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The Transition Movement - Communities working towards a sustainable future.

The Transition Movement is a global, grassroots campaign of communities working to transition away from dependence on non-renewable resources and environmental destruction to a new way of living with the earth.

The Transition Movement - Communities working towards a sustainable future


The Transition Movement is a global, grassroots campaign of communities working to transition away from dependence on non-renewable resources and environmental destruction to a new way of living with the earth.

A new life awaits us, in our post-transition future.

Smokey says: keep less pets to fight climate change! [see more tips]


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If you'd like to see more action on climate change, please visit https://www.fridaysforfuture.org/

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Combien faudrait il de panneaux solaire pour remplacer un EPR ?

Combien faudrait il de panneaux solaire pour remplacer un EPR ?

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Exempel for a community

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Natural Carbon Sequester Campaigns

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I have created a web visualization that shows for the first time the sources of pollution in the world live. Don't hesitate to share :)



The goal is to show the general public in live what is concretely at the origin of climate change and to take action against those precise sources.

Don't hesitate to share the project on your social network it will help me to make it known.

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Any alternative sub to this which is more active?

Since this one seems pretty dead

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How we built our intentional community ecovillage in Auroville |Anitya

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energy Trassition aim!!

Hi, I'm a final year university student and i have a dissertation coming up that focuses on "international comparison of energy transitions and systems" the word count is 10,000 and at the moment I'm trying to find an aim and objectives for the paper. so the question is can someone suggest a narrow aim for a specific sector of energy use ( buildings, transportation, etc..) that i can find a lot of data on when comparing two countries energy systems and transition and can base the whole paper on

thank you!...

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Yes, indeed citizens can take responsibility for their city! We sort of guerilla-repaired things around our city that needed fixing

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How cool would it be if because of what's going on inn the country right now people realized that a rural way of life is superior to urbanism?

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I want to live a life that's according to my values but it's hard in a broken system

I live a pretty sustainable life compared to the average person in my country; I don't own a car, I've not flown in years, I'm eating mainly vegan. But still my carbon footprint and resource-use is unsustainable. I feel like a hypocrite, sustainability is the most important thing to me, and still I can't do it. I know it's because of the system I'm part of and it's really impossible for me not to add to the problem, unless I were to basically leave society.

Does anyone have advice on how I can reframe things to feel like I'm part of a solution instead of feeling this constant cognitive dissonance? I'm already engaged in climate activism but I need some way to feel like other activities in my life are meaningful too.

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A transition away from the service jobs to jobs that actually produce something

What do all of you think about how the pandemic has affected the US service sector? I feel what we will be transitioning into is not some utopian urbanite cosmopolitan technology based world, but instead a transition back to a rural agrarian society.

If you look at what the pandemic is causing people to do is pushing people to move away from big cities like New York, Boston, Los Angeles and towards rural areas where Covid-19 can spread less easily and people can isolate themselves from exposure to the disease.

In this process many service or retail sector jobs will disappear forever. I think this can be a good thing, not that I want people to stay unemployed, but if it can move people away from a yuppie style way of life, where people live in the moment and never plan for the future that'll be a positive change. This is the case because all that way of doing things causes is a ridiculous social competition between people who are loading themselves with debt in a presumptuous charade to 'outdo' their peers who are really just poor like them.

If we can move our society away from selfishness and individualism to collectivism and a concern for what makes our world really great, traditional culture, which I imagine will make a giant comeback over the next several decades.

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For the last 4 years, our community has been developing different kinds of grassroots urban sustainability projects. As current times could be called - a crisis - I made a video on what I learned about building a resilient community, that can turn every crisis into its advantage! :)

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Democrats and Republicans in the 'Covid-19 stimulus bill' both voted to bail out Vulture Capitalists

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Are you considering changing your diet for the climate?

Hi there!

We are wondering: Have you ever thought about doing something about climate change through your diet? If so, what did you do? If not, how come? Which obstacles did you encounter?

We are curious about these questions and others as we want to develop tools that help people adopt climate-friendlier diets. Want to help? Share your views by completing our survey, "Climate, food, and you."

Thank you!

Best wishes,

Janina, Jean-Christophe, and Carlos

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Shifting to becoming more of a commons-oriented town

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From old to new

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Last year I asked you about Transition Edutainment. This year, I kept on that path and put out another book. I think this is the path forward!

Link to my prior thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/transition/comments/abl970/transition_edutainment_is_entertainment_media_a/

Though I didn't get a lot of discussion, the feedback I got, and the upvotes I got made me feel like I was on the right path, I was onto a winner. I used the positive mojo from that thread to take another stab at transition edutainment and wrote a sequel which doubles down on a message of sustainability and self-sufficiency. There are also more messages about climate change and being stewards of our environment in the second book.

I'm asking again that people give my book a read through, and tell me what I should be reading to further my own efforts to learn about transition through less scholarly works.

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Students attempting to change mindsets about plastic waste by implementing a social business model through peer-to-peer collaboration (and you can join)

Our group of students is trying to change mindsets about plastic waste and consumption by replicating a successful model of paying communities to hand-pick plastic for recycling. The model is from Plastic Bank and it already operates in Brazil, Indonesia, Haiti and the Philippines where they have already seen transformative benefits.

In the last months, our team of 3 has secured a small but crucial funding that will cover the first 4-week trip to Ghana, where we will do a field research. We have been developing strategy and promotional materials and started establishing links with potential partners in Ghana. But there is a limit to how much 3 people can do. We are now expanding the team and looking for participants to co-create this project in a peer-driven network. For this reason, we created r/Collaborate4nature. (If you go there, please check the brochure first)

This can be an interesting opportunity for you if:

  • You are concerned about the environment
  • The thought of being part of a project from the very beginning doesn't scare you but rather tickles your imagination
  • You see problems as obstacles, rather than walls. And you understand that change is possible.

Many thanks for consideration!

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Transition Edutainment. Is entertainment media a good way to grow?

I'd appreciate it if you'd bear with me for a moment. I think my first steps towards understanding sustainability were, oddly enough, the Little House books. Not quite fiction, not quite a guidebook. As I've oozed towards homesteading (and it's admittedly a slow ooze) I've really enjoyed taking in "Frontier Life" stories that tell me how to do things, but not in a "but this is what should do" kind of way.

BUT, okay, there's a limit to how many books are out there like that. I notice that when I can't get a good books fix, my focus wanders. It's not that I intend to backslide on my path, I just sort of do. When I'm reading homesteading stories, I really stay the path. It helps me to see people doing what I want to do and succeeding. And I do mean stories. Blogs and guidebooks are great. I read plenty of that sort of thing. But stories light my fuse and keep me on the right path.

I think entertainment can be educational and it can help lead people gently in the right direction. I think sustainability movements need more stories to help gently nudge people in the direction the whole planet needs to go.

A few years ago, my Dad asked me what I was doing to help make a more sustainable future for myself and future generations. The truth was, not enough. He told me that I was a good author, and I needed to use that pulpit if I could. I wrote my own book, about a sustainable homesteader in the Columbia River Valley in the western US.

It's only one book, but it's what I can do. I'm working on another, that doubles down on the message without being preachy or allegorical. I think that's a good step too. I also found a narrator for my books with similar philosophies because I know that it's a lot easier to do all the chores that come with homesteading and being more sustainable when I've got something to listen to and enjoy.

So two things; one I'd really like it if you'd give Guest a read or a listen and tell me if I'm going the right direction. Two, I'd like to know what stories I should be reading in 2019 that carry a good sustainability message and will keep me on the straight and narrow.

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