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This subreddit is devoted to discussing any and all copyright-friendly/legal video streaming options that can be used as an alternative to a subscription to cable TV, satellite TV or IP TV. Also welcome are topics centered on "cordshaving," which means reducing your cable/dish subscription, and replacing what you "shave" with streaming options.

According to a July 2012 article at MaineToday.com, "One of the best online forums on the subject is at Reddit.com/r/cordcutting."

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    This subreddit is devoted to discussing any and all copyright-friendly/legal video streaming options that can be used as an alternative to a subscription to cable TV, satellite TV or IP TV. Also welcome are topics centered on "cordshaving," which means reducing your cable/dish subscription, and replacing what you "shave" with streaming options. Around here, we discuss the latest authorized streaming sources (including Netflix, Amazon and the iTunes Store), the latest Internet TV and set-top devices (including Roku, WD TV Live, Apple TV and Chromecast) and the latest trends for and rumors about legal content in the entertainment industry.

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    Helpful Subreddits

    Helpful sites for legal cordcutting

    http://www.canistream.it/ is a handy site you can use to find out whether specific TV shows and movies are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Crackle, YouTube and EPIX.

    http://watchlegit.com/ is a site with a slick interface, which can tell you whether a show/movie you want to stream is available on Netflix, Amazon or iTunes.

    http://cordcutting.com/roku-channels/ A complete list of public Roku channels, updated daily.

    http://untangle.tv Tell the site what you watch and how you watch it. Its cord cutting wizard analyzes your info. Buy only what you need and save money.


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    Is Tablo 4th Gen the best DVR option for OTA channels?

    I like that it comes with built-in storage and doesn't require an extra drive. I have read mixed, but overall favorable reviews. I want to record news programs and sports games from CBS and NBC.

    02:14 UTC


    Antenna Help

    I tried posting this in cordcutters but it got removed!

    Antenna Help

    I need help with an indoor antenna. I’m in an apartment so I can’t get an outdoor antenna. I bought one from Amazon and it didn’t pick up anything. Green light is on but tv says no signal. Looking at the rabbit ears map everything looks too far away.


    Here is my info:


    Thanks in advance.

    06:03 UTC


    200 yards away

    I’ve purchased a condo 200 yards away from my home. I’m bringing one of my tvs and Roku boxes there and would like to use my YTTV account. Would this be as easy and seamless as using another tv in my place or will using a separate WifI account muck things up?

    (I’m going to be using my same sign in / account info).

    Thanks in advance!!

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    10:12 UTC


    Jerrold 550 Impulse

    Hi! I rescued an old jerrold 550 analog cable box from a recycling site. It's an old cable and wireless model which subsequently will never work again here in the UK as analog cable has been decommissioned quite some time ago!

    Does anyone know of a way to "reactivate" it? It currently shows "Your converter is disconnected. Contact your cable operator", but not sure if that's because it was deactivated or its unhappy with no cable input. I also don't live in a cable area so this is just for fun and giggles.

    Appreciate its not cord cutting! Failing that, I may still hollow out the case and pop a raspberry pi in.

    11:23 UTC


    Sports channels on Xfinity Now / peacock premium?

    Looking to cut the cord on my cable TV to save money. I have xfinity internet & so with that I qualify for Xfinity NOW streaming service, which for $20 a month includes ~40 channels of live TV. My concern is whether this subscription really includes good live sports. They advertise sports as being included in XfinityNOW; I reviewed which channels are included on the webpage https://www.xfinity.com/nowtv in one of the FAQ dropdowns, but don't see any sports-dedicated channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, etc. to be there. I called Xfinity and spoke with an agent, asked for clarification but the agent wasn't able to name sports-dedicated channels included with XfinityNOW. Does anyone subscribed to this streaming service know which channels show sports and how good they are? Side note: The agent did mention that XfinityNOW subscription came with Peacock Premium, which the agent said does show live sports ..(how true is that)?

    More context: I primarily watch live golf like PGA. Also interested in XfinityNOW for the news channels. Those are the only live TV channels I still use on cable besides streaming services. Currently, on streaming I'm subscribed to Netflix, Prime video, & Max. Alternatively I'm considering Youtube TV or HuluLiveTV although its much more expensive for the live sports & news.

    13:16 UTC


    15K Roku Accounts Compromised

    As always be vigilant with your passwords, change them up often, make them complex and where possible use 2FA. I also wonder if the sudden push for their new Terms Agreement had something to do with this...
    Roku hakcers breach 15,000 accounts

    18:12 UTC


    How to Install a VPN on Chromecast With Google TV

    23:52 UTC


    does r/cordcutters have a secret filter system? every one of my posts there gets automatically removed withoutsomuch as a notification or explanation. i'm never rude or hostile and i think i post relevant questions like if DVR can be used with a digital antenna

    19:22 UTC


    Documentary Apps

    I like to watch documentaries what is a good documentary streaming app?

    12:04 UTC


    May as well go back to cable

    Streaming used to be really cost effective option to traditional cable service. Now, by the time you add premium this and plus that and basic service like YouTube TV it’s as much or more than cable

    Is there any options for watching tv that won’t break the bank?

    18:57 UTC


    Google movies

    Has anyone had issues with Google movies and purchasing them and not able to play them. My movies don't even sync to my YouTube TV and or YouTube account like it is suppose to either. I am not sure what is going on this is the first time I have had issues with movies and purchases. Google support is no help like usual so I'm stuck with a movie I can't play on any devices or platform. 😡

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    21:00 UTC


    Adding the ads

    Looks like Amazon broke streaming...

    15:43 UTC


    In 2024: Roku Express 4K+ 3941R (2021) Vs Roku Ultra LT 4801RW (2021)?

    The Express 4K+ 3941R (2021) seems to still be a current, actively sold model.

    It appears the Ultra LT is now officially discontinued and is only available from 3rd party sellers. Should that be a deterrent?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    15:59 UTC


    Please Verify Streaming Services That Still Legally Allow Password Sharing

    Of course, we all know Netflix has ended the previously encouraged password sharing, but can I get feedback on whether or not this article is correct about legally sharing accounts for these services? Thank you!

    Apple TV+
    Prime Video

    19:36 UTC


    Antenna Install Help

    I am not super handy and need some assistance with an antennae install. I bought one of those flat ones and stuck it to the window, but it was not effective. So I am looking to do an attic antenna but have no idea what to do. Here is what I THINK I am supposed to do.

    1- Buy an antenna and a ton of coaxial line

    2- Put antenna in attic and attach a ton of coaxial cable to it

    3- Find a gap in the insulation to drop cable through where I think it would be near the tv

    4- Remove the wall plate and hopefully find the hanging cable, then run that through the wall plate into my tv.

    How far off am I? My house was built in the last 15 years, and we have Xfinity internet and there are like 8 cords in the basement for it.

    15:13 UTC


    Helping my friend find a good OTA dvr system.

    Hi. I have an HDHomeRun system of my own running on a Mac computer but my neighbor is interested in the system but isn’t computer savvy (though supposedly they do have a windows computer). So I was wondering if there was any way to run the system without a computer (I would imagine it would also need an external hard drive). ?

    She is a cord cutter but wants to be able to record shows without the high cost. I am trying to help her. Also if anyone knows of a device that wouldn’t require a computer that would be helpful. Thank you.

    04:38 UTC


    Live TV recommendation?

    Was hoping someone could recommend a good live TV provider that is also user friendly for those not good at tech. This is for an elderly parent who absolutely does not care about sports at all and I think mainly only watches reality TV, some drama shows, and news now. She also already has Netflix.

    I was thinking Hulu w/Live TV might be the best option because of all the TV options. I also like Hulu so hoping we could split this across households (I know some places are cracking down on this now though).

    But I was wondering if there are any cheaper options that maybe just offer basic channels (ABC, NBC, CBS). Then we could pair it with the basic Hulu plan to meet the regular TV needs.

    Parent’s friends are also recommending YoutubeTV but I don’t know anyone who uses that so not sure what to think.

    Edit: We also have multiple Firesticks, but can easily switch to a Smart TV (if user friendly) or another device.

    16:05 UTC


    Cheaper Netflix Subscription

    I've been buying Netflix gift cards online for the last couple of years to get it at a cheaper price. I can't find actual gift cards listed on ebay anymore. Any ideas of where I could find people selling the cheaper subscriptions again?

    14:59 UTC


    Can someone recommend a streaming service please?

    I am looking to get:

    • ESPN (primarily for the F1 races)
    • Local channels
    • Velocity/motor trend
    • Big 10 network

    Thank you!

    18:24 UTC


    I'm ready to cut the cord but unsure how to bring in local TV?

    Hi, I am trying to ditch Fubo as I only use it for the sports and its gotten quote costly. For the sports I've figured out a contingency for the moment so I really just need access to my local channels.

    I'm on the East Coast and I want to stream to my TV and have it accessible on iOS apps remotely:





    The CW

    What are my options about bringing these local channels in ?. I don't want to pay for a streaming TV package because they're expensive and most of them that I've found don't have all these channels. I'm willing to pay something if I have to but trying to keep the cost down.

    I don't need a DVR option but would be nice to have.

    Hardware I have:

    Plex Server (Mac)

    Apple TV

    4K TV (2019ish)

    PS I already checked and my address the signals to these channels are strong for OTA but I'm not sure what I need or if there are better low cost options.

    Thanks in advance

    Edit thanks for everyone’s responses so far. Forgot to add I have Plex Pass. I bought it back when it was a lifetime option.

    12:56 UTC


    Thinking about finally ditching directv

    Hi all, I'm getting tired of paying directv 100 bucks a month for 2 channels that aren't available for free ota.

    TLC and TNT

    What DVR do you suggest for the ota antenna?

    What's the most cost effective ways to watch these 2 channels? Any advice would be appreciated?

    21:25 UTC


    My Current Paid Streaming (In Case Anyone Cares!)

    As Of 11/26/2023

    • $11.99 Netflix Basic
    • $0.91 Hulu W/Ads (Thru 11/26/24 Black Friday Special -$1 Rakuten)
    • $2.00 Disney+ W/Ads (Hulu Add-On)
    • $0 Paramount+ W/Ads (Thru 2/13/24 Via T-Mobile)
    • $0.50 Peacock Premium W/Ads (Thru 11/26/24 ($19.99 BF Special -$14 BeFrugal ($10 Signup +$4 Cash Back)))
    • $16 Philo (Grandfathered)
    • $0 Prime Video (Included W/ Amazon Prime)
    • $0.66 Max W/Ads (Thru 5/26/24) ($2.99/mo BF Special-$14 Capital One Offers)

    • $32.06/mo Total

    I'm not sure what I'll do about Paramount+ when it expires. I'm hoping for a better special offer than they had for BF 2023, which was weak, but if there is none, I'll either renew it at $5/mo ($59.99 annual) OR I'll sign up for Walmart+ IF they still have their $49.99 new subscriber offer.

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with the BF offers. Hulu has led the pack since 2018, and I've opened a new account every year since to get the BF deals.

    --Historical Hulu BF Deals--
    $0.99/mo 11/18-11/19
    $1.99/mo 11/19-11/20
    $1.99/mo 11/20-10/21
    $0.99/mo 11/21-11/22
    $1.99/mo 11/22-11/23 (+$2.99/Mo Disney+ No Ads)
    $0.99/mo 11/23-11/24 (+$2/Mo Disney+ W/Ads)

    15:26 UTC


    Don't need a cord to watch Catch Me If You Can

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    18:30 UTC

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