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Changed battery of my iPhone X and still drains it too fast

A week ago I changed the battery if my iPhone X (which I use as a second device) and still it drains too fast. The battery was changed at an Apple Premium Partner repairing center (there are no Apple Stores in my country). iPhone is running the last available update (16.7.8). Any clues please?

11:54 UTC


Charging slow

Hello I’ve got a question so ever since I got a new charging port put in my phone my phones been charging normally again. But that was months ago and now recently my phones been charging really slowly. I’ve tried different plugs and nothings worked. And I’ve gotten new chargers and that not changing anything. How can I fox my phone and get it to charge faster again?

20:17 UTC


Chinese Calendar.

I am trying to add my own birthday to my own contact in iPhone but it’s trying to write it in another language like Chinese or Hebrew. I have checked that this feature is turned off in Cakrndar settings and have checked the region I’m trying to set the date in and all is well. Any other ideas why this is happening? It doesn’t happen in other contact I am adding birthdays too. Although, in my calendar, a whole bunch of dates recently went missing. Any ideas?

21:08 UTC


Is my phone overheating?

Hi. I bought a iPhone X yesterday. The batter had been changed and I got it for a fair price. I feel that this phone is getting hot as soon as some mild load works are done. I don’t know whether it is normal or should I be concerned

05:39 UTC


Experiencing heating and battery draining fast

Are you guys have this problem or its only me

The phone getting hot when im using it even when i use instgram it become very hot 🥵

07:28 UTC


Should I get a new phone or replace the battery

So I have an iPhone X and the battery life isn’t great like it goes down by a few percentages at once and skips 2 or 3. I don’t really wanna spend like 1k on the newest phones so should I just replace the battery or what

07:53 UTC


iPhone X Rear Camera Shaky (broken stabilizer?)

My iPhone X works fine. But last month, my rear camera stopped focusing and would appear shaky when trying to take a photo or video. Apple offered me either $100 credit toward a new iphone or I pay $100 to replace the camera. They also told me my battery life is at 76%.

Would you take the credit or just fix the camera? I’m leaning toward fixing since I’m traveling soon but not sure if it’s worth upgrading for nicer pics and videos. Also, how much longer (in years) do you think I can manage before the iOS support is cut off?

1 Comment
04:04 UTC


[Help] battery automatically drain

My iphone x battery health showing 100% (I replace with new one because of this problem) but it automatically drain with or without using the phone in approximate 2-3 hours when it's fully charged but it remains same when I switched off the phone and restart it later. If anyone have any idea what is the issue?

07:06 UTC


iphone x no sound speakers

both speakers doesnt produce sound

does have sound when using airpods haptics working mic working

what is the possible issue??

1 Comment
18:43 UTC


iPhone X App Support End

I've been enjoying my iPhone X, but I'm curious about its longevity for installing apps. As newer models release and technology progresses, I'm wondering when my iPhone X might no longer support any apps. Any insights or experiences on how long Apple typically supports older models like mine would be greatly appreciated!

13:27 UTC


iPhone Storage Full notification showed up three times after closing the Roblox app and offloading and deleting some apps

Hi, I was using my phone while playing Roblox twice and once I closed the app, it gave me a iPhone Storage Full notification! It didn’t show up once not twice but three times! I even offloaded and deleted apps then it appeared for the third time! So I had to delete more apps and delete some website data on Safari! I am using iOS 16.7.5. But the only problem is how to fix this issue? Do I have to upgrade to an newer iOS 16 version?

1 Comment
03:21 UTC


Best iOS Version To Keep iPhone X Functional

Like many of you, I’ve had my iPhone X for over half a decade. I just just had the battery replaced, phone deep cleaned, screen protectors replaced, and hope to see it last another couple of years.

I was hoping I could get some advice on what version of iOS to keep my phone set at to keep it from overworking itself. Currently I’m on iOS 16.7.4 and that has been a lot for it to handle. I turned off automatic updates a while back and iOS 16.7.8 has been knocking on my door. Is there a way I could revert to an older version? Should I stay where I’m at? Any advice is much appreciated!

02:32 UTC


Why my reddit app lags and go crazy in my iphone x. Even one of my friends got blocked by me automatically 😂

14:58 UTC


So I dropped my X...

I dropped my X and it has the black screen of death now. How do I fix it bc I'm under 18 so my dad pays for my phones and he'll get really mad if he finds out, so again, how do I fix this thing

14:10 UTC


Iphone x battery problem

Had an iphone x and replaced it's battery yesterday. It was on 50 percent and I left it for 3 hours and later it was on 19 percent, haven't even used it. What can be the problem?

05:57 UTC


Just got my battery replaced and it says this. Should I be worried and how can I tell how good the battery is?

16:32 UTC


Charging issue - battery stuck at 74%

Hello so before I replace my battery I have this issue. That's my iPhone stop charging at one percent or 5% or 50% or 74% even after the replacement I still have the issue.!! Idk why!! I even turned off the Optimized battery and nothing!!

I've tried to restart my iPhone like turn it off and on I try another charger. I try everything and nothing work.

07:54 UTC


iphone x lagging and need a performance boost

hey people, im a iphone x user and i need a boost in performance, ive tried tweaks and all that stuff but nothing works, help is appreciated (battery health: 70)

23:59 UTC


Photos in Recently Deleted Album is gone after switching phones

My mom and I switched phones so I decided to hide some of my photos but it has a limit so I deleted some of my photos and I expected to still see the photos before 30 days

It's only like 5 days and my mom returned my phone and the photos are all gone but the hidden photos are still there

Can it still be recovered if it's actually deleted? Or where could all those photos possibly be if not deleted?

11:22 UTC


Got the green line, how much is a screen replacement

Dropped it one to many times 😭

19:26 UTC


downgrade iphone x

is it still possible to downgrade version update of iphone x? I'm on 16.7.8 right now -,-

06:45 UTC


Need help with some issues of my iPhoneX

Recently I updated my IPhoneX to 16.7.8 and since that update my control centre is not that easily acceptable (I mean that I need to swipe 3-5 times in order to get it) idk why it happened and also now I’m missing the function that allowed me to touch richer or left corners of the screen to fast scroll up on the page.

I don’t think it’s the screen sensor issue, cuz I didn’t drop my phone etc.

Anyone faced this bugs?

17:07 UTC


iphone x dead, bootloop when charged, able to get to recovery screen but not past that

just got my iphone x fixed due to it not charging, now i got it and updated to newest version and then it died.

when plugged in to a charger, its stuck in a boot loop. i am able to force restart it and get to a recovery screen, but as soon as i unplug the charger to plug it into a pc it dies.

when its plugged into a pc, it is as dead as it is when it is not charging.

21:57 UTC


Is it worth it?

Hello, I recently bought my father a brand new Iphone 7 256GB but I was unaware that Apple are shutting down apps from functioning (lack of IOS updates).

The authorised seller is offering me an Iphone X 64gb for an extra 140 Euro.

My father will be using it mainly for Airbnb / Booking hosting, checking emails, car apps and Facebook.

Do you think the offer mentioned above is worth it or should I spend extra money for an Iphone 12?

Thanks to anyone who will respond and I wish you a good day.

18:00 UTC


Unlock iPhone X without passcode and face-id

My son got his first phone, a second hand iPhone X.

Apparently they replaced the front glass after a drop. But, the face id isn't working anymore now. Are there alternative ways to unlock the phone quickly without constantly entering the passcode?

05:50 UTC

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