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A subreddit to carry together information about reddit for everybody from newbies to experts.

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    You can make a slide show of gifs and images within a subreddit by adding the letter "p" after reddit in the url.

    I know this sub is dead but I figured I through this out there anyway. As a SFW example:


    This works on any sub that I'm aware of.

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    menu/Wikis on Reddit/Philosophy

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    Special URLs on reddit, their syntax and purpose
    Statistical and other external pages


    linkwhat for
    reddit.com/r/subreddit/about/rulesdirect access to rules page of subreddit
    reddit.com/r/subreddit/about/stylesheetto stylesheet
    reddit.com/r/subreddit/w/config/sidebarto sidebar text
    reddit.com/r/subreddit/w/config/submit_textto text on submission page
    reddit.com/r/subreddit/w/config/descriptionto description
    reddit.com/r/subreddit/user/meview the userprofile of username with the css of subreddit
    reddit.com/r/subreddit/randomview a random submission of subreddit
    reddit.com/r/subreddit/commentsview all comments to all submissions of subreddit in one page
    subreddit.reddit.comalternative address of subreddit

    #Submissions, Comments, Messages ##Submit Link

    • reddit.com/r/subreddit/submit?title=Title%20to%20use&url=http:%2F%2Fgoogle.com

    ##Submit Text

    • reddit.com/r/subreddit/submit?title=Title%20to%20use&selftext=true&text=Urlencoded%20self%20post%20text

    • Submission token reference

      • title: Title of the post to submit
      • url: URL to submit to
      • text: Text of the self post
      • selftext: Whether to default to the self text tab (true to do so). If text is present, then it will default to displaying that tab anyways.
      • resubmit: Whether to resubmit the post (if not present and submitting a link post, and another post already links there, you will be taken to that post instead with an option to resubmit it).

    ##Message to moderators of subreddit

    ##Message to username

    #Various external pages

    linkwhat for
    redditp.com/r/subredditview a picture subreddit as a slideshow
    imgur.com/r/subredditview all imgur submissions of subreddit
    codereddit.com/?sub=subredditMakes reddit look like code
    redditshell.comCommandline reddit

    #External statistics pages ##Only Users

    ##Users & Subreddits

    ##Only Subreddits

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