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    Less crowded surf spots near Sydney CBD in late August?

    I’ve got to be in Sydney CBD last week of August. I was thinking of staying near a surf beach and commuting ideally not more than 30 mins. Is Bondi the only option? Is it magically less crowded late August 🤞🤞🤞

    1 Comment
    09:37 UTC


    Fins for a 8ft twin pin

    Gday my fellow kooks I’ve currently got a 8ft twin pin and yes she’s a bit big but I’m having a bit of trouble with fins I’ve currently got two pairs of fins for it and just would like to hear what you guys think of them the first pair is Jeff McCallum keels 5.1inches and the Chris twin es 5.25 which out of the two options would you recommend the most or is there another set out that would be better. Cheers

    09:12 UTC


    1 hour surfing in Vietnam - first time on a surfboard

    My friend taught me the basics. First he had me pop up on the beach. Then we moved to whitewater waves and I managed to stand up first time with a push. Probably a couple of attempts later I stood up on my own on a whitewater wave.

    we had a little breather and some water and headed out. The waves were 2-3 ft but nice conditions - glassy apparently? We headed out and managed to get past the breaking waves by catching a rip slightly. My friend guided me onto the first green wave shouting paddle paddle paddle - stacked that one. Tried again, paddle paddle paddle go he shouted, I stood up and caught it for around 3-4 seconds. Next I paddled back out and tried again on my own and stacked it but the one after I caught it again and stood up.

    I caught 2 out of 4 green crackling waves 2-3ft tall on a foam board within 1 hour of picking up a surf board.

    It was actually quite enjoyable, I found it peaceful but exhausting at the same time.

    If I tried again I would have been up for going a little further out where the locals where and trying to add a turn in - but I was exhausted and my flight was in an hour.

    I am 70kg, good upper body strength, fit, good swimmer, confident in the waves and snowboarding experience so it was always going to go alright.

    What do you guys think do you think I would make a decent surfer?? 🏄‍♂️ what % of people do this in the first hour on a surfboard?

    07:17 UTC


    Chasing Seconds: Maps to Nowhere, Season 2 Episode 3

    1 Comment
    04:50 UTC


    Vehicle selection driven by surf?

    Did you choose your current car based on needing mid to large size for surfboards? How about including roof racks either initially or installing later? If I have a small car with no bars (Toyota Corolla Hatchback) are there any roof racks compatible for example?

    04:28 UTC


    Anyone in San Clemente get an update on the search and rescue today?


    1 Comment
    04:27 UTC


    Andy Irons c2008 📷 Brian Bielmann

    Get fucked

    02:33 UTC


    Pyzel quiver

    Gremlin 5'10, 20.75, 2.75 37L Phantom 6'2, 20.50, 2.75 37L Red Tiger 6'4, 20.50, 2.88 39L

    Me 6'4, 215 lbs

    02:14 UTC


    Should I get a 9ft board?

    I’ve had a wave storm since I was a kid and I got a 6ft foamie last year but I want to graduate from the foamies. I’m not great by any means but I do alright and I’m joining an all levels surf club in two weeks with friends who are pretty good.

    I have a board I’m gonna pick up off fb marketplace for $20 in a few hours but my guy friend is telling me the board is too big but I’ve seen other girls with long boards. It’s a used and abused 9’2 quiet flight but I’m not too picky since I don’t want to invest too much or to use a super nice board honestly. Anyone think this board is a bad choice??

    I’m 24f, 5’5, probably around 140lb, in San Diego

    01:13 UTC


    Oahu HP Longboard

    Moving to Honolulu in June (finally chasing the dream!) and want to pick up a high performance longboard 2+1 setup from a local shaper out there to chase down waves on the south shore. Any recommendations on shapers/models? Thanks!

    1 Comment
    22:46 UTC


    North County SD, fish / Simmons?

    Anyone have recs on stores that carry fish and mini simmons in north county? Most places I’ve been have one or two if I’m lucky.

    Also open to local shapers if anyone has recs for someone that isn’t super backed up.

    21:21 UTC


    What are your favorite longboard alternatives?

    What (smaller) boards do you reach for on small summer days when the surf sucks?

    Due to storage/transport I am getting rid of my log and getting something a little smaller. I can’t decide if I am looking for a mid-length (roughly in the 7’6 range), a fish, a groveler, ect... What board will be able to catch mini-surf but still conveniently fit in a small car/apartment?

    For more context, I currently have a 6’6 board which covers my bases when the waves start approaching 3-4+

    20:14 UTC


    Do you purposely not get better at surfing so you can get better at surfing more?

    Weird question, but i find myself not in a rush at all to get better at surfing. I always take on bigger waves but id rather take the progression slow so i can enjoy it more.

    16:46 UTC


    Stingray sting recovery

    I got stung by a ray on the top of my foot yesterday and want to go surfing again today. It’s still a little sore but manageable. I just don’t know if it will increase my chance of infection. I got it in hot water quickly and didn’t have any barb that needed to be removed

    18:15 UTC


    San Diego is taking surveys on improving Coastal Resilience at the beaches. Let them know what upgrades you want to see at Turmo.

    Interesting site. I'm pretty sure the audience here is capable of providing, helpful, meaningful and constructive feedback to the handful of open-ended questions in the their surveys.


    1 Comment
    19:19 UTC


    Anyone hear surfing with a spinal fusion or spondilolithesis?

    I do not have a fusion, but have spondy. Haven't been able to surf for a year as the nerve has been pinched. I have had spondy for 5 years, and I got some great surfing in the last 4 years, but last May it pinched and was never the same. I can do my daily life, but arching my back like that pinches it more. Thinking about getting a fusion in 5 years or so when technology is even better, but maybe I will just have to wait to surf until I'm almost 40. Mid 30's right now. Wanted to hear any success stories of surfing after fusion, or recovering from pinched nerve. I am a high intermediate surfer but maybe not after not surfing for a year lol

    19:08 UTC


    K-Lodge El Salvador

    I want to go to El Salvador in July to surf some rights, and I've been looking into K-Lodge. Seems like an OG spot - way less kooky than places like Puro Surf which seems way more focused on beginners.

    I'd likely be going solo, so I'm curious if anyone who's been there can give me some perspective on what it's like/if it'd be a good choice for a solo traveler who doesn't drink (but doesn't mind being around it/hanging out with people drinking). I'm an intermediate surfer, overhead is where I start pushing my limits. I'd love to get some coaching & video feedback while I'm there if possible to work on getting more power out of my turns.

    Just looking for people to share their experiences. Thanks in advance.

    15:22 UTC


    There were 14,000 gallons of sewage released in Venice. Why are they letting people in the water?

    Is the city so incompetent that they post no signs anywhere about the beach closure and let people surf? So messed up.

    14:33 UTC


    Solo surf trip in Europe for June - female with a dog

    I’m a 40 year old female looking for a place in Europe to surf and work from my computer for the month of June. I will have my very small, docile, elderly dog with me - he doesn’t do too well with the heat and he has major attachment issues so I can’t leave him alone on the beach while I’m in the ocean. When I’m surfing, I’ll need to leave him in my room for a nap for his safety (only a few hours at a time). This means I need to find a place very close to the water. I’ve been looking at Portugal (Bareal, Peniche, etc), France (Biarritz, Hossegar) and northern Spain…Morocco too. I’ll only go to one country as flying with the pup isn’t fun. I prefer not to rent a car as I only drive automatic and it can be pricey - but if it’s a game changer, I will do it! Any recommendations welcome! Thanks!

    13:24 UTC


    Where to sell used boards in the SF bay area

    I have a used Norcal board and want to sell it for cash preferably, I was wondering if any of the shops in the city will buy used boards(on the spot) for cash. I'm not looking for an insanely good deal or anything.

    08:49 UTC


    Friend wants me to Go Surfing but I have Dyed Hair

    I have a friend who's moving to my area and he wants me to go surfing with him once he arrives, however I have split dyed red hair and I love it a lot and don't want it to lose color and become faded. I've shared this with them and we can't seem to come to a resolution, any advice some even moderately experienced surfers or beach goers can give, I'd really appreciate it, thanks for reading.

    07:27 UTC


    Twin fin fin selection

    Hi all. I just got a 6’8 twin pin by Maurice Cole. It has a channelled bottom. I am wondering what shape fins to buy for it—keels or something more upright. Or if it really matters. I typically surf beach breaks.

    06:19 UTC



    Ya had one? Share here… ✨🫳😤⚰️

    05:46 UTC


    Any surfers in taghazout to meet with ?

    05:17 UTC


    Prime logging whether

    05:17 UTC


    ISO terminology for water movement

    What would you call the flow or drift of water parallel to the beach? Whenever I am floating on the beach there is a "down stream" but I can't find a term on the internet. Like if the beach was directly east, the water was directly west, and when you float you are slowly pulled north or south?

    02:06 UTC


    How should I go about fixing this tail?

    Should I make a little mold of a fish tail at the hand and just fill it with resin maybe with a popsicle stick as a stringer almost. Would sanding the tail into a pin? Or making it a much smaller fish tail (asymmetrical pretty much.) actually have a bad effect on how the board rides ? I have like fluttered rails so idk if it would affect the board greatly or not. Sorry if I worded this weird, thanks for any help.

    01:27 UTC


    Best g-land camp?

    Taking recommendations. Familiar with joyos and Bobby’s.

    1 Comment
    23:31 UTC

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