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Animal liberation and social revolution

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  3. Animal liberation and social revolution

    Veganarchism is the political philosophy of veganism (animal rights and earth liberation) and anarchism, creating a combined praxis that is designed to be a means for social revolution. This encompasses viewing capitalism and the state as unnecessary and harmful to the earth and animals, both human and non-human.

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    let’s decolonize our thinking:

    04:27 UTC


    World Day For the End of Speciesism

    "Our demands

    The boundary between species is not and cannot be a moral one: our society must therefore evolve so as to include animals within the circle of our moral consideration. Below you will find proposals that aim at achieving this goal.

    A new legal status – Abolition of animal property institution

    Ethology shows that animals feel emotions and that they are individuals. However, because of their status as property, they can be bought and sold as though they were goods or produce and the more frivolous interests of the owner tend to be deemed more important than the fundamental interests of the animal, who is, after all, just a possession. This is an unjust state of affairs: animals are not mere objects and must not be considered as the property of others.

    Abstract and artificial entities such as businesses are deemed to be legal persons, whilst animals, actual real sentient beings with preferences, desires and their own personalities, do not yet benefit from this status. A step forward is therefore essential.

    Furthermore animals’ interests must be represented before the law by animal defence societies, prosecutors specializing in animal issues or guardians other than their owners.

    We urge parliaments and the courts to create and enforce a new legal status for animals that stops them from being considered as property and recognising them as sentient beings whose interests must be protected by the law.

    Spreading kindness to animals through education – Prevention of speciesism

    Many countries are already making concerted efforts to stamp out sexism and racism and the same must be done in the case of speciesism. At this time of ecological crisis it is all the more important to recognise publicly that humans share the planet with other inhabitants who are also capable of feeling emotions and worthy of respect. The common morality of all civilized societies is that we cannot inflict violence upon other beings simply because they are different. And teaching children in schools to respect the lives of animals would simply prepare them for putting this idea into practice.

    We are asking for the introduction of global information campaigns against speciesism in order to raise awareness among all citizens of respect for the life of animals. As part of this we are asking teaching establishments and the relevant bodies to include a module on respect for animals and prevention of speciesism in their training programmes.

    A non-violent dietary culture – The end of fishing and the closure of slaughterhouses

    Most animals killed in the world are killed for food: approximately 64 billion land animals meet their end in slaughterhouses every year and some 1000 billion aquatic animals die from suffocation in fishing nets. In the egg industry male chicks are ground up alive or gassed whilst in the dairy industry cows are separated from their calves and end up in the slaughterhouse once their milk production becomes less profitable. However most people believe that it is wrong to kill animals unnecessarily and the existence of millions of vegetarians and vegans shows that such practices are not necessary. Common morality also condemns violence, and yet slaughterhouses actually condone it.

    It is high time for our societies to do away with fishing and farming animals for food and to turn to a non-violent and plant-based dietary culture. The latter, in addition to respecting the life of animals, is also more beneficial to the environment and wastes fewer resources.

    Ethical research – Animals are not scientific equipment

    Everyone is aware of the injustice of the ‘law of the strongest’ and of the fact that one should not take advantage of the weaknesses of others in order to exploit them or subject them to violence. Yet that is exactly what is done in experiments on animals to test detergents, medicines and even weapons. In fundamental research animals are experimented on simply to satisfy scientists’ intellectual curiosity. This behaviour would be completely unacceptable if the victims were human and by putting ourselves in the place of the animals used we realize that these practices are just as unacceptable when the victims are of a different species. No researcher who uses sentient beings would allow more intelligent beings to do to them what they do to animals.

    We are asking for an end to the use of animals as ‘scientific equipment’ in laboratories. We are also asking that public investment in non-animal research be considerably increased.

    Consideration for individuals – Animals are not a resource

    Speciesism has sometimes allowed us to think that there is no problem in industries discharging liquids into lakes, causing distress to the animals living in them, if it does not disrupt the ecosystem and cause a species to become extinct. Nevertheless animals are neither basic functions of an ecosystem nor a ‘natural resource’ but, like humans, have a personal interest in avoiding pain and having an environment that allows them to enjoy their lives. They are therefore individuals whose real interests must be respected even if they do not belong to a threatened species.

    Humans are not the only sentient inhabitants of the Earth. We must therefore stop despising the interests of ‘wild animals’ and progress towards a society that cares about looking after our planet in the interests all of its sentient inhabitants.

    We are asking for every decision concerning the environment to take account of the interests of animals, in particular their interest in enjoying their lives and in flourishing in a suitable environment."

    The World Day For the End of Speciesism is held every last saturday of August (this year 31st August). If you want to organize an action in your town you can send an email to the team who will give you useful material: info@end-of-speciesism.org

    Source: https://end-of-speciesism.org/en/

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    11:52 UTC


    get some skills

    15:14 UTC


    What relationship should a vegan anarchist society have with the natural world?

    I am struggling to conceptualize and work out what I believe human society’s relationship to animals and the environment should look like.

    I’ve been a vegan for two years, originally for utilitarian ethical reasons (causing animals to suffer and die just so we can eat them), reasoning that technology could give us equally delicious food (impossible meat, etc). While I’ve cared about climate change and such for a while, only within the last few months have I seriously considered how ecologically unsustainable our current industrial civilization is, and have moved towards solarpunk and social ecology on the environment. Finally, I have recently come to anarchism politically after a long time as a democratic socialist imagining a Green New Deal type thing.

    In my new position at the intersection of anarchism, veganism, and environmentalism, I am struggling to resolve some contradictions, as I’ve often seen 2 of 3 paired, but in ways that seemingly contradict each other. For example:

    • Anarchists with an environment or ecology ethos promote primitivism, indigenous ways of living, or permaculture practices. But vegans and animal rights activists still object to exploiting and consuming animals.

    • Vegans and animal rights groups whose approach is rooted in opposing the human exploitation of animals is compatible with the anarchist opposition to hierarchy and authority, but that approach has little to say about the suffering of wild animals or the destruction of ecosystems that industrial civilization causes.

    I think the crux of the contradiction is on how Nature is viewed: is it a self-sustaining ecosystem where the life, joy, pain, and death of individual creatures is less important than the flourishing of the collective as each species plays its role, with humans using their rationality to encourage, or is it a cruel place where the violent hierarchy of predation and deprivation inflicts great suffering on individual creatures that humans, as the only moral beings in an ecosystem, are obliged to intervene in to stop. I don’t know enough about social ecology but I see shades of both within it.

    I welcome any thoughts, experiences, or analysis and media that help sort this out.

    02:37 UTC


    Who here works in tech and/or is interested in learning about and utilizing AI?

    I work in IT and in my spare time I study AI models and what can be done with them. I'd like to find a community with like-minded people to work on projects together and learn from.

    08:25 UTC


    Another ugly fact Big Ag don't want us to know

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    23:10 UTC


    By not advocating for anarchism you are allowing capitalism to continue slaughtering trillions of animals.

    1. Capitalism is designed to generate capital, not to take human or animal welfare into consideration. It exists merely as a means to produce profit while ignoring the animals needlessly dying by the literal trillions.( 92.2 billion land animals and over a trillion marine animals annually ).

    2. Capitalism will not leave peacefully. In order to remove an all powerful all controlling economic system it has to be a hostile take over, imagine the vegan movement growing to a scale that is capable of contending with the powers that be. Another way of asking that question is, What would happen if a competitive force threatens the profit generating system when that same system owns and controls all main media outlets, central banking systems, education and medical systems and all business’s openly traded for public investment? The answer is that it rejects the plight of veganism and snuffs it back down to minuscule levels through mass propaganda campaigns where it basically gets swept under the rug thus allowing countless more animals deaths and further fueling the already indoctrinated misinformed general public.

    3. Capitalism ends either one of two ways, either by the absolute resource depletion of our world and environment resulting in total global genocide, or a unionized dismantlement which puts an end to its profit generating goals. In between now and either one of those points by not rejecting capitalism you are taking a knee and allowing countless animal deaths to occur that could’ve been prevented had capitalism been removed sooner than later.

    Anarchy isn’t the end all permanent solution to this, it’s a chaotic temporary place holder to be utilized while a new more sentient respectful system gets put into capitalism’s former place and although it will indeed negatively effect a lot of people, it will prove to be a good thing in the long run for the sake of both human and animals alike.

    The revolution will not be peaceful given how many facets of control that capitalism currently has. But the ulterior to non anarchism is the perpetuation of a system which clearly devalues human and animal life with the sole purpose of catering to the top 1% of our society while decimating our environment and ecosystem. So although anarchy isn’t a directly desired, the continuance of capitalism is even less desired. Whatever negative hypothetical you would present to defend capitalism with is already being implemented in our current world, rent and cost of living continuously grows as does the number of vacant houses. Entire cities are unoccupied while people scramble to find shelter from the outside environment. Even non vegans are drastically negatively affected by the authority of capitalism and as time passes the level of control that it displays only grows in strength and capability rendering the average person less and less able to live a full healthy free life.

    Anarchy isn’t desirable state of being, but it’s a step towards fixing the issues that plague this world and our environment.

    14:03 UTC


    want to go vegan, but-

    I'm in high school; I only make 90 a week, 50 of my check goes to paying the internet bill and I can only work weekends so I'm struggling to think about how I could financially switch my entire diet, especially resisting the rest of my household

    also, while it's absolutely a menial problem, it's still something I'm wondering about advice for-any tips for switching diets suddenly? I want to go vegan both for ethical and environmental reasons so I'm not interested in tiptoeing around stopping my meat consumption and ideally want to stop asap, but this is also a very sudden decision I'm making after spending almost my entire life not thinking twice about it so if anyone has any advice I would be more than grateful
    second to last bit-relevant to the last one and ESPECIALLY not as important, but what are some good places to find great vegan recipes/foods? I've always wanted to get into cooking, but my Insta feed is full of steak and chicken recipes which...obviously isn't in my itinerary now lol, so I'd appreciate hearing abt your favorite vegan recipes and if you know any good accounts on insta for vegan recipes I'd love to hear about those, too

    this is the last, very optional bit because I can always look around myself, but in case anyone has anything special they want to throw my way-any literature or otherwise that I should check out regarding this decision?

    sorry if this entire thing is disjointed, messy, and unprofessional; It's late and I'm kinda just throwing this all together extremely sloppily, but all advice or general commentary given is really, truly, extremely (i cant stress it enough) appreciated

    03:29 UTC


    How to disrupt slaughterhouses with no violence?

    Like the title say, I'd like ideas for how someone could (without violence) disrupt a slaughterhouse. Property damage is not violence. I'm hoping for ideas that would stop the house for a while and could be done queitly. But the important part is to last a while. Thank you.

    00:21 UTC


    Yes On IP28

    22:49 UTC


    Efficacy of dealing with animal products in supermarkets.

    Hello. I am interested in different forms of activism. I am curious about the effectiveness of the following(I don't know the difference between efficacy and effectiveness, please tell me):

    1. putting qr codes on products.

    This method usually advertises a discount or something similar, but actually links to slaughter footage. I used to work in a supermarket, and in our store at least, it meant binning the items. This undermines profitability but increases waste

    1. stealing/ruining the items.

    This would undermine the profitability and create waste as per point 1. Is the trade-off worth it? And by stealing, I don't mean for consumption. Simply talking about undermining profits.

    1. simply buying vegan.


    08:48 UTC


    It's weird that vegans are still so looked down on in anarchist spaces

    06:28 UTC


    Invasive species?

    Hi, I’m so sorry if this is a stupid question.

    I live in an area with a minor invasive bug problem, and people are always telling me to kill them if I see them. I could honestly never kill a bug. I like to live and let nature take its course and not intervene with such things, but I’m kind of guilty because I do want what’s best for the environment. I just don’t want to be responsible for another animal’s death, and it’s not the animal’s fault that they were brought to an area that could not support them. How would a vegan navigate this?

    17:06 UTC


    Video of essays/docs

    Anyone got some video essays or documentaries?

    Particularly on environmental impact of animal atrocities

    Anarchist intersection is appreciated

    I want to show stuff to my already eco conscious anarchist friends who don’t take animal liberation seriously

    23:18 UTC


    Looking for book recs!

    I would really love to get some recs relating to obviously veganism, anarchism, environmentalism, etc. Thank you!

    18:32 UTC


    About the necessary paradigm shift needed in the animal rights movement

    05:50 UTC


    Happy Mother's Day

    09:23 UTC

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