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An upcoming Star Wars series starring Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, set within the timeline of The Mandalorian.

Star Wars Ahsoka

An upcoming Star Wars series starring Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, set within the timeline of The Mandalorian.

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If I'm not a fan of pretty much all the Disney Star Wars (except Andor) should I give Ahsoka a shot?

Or to put it another way, is it more like Mandalorian and Obi Wan (I know they're beloved, but not for me) or more like Andor (amazing characters and dialogue, complex plots, moral ambiguities)

No offense to anyone who loved the other shows and the new trilogy, they just weren't for me

EDIT: changed my language a bit

16:46 UTC


Why won’t Sabine just be honest

It’s driving my crazy how they basically made a character that won’t hold herself accountable for her actions. She’s a 39 year old character who is still acting like the teenager we saw in rebels. Ezra keeps asking how she got there and she says that it’s either “complicated” or changes the subject. Like why avoid it when he’s gonna fine out anyway. Better she tell him than Ahsoka or him seeing the star destroyer getting ready to leave. I’m hoping that there’s character development that’s planned out for Sabine.

16:45 UTC


I was right dammit

16:43 UTC


What is Baylan up to?

Wondering if the name drop of the emperor in the Sabine/Ezra conversation goes deeper. Probably just a crazy idea, but maybe whatever Baylan is going to do has something to do with Palpatine‘s return.

1 Comment
14:39 UTC


Anyone else hope that this doesn't just devolve into another Empire vs the Republic/Good guys vs bad guys story?

So far I've been really happy with how this story has been progressing and how we don't have clear cut good guy/bad guy characters. Lots of middle ground and I'm hoping this continues. Characters like Baylan, Thrawn, Sabine, etc are all more than just cookie cutter good or evil characters with lots of nuance. My fear is as Thrawn gets to the original SW galaxy other shows if there are cross overs (how can there not be) will simplify the story and once again make it come down to simple good vs evil. All these characters deserve more. Also the New Republic sucks and needs to be destroyed.

15:24 UTC


One does not simply recast Ray Stevenson


I think S2 is all but sure now that the strike is over. What do you think will happen to Baylan, does he play a part in S2 and if so what are they going to do - recast him or use the improved CGI tech they have now for limited scenes?

He's clearly one of the standouts of S1, and clearly thats largely due to the actor's performance.

15:07 UTC


At this point I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of the most searched things on Google every time Hera shows up in the show😅:

13:45 UTC


Baylan Skoll? More like

More like Baylan Stroll, amirite?

13:12 UTC


Question about Baylan and Shin

Was Baylan always planning to abandon Shin, or was it a change of plan in the moment?

13:07 UTC


So do we still think the Night Troopers are zombies?

We saw quite a few Night Troopers get killed in the last episode and none of them expelled a ghostly green gas a la Marrok. So are they zombies, or did the stormtroopers stranded with Thrawn just form some sort of cult due to all being stranded in a strange galaxy?

I think it’s possible that most of the troopers are normal, but perhaps Thrawn and the Nightsisters created a squadron of magik-enhanced troopers, like the way Mother Talzin used her magik to turn Savage Opress into a monstrous killing machine. Maybe the Zabraks originated on Peridea as well, and Thrawn has a legion of enhanced Zabraks hes waiting to unleash.

Anyway, zombies or nah?

12:18 UTC


Canon Thrawn

Has thrawn accomplished anything in Canon? He didn’t launch the defender project, he didn’t stop the rebels on lothal, he didn’t find Ezra in the other galaxy, he didn’t inflict any damage on the three heroes or their friends during the last battle, despite taking heavy losses.

Why is anyone worried about defeating him?

12:01 UTC


Something that got me a little worried.

This might not be anything but still, would like your thoughts. My friend recently pointed out how Ezra has mentioned the 'he is going home' too many times, almost as if its setting up that he won't. What are the chances that ezra remain stranded in the galaxy. Could be possible through any number of ways. Gets killed, sacrifice by staying behind again. Whatever that may be, i am not fond of it.

He also pointed out how when ezra asks that if the emperor is dead. Sabine replies with a that's what people say. Now I know general population had not seen his death with his eyes. And ot was most probably a nod to the sequels (again not fond of) but what I am worried is, what if what Baylon is searching might end up connecting to sequel trilogy. How down about it will you be, if the mandoverse ends up connecting to sequel trilogy, heavily or lightly. Personally I would rather have it a separate entity.

11:08 UTC


The Tundra People are easily startled, but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers

1 Comment
09:52 UTC


Where was Ahsoka during the original trilogy?

Maybe I missed it but I don’t think it’s been said yet? And we only have 1 ep to go :(

This is my most burning question I’ve been waiting for ever since she was introduced back in 2008.

I’ve been hoping Filoni gives us a satisfactory answer to this most important question.

Why didn’t she train Luke? Leia would have known she’s a Jedi and when Luke was recovering on the medical frigate Ahsoka should have at least paid a visit. Why didn’t she help Luke defeat the Emperor? Was she still trapped on Malachor?

07:42 UTC


Is everyone forgetting in rebels when Ahsoka embarrasses those two inquisitors, like Ahsoka is one of the best fighters in the star wars universe.

She could take on the chosen one in direct combat when he was anakin and vader, two very powerful versions of the chosen one. She also survived an attack from emperor palpatine (granted she hade help from ezra but he doesn’t exactly compare to her level of strength).

02:14 UTC


Who are Thrawn’s enemies and allies?

He’s only mentioned “enemies” but not specifically the NR. For those of us who have read the new canon books we know his actual enemy are the Grysk and his mission in life is to protect his people the Chiss.

We’ve seen Captain Pelleon but Thrawn’s not mentioned him either or Admiral Rae Sloane nor the Imperial Remnant.

1 Comment
07:20 UTC


Wait so Sabine?.. [EP 7]

Think from her point of view. She thought Ahsoka died there and she still gave the map to Baylan? She litarally exchanged Ahsoka's life + the galaxy just for a chance to find Ezra? It didnt look like a killing blow so I thought Sabine would think Ahsoka survived that. But in this episode she literally said "I thought you were dead".

^(Where is Rebels Sabine? Is she safe? Is she allright?)

06:23 UTC


Maybe Ahsoka and Luke eventually argue, leading to Luke isolating and coming around to the idea the Jedi were wrong and should end

Maybe The Mandalorian is trying to solve “Palpatine clone” sequel hate while Ahsoka is trying to solve “Luke’s character turn” sequel hate.

06:12 UTC


Aladdin of Lothal swagger 💪 [Spoilers]

05:27 UTC


Yep, He’s Back Again. All The Cameos, Reveals And Finale Setup In Episode 7

05:20 UTC


What are your thoughts on

Ezra. I always loved Ezra as a character and personally I love the actor, the casting in this show hasn't disappointed. He has all of ezra's mannerisms down. But i did feel a bit disappointed with ezras force abilities. I was hoping him to have some new unseen force powers or atleast be so strong in the force that the raiders and stormtroopers don't pose a clear threat to him and he can handle them alone. I was also expecting him to defeat shin alone without a lightsaber.

05:04 UTC


With one episode left, I wanted to give my thoughts

-I’m sad that we only have one more episode with Ray Stevenson. When he died, I wasn’t too broken up about it if at all. I’ve seen him in things before but he was never on my “radar” so to speak. That changed with this show. Every time he’s on screen, he commands his presence. It’s honestly incredible. I’m left with wanting to see more, but that just won’t be possible when this show finishes, and that makes me sad.

-As for Shin, I really hope she lives and accepts Ahsokas offer to join her. I’d love nothing more than to see Lady Tano taking on two apprentices. Plus I’d love to see the future development between Shin and sabine.

-I hope Thrawn wins. At least for this season. I really need to see him return to our galaxy and attempt to lead the imperial remnants like he planned. He’s supposed to be a tactical genius, if he loses before he gets the chance to do his thing, it’ll be a huge missed opportunity.

-Mary Elizabeth Winstead is killing it as Hera. I’ve always loved Mary and have never questioned her acting, but before the show aired I was in doubt she’d be able to pull it off. But she has, and I love her for it. She leaves me wanting to see more of her. It took me a few episodes to get used to those bright green eyes though, but they’re a welcomed sight now. I’m glad she’s finally in Star Wars

-Huyang better not die. Ezra better not die either. In fact, I don’t really want anyone to die, especially anyone from the ghost crew. I know they can pull this show off without having to resort to something so drastic, they’re doing really awesome with it as it is

-Overall I think this is one of the best things disney has given us when it comes to Star Wars. They’re delivering a pretty solid series I have no real issues with. I’m sad there’s only going to be one episode left but I’m so glad we got more than 6 episodes. It’s a fresh change of things

04:57 UTC


Ezra's sacrifice in "Rebels"

I have seen several people say something along the lines of "Ezra isn't going to be happy that Sabine enabled Thrawn's return after Ezra sacrificed everything to get rid of Thrawn."

But Ezra didn't sacrifice everything simply to get rid of Thrawn. He didn't even sacrifice everything to defeat the Empire as a whole. He sacrificed everything to save Lothal. And he succeeded, and Thrawn returning won't change that. (Unless we think Thrawn will instantly go back to Lothal as a revenge move or something, which doesn't seem in character for Thrawn.)

Thrawn managing to make it back to a galaxy where the Empire has been defeated and replaced by the New Republic does not undercut Ezra's sacrifice at all (especially since it will take Thrawn at least a few seconds to fully come to terms with how incompetent the new government actually is and what Imperial resources remain, which few seconds will likely be crucial to the heroes eventually stopping him 😉)

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Ezra will be mad at Sabine and say she ruined everything. But I'm inclined to believe that at worst he'll be disappointed that Sabine didn't explain everything right away - and even that I think will be a stretch, as I'm positive Ezra knows Sabine is holding out on him and he's certainly savvy enough to deduce why Sabine is reluctant to tell him everything.

04:55 UTC


return of the king

04:35 UTC


Theory: Font of Power?

Put on your tinfoil hats and come with me. I’m going to share why I think that Shin Hati will ultimately become Abeloth.

This whole show has so much symbolism that I love it. It draws from multiple mythologies, traditions, and content, from Arthurian Knights to Star Wars Legends content.

Baylan has been hearing something calling to him, but also references the knowledge that there destination would allow them “power; power you’ve never dreamed of” and in this past episode, he describes Peridea as the place of dreams and madness.

In Norse mythology, when Skoll catches the sun, it is because of Ragnarok, at which point the wolves devour their appropriate celestials.

Is it possible that Baylan believes (rightfully so) that on Peridea, there is a Font of Power, similar to that of Mortis? If Baylan believes that he can drink from the Font of Power which offers “limitless power of all of the past and future” (Legends wiki), he could see that as a means to an end in order to end the cycle of life by going back to the beginning.

However, Shin could see that as another betrayal because he wanted the power without her. Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine could show up as well, and while Baylan is distracted with them, Shin drinks from the Font of Knowledge, desperate for the power she desires.

Shin emerges stronger, and ultimately kills Baylan Skoll, achieving revenge for the perceived betrayal. However, Ahsoka manages to still overcome Shin in combat, since she still has some power from the spirit of the Daughter, who bathed in the Pool of Knowledge, further aggravating Shin.

Shin escapes, and Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine pursue a way back to our galaxy, (likely hitching a ride with Thrawn or the Purgill, or less likely but possible through the World Between Worlds.

We end the season back in the main galaxy, with Thrawn being the ultimate “big bad” for the next major conflict, with the main characters sharing the message of his return, but bringing hope through their survival.

Post credit scene will be back on Peridea, where a now mentally broken Shin Hati is bathing in the Pool of Knowledge, as she transforms into a strange form that fans will recognize as one description of Abeloth.

Why do I think this works well?

  1. It gives a good justification for Baylan Skoll’s actions
  2. It gives Baylan a reasonable death.
  3. It would be something the nightsisters want to get away from.
  4. It sets up the next movie - mandos + rebels against Thrawn.
  5. The imagery of Skoll and hati chasing the sun and moon aligns with the Mortis Pool of Knowledge and Font of Power.
  6. It gives the ability for Ahsoka to “feel” Abeloth as the closest thing to “the daughter” that exists. Once she is aware, she can cal up her buddy, “Luke Skywalker” who has also felt it. It gives Luke something to be doing without being a main character in the Thrawn movie.
  7. It sets up the possibility for a Luke Skywalker movie.
  8. It pulls in other legends content.
  9. Shin looks like some Abeloth sketches already.

It’s crazy, I know, but there is a lot that seems to fit. Let me know if there are other connections, or if connections I’ve made aren’t accurate. I’m very much looking forward to being completely wrong and being shocked and amazed with everyone else!

04:29 UTC


Lots of name drops in Episode 7!!! But sadly I think this is all we'll get of Zeb in Ahsoka. Also sad there was no name drop of Kallus either.

04:06 UTC


Ahsoka Ep 7

This was all I could think of after watching episode 7

1 Comment
04:01 UTC

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