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A place to share content and discuss ways to end speciesism — the unjustified disadvantageous consideration or treatment

of those who are not classified as belonging to a certain species.

We believe ending speciesism should be a moral priority for humanity.

So what is the alternative to traditional anthropocentric ethics? Antispeciesism is not the claim that "All Animals Are Equal", or that all species are of equal value, or that a human or a pig is equivalent to a mosquito. Rather the antispeciesist claims that, other things being equal, equally strong interests should count equally.

— David Pearce, “The Antispeciesist Revolution

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Whole Foods Scandal, Björk & Rosalía's Protest Song Against Icelandic Fish Farm | Month in a Minute

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EU Drops Animal Welfare, Elon Musk's Neuralink Controversy & more | Month in a Minute

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Performance of mine and Kirk Nelson’s song, “Speciesism”

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I'm BEGGING y'all to spread this news

An animal sanctuary in Italy got infected with ASF (the african swine fev) and to protect livestocks' profits the government decided to kill all the pigs who lived in the sanctuary. people and activists gathered in fron of the sanctuary to keep the executors out of its perimeter, but after weeks of pacific defence the police decided to show up and use force to enter. the activists were hit with clubs, some of them were left injured on the ground. the same happened with other activists inside the sanctuary. the pigs who were still alive in spit of the ASF were killed, as well as the ones who were still healthy. all of this just to protect lunches and dinners of all those people who still eat animal products. there were negotiations in act to try to at least protect the animals that were still healthy and a court date was set but they didn't wait for it (we don't know why yet). of course most newspapers and tv shows won't cover the news, all we have for now it's Instagram's lives and videos from the people who were resisting outside the sanctuary. we really need help to spread the news outside of our own social medias cause it's the first time something like this happen and it could become a terrible example for future alike cases.

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I Finally Understand Speciesism and Now I Can't Sleep

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Peter Singer: "I’m co-organizing a two-day conference aimed at broadening the concerns of AI ethics to include both nonhuman animals and potential conscious machines. Join us at Princeton, either in person or virtually, on October 6 & 7 to explore these neglected aspects of AI ethics."

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The vegan blindspot ("Nature" does not always mean "good")

https://youtu.be/EVi4jYySIv4 Vegan Campout 2023 (UK) presentation

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My wife won't stop eating chicken no matter what I say or do. Help.

I'm from India. Been a vegetarian by upbringing and been questioning people who eat meat from the age of 5. I've always loved all animals and always found eating any animal to be completely wrong and a form of cruelty and discrimination. In my entire extended family, I'm the most vocal and unabashed critic of non-vegetarians and I challenge people constantly.

My wife on the other hand has been conditioned to eating meat since she was a child. She eats only chicken and rarely fish though and has never had and doesn't want to try beef, mutton or pork thankfully.

I have spent years showing her articles and videos of how chicken and fish also have feelings, can feel pain as much as other animals and we do and can form familial bonds with other animals as well as humans. She acknowledges all this and still continues to eat chicken whenever we order out, at least once a week. She has never cooked chicken at home on her own though, thankfully, and only has it home-cooked if her mother comes over and makes it, which is rarely.

She gets upset every time I confront her and ask her why she continues to knowingly eat chicken and fish and kill animals when she herself acknowledges things and wouldn't do that to a cat or a dog. Her answer is that she has been conditioned to eating chicken since she was a child so now she can't live without it and loves the taste. When I ask her whether she can put the animals' pain and feelings first, instead of her need of their taste, her answer is she can't even though she knows it's wrong and doesn't want me to keep bringing it up. We have even fought over it a few times since her appetite and mood gets ruined. Recently she changed slightly (on her own, of her own choice and accord) and ordered only vegetarian food when we ordered out a few times. But then went back to chicken when we ordered burgers one time. It just doesn't make any sense since she understands and acknowledges that speciesism is as bad as racism or sexism and continues to do it, especially since she calls herself a feminist.

I keep imploring her to think a bit more rationally and make the right choice even if it's hard, especially since she is very aware of what she's doing. But it won't stop. Help.

PS: I have also made it clear that I hate speciesists who kill animals for their gain and taste and can't think beyond the confines of their conditioning or think beyond themselves and their selfish interests. Has no effect on her choices.

EDIT: ^ The PS point was a while ago. I also stopped asking her not to eat meat a while ago. She orders what she wants and I don't say a word. It's been months. But it still irks me and I just want her to grow a conscience and stop killing animals which I why I posted this asking for advice.

For those asking about my veganism, I buy tofu and soya products and milk whenever I can. I also avoid dairy on a daily basis like from coffee and tea since I never have them and haven't ever had the habit of having them. But it's impossible for me to avoid dairy and eggs ALL the time since they are in a lot of things that are commonly found here. For example: It's not like there's vegan pizza joints at every street corner here, nor are there vegan milkshake joints. Things like butter, cheese and "ghee" (Indian butter) are commonly used here so it's next to impossible to avoid dairy altogether. My intake of dairy is quite low anyway, compared to most around me.

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Animal ontology and philosophical ethology - after Roberto Marchesini

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What Are Some Disturbing Documentaries?

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So. Should vegans support, endorse and promote killing odd-order predators?

Well, it's complicated. I cover my full reasoning here: https://youtu.be/Hlbk1my7lPQ
Quick summary: depends on your approach to veganism and on context. it's always context.

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Why vegan activists are so disliked by the non-vegans - a psychological PostMortem analysis


For those who don't want to watch the video, here's a synopsis:

There are several processes going on in the non-vegans' brain while interacting with vegans, one of them is "shooting the messenger" - vegans are giving the non-vegans two types of bad news at the same time, and each one results in reduction in likeability. With many other processes on top, the reduction is drastic, and the anger and hate that follow are visceral. This might be important to know, if you are looking to improve your activism - the reaction will always result in you being disliked, but maybe some of the processes can be mitigated. In the video I interview a psychology enthusiast Zack Elwood, and he explains what else is going on behind the interaction.

16:54 UTC

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