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Quickly queue - quirky quails quietly make coos, and loud noises too! Everything Quails!

There are many birds called quails but they are not all the same - we have Japanese/coturnix, North American bobwhites (many varieties), Mearns, California, Gambel, etc. They each have different care requirements. If you are asking for help please FLAIR your post with the TYPE OF QUAIL you need help with. Thanks and Happy Quailing!

All things quail.



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Does anyone else’s quail do this?

So I just hatched 15 black coturnix and they are so sweet but very timid. Any sudden sound or movement sends them running so I put on some soothing relaxation music on YouTube because they are just babies. They’re the kinds with the lovely pictures that have “live” streams and I choose a different one everyday for them. Each of the quail love to line up at the cage and watch the screen and occasionally wonder off to so or get something to eat or drink but always come back to watch the screen. They are literally watching TV and it’s so cute! When I turn it off at night they scatter away from the front of cage and sometimes popcorn around before settling in because they know that means it’s bedtime.

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Broody Quail

For the first time in my several years of keeping quail, I appear to have a broody hen!

I first noticed her sitting a couple of days ago, and even though I accidentally scared her off the nest, she has since returned. Today there was a second hen 'helping' her by pancaking on top of both her and the nest.

I'm just looking to see what other people's experiences with this are. How likely is she to see this through? How easy is it for me to disturb her? Ie, should I refrain from cleaning near her or anything like that.

(I keep my quail in a ground pen with cork logs and other natural-ish stuff. She's set up nest in a fake tree stump hide on the "inside" part of the run, which has shavings for bedding )

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Deep Litter in a wet environment?

I'm new to quail. I have some chicks that will be ready to move outside soon. I'd like to use the deep litter method, but I live on the North Coast of California, in a rainforest, where it is always humid and almost never hot. Any tips/suggestions for materials or how to keep it from getting moldy?

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Baby quail keep emptying water in brooder....

I hatched 13 baby quail between Sunday and Tuesday. They're currently in a brooder and I have a gravity fed water dispenser that they keep emptying and soaking the bedding. I think that they're basically throwing a party in it when I'm not looking and I'm having to refill it several times a day. I use the same waterer for baby chickens and it's a non-issue.

Is there anything that I can do about this or should I just accept that I'm going to have to constantly refill their water container and replace the soaked bedding? Is there a waterer that you guys recommend?

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Day-old quail not lifting its head

I fucked up and gave my broody bantam quail eggs to sit on while I picked up chicken eggs. I knew they could be fertilized but seeing the store I thought there was no chance of them hatching... You know where this is going: yesterday at noon we found out one had hatched.

The hens are two dwarf breeds, can't be more than a pound each. We left the quail with them at first but I found it alone twice, once in the run (I suspect it may have been kicked out, once in the coop but not in the brood box.

After finding it alone the second time I took it inside. It's awake and opens its eyes, it squeaks, and tries to move, but it can't hold its head up. Should it be able to, at 24 hours old? I'm afraid that the hens may have injured it.

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Is it okay to separate my male quail from my female quail so she will become broody(Everytime time I separate them they start screaming what to do )

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Has anyone got a rainwater harvesting system that feeds into their quail enclosure?

Please can I see it if so? Or any ideas for how to do it? Thanks

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Looking for a good quality feather plucker

I'm reaching out because I'm in need of a good quality feather plucker. I got the Rite Farms Pro Plucker a year or so ago to help with getting the feathers off and just recently, it broke on me. I turn it on and it won't respond. I have no idea what could have caused this, but the way I see it, this one was a terrible product. I'm pretty upset about it, that's $500 on a paper weight!

Does anyone have any suggestions on a durable feather plucker that will last AT LEAST 5 years? I need something durable; it doesn't make any sense for something so expensive to be so frail.

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Poop ball toes

What is the best way to prevent this? Like, what can I put on the ground that will help keep it from building up? I have to wrangle the tap dancers at least once a week to give them a foot massage under warm water and they hate it.

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Ideas for a new quail pen

Does anyone have a good blueprint or rough draft of a quail pen. I’ve got some ideas of what I want that will have the birds very comfortable I just don’t want to miss anything or skip over a good idea. Thank you all any help or advice is good help and advice.

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