the subreddit. Before you do that, though, use the search bar and read through our extensive wiki to see if your question has already been answered. Remember that subreddit rules still apply here.

02:00 UTC


How to find Kindergarten jobs in China?

Good evening all,

Back in 2019/2020 I worked a Kindergarten job at a montessori school in Hangzhou which I loved, but left due to COVID. I've been looking to move back to China and do some teaching again, but when I've been applying for Montessori jobs I've been repeatedly turned down due to not having 2 years experience. This was not an issue when I first went over but apparently this was newly introduced in 2021.

Is this something I can work around? I've heard it's more a thing in certain regions (such as Hangzhou) so would I be better off expanding my search area or is Kindergarten a lost cause for now?

22:22 UTC


Has anyone brought their spouse with them when they taught in china? S1 visa I believe.

So I'm looking for a position in Shanghai, as my wife has been accepted for an MA there. However, it depends on her being awarded the full scholarship. She's on the shortlist of nominated candidates, but if she doesn't get it, she asked whether we would still be able to go to China.

The S1 visa is the one for spouses of those working in China, I believe. Has anyone here had any experience with it? Notably, whether this is something that has to be done after you're already in China on a work permit and residence, or whether this can be done alongside and you can enter together.

Thanks a bunch.

Bonus question, for those Inclined: Are there any Asian countries in which it's very easy to bring your spouse?

17:25 UTC


Does anyone know if an Open University degree would be accepted to work in TELF?

I have been looking trough their website and it's quite a good option for me, given my context, attending a "brick" university would be extremly difficult.

I am very interested in languages as well as in literature. My dream job would be to become a foreign language teacher abroad, I am not an English native speaker but a Spanish one, although as you can see I've got English pretty much under control.

My idea would be to teach either English or Spanish as a foreign language. Would getting a Bachelors of arts Honours in Language Studies get hired? I thought of studying English and Spanish simply because they are the languages in which I would offer myself as a teacher, although I can see how it could be a "waste" not to choose at least one language I'm not familiar with such as maybe German or French.

The other option would be to simply take a Bachelors of Arts Honours in English Language or English and Lit.

Other than this I know a TELF certificate from a legit source it's a must. But my question is, do Open University Uk degrees make you hirable to be aa TELF teacher. I'm mainly thinking of countries from Asian and South America I'm not interested into Dubai, Emirates etc

10:13 UTC

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