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For news and discussion of the entertainment industry.

For news and discussion of the entertainment industry.


  1. Off-topic posts will be removed. Things that are entertaining (board games, video games, "funny" videos, etc) do not count as Entertainment News. Stories about social media (TikTok, YouTube, etc) "stars" & news about theme parks are also considered off-topic here.

Politicians and members of the world's various Royal Families are not entertainers, please don't post about them here. People who were once actors but became Royals or politicians (e.g. Grace Kelly, Ronald Reagan, Meghan Markle) are excepted if the post is about their career in the entertainment industry.

  • Don't spam. No one wants to see your YouTube video about "Sexy Office Romance Stripping" or the "Best hair shaving prank 2018 ( gone wrong)". Don't even think about posting your blogspam, YouTube spam, or domain spam here, thank you.

  • Abusive comments. If there's a point you want to make please do so, but name-calling or verbal abuse may result in a ban. Use the report function to flag abusive comments rather than responding and escalating.

  • Trolls and brigaders will be banned summarily.

  • Racism and hate speech will not be allowed. Those making such comments will be banned. Sexist language will not be tolerated.

  • Misinformation. Deliberately spreading or repeating misinformation will result in a ban. This includes but is not limited to unfounded allegations about celebrities and denial of COVID‑19 safety measures.

  • Editorialized titles. Posts with editorialized titles or may be removed.

  • Topics already submitted. Check to see if content has already been shared prior submitting your post. Continued violations of this rule may result in a ban.

  • Off-topic comments. This is a subreddit for entertainment news, not for politics or the broader culture wars. Off-topic comments may be removed and may lead to a ban.

  • Although the culture wars will not be won in this subreddit, it is OK to discuss differing viewpoints. However - it is not OK to comment in a way designed to provoke those who don't share your views (see Rule 4, above). A thoughtful and articulate comment might even convince someone of your sincerity and desire to make the world a better place. Above all, please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!


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