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Are there mono-Chaos God Hell Forges out there?

Okay, since it is possible for a Daemon World to be dedicated to a single Chaos God, could the same be said of a Hell Forge?

Since there would be Dark Mechanicus Hereteks who would follow a single Chaos God, could it be possible? What would such worlds be like in the lore?

04:13 UTC


Are there any grimdark StarTrek references in 40k?

I know 40k likes to 'pervert' stuff from other works and history.

There is grimdark everything - from batman-like crazy primarchs to soviet russia horde tactics...

Is there star trek stuff? Any grimdark captain Picards, for example?

1 Comment
03:43 UTC


Siege of Terra: where to start?

I am wanting to start the Siege of Terra novels but wanting to know how many and which books are necessary for the plot and characters for the Siege?

For context. been into 40k for over a decade now and pretty familiar with most all aspects of the lore. In highschool I read about a dozen of the HH novels (not all in order, will post list of them at end) and don't have time to read every entry and but want to finsih what I started years ago. I have a general understanding of what happened in the novels I read but that's about it.

That being said, do the books follow the characters of the previous novels or new ones? I know it follows the primarchs as well but besides them, like named space marine and named humans.

Thank you!

(List of HH novels I have read; Horus Rising, False Gods, Galaxy in Flames, Fulgrim, Flight of Eistenstien, Decent of Angels, Legion, Battle of the Abyss, Fallen Angels, Thousand Sons, Nemisis, The First Heretic, Know No Fear, Shadows of Treachery, Betrayer, The Unrembered Empire, Deathfire)

02:20 UTC



So this question has been on my mind for ages but ever since Perturabo ascended to daemon prince is he still able to see the eye of terror and another if chaos undivided isn't Canon anymore what will happen with undivided daemons and the such

01:02 UTC


Do Black Templars use conventional Scout Squads?

I know their Neophytes are generally trained as frontline fighters, but do they use any kind of scout marines? Like giving initiates scout armour and using them to scout, or even some neophytes are placed in a scouting role?

00:45 UTC



do we have any description of the londaxi physiology? We have a description and a model that displays some of their tech, such as the tribales, but do we have any desc of what they look like?

23:56 UTC


What is a nurglite dark mech capable of

What kind of awesome stuff would a member or two be able to do to machines and devices when said dark mech is blessed by Grandpa Nurgle?

23:48 UTC


How did ravenor gain the respect of the Eldar?

I read the eisenhorn and ravenor books and I've always been curious how he developed a rapport with the Eldar to the point that they agreed to work with a blatantly corrupted eisenhorn just because ravenor vouched for him. I know they had a falling out by the first ravenor book (huge missed opportunity imo) but i never saw an explanation how it happened in the first place. If there isn't a canon explanation I'd love to hear what you guys think happened.

23:38 UTC


Big E and the Thunder Warriors

If the Thunder Warriors hadn't had mental instability and had a longer lifespan, do you think the Emperor would have gone forward with the Thunder Warriors instead of creating the Space Marines?

23:33 UTC


Librarians in training

Hey all. I'm listening to Red Titge and a question came to mind. Are librarian candidates given extra coaching or support through the trails because they're valuable? What happens if a candidate fails but is a power payer?

23:26 UTC


For the greater omnissiah

Are there any known instances of members of the mechanicum joining the empire or the enclaves or are they too fanatical to do so?

21:58 UTC


Is it possible to hide from daemons?

So - obviously the various stealth abilities on the tabletop imply that you can, but I was wondering about in lore. Do daemons summoned to realspace "see" in the way natural organisms do? Or do they see people's souls and emotions, in which case it seems like it would be impossible to conceal yourself from them?

21:41 UTC


Are there any good stories showing the difference between Guard and Astartes fighting by side by side?

In every Imperial Guard focused book, the Guard dies by the dozens (except for main characters) as they fight the varied enemies of the Imperium.

In every book where Astartes are the protagonists, they also die in serious numbers like the Guard (unless they’re not wearing a helmet).

Are there good examples of them fight side by side that highlights the Astartes being tanky force multipliers and the Guard being cannon fodder?

21:38 UTC


SPOILERS - Changchi should have been the character in WARHAWK instead of Jangsai Khan

I’ve just finished reading the VI book in the siege of Terra, Warhawk, and it became one of my favorite books of the siege, by showing just how hopeless things have become and how mortarion's plague could very well end with the will of the defenders.

Non the less, at the beginning of the book we are presented with a Newblood space marine, he seems to be so good that he receives an old sword that makes of him a Khan for an order of the V legion. For most of the book I loves Jangsai, but I felt that I knew this character already.

In the solar war, Jubal Khan, probably with shiban & yisugei one of the fans favorites characters. He is shown that while on the solar war he has a new blood as a pupil, his name, ChangChi. For which for half a book, Jubal teaches him personally all his techniques and wisdom before seeing his inevitable fight with abaddon and all of the first company of the sons of horus, for which he prepares and gives his sword to changchi and sends him to terra with the V legion.

by the end of warhawk, the only thing that makes shiban stop the rage of the legion before they go suicide mode, is when Jangsai shows him his sword and finally listens. But when I was reading this I could only picture the same thing but with Jubal's sword, which would had made the moment 100 times better, do to shiban just non stop thinking of Yisugei and Jubal in all of Mortis and part of saturnine.

What are your thoughts?

Also Naranbataar ending is so lackluster

21:31 UTC


Are the gothic elements (statues, cathedrals etc...) of imperial ships included in the STCs or does the Imperium duck tapes them onto DAoT designs ?

Since most advanced imperial tech is repurposed and modified DAoT tech (like the terminators), are the spaceships modified after they are built by the STCs or are they built like that ? Is this something that is addressed in the lore ?

21:20 UTC


Politics during the Heresy?

Are there any instances of Traitor and Loyalist Legions being forced to be allies of any sort during the Horus Heresy? Did the Traitors continue to fight Xenos when not engaged in combat with the Loyalists?

21:17 UTC


'An Empire of a million worlds...'

What does this mean exactly, does this number correlate to systems controlled (so technically every habitable planet also counts as its home system.)

Or does that mean literally planets themselves, even counting multiple worlds in the same system (so the imperium could technically only control something like 200'000 actual stars in the galaxy, and the million world count includes every planet (roughly) that would exist around those stars.)

I know that its all meant to be very abstract, and personally in headcanon I generally tend to think that the count references that the imperium on average would control around a million star systems at any given time, rather than planets., but you'd think that GW/Black library would at least release a new 'lore bible', something similar to the old 'liber chaotica' book they did back in the day that clarifies things more.

20:58 UTC


Question about the current humble bundle and reading order.

So far I have read the whole Eisenhorn omnibus and Horus rising and just bought the 27 book bundle. Is there any of these I should read first or avoid until I have read more of the Horus rising series? Thanks for advice, just so many books and not sure if these are all standalone books in the bundle.

20:44 UTC


Trazyn's involuntary biotransference

So, Trazyn has stated before that he rejected biotransference, but was captured and hauled in in chains. He states this both in Infinite and the Divine as well as a different book where he converses with Cawl.

However, Infinite and the Divine also has Orrikan state that Trazyn went in voluntarily, and actually helped capture Orrikan when he fled. Even more interesting is that there appears to be a fair bit of overlap between their memories of the event, with both fleeing to their library and being dragged out in chains.

So, are there any theories or statements on this? Is this certain events in the book corrupting Orrikan's mind (and if so, which parts are corrupted)? Or is this an alteration the C'Than did to one or both of their memories during biotransference, given that Trazyn notes how much their memory engrams from before the change were degraded.

Infinite and the Divine spoilers following:

!So, I could personally see this being the Deceiver altering Orrikan's engrams with how much they're communicating, especially since the Deceiver pushed him to view those memories again. It would also help push them into conflict to prevent them from figuring out the memetic viruses involved. At the same time though, there's also the Deceiver noting he specifically created a faction resisting biotransference to draw out possible rebels, and placing incorrect memories of trying to avoid it could have some benefit. There's also the curious similarities between their memories to consider.!<

20:24 UTC


Does the Imperial Navy actually have over 20k+ Battleships?

I was trying to back of the envelope calculate how many battleships the Navy has since these are supposed to be extremely rare and precious assets.

I was going off of a rough estimate from Battlefleet gothic which seems to have ~5 battleships for the sector. Plus there was another back of the envelope calculation that the imperium might be comprised of thousands of such sectors, even if we assume each sector has over 200+ worlds in it. So you end up with something like 4k-5k sectors * 5 ships = ~20-25k battleships.

I cant really tell if this is a super high or low number because I cant really comprehend how vast an interstellar empire is. I guess 20k capital ships kind of makes sense considering these ships are essentialy the supercarriers of the Imperial navy.

20:14 UTC


Last day for Humble Bundle (Worlds of Warhammer 2024)

Just a heads up for anyone that didn't see this yet. Here's a list of the 40k books included in the top tier:

Lupercal's War

Cthonia's Reckoning

Sons of the Emperor

Fire Caste

The Lords of Silence


Angels of Darkness

Dark Apostle

Space Wolf


Lucius: The Faultless Blade

Avenging Son

Ice Guard

The Talon of Horus

I Am Slaughter

It's a great selection this year with some absolute must reads.

There's also some AoS stuff.


19:48 UTC


Question about Undercover Genestealer Cultists

I did a quick search before posting and couldn't find anything specifically answering my question:

Would A Genestealer Cultist ever wear a purity seal or an amulet/mark of the inquisition to maintain the cover of their cult hiding in plain site?

In all of the minis I've seen (even the new Brood Brothers Kill Team Sprue) there are no purity seals to be found and any Aquilas are scratched off/defaced. So that's why I'm asking.

TLDR: Would GSC wear aquilas, purity seals, or inquisition heraldry without defacing them to remain secret?

EDIT: Words and grammar

19:12 UTC


When/where was Malcador first mentioned in the lore?

Basically title. Curious what’s the first reference to Malcador across 40K lore, and if there have been any major changes to his character along the way.

17:54 UTC


Hardest Xenos quotes thread

In this thread, we post quotes by or about Xenos which go hard. I'll start:-

"There is a cancer eating at the Imperium. With each decade it advances deeper, leaving drained, dead worlds in its wake. This horror, this abomination, has thought and purpose which functions on an unimaginable, galactic scale and all we can do is try to stop the swarms of bio-engineered monsters it unleashes upon us by instinct. We have given the horror a name to salve our fears; we call it the Tyranid race, but if it is aware of us at all it must know us only as Prey."

--Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak

This one is about the Necrons:

That man is beset at all quarters by traitors, mutants and fiends is self-evident. But in truth none of these evils shall be our undoing.

When the end comes it will be not at the hand of any mortal being of this or any other realm: death will come at the hands of the ancients, those who determined our fate aeons before we stood erect upon the holy ground of Terra and gazed up into the starry night.

--Inquisitor Hoth

The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We Eldar who have failed, or the Humans, on the road to ruin in their turn? And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn't even bother to ask! We see a culture that is strong and despise it as crude.

--Uthan the Perverse, controversial Eldar philosopher

The galaxy is ours. Ours to corrupt. Ours to enslave. The Gods will not be denied their prize.

--Xereth, Black Legion sorceror (he is whining about the Tyranids)

Simply put, over the coming centuries we may be out-evolved to the point of extinction.

--Magos Biologis Alder Garrick (he is also whining about the Tyranids)

I do not fear death. Death fears me!

--Shas'O Sa'cea Dre'koran Ta'ar, rejecting an Imperial ultimatum to evacuate the Tau colony of Nimbosa (subsequently annihilated by the Ultramarines)

I have taken great pains not to laugh at the actions of aliens, nor to weep at them or to hate them, but to understand them.

--Aun'shi, Ethereal

18:58 UTC


The Warp and Our Galaxy

Basically I'm wondering if our galaxy has a special relationship to the warp. With the infinity of the known universe and the infinity of the warp, it seems strange that Chaos would be so involved and concerned with ours specifically. Shouldn't there be countless other galaxies filled to the brim with sentient species that could be corrupted? Entire galaxies that have fallen to one or more of the Chaos Gods during the billions of years of existence? Could it be that nowhere else in the universe has a direct connection with Chaos and that's why the Chaos Gods are so involved? Obviously not them personally but their influence and demonic servants. I was just thinking about the Cabal's plan for the Alpha Legion to help Horus win in order to eventually have humanity wipe itself out in order to starve Chaos. Besides that being a stupid plan it also just doesn't make sense unless Chaos corruption doesn't exist outside the Milky Way.

18:42 UTC


I have a few questions about Necromunda lore (Some Aranthian Succession spoilers inside)

Hey all!

I've been playing Necromunda for a wee while, but decided to take a better look at the lore of the place, particularly with Secundus incoming and catching up on the various developments since I was massively into Necromunda (1997 - showing my age). However, there's a few things I'm unclear on, and I'm hoping the learned members of the sub can help!

  1. How big is a gang? We know that on the table it's about 8-10 people, but is the gang just the guys & girls that go out and do the fighting, or does it include their families and associated people (like a Mafia family)?

  2. Following the events of Ruins of Jardlan, is it a return to business as usual for the Clan Houses and the named Noble Houses, or is there considerable resistance to >!Ozostium Aranthus!<?

  3. When Enforcers are made, does the training regime emphasise loyalty to the Imperial House, or the family de jour that is the Imperial House?

  4. Does anyone think that >!Ozostium!< is actually a >!Greater Daemon!< given their abilities and their badge?

  5. The Dust Wall has fallen (kind of), so how porous is the border to Secundus/The Broodspire these days? I'm assuming enough that people can flit in and out of the place fairly easily (given the expansion) but how much grief is it to avoid the Penal Battalions and the Enforcers?

I think that's the questions that have been uppermost in my mind for the last few months... Thanks in advance for any constructive answers!

1 Comment
17:30 UTC


Why don't the Tyrannids just farm Orks?

If consuming biomass is all they want, why not just seed the planets they've already taken with Ork fungus and then come back once the whole planet is full of Orks? It sure beats grinding your army against heavily defended Imperial worlds.

17:00 UTC


What do regular people do?

What do regular people do in the imperium? Do they have jobs? What kind of jobs? Can they have hobbies? Can you buy yourself a house/room in a hive city? Do they have a currency? Are there schools?

16:55 UTC


Dreadnought upgrades

Has there been any instance (or is it even possible) that someone interred in a dreadnought can be moved to an upgraded model? Say one got damaged but the chapter just received the first Redemptor chassis at the same time. Could the marine be moved to this newer model or have to settle for repairs on the older one?

15:55 UTC


What's the difference between Incinerators and regular Flamers?

Won't regular flamers with blessed fuel be just as good as dealing with daemons as dedicated Incinerators? So what makes a Incinerator special in terms of Daemon killy?

15:23 UTC

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