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Am I the only one that got very annoyed with the separate storylines in the series?

I watched the whole of the first seasons but then I had to skip most of many episodes because the storylines started getting separated. It’s mainly with Sam’s and the werewolves’ plot. I was so invested in Eric’s and Bill’s separate storylines that I just couldn’t bear to watch a whole different plot with way too many different characters and resorted to skipping every Sam shapeshifting scene cause I was so curious abt their plots. Especially in season 6 which was my favorite of all of them. I would be watching incredible scenes in the vamp camps and then suddenly get transported to werewolves being angry at each other for random reasons. Maybe I just kinda hate werewolves in media, but I felt like that for a few other plots that were just a bit boring compared to the vampires.

I thought it would all align sometime later on and I wouldn’t understand anything but the thing is, it rarely even did. It felt like I was watching two separate series and only once or twice do I remember the plots aligning. Turns out I’ve finished the whole series only watching Bill’s, Eric’s and most of Sookie’s scenes and I did not have any sort of problems understanding the ending.

I don’t know if other tv shows do the same and I just haven’t noticed but I feel like in this show it was very extreme and would be so much better if they had written intertwined storylines, just an opinion anyway, I still really enjoyed true blood just cause the vampires storylines were so well done and Eric is hot, that’s it that’s my rant

13:26 UTC


How many fans are from small towns

I think a big reason I love True Blood is that I'm from a smaller southern town and I worked in a verrrry small farm town in GA so the small town country life hooked me in so many of the customs and characters I know people exactly like that so its probably the main reason I started watching to begin with, I was 100% a male Tara from a dysfunctional home and had my best friends house as my second home so I related so easy. How many of you were from or live in small towns and did you seem to relate Alot to TB?

11:39 UTC


BLL - Alexander Skarsgard

I know this isn’t an Alex or BLL subreddit, but did any of y’all watch Big Little Lies? I was legit scared of Alexander more in this than True Blood. Still hot af though, sorry girl.

00:54 UTC


Did anyone notice in 1996 when Fangtasia was a “video” store that only had DVDS…….

19:33 UTC


Sam is never sympathetic or likeable to me

Sam SHOULD'VE been such an easy character to like, but from very early on I never considered him an actual potential love interest for Sookie, or someone I really cared about.

  1. His age. He looks old enough to be Sookie's dad even back in season one. Yet he's actively pining after her and sleeping with women that seem way younger than him. I get that it's a hypocritical thing to point out in the "sexy 1000 year old vampire" show, but STILL.

  2. His lack of loyalty. Even when he's supposedly pining after Sookie early on he sleeps with Tara and one of his employees within the first half of season one. Again, hypocritical to point out in the "Swapping partners every few episodes" show, but relevant when one of Sam's big character traits at first is his judgment of Sookie for sleeping around.

  3. Weirdly perverted. When that waitress dies in season one and he breaks into her house to roll around and sniff her sheets, I started cutting Sam wayyy less slack for all his nonsense. This behavior was sort of explained by the shifter reveal, but not really. Likewise, his thoughts are supposedly more animalistic but those mannerisms weren't built into the performance. Instead Sam acted like a boring suburban landlord 80% the time and an awkward pervy weirdo the other 20%.

It was obvious that Alcide was everything Sam should've been in terms of a non-vampire love interest for Sookie. I skimmed most of the Sam specific plots that felt very petty and small within the greater context of the show.

Does anyone else have any strong opinions on the man: positive or negative?

05:34 UTC


What are you bringing to the cookout? True blood themed ofc!

I was just thinking of the many iconic food moments there was in true blood - so let’s say we’re all getting together for a themed cookout. What dish are your bringing?

22:55 UTC

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