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Applications to join NASA's next class of astronauts close on Tuesday, April 16

19:32 UTC


How I found out that my Hal Loden is 'The' Hal Loden.

Through my work I was very unexpectedly fortunate to be led into meeting Mr. Loden and being allowed into his home. My mind was, and still is, blown by my real-time face-slap of a realization during what I thought was just going to be a normal day.

At first, I just thought that he and his wife were very nice, older folk and I enjoyed working with them over the few months that we interacted. His name rang a familiar, but very quiet, chord in my mind that sounded every time I came across his name in my files but I didn’t put too much effort into thinking on it and went about my life as usual. For me, he wasn’t ‘The’ Hal Loden, yet. It never crossed my mind.

On the final day that I would be working with them, we arrive at his house. He comes out to greet us with a smile and a hand shake, asks us how our day has been and leads us into his home. On entering, we passed a small collection of what looked like a few letters, photos and some colorful trinkets. I paid little attention as we were there in a professional manner and had a task to complete. As we worked we talked of pleasantries, his children and grandchildren, a few things about his home that he was proud of and enjoyed, the great weather we were getting and we spoke a bit about Golf. Not once did he mention his past work. We just talked about regular, ‘ol, daily life stuff. It was good chit-chat.

On one of my final walks through his entry hall, I stopped for a moment to take a better look at what was hung on the wall. Once I realized what I was looking at, I have to admit that I lost some composure. On this small patch of wall hung Letters from Presidents, NASA Commendations and MULTIPLE APOLLO MISSION PATCHES. Flight Control is a GO for Launch! It all clicked, all at once. All the film, books, essays and articles that I had absorbed came rushing back. I guess I was visibly shaking because when I looked back over my shoulder at Mr. Loden standing in his living room, he shot me a smooth, little smile and then went back to speaking with my colleague. He knew that I now knew who he was.

I got outside and had a complete freak-out. This man, a Hal Loden, along with many important others, shares responsibility for some of the greatest accomplishments that any Human Beings have ever attempted. And I’m in his home! Talking about Golf and his family! I shook his hand and he greeted me like a friend! I get goosebumps every time I think of it.

As we finished up and were heading out, I tried my best to not embarrass him or myself. I must have been smiling like a huge dork when I shook his hand goodbye because he smiled in recognition of my realization and excitement. He told us to have a nice rest of our day and waved us off.

I didn’t expect to find one of the people that helped excel our species into the greatest accomplishments that any Human can boast, living quietly, just a few minutes up the road. One of the coolest experiences I’ve had. 10/10 recommend meeting Mr. Loden. He and his wife are very nice people.

17:17 UTC


How is EVA time logged?

For example, aircraft flight time is logged either from engines on/off or wheels off to wheels on the ground. How is EVA time logged? Something like airlock door open to airlock door closed?

16:45 UTC


Any ideas on year / shuttle in this pic? From my mother in law's collection.

MIL gave this to us, she thinks it's fro. 70s or 80s. Any ideas on which shuttle this might be? TIA

21:31 UTC


Artemis II Orion CSM currently undergoing electromagnetic interference testing in altitude chamber at Kennedy Space Center

22:35 UTC


Which Artemis mission will see the Japanese astronaut walk on the Moon?

I'm a bit confused. President Biden confirmed that a Japanese astronaut will be the first non-American on the Moon. So which mission will that be on? Art 3 is all American, and Art 4 has three Americans, 1 European. I believe Art 5 is the same as Art 4 in this regard. Or am I missing something?

17:54 UTC


Researchers at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center are studying aerodynamic designs for probes that could fly deep into the interior of gas and ice giants like Jupiter and Neptune

17:24 UTC


Did / does NASA compensate survivors of mishaps ?

My partner asked a question that made me go hmm. Would NASA compensate families / survivors of astronauts killed in mishaps? I believe the military has procedures or insurance for compensating families. Thanks in advance for your insight.

15:50 UTC


Where do you guys get your space hardware supplies from?

Hey everyone!

I'm currently in the middle of sourcing some components for a space hardware project and could really use some pointers. Specifically looking for suppliers who are solid with electronic subsystems and structural modules for spacecraft.

  • Have any of you found suppliers that you trust?
  • What do you usually look out for when picking one?
  • Any stories or tips you'd be willing to share from your own experiences?

I'm all ears for any advice or recommendations you might have. Thanks a ton!

13:28 UTC


NASA Scientific Photographer Josh Valcarcel gives us an inside look at how he is documenting the Artemis mission

Pretty cool insight into the workings behind how NASA photographers get to show us all that NASA is doing. This focuses primarily on documenting NASA’s Artemis era and the processes a photographer goes through to get the shots.

14:34 UTC


The final launch of the Delta IV heavy

1 Comment
07:03 UTC


Why should we go to the moon - article information.

I remember reading a famous excerpt about why America should take the time to sepnd money on a lunar mission. It mentioned how wealthy nations should take time for scientific endeavors such as this. All during a era when people questioned why we should spend money on lunar exploration.

My question is, does anyone remember the article or writter? I can't remember and I would love to commit some of what he says to memory. If I'm too vague then maybe share some words or articles about why space exploration is important and worth the money and man power spent.

Just to be clear - I am in favor of space exploration and scientific discovery for its own sake.

05:33 UTC

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