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A subreddit for people that missed out on popular TV shows and movies when they first launched/released.

Anything goes - shows currently on that you just started watching (Breaking Bad) or shows long finished that you're just now getting into (The Wire).

Any movie title that is no longer considered a recent release (box office or rental) is fine, too.

Welcome to /r/patientwatchers.

A subreddit for people that missed out on popular TV shows and movies when they first launched/released.

Anything goes - shows currently on that you just started watching (Breaking Bad) or shows long finished that you're just now getting into (The Wire).

Any movie title that is no longer considered a recent release (box office or rental) is fine, too.

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Jonathan Creek is back on BBC iPlayer

20:25 UTC


If you liked Escape Room, try Cube

Cube is an amazing, original Canadian indie horror film. I saw Escape Room last night, most of it anyway, and it was a bad rip-off of Cube, albeit with clearly a much higher budget. So please, watch Cube

17:10 UTC


I found a plot error in “Friends” because I am a nerd who pays too much attention to TV shows

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09:53 UTC


I've been watching Community for the first time and...

20:53 UTC


Just started Making a Murderer

14:40 UTC


I’m young enough/was never allowed to watch TV as a kid that I am just now discovering “Wife Swap”

10:50 UTC


I just finished No Country for Old Men for the first time

16:35 UTC


If you like Paul Rudd (and let’s face it, who doesn’t) watch Living With Yourself on Netflix

20:35 UTC


What Are Some Of Your 90's US Sit-com Hidden Gems?

The 90's was a golden era of comedy, no less than in the US. Even some of the mediocre programmes of the era were better than some of the best comedies in recent years. With the advent of streaming it's even easier for people to catch up!

Forget Friends and Frasier, what are some of the series that don't get mentioned often enough?

17:02 UTC


I somehow managed to watch the sixth sense with the wrong spoiler

16:08 UTC


Hey all, I have completely neglected this sub since it was given to me but would like to try and revive it!

Any suggestions on improvements to be made would be very helpful. Also spread the word! The more people that know about us, the better chance at success we have. I'm fairly busy during the work week so if anyone would like to help me moderate, let me know what credentials you have (no experience required to be an internet janitor, anyone can apply I'll likely say yes). I'm thinking something like a daily discussion thread could be cool just for people to hang out and talk about whatever.

So yeah that's what we have going on right now. I would love to build this into a community where people can come to and enjoy themselves. I've seen some great communities on reddit and there is no reason this cannot be one of them.

By the way at age 8 my son finally watched Pocahontas last week and it blew his mind. He thought I was showing him some lame Disney princess film then the was spirit ghosts show up and John Smith almost gets executed and shit goes crazy with an objectively unhappy ending. He wants to watch more old Disney now, I am proud to say he is one of us.

Thanks and have a great day everyone! - Big Shroom

02:46 UTC


Just watched Baby Driver...

... and I loved it! Great movie, fantastic soundtrack. I didn’t think it had come out that long ago, but when I saw Kevin Spacey come on screen I realized it had been a while lmao.

John Hamm was incredible as was Jamie Foxx. 9/10, would recommend to anyone in for a good time and a few laughs.

03:05 UTC


Just Watched Godzilla (2014)

!how are they gonna kill off the most emotionally vested character so early????!< it was alright, but that bugged me.

02:58 UTC


Just watched US

That was the weirdest and yet most suspenseful movie I've seen in a LONG time. Very very good and would highly recommend to thiller lovers.

02:13 UTC


Finally saw A Quiet Place...damn, it was good

When it came out my my wife was pregnant with our second child and knowing the theme of the movie, that was a no go.

We just watched it on Amazon (free with prime) and it was excellent. The first few minutes and the set up left us both a bit upset, but it was great.

For not knowing any character's names, I felt a strong bond with them all, especially the Dad as a father myself.

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02:53 UTC


Black Mirror is pretty awesome.

Lol. Ultimate late to the party :) I just started into Black Mirror. The attention to throwaway details of near future tech is awesome. Little stuff like, this one cop’s glass phone and double pane glass laptop. Stuff never gets a mention or even a lingering camera shot, but it totally builds an amazing SF near-future world.

01:48 UTC


Just watched unbreakable holy cow what a movie

I’m patient so I guess I’ll wait 16 years to watch split and an additional 2 years to watch mr glass

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06:42 UTC


Gone Girl is absolutely fantastic.

01:16 UTC


Friday night lights.

So good. I'll probably be done with it in a few days.

Btw, I just found this sub.

10:54 UTC


Let's breathe some life into this sub, shall we. I just started to watch the X-Files properly, having only seen random episodes as a kid/teen...

I'm on the fifth episode right now and it's been pretty great so far. Though, i do find Scully's skepticism a little annoying... I mean, i get that over the course of the series, she will grow to be more accepting, but given the things seen in the episodes so far, i would think she would a little more accepting about the paranormal and not just dismiss it... Like, the guy from ep. 3, that would shake her a little...

I don't mean that she should just accept the paranormal as fact from the get go, but she should be more willing to accept that there are things that "modern" science can't necessarily explain.

20:29 UTC


Creed - SO GOOD!

At first I had a lot of doubts - different writers, directors etc always makes you nervous.

Then I heard some good things so I was all 'OK, I'll give it a go' but life being the way it is, I just didn't get around to it.

Listening to Marc Bernardin rave about it to Kevin Smith on the 'Fatman on Batman' podcast convinced him to watch it, and it made me even more interested.

Then listening to Smith rave, I really wanted to see it.

Last night I finally discovered it had been added to Netflix (Aus) and holy hell - the hype is real!

Much of my fears was that they were going to 'thug-ify' Apollo Creed's son and distance the film from the original series by being all attitude and action - but there is SO MUCH heart.

The new crew are very faithful and respectful to the original characters, the 'son of Creed' storyline is well done and believable. The music is phenomenal! What Ludwig Gorranson does with Bill Conti's original Rocky score brings it into modern times, and is just as (if not more) emotional and inspirational.

And Stallone thoroughly deserved the golden globe for the role, and probably should've won the Oscar too. Even when Rocky takes a back seat, he still shines.

Michael B Jordan is just like he is on Friday Night Lights, and it's so great.

Tessa (actress' surname forgotten) has a great role that extends beyond 'love interest'

Minor Gripes:

The 'bad guy'/opponent doesn't get much of a fleshed out story arc.

I would've liked to see more Apollo archive footage.

I would've liked to see Milo Ventamiglia(?) reprise his role as Rocky's son.

I would've liked Felicia Rashard to feature more.

The graphics/supers felt unnecessary and distracting. Usually you follow the rule 'show, don't tell' - but doing this made it feel cheap.

But even with these minor gripes, I was an emotional mess at the end. The ending was just about perfect. Perfect to the point where I really hope they don't make another one - mostly because of what would have to happen to drive the story (I'd like to say what I mean, but it would spoil the film if you haven't seen it)

Two thumbs up!

05:12 UTC


Finally watched "There Will Be Blood"

It always pops up on Reddits GOAT lists, so I figured I needed to give it a watch. It was a lot slower of a burn than I was expecting, but overall was certainly a great story that I won't soon forget. Daniel Day Lewis was amazing throughout and I'm not sure this movie would have anywhere near the hype it gets without his performance.

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03:16 UTC


Rewatches: Lots of devoted subs host group rewatches offering a forum for episode discussions

I consider a supportive fanbase grouping together for a rewatch to be the sign of a great tv show. Most shows come and go without gaining an enduring fandom, so when you see a rewatch of a show nearly 20 years later, like the case of Buffy, you know that the creators must have really had something (I highly recommend Buffy if you've not seen it).

/r/buffy is on s05e19
/r/stargate is on Atlantis s03e05
/r/twinpeaks is on s01e03. Here's the discussion for Episode 1
/r/OnceUponATime is on s01e04
/r/community is on s03e04
/r/breakingbad is on s01e01
/r/The100 is on s01e07 (45 eps total)
/r/freefolk is holding a rewatch of GoT starting July 10
/r/StarVStheForcesofEvil is on s01e10
/r/gallifrey holds Doctor Who rewatches
/r/TheWire is on s05e06
/r/TheCloneWar is holding a rewatch
/r/gravityfalls is on week 3 of their rewatch

and if you like anime, /r/anime has a ton of rewatches all the time.

If you know of other rewatches, please share! Let us know if you're planning to join one. And what do you think of rewatches?

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04:05 UTC


Finally watching Game of thrones , mid-season 4 so far after 2 weeks .

I always avoided watching game of thrones because I knew it had gore , but 2 weeks ago I was bored so I decided to give it a chance . I watched the pilot and finally got what all the buzz was about , it is really great . I am currently binge-watching it with couple of episodes back to back . Currently I just finished episode 5 in season 4 . While I still dont like the gore , the series is really worth watching . I also had a question which I didnt want to search about risking spoilers but I read that there is 14 episodes remaining , so is that the end of the published books or did the series already catch up with the books ?

10:12 UTC


Recommend a show that's older than 20 years

21:00 UTC


Just started season 1 of "Mr. Robot"

I just watched the first episode last night. I think I like the direction the show is going, but certainly am not sold just yet.

I liked the cast right away, seems like good casting choices. My only negative is it seemed a little try hardy at times. Does anyone really say "AFK" and "IRL" in actual conversations? Hopefully it's just some pilot episode stuff that gets worked out as the season progresses, looking forward to "eps1.1_ones-and-zer0es.mpeg" tonight (clever episode titles) :)

13:43 UTC


Just finished season 1 of Game of Thrones. It's excellent so far!

I loved the books but only recently found time to start the show. I think they did a great job portraying the scale of the world and developing the characters. Joeffry is even more of an annoying little brat than in the books(in a good way!) Varys, is exactly how I pictured him and Tyroin is perfect.

I've heard some things about the future episodes that haven't happened in the book so I'm curious as to what will be different from the story I know so far.

So discuss GOT here for now. Is anyone else on their first watchthrough of the show? Please warn of any spoilers you may post

12:55 UTC


You guys really are patient, all the posts here are too old for me to reply to! In relevant news I've been watching the Major Lazer cartoon and it's great

Who knew electronic dance music and pseudo 80's cartoons would make a good combonation

10:59 UTC


Addicted to Grimm, Other detective shows?

I finished 3 seasons of Grimm from amazon prime. Now, I'm behind on season 4. Signed up for Hulu and they only have the latest five episodes. I'm so tempted to buy the individual episodes. Any recommendation on other detective shows to make the wait bearable? I've enjoyed sherlock, morse, got bored with bones.

00:14 UTC

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