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3dPrint Your Own Star Wars Patches

I made a bunch of 3d printed patches that can be attached to molle webbing.

The .stls are free to download on makerworld, the link is below.


The Star Wars ones are mostly artwork by James Shannon who does sailorJerry-styled Star Wars tattoos.

What other star wars designs/memes/logos should I make?

What other Star Wars designs/memes/logos should I make?

11:02 UTC


Terrible Foresight Vision

I've just had a terrible foresight vision of the next SW movie.

Not only does Sidious return again, but so does Anakin.

Why is this terrible? Because, Disney will yet again break SW logic, laws, and physics with how they will bring back Anakin.

We know 100% for a fact Sidious is returning or at the least attempting it. Before he dies, he states he will be back and Rey will be an empress. This is no joke. Disney created a new Sith ability called Transference, while at the same time introducing Sith Spirits (Sith version of Force Ghost). What this means is that, Sidious when he dies turns into his Sith Spirit and with the ability of Transference, he can just jump back into any host.

The host he chooses has certain effects which somewhat limits this Sith ability. However, it is still OP and breaks a lot of things.

Because, it means he can just keep returning over and over again. The reason we know Rey is next to be a host, is the canon explanation of Transference states how a clone or any other artificial methods has draw backs, including disfigurement, sterilisation, and even death. Hence him being weak in the final film. It states using a living being that is a force user is more viable and has less negative effects. However, using a force user that is a relation of yours makes them an OP host. Full 100% power and some. Hence Rey being the easy host.

While this explains Sidious coming back for round 2, I just have this nasty feeling Disney will throw in without much thought with bringing Anakin back.

Anakin/Vader was Sidious apprentice, there is no way he doesn't know anything about Transference. It was Sidious ultimate goal to rule for 10,000 years with eradicating the force biting back (Plagueis main fear). So Anakin/Vader would know enough about it, even more so with Sidious using this ability to get Anakin to become Vader in ROTS.

The reason it will be terrible, is the fact it will yet again blow up all SW logic, laws, and physics. What we have so far will be ripped. They could easily state the Anakin we see in Ahsoka was his Sith Spirit. But, it would blow apart the fact of being good. He would need to remain bad/Sith to use this ability. I just have a funny feeling they will have him be in the middle, with some BS that isn't fully thought out or explained.

So it'll be another Star Killer Base and Transference itself. BS that breaks SW.

I hope I am wrong. But, with everything else that is going on. It just seems like they are setting it up on a plate, it would be an easy win for them to have Anakin return and complete the prophecy again to fix what they have broken. But in doing so, they will break SW to fit it in, in typical Disney fashion.

1 Comment
09:26 UTC


Does Boba Fett Have Enhanced Strength?

Consider His One Of The Only Unaltered Clone, Jango Might've Ask To Give Him Enhanced Strength considering Boba Is a Human Clone that is able to take down Bigger Aliens in His Prime

09:19 UTC


the Tusken GP

09:09 UTC


Obi-Wan Kenobi DIY Light Box

You can make the same! There are printable templates for cutting and full DIY tutorial on Gumroad and Patreon (all links in my profile)

1 Comment
08:25 UTC


Only 3 members of the Jedi Council voted against expelling Ahsoka

...and they were Obi Wan, Yoda and Plo Koon

Every other member voted in favor of expelling her. I was disappointed to hear that (especially Shaak Ti who is the same species)

07:06 UTC


About to watch andor. What are your opinions on it?

I have recently finished clone wars and rebels and moving on with the Star Wars time line. I noticed these episodes were lengthy and I feel uncertain of what to expect.

06:43 UTC


Does technology progress?

Generally it seems technology has plateaued in the Star Wars Galaxy. The technology in the old republic is generally the same compared to the time of the empire.

Are there any examples of technology progressing?

06:11 UTC


What’s one spoiler that really messed up a key moment in Star Wars for you?

For me it was the day I went to see TFA, I went at midnight the day it released but as with most movies audiences were able to see it the night prior.

So one of my m8s was dressed as Han all day before we headed to the movie (I was dressed as Kylo) and at some point during the day a passerby that had seen the movie goes to my m8 “aren’t you supposed to dead?” And I swear our faces got so red and we backed the guy into a corner and I remember my m8 saying, “if you spoiled that for me, you’re done.”

I remember walking out the movie and my m8 goes “Man I can’t believe that asshat ruined that for us.”

Funny part is, my mate was my teacher and the passerby was a student so my teacher did everything he could to make sure the kid failed.

Gotta love what we fans do for Star Wars.

05:54 UTC


Whatever happened to the scene from Rogue One with these rebels taken prisoner?

05:43 UTC


What do you think would happen if a failed Admiral Officer tried to flee from Vader?

If you watch the original movies, you would see that Darth Vader would force choke officers that either failed or were simply incompetent. This would usually happen the next time that the officer had to report back to him.

If you know, Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader's character well, what do you suppose would happen if the Imperial officer would try to flee by preparing a transport ship, and flying off somewhere else?

05:26 UTC


What’s the smallest piece of dialogue that had the biggest effect on the series

05:24 UTC


Ok, we all know the ‘They Fly Now?!’ meme

What, in your current world, would cause you to utter those words?

05:14 UTC


Marvel Comics in stores Wednesday December 13 2023

04:33 UTC


Could a Force Imbued Sword cut through Beskar?

Plasma based melee weapons can melt through Beskar with prolonged contact, vibro weapons bounce off, a blunt object can dent it with enough force and physical projectiles bounce off, but what about Force Imbued Swords? Can they cut through Beskar?

03:53 UTC


Jedi Fallen Order is cool, but murdering innocent animals isn’t.

I like this game. It’s fun, it’s adventurous. But WHY must I kill the natural wildlife of these planets? This is not very Jedilike?!?

03:39 UTC


Prequel fans: what are your thoughts and feelings about the pod-racing, both in episode 1 and in other media made since?

03:34 UTC


How do you feel about the news Mando season 4 might turn into a movie?

02:52 UTC


Who would win yoda or Omni man from invincible

Yoda I think. Feel free to discuss

02:47 UTC


Would you support an animated “What If…” series for Star Wars?

02:42 UTC


Got my Ahsoka Retro Wave in! Which one is your favourite?

1 Comment
02:29 UTC


Did you like the change of actors in the original trilogy?

3.00 A.M. and I find myself googling Ian McDiarmin photos just to see how old does he look now. And a screenshot of the original Palpatine comes to my attention.

I always forget Lucas changed some details in the newer releases, I always forget I have those old VHS (at least, I hope) where the emperor and Anakin are portrayed by different actors.

Ok, young Anakin makes much more sense now, while Palpatine is just... Different.

But I never think about what it means. Starring in a movie that became so popular, so successful. And one day your face simply disappears from the film.

I mean, it happens. But I kinda like when different actors plays the same role in different times. Using my imagination to fix that little incoherence. And look at the original films as documents stating how different people gave their talents to realize the same dream.

So, how about you? Did you like the change?

02:25 UTC


Made this Ahsoka tsum tsum clay figure today, I have made also a Bo Katan some time ago (maybe I will post it later)

00:13 UTC


Most satisfying/favourite sound from the Star Wars Saga

Hello StarWars-Community of Reddit,

i was wondering what for YOU the most satisfying or favourite sound from the Star Wars Saga is.

I'll go first: the explosion of the 2nd Death Star

23:53 UTC


How can I make Mauls lightsaber light up?

This has been my tree topper for many years. I’ve always wished I could make the red saber light up. Anyone have any ideas how I could make this happen? Or maybe there’s a better sub to ask the question?

23:47 UTC

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