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An upcoming Star Wars series starring Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, set within the timeline of The Mandalorian.

Star Wars Ahsoka

An upcoming Star Wars series starring Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, set within the timeline of The Mandalorian.

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Why are Rosario and Hayden doing a boatload of press right now?

All your classic variety, wired, etc. are all interviewing these guys; but they have nothing to promote. Am I out of the loop on something? Why are they doing press tours?

00:14 UTC


Does the show paint Sabine’s decision with the map as right, wrong, or complicated?

I liked the show a lot but an aspect that left me a little puzzled was the lackluster acknowledgement of the ethical dilemma that was Sabine choosing to give Baylan the map to Peridea. Ahsoka tells Huyang that Sabine’s choice was selfish and Huyang replies that maybe that was the only choice she could make; then, when Ahsoka and Sabine meet again, Sabine apologizes but Ahsoka kind of just brushes it off and says it’s fine. I was kinda confused because, while I think Ahsoka finds it in her heart to forgive Sabine once she forgives herself after reemerging from the World Between Worlds, I don’t think she’d think sacrificing the galaxy to find Ezra is the morally correct choice.

It’s true that Ahsoka in the first half of the show was being way too cold and pragmatic when it came to thinking about rescuing Ezra but I think the warm and compassionate Ahsoka (who she goes back to being in Episode 5) would still think stopping Thrawn is the right thing to do, regardless of how much she would miss Ezra and want to find another way to help find. I mean, in Rebels (iirc) she told Hera that she’d probably need to leave Kanan behind when he gets captured in Season 1 because it’d be too dangerous for the Ghost crew to go after him. It wasn’t a cold or malicious proposition, she just didn’t want the crew to get themselves killed with a reckless plan.

What I understood was that, even though she doesn’t necessarily think Sabine’s choice was right, she came to understand why Sabine did what she did and didn’t hold it against her. The thing is that I’ve seen some fans argue that Ahsoka (and by extension the show) agreed with Sabine’s decision in the end, and so this question has been bugging me a for a while lol.

15:25 UTC


Ahsoka, this is not the Jedi you were looking for. Art by Jason Oakes/me

07:01 UTC


Ahsoka Episode Scripts? Official or fan-made

I’m in the process of creating some custom hardbacks for certain canon material that lack hardcover releases, and Ahsoka Season 1 (As ‘Book 1’) is one of the first I want to make.

One snag is that I can’t find the scripts for the show anywhere. I am pretty sure that no Disney-era scripts have been officially released, and all I can find online are transcripts (half of which don’t have character names and consist of grunts and blaster sounds…).

Does anyone know of anywhere that has the Ahsoka show scripts? Or any show scripts tbh. Thanks in advance!

1 Comment
20:00 UTC


Sabine and Ezra

03:42 UTC


Ezra and Sabine's hilarious banter.

Ezra and Sabine being witty and quippy for two minutes just like the good old days.

21:41 UTC


My favorite gif of Sabine Wren.

Sabine stans anyone?

21:03 UTC



With the timeline this is in, and presumably Luke off doing his own thing, what are some theories as to why the two groups of Jedi never met? It's something I've been wondering, especially with little Jason being force sensitive. I really hope he doesn't wind up going to Luke's academy, because then we already know what happened to that group of students. Do you think that whatever followers of Ahsoka's groups lineage will meet up with Rey in the new movie? Or, alternatively, do you think perhaps Snoke had Ben wipe out the few remaining splintered Jedi?

14:19 UTC


Making of 'Ahsoka' roundtable panel: Rosario Dawson, Hayden Christensen, Dave Filoni on Darth Vader

20:34 UTC


When will the Thrawn storyline continue?

The finale of Ahsoka Season 1 set up two clear storylines that have to be dealt with in either the second season or in other Mandoverse content. One is the Mortis story on Peridea, which I think will obviously be in Ahsoka Season 2. The other is Thrawn's return to the main galaxy and arrival on Dathomir, plus Ezra's return as well.

Where do you think we'll next see Thrawn and Ezra again? I could see both storylines continuing in the second season, but it's also possible that the whole season will take place on Peridea. Maybe Thrawn's return will instead be dealt with in the Mandalorian movie, but I'm not sure if they'll want to heavily connect to the Disney+ shows and have Thrawn, Ezra, Hera, Zeb, etc. or if they'll want to tell a more standalone story for those who haven't seen the shows.

What are your thoughts?

03:12 UTC


Rosario Dawson and Hayden Christensen for ‘Ahsoka’ | Conversations at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation

01:40 UTC


Star Wars Ahsoka Full Q&A w/ Hayden Christensen Rosario Dawson Dave Filoni and More!

20:11 UTC


This fight has the coolest lightsaber dodge!

08:36 UTC


Do you think we could possibly see The Daughter in Ahsoka season 2?

21:46 UTC


Ivanna’s bday tribute to Ray Stevenson

22:34 UTC


My new Ahsoka themed tattoo!

01:52 UTC


What Sabines Lightsaber form?

Her Masters Kanan Jarrus was A Practioner of Form III/IV while Ahsoka is Form V user .

20:02 UTC


I finally got a tablet pen again after like 2 years so obv I drew ✨️ her ✨️

I'm rusty as hell and forgot her rat tail. Just pretend it's in the back 😂

14:31 UTC


I learned how to make edits just for her 💖

03:51 UTC

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