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This community is for knowledge, first aid advice, husbandry, and training of any species of captive bird. Doves, parrots, chickens, emus, dodos, etc. are all welcome.

This community is for knowledge, first aid advice, husbandry, and training of any species of captive bird. Doves, parrots, chickens, emus, dodo's, ect are all welcome.

We aim for science based knowledge and continued education in those subjects. We want to help those medical deserts without the option of an avian vet as best we can. No one should feel alone and helpless to provide some level of care to their flock.



  1. Please back up any medical, training, ect advice with sources if able! This will both allowed us to build a useful wiki, and keep our advice consistent and up to date.

  2. No aww/cute/funny media unless it's related to the health and care of birds.

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  4. Please tag any graphic images or descriptions of bird death or injury with NSFW.

  5. We support continued education! Please post articles, journals, videos, and other such media. We want to learn and remain current.

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Limping goose near office building

Hey guys, figured I’d ask here just in case. There’s a goose that’s limping next to the building I work in and I feel bad for it. Is there anything I can do? I live in Maryland if that helps at all.

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22:15 UTC


We have surgery in the morning but I need an opinion from someone I’ve looked everywhere.

Rio is eggbound and I have to get her through the night till in the morning to have her surgery to remove it. She’s been egg bound almost a week and they’ve been trying to remove it by waiting it out and giving her meds and then they tried to do the first procedure. It was unsuccessful. They sent her back home overnight and she did decent today but now she’s acting so different I’m not sure if she’s trying to go to sleep or trying to die. I gotta get her through the night and I don’t know what to do. She has the major surgery tomorrow to remove it. She keeps peeping at me every time I leave the room and she follows me to pick her up and put her in my lap and then she is super still and laying down. Of course, she’s fluffed up. she’s got her head in her wing. I don’t know how to tell if she’s dying.. or if she’s just trying to sleep no one at the vet would give me any information on the last few stages,that she would show if she about to die. I watch my mother die, and she kinda would lay there and breathe and then not breathe, and then breathe, and then not breathe in the hospice nurse said these were stages of death, what I would, so that’s what I would like to know about birds with the stages of death are because I’m running on like an hour or two sleep for the past week maybe a little more but it been very hard to function and stay awake because I’m afraid she’s gonna die and need me and I’m not gonna be there for her. she’s my best friend. We’ve been through so much together. Domestic violence abuse from my ex-husband was so traumatizing to both of us and we got each other through. So I know Reddit known for making fun of people and jokes and stuff but I’m really desperate. This is my baby. She just has to get through this one last night and then through the surgery and she’s gonna have the rest of her life left again. She’s barely even three years old.

08:10 UTC


!Please Help! Injured Dove

This little one hit the window of my dads workplace. Was bleeding a bit above the beak and cannot walk properly or fly. Shes been… panting? A lot.

We really would like to help her before releasing her to a big garden-y area with other doves. im trying to do as much research as possible… if you have any advice on how to take care of her please let me know.

The internet is full of different advice and I don’t know which to follow

16:14 UTC


Does anyone know how to tame and gain trust of a 7 year old cockatiel. He growls at hands and bites. He's agressive. I really hope I can tame him, but I'm not sure how. I have 2 zebra finches and they gained my trust naturally.

12:44 UTC


conure sleeping at bottom of cage

hi so my conure (about 7 months) just started moving to bottom of cage at night to sleep. the conure is sick and has been given medications that we are currently giving but he/she hasn’t ever slept at the bottom of the cage like this and he/she makes small small chirping noises at the bottom of the cage at night

he/she doesn’t seem any more abnormal than usual like they do display signs of tiredness, agitation, and other signs of sickness like most birds do when sick but also could be medication side effects.

we have a check up appointment with vet in two days but wondering if this is something we should be worried about

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07:33 UTC


What to do in case of suspected fatty liver disease?

My Galah cockatoo has gained around 18 grams in around a year and a half, he was 277, now he's 295-ish. He also started eating relatively little in the last 2-3 days. HOWEVER, his droppings when he HAS eaten are completely normal, but since he doesn't eat much now, they're more often watery. I also noticed some very slight yellowing around his eyes, but that's not for sure. Other than that, he has been pretty active and doesn't seem to fluff up often, he's acting like himself for the most part. Now, I do know a clinic that MIGHT specialize in avian treatment, but where I live, there are literally no avian vets for 400 kilometers, only ones that might MAYBE help.

So, my question is: what can I do in the meantime to help my parrot? I've heard milk thistle oil is used for fatty liver disease, but other than that, I have no idea on how to help him with his liver. He now is eating a mixture or bird food mix with pellets and nutriberries, and since today I've been taking all the seeds out. I've also been giving him more veggies daily since about 3 days ago. Is there any advice on what might help him?

09:22 UTC


Conure CT Scan

has anyone had their conure do a CT scan? my bird is very sick and about 6 months old now, the specialist recommended a CT scan, but i’ve heard there are risks associated with it like how really sick birds may pass away during the scan because they are sedated and may not wake up.

i am very very very scared and worried, been crying a lot, it’s very overwhelming, just looking for advice or help/guidance from anyone who has been through a similar situation

16:07 UTC


Conure CT Scan

has anyone had their conure do a CT scan? my bird is very sick and about 6 months old now, the specialist recommended a CT scan, but i’ve heard there are risks associated with it like how really sick birds may pass away during the scan because they are sedated and may not wake up.

i am very very very scared and worried, been crying a lot, it’s very overwhelming, just looking for advice or help/guidance from anyone who has been through a similar situation

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16:06 UTC


Help with crow!!

I found this crow outside my workplace and he was upside down lay in a puddle, I’m not sure what happened but he could have been hit by a car possibly. I managed to grab him and took him home, I’ve been feeding him and giving him water, dried him off and am keeping him warm.

The issue is he isn’t using either of his legs, he’s flapping around trying to move and his legs are just sticking out straight behind him. Myself and my partner have both had a feel down both legs to check for a break but can’t feel one at all and he doesn’t react to either leg being touched.

Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong with him and what we could do?

21:14 UTC


Budgie sleep time help

Hi there, I have a conudrum which is about my bird's sleep cycle. If I lived alone, she'd sleep in the kitchen (or living room) or anywhere that I could grant her some uninterrupted time to sleep 10 to 12 hours of sleep.

The problem is:

  • The living room is lively until at least 1am every day, with my family. People will watch TV and sometimes even talk and laugh. But given she's alone from 2am to 12pm, she'll have 10 hours of sleep then.

  • The kitchen will not be busy for 30 minutes or 1 hour at a time in the evening, but then someone will go make a sandwich and open and close counter doors, wash dishes at midnight, or even do laundry, all of which make a lot of noise and bring a lot of light. The thing is the earliest human-bird will be in the kitchen by 9am, getting up and eating. The sun is also there by 7am, though the bird has a towel over the cage to make it darker. Then someone else will wake up and be there by 10am. Then someone else by 11am. So she keeps being woken up by kitchen noises.

  • My bedroom - I have allergies and I fear this is not a good place for the bird to be because of my own health.

Where do you think she could sleep?

She's sick currently (low calcium, low phosphorus and badly functioning liver, she's being medicated for all those) and I fear the 8 hours of sleep at night are not helping her recover. She spends most of the day napping but I wonder if she'd nap less if she had a full night of sleep.

16:53 UTC


Need some advice about a pesky bluebird

Hi All -

I'm hoping this is the right sub. Need some advice, please.

There is a bluebird at my house that is in love with my windows. I think it's a male bluebird, and he doesn't really fly into them at full speed but he does fly up to them and the hang on the window screens. He will also scratch at the window behind the screens, and sometimes bangs into the glass.

We've tried the following things to deter him:

- drawing in yellow highlighter across the windows

- putting window clings on the inside and outside of the windows (although, the second floor windows are a challenge here)

- installing a bluebird house outside. I read that if they are feeling like they don't have anywhere to nest, they act this way.

I wouldn't normally care, but it is waking up my son from his sleep and it is startling to my wife and I when we are laying in bed in the mornings.

Is there something else we can be doing to help deter this behavior? Any help is appreciated, and, if I should be posting in another sub, let me know that too.


14:02 UTC


HELP please need advice on my very very sick bird

so for the past few months my bird has been very, very, very sick, he hasn’t been opening his eyes they’re always closed, regardless of anything around him, there’s very little movement, he uses his beak to navigate his cage if needed by touching his beak to objects and perches around him to move around, he is still on formula and is hand fed so he eats and maintains his weight. we went to a specialist and they gave four different types of medication because we don’t know the root type of infection he has. my bird is always sleeping, he can basically be described as a human on life support. we are worried he has become blind but i’m unsure of how to determine that, he keeps his eyes closed a lot and he cannot see objects near him (he only detects by noise). he used to fly a lot and loved it but he can barely do it anymore and doesn’t do it at all, if he does fly (which is only when he has to take meds), he only circles around in small circles and then falls back down. the medications range from 2 weeks to 28 days and the specialist said he should be getting better after 1-2 days given the medicine but it’s been a week and there is no improvement.

his previous vet gave him steroids which is a big nono according to the specialist we are seeing right now.

also he has so much difficulty taking meds, we have been doing the towel wrap method but he just closes his beak really tightly so we can’t even put the syringe in a lot of the medicine falls out but there have been few instances where the medicine has fully gone in because he opened his beak by accident so it’s always a 50/50 if anyone has any advice on giving medicine to birds that would also be really helpful please

i’m just so worried and would love any type of advice we don’t know what to do

any type of advice is useful and appreciated.

01:09 UTC


Hurt bird

Can't fly and hops around. Possible kestrel attack. How do I tend to him

23:19 UTC


Wound on my Conure

My green cheek conure has a wound under her wing in her armpit area and I don’t know how to take care of it. We are not sure what caused the wound but it was bleeding a bit. It appears to be a cut maybe 1/2 inch long and has stopped actively bleeding. I appreciate any advice on how to handle the situation while I figure out how to get her to a vet soon. I didn’t include the picture here but I do have one to show the current state.

11:54 UTC


New Parakeet fell into some chicken

Hi! I really need advice, so yesterday one of the three parakeets I unintentionally rescued fell into a pot of cold chicken broth and I give the bird 3 baths in a attempt to wash the grease off but this morning I woke up and my parakeet still looks to have some grease on its feathers. I was wondering if there's any tips to this kind of situation and if there are any bird-friendly soap alternatives that can help?

14:42 UTC


Question about iron storage disease

If I'd unknowingly been giving my Indian Mynah bird baby food that was apparently rich in iron (sweet potato flavor) for about 5 days, would it require immediate attention, or shouldn't I worry so long as I stop giving it the food?

05:36 UTC


Help needed, indian mynah stressed

Im going to be pretty elaborate with this since I don't know the exact cause of this, but my indian mynah who was a fledgeling 2023 December, I don't know how old the bird exactly so I'll post a picture or two sothat youll get a general idea lf how old she is.

She's been losing alot of feathers latley, notably around her neck and her tail feathers, as well as not making any attempts to climb onto my hand and leave her new cage, she'd just recently moved out of her 1st cage (will post a picture of it) because it was too small, I did a whole process tho, it took about 5 days to move her, I first started the cage out by the furthest part of the room from her then current cage, the next day i moved it about halfway, the following days I'd moved it closer and closer, until the 2nd half of the last day I had the cage against her current one, (I would've liked to introduce her to the new cage with more time and stuff but my family was weird about me not having moved her yet after getting such an expensive new cage, and her last plastic perch had just snapped) she freaked out a bit in her new cage, eventually landed on the new top perch and learned that it was safe, took about 5 days until she had the confidence to go onto the cage floor and had a lil bath and sip from the water bowl (I would hold it next to the top perch for her before this).

All the while even after first moving into the new cage she's been eating like a champ, she has this lil plastic tubs with velcro at the bottom which I attach to another piece that sits on a similarly sized piece of angle iron that's on the side of the cage, well withing reach and is at the level of the top perch right next to it, she has 4 tubs a day, which I fill with soaked and crushed cat food that's low in iron, that's mixed in a banana & Guava flavored baby food, I sometimes put layers of crushed dry mealworms in as well.

The bird used to love jumping onto my hand from inside her cage and running uo to my shoulder, but latley she would just stare at my hand, inspect my fingers a bit, maybe try testing for the 100th time if any of them are edible worms, it started about 3-4 weeks ago. she was beginning to come onto my hand again, if I held it in the cage for a minute or so, and maybeee let me take her out of the cage, which start about 2 weeks ago, but since moving into the new cage she doesn't even pay my hand as much attention when it's in the cage, and will only step over it to get to another perch if it's in the way. She's still comfortable with my hands being in there I guess, but she just seems to be wary of standing on it, idk,but as I said it's no problem standing over it or anything.

If you have any suggestions as to why she's stressed and how I can deal with it please let me know, and I'm willing to answer any questions relating to it

I'll add pictures on a following post since I didn't have time to post em on this one

And I guess I should also mention that she trusts me, since I had reared her, when I found her she was on a syringe for like a month before eating on her own

06:12 UTC


Budgie skin (?) on eye...

Anyone hazard a guess as to what this is? I've carefully applied some GoldenEye ointment, it does move over his eyeball... it's almost like a torn piece of skin from the inside of his eyelid...

(I rescued Yellow recently, not much history, believed to be around 12-18 months old, and he's got a few ailments, but I can quite identify what this is...)

23:21 UTC


Cockatiels and antibiotics

Hi my partner is very stressed his cockatiel has a chest infection and has to have antibiotics in her water but she’s not drinking them.

Any tips on encouraging a cockatiel to drink the antibiotic water ?.

20:44 UTC


Budgie raspy breathing during night.

My girlfriend budgie has started making those noises during night time. He has been giving various medication for lung infections to no avail. It has come and gone for some time now, but it’s getting worse.

Any advice or help is appreciated.

The bird is 7 years old, lives with 2 other budgies that are not sick.

00:29 UTC


Is something wrong?

Found an Indian White-eye fledging on the ground a few days ago and took it home (ill-advised, yes, i’m aware, don’t bother screaming about that). Heavy storms had likely pushed it out of whichever tree it was in. It was really healthy, so was expecting to be able to release it back into the wild pretty soon.

But now, it’s not really able to fly and sitting in this position. Is it sick or injured in some way? Getting to some sort of animal welfare isn’t an option, since their regular procedure is to euthanise animals.

09:19 UTC


Looking for an Avian Vet in the Denver area

03:40 UTC


Puncture on the beak? what should I do

No avian vets in the city and it's winter. He's utterly happy chirping around and acting like everything's okay. Has a big cage. Free to fly in the house. I'm totally stressed about the puncture

11:13 UTC

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