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Looking for recommendations


Looking for a recommendation for a gift laptop for my partner.

He mainly uses it for docs, excel, email, browsing and while he is not in need of anything extensive in photo editing he likes to play around with pics he takes of sunsets etc and use basic filters and changes.

I’d like:

Sturdy (he’s a bit careless, he b roke the last one by getting coffee all over it and he will travel with it semi regularly).

16gb ram

Decent display (his eyes are getting worse)

Something on the cheaper side. I think I’d spend as much as $1000 if it’s a game changer but ideally under $800 would be good.

This isn’t my area of expertise at all, so thank you.

17:23 UTC


what u think about macbook 2016 pro retina? (without touch bar)

can be in 2024 a good laptop?, i work´n music production, maybe video (photoshop, davinci resolve, ableton)

16:47 UTC


Recommended cheap laptops for media, travel, and coding

My old dell laptop died and shall be salvaged for project parts. But looking around IM trying to see what is a good laptop for general use, to code, watch media, and travel with. I don’t need gaming because i have a gaming pc for that. And currently just not really sure what might be good options under 500

16:34 UTC


My laptop makes weird noises

I got my thinkpad t14s last week and since it arrived, it kept making this noise. I updated all the drivers last week and I thought I fixed it, but it started making this sound again today. Does Anyone knows how to fix this?

16:32 UTC


Need Help! Asus Zenbook 14 OLED vs HP Envy x360 vs Galaxy Book2

Hello everybody! I want to upgrade my laptop by buying a new one, looking for a good one for me I found these:

Asus Zenbook 14 OLED - Q409ZA (1040 Sus)HP Envy x360 - 13-bf0022TU (970 Sus)Samsung Galaxy Book2- NP750XED-KC1CL (785 Sus)

These are the models and prices available in my country, but I am very indecisive about these.Specifically, I want a portable but powerful laptop for managing a lot of data-bases and office, and also gaming (not hardcore, just indie gaming with middle requirements).

Considering this, and according to the prices which is better? Please help

1 Comment
15:55 UTC


Looking for a laptop to use to watch YouTube and Shows/Movies

That’s pretty much it, might use it for other stuff if I feel like it but mainly for watching things. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

15:52 UTC


Bought cheap laptop off eBay, runs terribly

I bought a refurbished laptop off eBay and it can’t even run a mobile game. I wasn’t expecting it to run high tier 60 FPS games but I was at least hoping to be able to play a mobile game, it runs youtube slow and laggy. It’s a HP elitebook MT43 that has 8gb of ram 240gb ssd and a processor AMD PRO A8-9600B, also 2.40 GHz. Its windows 10 pro too, I won it from a bid for 60 I know it’s cheap but for the specs I was hoping i would be able to watch YouTube...

15:16 UTC


New laptop worked great yesterday won't boot up today

Acer aspire 3, purchased new yesterday. It worked great, I got my browser set up, got steam, installed a simple game (stardew) and played with no problem for an hour or two. I didn't shut it down last night, just closed it and went to bed. This morning I can hear it's still on but nothing happened when I opened it. I gave it a hard reset with the power button and it starts up and makes it to the spinning blue wheel but no further. The wheel flickers into a cursor every second or two. When I tried another hard reset, I got a full graphic pull down warning me I would lose unsaved data. So the screen works. What gives?

Edit: it's fixed but I'll leave this up for the next person who needs it. A half hour with customer service did it. They had me try the battery pinhole reset but no good. So we had to put it in some startup mode by shutting it down completely, then hit the power button, then immediately hold ALT and spam F10. Went to troubleshoot and uninstall updates. Uninstalled quality updates, not feature. After that started up like normal and all my things were still there. Good luck out there y'all 👍

14:56 UTC


how can i check when my laptop has been opened?

how can i check when my laptop has been opened, but the password was not typed in? i mean, any time that my laptop’s screen has turned on without necessarily doing anything on it? i already checked windows event viewer but i only saw the times when i logged in with a filter, but i dont need that. i need everytime that my laptop has been physically opened and my screen turned on. thank you!

12:55 UTC


Laptop 14/15 with 780m

Hi guys I'm looking for a new laptop with a 780m GPU.

For me an important feature is a laptop with a flicker free panel. Any suggestions? Thx a lot

14:33 UTC


Can I permanently remove the battery on a gaming laptop or will affect perfomance?

I own an MSi GL62M 7REX which has seen better days and the battery is very much done for it (it lasts 30 min top), so since at this point I'm using it as a desktop I was wondering if it is fine to completely remove the battery and use it only with the power adapter.

I know that usually laptops can work without a battery, but idk if "gaming" laptops can take advantage of the battery during more intense sessions (I use it mostly for gaming and 3D rendering).

14:06 UTC


screen glitching

what causes this?

1 Comment
13:24 UTC


How do I unscrew this?

I've tried tape, rubber bands and blue tack

13:12 UTC


How do i fix this

12:47 UTC


Is this warranty shady or very ba

I wanted to buy Acer aspire 7 Ryzen 5500u. And this is the warranty they're providing me

07:49 UTC


Looking to buy a gaming laptop. Need help

Hello everyone, im looking to buy on of two gaming laptops, they both sell for the same price so i cant decide which is better

First one: Asus TUF Gaming A15 FA507NV (7735HS,16GB,512GB SSD,RTX 4060 140W)

Second one: MSI BRAVO 15 C7VF(7735HS,16GB, 1TB SSD, RTX 4060 105W)

Which one should i choose? I read ASUS laptops have quite a.few issues, i dont know a lot about MSI laptops

09:55 UTC


Is the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i 14" FHD Laptop good for school work and gaming?

The specs: Screen - 14" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Speed - Intel Core i7 1165G7 Processor (12MB Cache, up to 4.7GHz) Storage & RAM - 512GB SSD storage with 16GB RAM

This laptop is currently on a sale where the original price was $1499 in NZD but the sale price is $998 which is quite a steal imo a good $500 off

I need it for is my university school work so I'd like it to be fast but durable lasting a good amount of years however I'd also like to game on the side the games I'd like to play would currently be is lethal company, valorant, minecraft, overwatch and LOL there are some others but if it can run these it should be fine.

Ik these aren't very demanding games I'd just want clarification from others before making a purchase I could come to regret please if you are able to provide me some much need clarification and advice.

11:50 UTC


What laptops am I looking for?

I need something to write up reports, send emails. Literally nothing else. Cheep as possible. Ideally light and second hand. Bluetooth is a good consideration too. I just want it to be snappy with basic tasks and last me. Windows 10 or 11. Around the £100 mark. Any ideas?

11:33 UTC


is this fixable

Hi guys, basically just looking to see if this is fixable/ worth fixing.

Hinge has been a bit fucked since 2021, but has now basically come out fully, and I've not been able to angle it back in.

Seems to be functioning as normal.

10:57 UTC


why does ac switch to high-performance when I am playing games, but not stay where I click it? Acer nitro 5

1 Comment
10:32 UTC


Need help picking a laptop/workstation

Hi there! So as the title says, I'm currently looking for a 16 inch Windows laptop that will be mainly used for day-to-day activities and as a mobile home workstation, but I want to have an option to play video games on it from time to time.

So here are my contenders with pros and cons as I see them:

  1. Gigabyte Aero 16 - the display seems to be amazing, but only 60hz refresh rate. Would pick this one without any thought if it had 120hz 2k display instead.
  2. MSI Stealth GS - seems like the best compromise with IPS display QHD+
  3. Asus Vivobook Pro 16X OLED - 4060 GPU instead of 4070, but 120hz refresh rate. Plastic chassis though.

There are also Zephyrus M16 and Zenbook PRO, but their are quite more expensive and ROG Flow with touchscreen which I don't really care for.

Just wanted to hear some outside opinions on these options or maybe some other suggestions to help me make up my mind :) Any input is appreciated.

PS: I'm currently using an old HP ZBook G3 as a laptop. Its performance is great and i love this thing, but its bulky and inefficient and the battery drains in 30 minutes watching videos. New HP laptops are insanely pricey though.

07:41 UTC


Black Screen On HP Victus Gaming Laptop

I have an HP VICTUS 15-FB0028NR Gaming Laptop. I am facing an issue where the computer turns on but there is no display output. It worked fine a few days ago, but now there is no display output. I have tried many different troubleshooting steps, including disconnecting the battery, letting the laptop discharge, and turning the laptop on by only plugging it into an outlet, with the battery disconnected. I have reseated the Ram sticks, and I have reseated the display cable but still no luck. I have also tried connecting to an external monitor, but still no display output. I have also done the BIOS Recovery, still because nothing ever displays when I hold Win + B. Nothing no blinking lights, no beeps. Nothing. Can someone help?

05:30 UTC


Hey I’m looking for a budget laptop

I need a laptop to play Gary’s mod at 60 fps or more my budget is around £100-£200 i only need it to run Gary’s mod and discord and not lag I just have no clue what is good and what is bad

05:12 UTC


is this specs good for laptop?

Mainly, I will only use this for online class. But I was also wondering if I can run genshin Impact here with lowest graphics? This is a second hand laptop btw

04:57 UTC

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