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    Need help getting onto my laptop is there anything i can do before i take it into a shop

    Basically my laptop kept going completely black after being on for about 3 seconds so I searched up how to reset it and I ended up wiping then resetting the whole thing and when it came back i got this blue recovery screen and i cant get passed it i’ve tried every method to get the laptop into safe mode and reset it but nothing works i even removed the back and unplugged the battery still nothing. Appreciate any help and the laptop is an acer nitro 5.

    Just to add when i press any key to get it into safe mode like alt f10 the screen goes black for like 2 seconds and nothing happens

    20:17 UTC


    Win11 install: did I finally find a question without a supposed million google answers?

    Trying to do a windows 11 fresh install on a Dell 3668 desktop.. Error messsage is "boot device found press any key to reboot"

    So it can see the USB I created on a linux box and that it is bootable. But it wont boot from it??

    Google shows no results although the AI search does show a plethora of possibilities including drink glass of water, put air in tyres and the usual disable hardware acceleration that ya kinda expect when the search engine has no idea what the answer is.

    The only realistic answers it suggested were check UEFI boot in bios and that didn't make any diffference, as didnt retore defaults.

    Anyone got any ides on what I am doing wrong; I assume 64 bit was correct for this vaguely modern computer.

    20:11 UTC


    huge pagefile and hibernation file

    why is this can anyone help

    EDIT: i downloaded windirstat to check and it seems like the settings app is showing wrong info as always i guees this is why they buried this page under 4-5 menus because it is just wrong most of the time.. my real virtual memory size is lower than 2gb and my hibernation file is only less than 7gb which is like very good

    1 Comment
    20:10 UTC


    memory leak? not enough RAM? or not enough space in my C drive?

    hi! i'm not very tech-savvy so please bear with me here.

    i've been trying to figure out what is wrong with my computer. im unable to have more than 6-7 tabs open on chrome without my computer freezing or shutting down, and i cant play games on steam (specifically persona 3 reload) for more than about 15-20 minutes before my computer just shuts down as well. i've talked to some of my friends that have a better understanding of computers and have gotten conflicting information.


    • HP Envy x360 Convertable 15m-ee0xxx bought in 2020
    • processor: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U with Radeon Graphics
    • RAM: upgraded to 16gb (came with 8gb)
    • Harddrive (C) is 32.1GB free of 237GB

    one of my friends advised me to upgrade my hard drive so ive ordered a 1TB SSD and plan on moving everything over to that when it comes later this week. my other friend is suggesting i have a memory leak which seems to also be true after taking a look at my resource monitor? pic here: https://imgur.com/AIuftoE while mostly idle aside from having this one tab open to write this post and while spotify and discord are open. when i take a look at my task manager, i notice a lot of "chrome.exe" and "msedge.exe"s even when i am not using either, as well as lots of "conhost.exe"s and an insane number of "svchost.exe"s. according to my quick google searches these are normal but i fear its taking up a lot of memory.

    ive tried scanning for malware via window's defender and nothing was found.

    what else should i do? is this much RAM usage normal and should i upgrade my RAM again? financially its not really feasible for me as i'm perpetually very broke but i want to be able to use my computer lol.

    thanks in advance!

    19:54 UTC


    Boot drive help. Cant get past the loading files page

    I am trying to install windows 11 but when i try to boot from the boot drive i see the loading files bar then it shows the windows logo for a second then it restarts the cycle. Not sure what to do

    19:29 UTC


    Finance has bricked his PC- on startup is black screening

    In task manager, he accidentally turned off something integral to the start process. Went to system config, hid all Microsoft, then disabled everything else. Then it clean booted.

    Now it boots into this black MSI loading screen. Can load into safe mode and have tried fixes such as chkdsk, boot restore/recovery prompts and all of that.

    Pls help him lol.

    19:24 UTC


    Suddenly, app will not launch - Win10

    Using Dell XPS, Windows 10 Home 22H2 OS Build 19045.4412

    The app in question is YABE, which is quite a niche program, but has worked beautifully for me for years. I was last using it just a few days ago without issue.

    I go to open it today, and it won't budge.
    When opening YABE, it literally does nothing.
    I click on the icon, it shows the blue circle next to the cursor, it acts like the program is opening for about 1/2 second, then nothing. It acts like nothing happened.
    I have checked task manager, no evidence of YABE running. When I do Alt + Tab, it does not show up. I have also tried running directly from command prompt.
    I have tried running as admin. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. It's like the app is completely dead. Like the app icon is just a dummy icon that leads nowhere.

    I have done Windows and Dell updates. No changes.
    I've tried sfc /scannow and dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth via PowerShell.
    Did a full virus scan of my computer.
    Have rebooted several times over these processes.

    I'm bit stumped here. Any ideas?

    19:21 UTC


    Using RDP to play games on my desktop

    Hello all. How would I go about using RDP to remote into my desktop from another Network? The goal is to use my PC remotely to play games on my laptop while I'm away from home. Don't have much experience using RDP, so any and all info is greatly appreciated.

    19:07 UTC


    High disc usage when idling on D drive (win11)

    I am beginning to suspect that I have some sort of virus on my PC.

     When my machine is idling for a few minutes, like as little as 2 to 3 minutes, my mechanical drive begins to run rampantly like I am having high data transfer between drives. 

    When I push a single button or move my mouse it stops in an instant. 

    I tried to have resmon up, but as long as I have that up then it doesn't go rampant after a few minutes idling, which makes me even more suspicious. 

    Afaik, a virus can detect if you have a resource manager up and running, and won't show itself when that happens. 

    So what are my chances of spotting it? My anti virus doesn't find anything special on my drive, and I really want to know what makes my HDD go crazy. 

    I also thought maybe it was steam updating or something, but it goes crazy even on desktop and being idling for a few min.

     It's just hard to find out when it instantly stops when moving anything. Is there something like resource monitor, that keeps track of everything even while resource monitor were closed, like an hiatus tracker

    18:37 UTC


    Windows photos failing import immediately

    I reset windows photos and restarted my pc after uploading some photos as after a certain amount is imported it fails to do anything else. After all of this I tried to import a handful or just 1 photo and everything immediately fails. I reset windows photos via the settings and repair and everything but still no information, no error, no clues as to what failed just unfortunately it says it failed to import and thats it.

    1 Comment
    17:46 UTC


    All Windows 11 To Go drives started BSODing with INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE since 05-16

    Subj. I had two Windows 11 To Go drives created with Rufus. With one last Thirsday the laptop just shut itself down, and when I turned it on it just went into BSOD. No new updates, no changes made by me, no signs of impending trouble (that I'm aware of). The other drive did the same on Friday on a different laptop. I reimaged both drives on Friday evening. On Saturday one of them again failed the same way, on Sunday - the other one.

    Drives themselves are otherwise still working perfectly fine, testing doesn't show any bad sectors. I've checked BootDriverFlags REG_DWORD in registry under HKLM\SYSTEM\HardwareConfig<UUID>\ (loading the hive on a laptop with Windows installed the usual way) and they were still set to 0x14. Unfortunately, I don't have any machines with USB <3.0 to check if it is the USB 3.x driver issue.

    The drives don't seem to boot on any of my machines after failure, always going to BSOD. I've tried automatic repair steps - uninstall last feature/quality updates, boot repair, etc., - none of them seem to make any difference.

    Any ideas on how to further troubleshoot (and hopefully fix) the issue?

    P.S.: the main laptops on which I've been running those drives are HP EliteBook 860 G9 and GPD WinMax 2, if that makes any difference. The drives themselves are NVMe SSDs in a Plugable enclosure for which I don't have model number.

    1 Comment
    17:32 UTC


    Screen/window scale compatibility issue

    My laptop requires a 1920 x 1080 resolution and 150% DPI scaling given its monitor size (it's also the default). But some softwares won't run like that, or won't work properly. It's always solved by scaling down to 125%, but it's obnoxious to do that every time I want to open a software then changing back afterwards. I've seen something about setting a specific scaling for the software in compatibility settings, but couldn't get it to work—is there a workaround?

    1 Comment
    17:31 UTC


    Help with Windows 10 laptop that any USB removable hard drive no longer working


    I have a Windows 10 laptop (ASUS S530U):


    ...that last week, any USB removable hard drive no longer appears in Explorer. I've tried a couple drives and they are known good -- other computers can recognize them.

    I've tried reboots, updates, using a different port, etc. No help.

    When I plug the drive in, it shows up in Device Manager.





    But it doesn't show in Disk Management


    Even if the drives were unformatted or had a corrupt partition, I should still see a "Disk 1".



    17:30 UTC


    Touchscreen disables after sleep AND rotation lock greyed out permenantly.

    By a miracle I figured out I can enable touchscreen in device manager every time but I shouldn't have to. Then noticed my screen won't rotate and the setting is grey. Searching for help has been useless as it just says to update drivers and, ironically, to turn off rotation lock. I WOULD IF I COULD. Are these related with a simple setting somewhere? This seems so simple and silly but it's very frustrating.



    1 Comment
    17:21 UTC


    My activation key is not working and windows its saying that it either didint work or that it dosent exist.

    So i purchased a Windows 10 Pro USB stick and it arrived with an activation key. I went ahead and did the setup process only for it to take up space and not even activate,giving me error 0x803F7001.

    I tried lots of methods like trying to activate it from command prompt and such but it still didint work. Pls help !!!

    Edit: Im using an HP Victus 16 with a AMD Ryzen 5 6600H with Radeon Graphics 3.30 Ghz and an RTX 3050 graphics card

    1 Comment
    17:13 UTC


    "This file can't be previewed"

    This has been a problem for about two weeks now which I have tried to troubleshoot by myself.

    Windows Explorer's preview pane was really handy in getting quick glances at documents before organizing. Now, the preview pane just says "This file can't be previewed". This applies to all PDFs and images, but strangely I can still view Word and Excel documents.

    I tried to fix it by restarting the Explorer, the computer, rolling back the latest update, checking for a newer update, and reinstalling Adobe Reader (I thought it was a problem with PDF specifically at first). Nothing has worked so far.

    Has anyone else come across this problem and successfully resolved it?

    17:13 UTC


    How can I copy a mp3 files to my iPhoneX?

    Audiobooks and music from a Windows 11 ACER desktop to an iPhoneX. The Win 11 computer is an upgrade from my Win 7 machine, and I switched from an Android to an iPhone a few months ago.

    1 Comment
    17:08 UTC


    How do i fix screenshots not opening?

    Whenever i try opening a screenshot it just doesnt let me and an error message pops up. How do i fix this??
    Model of my computer: SVP1121X9RB
    Windows specifications:
    Edition: Windows 10 Pro
    Version: 22H2
    Installed on: 9/‎30/‎2021
    OS build: 19045.4412
    Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19056.1000.0
    What troubleshooting steps I have performed: I have restarted and shut down the pc many times but it still doesnt work.
    Any error messages I have encountered:
    C:\Users\Greench Pc\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (185).png
    File system error (-2147416359).
    Screenshot of the issue:


    1 Comment
    17:03 UTC


    Need help with windows activation

    Got laptop from Amazon a year ago. Recently windows went corrupted. I installed windows 11 which shows that my windows is not activated. How do I find windows keys

    1 Comment
    16:34 UTC


    Any android apps i can use to flash a windows 10-11 is

    Doesnt have to be from the play store if its an apk thats fine I just need one rn i have a usb otg ready and a 128gb flash drive if anyone knows please help etchdroid apparently cant do windows iso and i dont have access to a pc

    1 Comment
    16:26 UTC


    Laptop running Win11 connected to an external monitor - whenever I re-connect all my windows show up on the (secondary) laptop screen instead of the (main) external screen

    I have a Dell laptop connected to a Dell external monitor. When I was on Win10 I could disconnect and then reconnect to my monitor and all the windows would be displayed on the (main) external monitor. Now, in Win11, when I reconnect all the windows get defaulted to the laptop and I have to move them 1 by 1 back over. How to fix so all windows always stay in the main monitor?

    1 Comment
    16:18 UTC


    Windows 10's customizable folder picture feature not working properly.

    Having recently discovered Windows' customizable folder picture feature, it became a great asset for my workflow. However, only a few days after starting to use it, I've encountered a fatal flaw which made me abandon it altogether.

    Soon after changing the file to display on a given folder's icon, it will sometimes spontaneously revert back to its default appearence. Changing it once more to the file I had previously chosen is of no help, as the same thing will often happen once again.

    I noticed this more often happened with folders I had been using frequently. The issue was substantial enough that I felt it was pointless to keep using this feature.

    Is this a me problem? Is there anything that can be done about this? Is this feature just broken (at least on Windows 10)?


    1 Comment
    15:19 UTC


    What do these icons mean? The caution, lock and windows icon.

    I gave my laptop to a technician for repairs and when he brought it back, it showed these icons. Could something be wrong with my hard drive?

    15:46 UTC


    Windows 11 Enterprise/Workstation Upgrade - Unable to see more than 2 CPU Sockets


    I have a Dell Poweredge 810 I got for next to nothing so I started messing around with it. I got it fully updated and ready to roll. However, I couldn't get Windows Server 2022 to install, I kept getting an obscure error while installing UEFI/NTFS (likely because of old hardware) so I went with Windows 11 Pro, created in Rufus with the TPM limitation removed and encryption disabled (I wouldn't be able to use it anyway). I need Hyper-V+Containers+Windows Store for my environment... After setting everything up my performance was horrible where I then noticed that I had a socket limitation I had forgotten Windows bakes in to the OS.

    So I grabbed 2 licenses from a friend, Workstation and Enterprise and have been using them to try and upgrade from Windows 11 Pro. I can't find anything anywhere to discuss a group policy or registry change. I would like to attempt to fix this without having to rebuild or restore, simply because I've had horrible luck restoring from images in the past and things that should work, don't for me. So I'm avoiding it on the 'me' factor.

    According to all documentation, this should just be an activation thing and features get turned on, however this isn't working. (prob the me factor)

    Steps I've taken so far:

    1. Reset the bios.
    2. Searched for any registry, scripting or group policy changes that should be considered (I couldn't find anything so I'm here now).

    2a. Most of the documentation online discusses going into system properties and adjusting Processor Affinity, this isn't going to work without having the sockets detected. If the sockets aren't there, I'm still limited to how many cores I can have and where they get applied in Windows. I need the additional sockets before I can configure this.
    3. Disabled a working/detected CPU, when Windows loads in, it still only sees 2 

    Planned step right now... Install media > in-place upgrade/restore. This will fail on me so I'm looking for anyone else who may have an idea.

    1 Comment
    15:40 UTC


    Monitor Not Full Screen - Win11


    I've got a Dell laptop, Win11 installed. All updates have been installed.

    I've got a big wide Scepter monitor connected through HDMI.

    Display settings on Win11:

    Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Recommended)

    Scale: 150% (Recommended)

    Orientation: Landscape

    On the Monitor itself, Aspect Ratio: FULL

    Cinema Mode

    I've already tried to update drivers for monitor and they have all been updated.

    I've rebooted and still it's not full screen (it's about 3/4 full screen). I've tried other setting but still cannot get it to full screen.

    I've already searched other postings and YouTube videos.

    Any other settings I should try?

    Thank you

    1 Comment
    15:33 UTC


    Mayday mayday a moron broke his computer send help.

    Sooo tried reinstalling windows and this happened. Because of reinstall drivers got deleted(im guessing) annnnd because very good luck something went wrong w the install and got the error. Andddd cant get into advanced recovery because pc said you know what? Fuck you. So yeah.. help..

    1 Comment
    14:59 UTC


    Windows 11 fails to install... (0xc1900101)

    Hello people of reddit. When windows 11 first came out I tried to install it various times but it failed every time due to some error (0xc1900101), and I eventually gave up. Recently, I tried to install it once again and it still failed with the same error message. I read somewhere online that it could be due to external hardware, so I tried removing everything from my computer except keyboard, mouse, and a monitor, and it still failed. Does anyone have a clue about why and what I can do to install windows 11?

    In case you're wondering, my PC meets the spec requirements for windows 11 according to PC Health Check, and I also have 99 GB free space on my C: drive, so I don't think that's the problem either...

    1 Comment
    14:40 UTC

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