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[For Hire] I will handle Math, Econ, Stats and Programming

Hello, I'm a professional in Statistics, Econometrics and Mathematics. I can also handle all programming tasks (Java, Python, C++, HTML CSS JavaScript and R) at an affordable price. I usually charge 10$ to 20$ per page/ hour.

Feel free to check my profile (pinned posts) for testimonials and samples.

programming #essays #statistics #DBMS #Maths #Econometrics

No upfront payment.

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12:18 UTC


[for hire] I'm available: Web Designer/Developer. Wordpress, eCommerce and beyond

I am skilled in developing end-to-end custom solutions that meet business needs and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Hire me to help you navigate thru any challenge and web development needs.

  • WordPress CMS e-commerce, business, and personal websites
  • PHP Web Development carts, various user, content, data management applications, LMS, CRM, online communities, and forums
  • Task automation workflows and processes for your unique needs
  • Design and develop websites (create mockups prior to coding)
  • Pixel perfect design conversion (existing design) to HTML/CSS/JS + Backend development
  • Responsive Web Design (cross-browser and mobile devices compatible)
  • Full-stack MVP development
  • Mobile app development Android, iOS (cross-platform)
  • Re-evaluate, redesign, update, full recode, or clone existing websites from the ground up

ecommerce/web development expert https://www.reddit.com/user/AGENT_1611/comments/15szlph/ecommerce_expert_services/

cost-effective web development solutions (remote freelancer) - gigs to complex - packages/depends on availability https://www.reddit.com/user/AGENT_1611/comments/15rt3vo/providing_costeffective_web_development_solutions/

starting at 15usd/per hour. website/portfolio upon request (https) clrvync (dot) one/onboarding

the easiest way to get response is via email. contact for business madebyavery14 (gmail). I'm also available on chat/instant messaging platforms.

some works: clrvync (dot) one/media/trading.mp4, clrvync (dot) one/media/realstate.mp4, clrvync (dot) one/media/qdev.mp4, clrvync (dot) one/media/tour.mp4

information is given to serious inquiries/work only.

portfolio/works moved to https://www.reddit.com/user/AGENT_1611/comments/18l8q4w/portfolio_moved/

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11:32 UTC


[Hiring] Looking for someone to build a website from scratch (crossword puzzle themed website) and looking for advice (pricing, what to expect etc).

Hello everyone,

As the title mentions, i am looking to create a crossword website very similar to the one on NYT for a specific sport niche. (nytimes.com/crosswords).

To my knowledge they are using amuselabs to create and publish the crosswords to their site. I would be keen on using it as well, depending on their pricing. I also know there are some free options.

The website would be quite straight forward design wise and smooth.

The features i am looking to have in the site: - Free crossword and premium crossword with an yearly fee to access with sign up model. - Sharing the score and time it took to finish the puzzle to twitter option - The crosswords would be updated regularly - Crossword history, allow users to see and play previous crosswords

Looking for guidance on how to go on with these ideas. How will i personally be able to update the crosswords. I unfortunately do not have any experience with these.

I have posted my request on upwork. Received a lot of offers, with many saying they can do it quite easily. However, they are looking for fixed payments of 1000€-2500€ (100-250 hours of work). Because i assume, they would build the crossword. But i am willing to use an external provider for that.

I feel like it is too much, but maybe i am wrong. That might be what my idea is worth.

What do you guys think? + Of course looking to soon hire someone for this. So if you have experience in doing something like this, you can send links to your portfolio and your rate or estimated fix price for this.

10:55 UTC


[For Hire] I will find you high quality leads for your web design/software development agency (via Meta/Google ads)

Hello all,
I've developed a proven strategy for generating leads for digital agencies (web design/development/SEO/marketing) through Google ads lead generation ad format at an average cost of $10 or less per Lead.
Currently I have been running ads for a digital agency based in California that is looking to find more clients in USA. After preparing them an ad copy and graphics that briefly describes their service, their leads were able to call them directly from the ad or visit their landing page.
Here are the results I have been able to get them: https://imgur.com/a/gLzrv9P
Last column on the right shows cost per lead which is between $0.5-12. It is important to mention that these leads are high quality (actual people interested in paying for their services). However this is a high ticket service (web design client is worth $5-10k) so conversion rate (turning leads to clients) is low.
To conclude, they managed to close 4 clients last month with my strategy, which made them approx. $30k in revenue.
Basically everything that you will need in order to get best possible results from ad. Below you can find specifics:
-Google Ads setup
-Daily campaign management & weekly reporting
-A/B testing
-Audience research (targeting, retargeting & lookalike based campaigns)
-Ad copy consultation and editing (photo/video)
-Demographics optimization (age, gender, location, interest)
-Technical optimization (budget, bid, ad scheduling)
-Landing page consultations
My fee starts at $2,000 (basically you will need to convert just one client to make this profitable to you). You are free to choose your ad budget.
Optimal starting budget is $80/day. Minimal daily ad budget is $30/day.
All prices are listed in USD, I accept PayPal & Crypto.
Private Message on Reddit or Reddit chat.

10:35 UTC


[for hire] I will do for you: Bots, Automation, Browser extensions, Websites/APIs, GUI apps... $75 PayPal

I'm a Python Developer with 5+ years of experience, focused on the Backend. I automate, I make bots, I make browser extensions, websites and APIs.
Here are some python tasks I can custom build for you:

Web scrapping.
Automation tasks.
GUI-based desktop applications.
Chrome/firefox extensions.

Other than the mentioned tasks I can build any of your ideas using python.

Do you think I could help with some project you want to get done? Contact me, it would be a pleasure. you can contact me here on Reddit with a dm or discord: guwahatibuster

Here's my portfolio: https://kaizen.quest/
The price starts from $75, it depends on the complexity of the program. I accept Paypal and bitcoin.

(I'm also interested in full-time or part-time job offers.)
Looking forward to your reply!
Thank you!

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09:20 UTC


[For Hire] Content Writer: 7 Years of Successful Experience. SEO Blogs, Copy, Press Release. $0.12/£0.10 per word)

Hey all. I've got space in my schedule for some new clients! So feel free to DM me or reply to this post if you need a pro content writer.

Why Should I Use You?

Over the past 7 years I've created hundreds of blogs and web pages that sell and boost SEO. I've been trusted by Guidant Financial, law firms, solar companies and more.

I've never had a bad review; all my clients go on to success.

Here is my website where you'll find previous work, reviews and more info: https://lococontent.com/

What Services Do You Offer?

  • Research SEO blogs
  • Guides and Explainers
  • Landing Pages
  • Home Pages
  • Product Descriptions
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters

Unsure on What You Need?

If you're unsure what you need, I can review your site and provide suggestions.

If you want to rank higher locally I can rewrite your site so people find it fast. That's been the goal for most of my clients and I've helped them grow considerably.

If you want to boost your domain authority with monthly blogs, look no further - we'll bring in new customers while keeping existing ones informed.

Web Developers

If you're a web developer, I'll drastically reduce your workload and the time it takes you to create new websites.

I've made some very slick long-term partnerships with web developers and designers in the past, giving both of us a trusted partner to work with.

I know how much time you can lose when waiting for content to be prepared for you. My goal is to make your life as easy as possible, with great results.

Recent Reviews:

"LocoContent is 100% unique, 0% plagiarized, 100% SEO friendly and got the green light for readability. USE THIS GUY"

What Are Your Rates:

$0.12 (£0.10/€0.11) per word which includes:

  • High-quality SEO content and branded content
  • Extensive research
  • Proofreading
  • Quick turnaround without compromising quality.
  • Perfect for SEO blogs, guides, affiliate reviews and web pages.
  • Passes the no-AI test.

Product descriptions have a slightly lower rate.

Contact Me:

View my previous work here: https://lococontent.com/portfolio

View client reviews on my work: https://lococontent.com/reviews/


You can PM me if interested or email at stowe@lococontent.com

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09:06 UTC


[For Hire] [Web Designer & Developer] Help you create a MVP and collect user feedback for your tech startup as fast as possible

My Portfolio

What can I help you with

If you are a tech startup looking to build a MVP for your business, I can help you build one as fast as possible.

  • You will get the first version as soon as 3 days.
  • I can help you collect feedback for the MVP by building forms in the application and processing the results.

Why Work With Me?

  • 4+ Years of industry experience
  • Clean and Performant code
  • Constant communication
  • Great UI/UX Design


  • Your budget for the whole project should be at least 5,000 USD.
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07:51 UTC


[Hiring] Ionic Developer for Exciting Project

Project Budget: $9000 USD

Hourly Rate: $30 USD/hr

Technical Skills Required:

Proficient in Ionic framework development

Experience with Angular, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

Knowledge of RESTful APIs and integrating third-party libraries

Familiarity with mobile app design principles and user interface development

Ability to troubleshoot and debug complex issues

Strong communication skills and a collaborative mindset

Job Description:

We are looking for a skilled Ionic developer to join our team for an exciting project. The ideal candidate should have a solid background in Ionic framework development, along with expertise in Angular, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. You will be responsible for designing and developing mobile applications, integrating APIs, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness across various devices.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field (preferred)

Proven work experience as an Ionic developer or similar role

Portfolio of past projects demonstrating your Ionic development skills

Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail

Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities

Applications with working samples will be considered only
E - feePuffs@gmaildotcom

07:33 UTC


[FOR HIRE] Web & App Designer & Developer | WordPress

Hi! I'm an experienced Web & App Designer and Designer specializing in Flutter (For Apps) Next.js, PHP, React, and Vue for Web. I can work also with HTML/CSS, and JavaScript - With a keen eye for crafting pixel-perfect interfaces using Figma and seamless user experiences, I bring ideas to life.

My Portfolio: www.behance.net/kipruto

I'm available and ready to tackle exciting projects and add some design and development magic! Feel to contact me via marsh.biz@yahoo.com to discuss more. My hourly rate is $20 - 40 depending on project complexity but I'm also open to fixed budget projects upon negotiations.

Looking forward to collaborating! Thanks

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07:24 UTC


[Hiring] Online Influencer Marketing Coordinator - Part-Time

Company Overview:
We are a dynamic fashion brand dedicated to staying at the forefront of trends and engaging with our audience through creative and authentic experiences. We are seeking a part-time Influencer Marketing Coordinator to join our marketing team and help amplify our brand’s presence on Instagram.
Job Description:
As an Influencer Marketing Coordinator, you will be responsible for identifying and collaborating with Instagram influencers who resonate with our brand ethos. Your main tasks will include analyzing influencers' characteristics and their audience demographics to ensure a perfect brand fit, establishing and maintaining productive collaborations, and coordinating with our support team to manage the selection and dispatch of samples. Additionally, you will assist influencers in crafting posts that align with our brand’s promotional requirements.
Research and Identify Influencers: Analyze and identify key influencers on Instagram who align with our brand’s target audience and values.
Establish Partnerships: Reach out to potential influencers, negotiate collaborations, and build strong professional relationships.
Coordinate Sample Distribution: Work with the support team to select appropriate samples for influencers and manage the logistics of sending these out.
Support Content Creation: Assist influencers in meeting the brand’s content standards and timelines for post publication.
Proven experience in influencer marketing or social media management, particularly on Instagram.
Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
Strong analytical abilities with a good understanding of social media metrics and audience demographics.
Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a remote setting.
Enthusiastic about fashion and up-to-date with social media trends.
How to Apply:
You can apply for this position by leaving a comment below this post with your contact details and a brief introduction, or by sending your resume along with a cover letter to troymaxiem@ahaselected.com . We are excited to review your application and explore how you can contribute to our team!

03:24 UTC


[For Hire] Logo designer for startups & businesses

My name is Terence Thien. I've been developing logos for small to large businesses and startups for over 9 years. My time zone is GMT+8 East Asia.

I use Adobe Illustrator and Figma.

My portfolio is https://terencethien.co.

Price: Logo design begins at $300+ per job.

I'll email you a list of pricing alternatives so you can get started right away.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in working on a project. I accept PayPal.

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03:04 UTC


[for hire] I will do for you: Bots, Automation, Browser extensions, Websites/APIs, GUI apps... $75 PayPal

I'm a Python Developer with 5+ years of experience, focused on the Backend. I automate, I make bots, I make browser extensions, websites and APIs.
Here are some python tasks I can custom build for you:

Web scrapping.
Automation tasks.
GUI-based desktop applications.
Chrome/firefox extensions.

Other than the mentioned tasks I can build any of your ideas using python.

Do you think I could help with some project you want to get done? Contact me, it would be a pleasure. you can contact me here on Reddit with a dm or discord: guwahatibuster

Here's my portfolio: https://kaizen.quest/
The price starts from $75, it depends on the complexity of the program. I accept Paypal and bitcoin.

(I'm also interested in full-time or part-time job offers.)
Looking forward to your reply!
Thank you!

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01:37 UTC


[FOR HIRE] Experienced Virtual Assistant Project Manager


If you need someone to take care of your projects and virtual tasks, look no further.

A bit about me:

I'm an experienced VA/Project Manager with over 4 years of experience and I have all the skills to tackle all of your projects.

What I can do for you:

Project Management: I'll take your projects from start to finish, making sure everything stays on track.

Virtual Assistance: Need help with calendars, meetings, or emails? I've got you covered!

Communication and Collaboration: I'll keep everyone in the loop and make sure things run smoothly.

My skills:

- Project Coordination

- Content Creation

- Administrative Support

- Copywriting


- Effective Communication

- Video Editing

- Photo Editing

- Graphic Design

- Social Media Management

- Social Media Marketing

- Data Entry/Management

- File Management

- Email Management

- Research

- Google Suite

Rate and availability:

For the sake of this subreddit, my rate starts at 10$/h. I'm available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 2PM CET/9AM ET for 5 hours a day.

If you are interested in my services, shoot me a DM on Reddit.
Thank you for considering me! Can't wait to work together!

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01:01 UTC


[For Hire] Process Workflow Automation at 20$ per hour

Hello hope everyone is doing well. If you want to streamline and automate Business Processes or any automation in general leveraging Power Platform make or Zapier, RPA using Power Automate Desktop or Python then look no further .

I will help you in you in creating an automation that best suits your needs and will provide constant support even after it is complete.

If you are interested and want to know what I have done so far send me a DM and we will discuss your project requirements and will proceed from there.

My hourly rate is 20$ /hr but we can also go for a project based approach where we evaluate the complexity of the project and determine the cost associated to it.

Thank you.

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01:01 UTC


[Hiring] Web Developer for Craft CMS Upgrade Project - $500

Hello r/forhire,

We're seeking a skilled web developer with experience in Craft CMS for a small project. We have a simple brochure website that consists of 4 pages and operates on Craft CMS version 2. We need to upgrade it to the latest version, Craft CMS 4.

Project Details:

  • Current CMS: Craft CMS version 2
  • Target CMS: Craft CMS version 4
  • Scope: Upgrade the CMS, ensure compatibility and functionality, provide updated website and database files.
  • Additional Requirement: Provide brief deployment instructions for the production server.

Contract Details:

  • Budget: $500

  • Timeline: Completion within one week

  • Legal: Subcontractor will need to sign a contract and/or NDA.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Has direct experience with Craft CMS, particularly in upgrading between versions.

  • Can demonstrate previous work or projects involving Craft CMS.

  • Is fluent in communicating in English and has overlap with US

Application Process:

  • Interested applicants, please send your resume along with a detailed description of your experience with Craft CMS to: hiring@crsoftware.tech

We look forward to working with you to bring the website up-to-date with the latest Craft CMS features and improvements!

23:26 UTC


[For Hire] [45USD/Hour] Unity3D/C# Professional Programmer | 7+ Years of experience | Networking | APIs | Advanced Game Features | Multiplayer | Able to relocate


I'm Chris Palacios. (Please refrain from asking about my low rate; I am not located in the US, but it's a high-end salary in my state.)

Portfolio: https://chrispalacios.net

Across many years, I have earned solid experience from different types of projects

When I speak of 7+ years of experience, I refer to my professional proven experience, not inflated numbers like those claimed by others who count "experience" from the moment they touch code for the first time.

I specialize in 3D, RPGs, Data Frameworks, Shooters, and Multiplayer/Networking, but I am very versatile on doing things outside this scope

I've served a spectrum of clients, ranging from small businesses to global enterprises like KFC, KidZania, NURUN, and high-end VR rooms in Mexico City.

Skillset Highlights:

- Ability to swiftly identify root causes of coding problems and craft effective and creative solutions.

- Proficiency in creating code with minimal bugs and conflicts by approaching issues from all possible angles to ensure success!

- Efficiency in making significant progress within short timeframes, avoiding stalling on single features.

- Expertise in animation implementations, including complex and polished animator states, event-based UI systems, able to animate UI elements as well

- Mastery of networking multiplayer features using Mirror, familiar with Server/Client RPCs, Server and Client specific functions, etc

- Proficiency in developing advanced editor tools in Unity3D.

Best perk? You'll gain access to a high-end developer at a fraction of the cost due to my location outside the US.

If you're interested in exploring my work further or have any questions, feel free to reach out. I'm happy to provide video examples of my projects upon request and solve any doubt you may have.

Thank you,

Chris Palacios

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22:50 UTC


[Hiring] (Online) Immediate Openings for Several Virtual Assistants

Hello everyone,

As I near the exciting launch of my first ebook and a brand new website in just over a week, I find myself needing extra hands to meet my deadlines. I'm looking for several virtual assistants who can take on a variety of tasks ranging from straightforward to complex. You're welcome to pass on any tasks that don't fit your skill set.


  • Proficiency in English
  • Strong skills in web research and documentation (e.g., Google Docs/Sheets)
  • Availability to start immediately
  • Ability to work remotely

Tasks include:

On the simpler side: Identifying potential online platforms and social media influencers who might be interested in my book, and compiling this information into a spreadsheet.

On the more complex side: Assisting with AI-generated graphics, contributing to web design, providing feedback on my projects, and helping generate content for my website.


Negotiable, starting at 13 cents per 36 seconds of work ($13/hr) plus $3.10/hr extra to meet minimum requirements for this subreddit, totaling $16.10/hr.

If you're interested, please send me a direct message here on Reddit. I look forward to working with you! 🫶

22:13 UTC


[For Hire] Logo designer at your service 15$/hr

Need a custom logo, illustration and advertisement for your social media or business? I've got you covered with affordable prices adjusted to your budget. I have extensive experience in designing logos that are both aesthetically pleasing and effectively convey the message you want to send.

I would be honored to help bring your vision to life.

Works are mainly done in Illustrator.

Payment method : Paypal

Works: https://www.behance.net/gallery/155112467/Logo-Mockups

Email : heraldic.team@gmail.com

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21:45 UTC


[FOR HIRE] Freelance Copyeditor, Proofreader, Beta Reader

Portfolio: https://faustusediting.carrd.co/

Greetings! My name is Faust, and I’m looking for copyediting/proofreading work! My main body of experience is with creative writing, primarily for narrative-heavy games in the visual novel format, but I also have experience editing journalistic articles! Further, I have several years’ worth of creative writing experience with three years’ worth of published works. I work at a rate of $0.02 USD/word, with a minimum of $15 USD/project.

While I’m primarily a proofreader/copy editor, I’ve also done beta reading work, which is available at a lower rate than my full-on editing work if you inquire.

If you’re interested in having me work on a project, please DM me here or contact me by email at [faustusediting@gmail.com].

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21:32 UTC


[HIRING] Looking for video editor

I have a YouTube channel for my business and I am currently editing all my own videos. I am no professional editor but I think I do an okay job. Where I lack though is the final touches that really add production value to my videos. Usually I have anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours of footage that I edit into 3-25 minute long form videos. In an ideal setting I would edit this footage down myself and then pay someone to do all the final touches to add that pizzazz to the final product.

Here is the link to the channel for anyone interested:


The price I am willing to pay is negotiable. We could set up a flat rate per video or I can pay hourly. If you are interested in doing this then I will say that I think the way I'd like to go about this is I can send you the file of a portion of one of my already posted videos and then you can edit it and show me that this is something you are capable of. This would not be used on my channel this is just to weed out the fake people.

Ideally this is an ongoing thing. I would be able to give someone a video to edit just about daily if we can come to an agreement.

21:10 UTC


[Hiring] (Online) Engineers, Founders at Tech Companies for User Research

I'm looking to build a tool that helps devs use documentation no matter where it lives. For that, I'd like to interview a handful of engineers, team leads, managers and founders of tech startups and SaaS companies. I want to understand how your team builds software and the pain points you face when it comes to managing documentation throughout the software development life cycle.

Founders at any stage are welcome, but it would be nice if you actively use project management software (like Jira), a knowledge-base (like Notion or Confluence) and some sort of hosted version control software (like GitHub or GitLab).

I'm looking for about 5 people, and I'd like to offer $20 for 30 minutes of your time! If you're interested, please hit me up on Reddit.

Thank you!

20:52 UTC


[Hiring] Skilled video editor in crypto niche

We're searching for a skilled editor to join our team and help our crypto channels grow. If you're experienced in social media and have a passion for crypto, we'd love to hear from you. We have a good budget for the right person!

Estimate budget $1000 + montly

Discord: solanamemecoins

20:41 UTC


[FOR HIRE] An Experienced Fiction Writer Who Will Bring Your SFW/NSFW Stories to Life!

💫Hello! I’m Fawn, a writer who specializes in NSFW and SFW fiction!

Attached is my portfolio of a few select pieces of fiction I've written, with both SFW and NSFW elements in them. I also currently run a writing commissions Etsy store that I have been maintaining for 2 years now that has amassed 380+ sales and 250+ 5-star reviews from a multitude of satisfied clients! I have also been accepted for publication in Typehouse Literary Magazine and 805 Lit + Art! Ultimately, I am reliable, hardworking, and will work with you to create the content that you're after!

My range of services include: fanfiction, original stories, poetry, and more!

My rate is $50/1000 words, with a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 3000! 2000 words tends to be the sweet spot for most stories in my experience! I can also discuss other flat fees depending on the service requested!

When it comes to NSFW content, I do NOT write:

For reference, I do NOT write: noncon, extreme violence, raceplay, vomit, scat, necro, bestiality, or underage content of any kind. Any other fetishes and kinks I would be happy to try to accommodate, we can discuss and see what you have in mind.

If you'd like to contact me, either DM me here on reddit or send me an email at kingdoncorner@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Portfolio: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LqjLIRd6cPI88LT1enb589pcb05nuDJ5

Some testimonials from previous clients from my Etsy store and from DMs here on Reddit:

"I loved the story I got! The shop owner followed my requested storyline perfectly and kept all the characters perfectly in character! It was written quickly and I got it super quick which I really appreciated. If you're looking for a good custom story, I highly recommend ordering one from here!! :)"

"Oh. My. God. You were right! You have honed your skills, your story was incredible and everything I wanted. I can’t thank you enough. Will definitely be returning to you in the future!"

”Holy shit holy shit! That was amaaaazing! Wow, what a story that was so perfect. Thank you so much!”

"Another amazing read. I really appreciate how you incorporate each of my requests into the commission each time. Makes it all the more enjoyable."

"Absolutely fantastic! I don’t even know where to begin! They are very talented and it shows in their writing, and it was delivered really quickly too, I was quite surprised. They are also amazing to work with and managed to incorporate every idea I wanted, and even incorporated small details I didn’t think would make it from the character sheet I gave."

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20:04 UTC


[HIRING] Looking for 2 EPIC Digital Marketers.

I've had a few bad experiences with marketers in the past but I'm looking into hiring again.

I got a few businesses and I'm trying to grow them. They have some big content creators as clients so most of the business has been from referrals. I'm looking for expert digital marketers who know Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok, and SEO. Two guys (because there's lots of work) who are extremely talented, because I would like that to become a big part of my business and would like to offer the services to my clients.
The businesses are a mix of B2B, e-commerce, and social media

Payment: $100 (this is only for sub-requirements, candidates will dictate the price)
Platform: Paypal

18:17 UTC


[For Hire] An Advanced Quickbooks specialist for all your business needs

It is the tax season. Do not be stuck.

My name is Evlyne, a Quickbooks Online advanced pro advisor who is highly passionate about helping freelancers and small businesses manage their books, do reconciliation, save money on tax cuts and everything quick books.

Looking for someone to help you clean up your books or file your returns as tax season draws closer?

I will help you with:

Financial reporting and financial statements; Preparation of the Income statement, the Balance sheet and Cash flow statement, the 1040s, 1099s

Quick books initial set up, the Chart of Accounts, Products and services

Bank account, credit cards and PayPal Reconciliation

Data Importing, data entry and clean up, transactions categorization

Accounts payables and receivables, receipts and invoice management

Daily bookkeeping, correct classification of transactions and the chart of accounts

And so much more...

I'm flexible and affordable in my pricing but it generally starts from $15/hour.

Hit me up on my DM and let me clean up your books, sort out your accounts and help you save money on tax deductions

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17:45 UTC


[Hiring] Conduent Philippines is Hiring! We are in need of 100+ Chat Advisors!

Conduent Philippines is Hiring!

-This Not a remote job

We are in need of 100+ Chat Advisors!

Office: Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

Role: Pure NON-VOICE Technical Chat Support

• Easy account, good for beginners • On-site paid training • Salary and benefits to be discussed by the recruitment team • Over-the-phone interview / Walk-in applicants are welcome • With 5K compliance bonus!

With free shuttle service

Qualifications: • At least SHS graduate or 2nd year college • With or without BPO experience • Familiarity with handheld devices is preferred, although not required. • 30-35 WPM typing speed

Kindly message me if you're interested.

#ConduentPH #BPO #NonVoice

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17:06 UTC


[For Hire] US Based Customer Service - $499/mo

Hey Small Business Owners & Busy Solopreneurs!

My name is Mike. As the title reads, I'm based in the US (Michigan to be specific), and seeking to help small & growing businesses tackle their Customer Service needs.

Do you find that your business has an uptick in customer traffic, but you haven't quite hit the revenue to justify a full time worker? That's where I come in - I can provide coverage for small businesses, starting at $499/mo, for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DM me if you'd like to chat!

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16:55 UTC


[For Hire] 2D Artist

Hello, I am currently available for work.

My rates begin at 115$

My portfolio:


My email:


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16:42 UTC


[For Hire] [Remote Global] Data Engineer/Data Analyst/Data Wrangling/Back end Engineer jobs/freelance

I specialize in providing back-end development services, custom dashboard, web scrapping, Data pipeline development, Data wrangling solutions, Data Migration. Services provided:

  • Back end: Python Django| Flask
  • Cloud: Heroku, Hetzner, GCP
  • Data ETL/Engineering: Airflow, Apache Spark, Cron Jobs, Pandas, NumPy
  • Database modelling and creation: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ms. SQL Server
  • Web Scraping and scripts development in Python, selenium, BeautifulSoup
  • API Integration and Development Services
  • Other HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery

Passionate about developing solutions for various background.

Great communicator, easy to adapt.

Please include your project details and budget in your message for a productive discussion. payment terms can be discussed, per milestone. no free upfront work. Use PayPal or Wise for payments.

My Rate is $25/hr.

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15:53 UTC


[Hiring] LinkedIn users.

Hiring! Hiring! Non voice job for LinkedIn users. And here's the twist – forget about pure commission-based jobs, we pay you monthly and we have a copy paste system for you to utilize. We compensate monthly based on the number of your connections and the length of your flexible schedule. Be sure to have Paypal, Venmo or Binance to receive payments. Kindly PM me if interested.

15:48 UTC

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