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A subreddit all about Grimm, the "fantasy/mystery/crime drama" series on NBC. Discuss anything and everything about the show here.

A subreddit all about the "fantasy/mystery/crime drama" series Grimm on NBC. Discuss anything and everything about the show here.

About Grimm:

Nick Burkhardt, a homicide detective in present-day Portland, Oregon, learns that he is a descendant of a group of hunters known as "Grimms," who fight to keep humanity safe from the supernatural creatures of the world. Upon learning of his destiny, he struggles to protect humanity from the sinister storybook characters that have infiltrated the real world.

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Why doesn’t Nick ever study?

I’m on season 1, episode 13 (please no spoilers past here, thanks kindly!) and it seems odd to me that it’s been 4 months since aunt Marie died and Nick still is lost at the whole Grimm thing.

Doesn’t it seem like he should be at least browsing some of the books before he encounters a monster, or is this to keep Monroe relevant?

If it were me, I’d be learning everything I could about the supernatural world, especially as often as they are encountered as a cop!

01:46 UTC


We all love this show. But. What is your LEAST favourite episode of the series? And what is the reason for this?

For me it has to be “The Believer” - Season 7, Episode 6. The preacher who is a type of Wesen that looks like the Devil. Even thinking back to this episode writing this… I can’t remember anything of note that really happens during the episode. It just sort of takes place. Can’t help but skip the episode on a rewatch.

23:08 UTC


Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever noticed that most, if not all, episodes have the season and episode number somewhere? Usually it’s the address.

06:33 UTC



Was it just me or did anybody else dislike her character? Not only did she seem emotionless (which probably helped in later seasons) but her whole presence in the show was unneeded.

08:04 UTC


Opinions about Monroe and Rosalee

Spoilers ahead !!

I loved them on my first watch. Thought they were really fun and nice characters. I’m on my third rewatch or something and I just cannot stand them at all LOL. I don’t know why all of the sudden but they just irk me. Especially when they get mad or protective of one another and it’s borderline cringe to me. Like with the Wesenrein or when Juliette almost “killed” him. They get so overly pissed and sort of homicidal, when I feel like especially Rosalee isn’t that dangerous for a wesen. Is that just me being annoyed? I’m curious about others.

07:10 UTC


You are right, Wu is awesome!


19:46 UTC


Adalind/Stefania baby contract question

There is one thing that has absolutely driven me nuts about the show that I can't get over. Whatever happened to the contract Adalind signed with Stefania??? To get her powers back she basically sold Diana to Stefania. The contract was her hand being burned onto the document. Stefania says the contract is binding and she shouldn't have to tell her what would happen should she break it. But she does break it, whether against her will or not, she did not give Stefania the baby SO what was supposed happen? What were the consequences she was supposed to face for breaking the contract. As far as I can tell, nothing happened. All the rest of the stuff going on at that time is not related to the contract, it's about keeping the baby out of the royals hands and then revenge. We never see or hear from Stefania again, but from the Grimm Wikipedia page it lists her character as still alive, so if she's still alive then how come nothing happened? It just irks me

17:38 UTC


Adalind good and evil

I’m on another rewatch and think I’ve missed something. When she came back from Vienna after having Diana (I may be in the minority here, but I thought Diana was a little brat), Nick’s mom took them to Nick’s house to be protected. They tried to make her comfortable, then she broke out the window and drove off, heading to Renard’s. Even Monroe and Rosalee tried to help her. So why did she decide to do the thing with the witch’s hat to be Juliette then sleep with Nick? Why did she feel the need to trick him like that? Then she has his baby and she’s all sugar and spice.

So what did I miss???

01:58 UTC


Juliette the veterinarian

Super random but.... Did she own the clinic she worked for? Was she just an employee? When she did she stop practicing? Like after she was in coma? Did she lose her job? Like she got busy figuring out things after the coma and then becoming a hexenbiest, so just quit? I will be wondering if my cat's doctor disappeared out of nowhere lol

01:46 UTC


I miss Grimm… is there any show recommendations that are similar to it?

19:04 UTC


I remember this

Hank arresting someone and saying "Anything you say or eat can be used against you in a court of law..." I cracked up.

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10:45 UTC


I absolutely love this show and have rewatched twice a year since it’s finished

I would absolutely kill for a spin off where nick and his family actually hunt bad wesen. I wish there were more scenes of nick being a Grimm and not a cop anyone else?

05:53 UTC


Poor Wu

Everyone else’s introduction to Wesen is so fricking gentle compared to his.

Nick: here’s your future girlfriend and also a pretty polite wolf.

Juliette: your boyfriend’s friends are furries

But Wu… the universe is like: Aswang and Chupacabra, best I can do!

02:16 UTC


Wesson vs Vessin

Ok- so I got up to S4 thinking they were saying vessin and vogue. I watched it with subtitles the other night and it reads Wesson and Wougue.

I looked at their mouths/lips when they say it and I swear it looks like a V and not a W. Your lips are very different making those sounds.

Am I right or seeing things?

23:33 UTC


Someone should have been digitizing the library.

Hire an intern, I don’t care. But SOMEONE should have been scanning in Nick’s Grimm books from the very beginning.

“I tried to kill this giant, super tough creature but he proved especially tough #large #largehuman #invulnerable #seigbarste #giant”

Like imagine how much time could be saved, and also, how fewer records would could be destroyed if we duplicated our records!!

22:17 UTC


Just finished the series

What a fun ride it was. What I loved about the show:

  • The house styles - Craftsman and Foursquare for the win!
  • The campiness.
  • The cast. Feels almost ensemble. They did a great job and not a weak link in the supporting cast.
  • Stuck to the episodic wesen of the week approach. There were certainly stretches in the 5th (maybe even starting in the 4th) and 6th season where they did not have a wesen of the week as they pursued the larger arcs. But by in large they really did try to stay close to the show's core aim. Too many shows lose sight of their core competency, so not an easy thing to do.
  • The lore.
  • Crusader history. I'm a big Byzantium history fan, glad they got the broad strokes right about the 4th crusade.

Things I wasn't wild about:

  • Juliette/Eve. I won't pile on here, her short-comings have been beaten to death.
  • Nick. He was fine, not great. Seemed very robotic and cold at times. Never felt like he had any real warmth as a character. And that only got worse towards the end with Adalind. There was not much chemistry there.
  • The finale. It was ok. Didn't hate it. Just felt very uneven.
  • What happened to the Royals story line? Lol.

All in all, loved it. When I didn't want something to deep - and just looking for a good time show, this was it.

18:09 UTC


Welp I'm finishing the show for the second time

Currently on Season 6 episode 7

23:55 UTC


where to watch

does anyone know where can I watch Grimm from Spain? I've been looking for a really long time but I can't find any site ::

13:44 UTC


Just finished the show

Just got done watching the entirety of Grimm and BOY DID I CRY. My poor partner has to put up with me talking about it forever now.

12:31 UTC


Do Nick ever pay Rosalee/Monroe?

I'm watching S4E13 episode where Rosalee and Monroe help Nick & gang to make some cream against some Fireguy. And I though: Who pay for all the stuff they use in the cream (and it was a lot of it)? Rosalee did that for free? But, why, I don't think that some of those stuff she sometimes uses is cheap. Also, I never saw Nick pay for anything or offer help, he even doesn't look like a guy who would do that.

19:38 UTC


Stupid theory of mine

Guys i know you guys are going to think what im saying is so corny but grimm has been my favorite show since i was 12 im 22 now and could never understand my fascination with the show.But as im older and read lots of books i stumbled across this theory of mine thats i could never explain till now.Grimm is about predators and preys us as the homosapien race also have predator and preys existing in our community.Predators can actually recognize other predators for example jeffrey dahmer isnt just some insane human he was a predator its in his DNA thats why its so easy for some to commit the most ruthless "crimes" after all homosapiens are animals but we are a but different then other species we look so different im sure youve seen ppl the resemble animals all the time monkeys,rabbits,pigs, etc and some of us act like exactly what we look like. Though we look alike we hold different energies inside Like i said i have a wild imagination and im probably crazy.

04:55 UTC

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