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Exercises to get snowboarding fir

Hopeing to try snowboarding for the first time this year so I ve started working on my general fitness, but I was wondering if there's more targeted exercises I could do to help. I am guessing lots of leg work ha.

Thanks in advance for any advice 😃

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07:55 UTC


Favorite PNW snowboard pro??

Who y’all got? Austen Sweetin? Hana Beaman? Waino? The list goes on…

03:09 UTC


Miller Flip over the Whale-tails pictured from the Lift Line (100 Days of Clips/Photos - Day 5)

02:32 UTC


Snowboarding course information

Applying for a whv to japan and if accepted I want to become a snowboard instructor should I go through a 3rd party or try to find a course myself. trying to save money

All advice appreciated

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01:38 UTC


Can I wear a dianese aero evo d1 suit and boots snowboarding my first time

01:09 UTC


Winter is over :(. What’s your favorite memory from the season?

22:29 UTC


Epic vs Ikon

Which pass should I get for next season?

Ikon is a bit pricier but I'm thinking they should have a bit shorter lines.

With Epic, I've never been to Vail. Is it worth it?

21:13 UTC


Blauer Board Shop Pre Order

Has anyone pre ordered from them? How does it work? Pay now and they ship it to you when you in the fall when they drop? Should I just try and wait till Capita website drops in the fall and then go direct? If anyone has any experience, let me know.

17:29 UTC


Snowbird closing day is Monday May 27

Spring Operations Update: After an incredible 169 days together, Snowbird will celebrate the last day of the 2023-24 season on Memorial Day, May 27. We're stoked to send off the season with skiing & riding this upcoming Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 8 am - 2 pm, conditions permitting.

This decision comes not just as our snowpack rapidly melts with warm spring temperatures but due to the critical need for our teams to focus on large resort improvements this summer-such as the Wilbere chair upgrade. This will mean an even better mountain to welcome you back to next season Join us this weekend for spring turns, live music and more as we send off the season in style. Learn more about spring operations via the link in our bio.

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17:15 UTC


Board advice

I am looking to buy my first board. I have done a lot of time on rentals and have the savings to finally buy my first board and bindings. After looking a lot online I came across the bataleon thunderstorm. From what ive read it fits my needs. But im a bit hesitant as its a board for intermediate riders. I dont consider myself an intermediate rider but I’m certainly not a beginner anymore. I would like a board that i can grow my skills with and that I will ride for a couple years. Do you think the betaleon thunderstorm is a good fit for me or do you recommend another board?

I am also looking what bindings i should buy so any advice in that area would be nice too!

12:59 UTC


It’s one of the coolest things I have from my days in a shop.

Old DEFCON poster.

12:59 UTC


Drugs and alcohol while riding...

Going on from a question another Redditor has asked, if not riding sober what is the best alternative state of mind to ride in. I've always liked the idea of riding on Molly.

11:47 UTC


Bindings that go well with Nitro Team Boots

wanted to ask for experiences or recs on which bindings to chose. Currently using Flows forever but they are damaging my boots and i wanted to upgrade to new bindings anyway.

So i am doing all mountain, last season were some pow and tree days but mostly all condition groomers also some icy parts. Doing some more aggressive and some more playful days, depending on conditions and mood

was looking into team pro bindings but the heel strap looks unattractive..

don't wanna buy supermatics, wanna try some rachets and a decent toe strap to increase reactivity and control

thank you =)

11:27 UTC



Any recommendations on where to stay? Will be around 12 people on the trip.

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10:58 UTC


How to start freeride?

Hello sub,

I’m an intermediate snowboarder who would like to get into freeriding next season but don’t know how. I’ve searched on this sub and got the basics, yea, get a floatable board, go with company/instructor, take avi1 course etc.

But I do not how to actually go freeriding. Where to find spots? See difficulty?

Actually I would like to go to a snowboard camp (around Germany or Austria) focused on STARTING freeride. I did not find that many camps tbh…

Do I need splitboard? Or just for touring?

Any suggestions are welcome!!

10:43 UTC


Has the Salomon Super 8 changed much since 2019?

Good afternoon!

My question is - has the super 8 changed much if any since 2019, other than graphics?

I am looking at discounted new boards from past years.


05:52 UTC


Can we standardize this in every profession pls ty

04:49 UTC


Footplant Backflip (100 Days of Clips/Photos - Day 4)

Special one for day 4

02:19 UTC


Cork 5 & Misty 5

Can anyone explain the difference between Cork 5 and Misty 5?

00:37 UTC


No Highback

Hi all! I am hoping to start a conversation for riding without high backs on snowboard bindings. I am reading that it gives a surfier feel… anyone out there passionate about this style of riding in 2024? What do you think of it? All thoughts & opinions welcomed!

23:04 UTC


Korua Otto Questions

Hey Guys,

I'm an intermediate rider, able to maintain speed, link turns fluidly etc etc.

I'm yet to ride switch.

I jumped the gun and bought the 161 korua otto even though it's above my skill level. (I'm 6'1, 90-93kg, lean muscular build). I know I'm probably going to be on my ass a bit this year but I have a few questions about the bindings/boots

I'm really wanting to get some step ons, however I don't know what level of stiffness I should get considering the board is stiff.

What level of stiffness bindings and boot would yous suggest and or which burton step on line would you suggest? money is no issue.

I'm thinking the genesis bindings paired with the photon or ion boots.

will this go well for me or am I cooked

21:27 UTC


Catek style plate binding I am modeling

So it's made up of aluminum and coated alloy steel. fasteners are planning to be things you can find in hardware stores or are relatively inexpensive from Mcmaster-carr. Currently I only have a base plate for 4 hole snowboards designed for 8 degree cant but can go farther.i may change the bridge section and the top plate to have full contact although the entire range of casting. I have not done the boot sole plates yet due to trying to figure out how to do the micro adjustment of them and how to attach the bails and since I don't plan to make my own I want to use an already designed ones

21:19 UTC


Ride Shadowban Size

Hi y'all,

I was thinking about getting the Ride Shadowban, but I am unsure about the Size.

My height is 178cm / 5"10' and my weight is 55 kg / 122 pounds. My Boot Size is 10, and i am an intermediate rider.

Every year i go about 7 to 12 days snowboarding on a mountain, the rest of the year i sometimes go to an indoor park.

What size is good to get or is it smarter to get an other all mountain freestyle board?

I'm happy to hear your thoughts!

19:24 UTC


Short guy needs first-time board purchase advice again

First post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/snowboarding/comments/1cpyml7/short_guy_needs_firsttime_board_purchase_advice/

After thinking about all the info in the first post, I bought a 141 Burton Talent Scout 23/34 on The Snowboard Asylum UK. Today the board arrived but in the wrong size 138cm.

They can't replace it with the correct size as the 141 was sold out. (sign)

So now I have to find another board.


Here is my info:

Weight: 122 pounds (55.3kg)

Boot: EU40

Height: 160cm

I think I am Intermediate as I can ride any red and groomed black effortlessly. 

love riding fast (this year's top speed 89KpH, trying to get a new record next year),

love carving,

like jump at the park (but didn't do much)

not a fan of boxing and rail

So far not plan to spend too much time in the park, just try to get better at carving and ride faster.

Want to ride switch more.

Want to learn some ground trick in the future but I will focus on carving and riding better right now.


Why I bought Talent Scout because I want to get better at switch so I want a true twin board.

Right now I am looking at Jones Women's Twin Sister Snowboard 146. But the Ideal boot size on the official website range is EU37.5-39.5. And my boot size is Men's EU40. And the 149's weight range is 110-160 so maybe 149 is a bit much for me?

Really want to have a True Twin, True Camber board.

Is Jones Twin Sister 146 a suitable board for me or is that a better option?
Appreciate any comment. Cheers.

17:50 UTC


2024 Mt Baker Seshup

Grass roots hand built snowboarding event… plus some Northern Lights

17:22 UTC


Get 2023/2024 Burton step ons or wait for 2024/2025?

I’ve pretty much decided that I want to try the burton step on system. Is there anything coming out in 2024/2025 version of them that would be worth waiting for or should I just take advantage of any end of season sales that might be out there on the 2023/2024 version?

16:01 UTC


Burton 3D disc

i have an old (90s) burton board that only takes the 3 hole pattern bindings and i am going to need new bindings this season. obviously burton doesn’t make the 3D disc pattern bindings anymore and i really don’t want to retire the board yet. is there a way i can use the discs i have now with a new pair of bindings? like will the disc fit into another pair of bindings? and if so, does anyone know of a good pair? i put a pic up for reference

15:44 UTC

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