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Winget on 26058 can’t update

I can’t update winget on 26058. Anyone who knows why. Tried Chris Titus script but it’s not working. Works fine on 22621.

17:55 UTC


UAC with Windows Hello (fingerprint scan)

Hi there, asking the same question as u/blackz0r

Is there STILL, in 2023, no way to authorize UAC prompts or Windows Hello logins via a fingerprint from an Android phone?

I'm aware of the app that lets you login to Windows with a fingerprint from your phone, but I only need to login once a month on Patch Tuesday. For UAC prompts and Windows Hello logins, things I encounter several times a day, I still need to type my password every goddamn time. Cue every infomercial ever made: There's GOT to be a better way!

I'm aware, also, that I can use a USB fingerprint reader connected to my PC -- something I do already own -- but my PC is in my entertainment center and I'm on the other side of the room controlling it from my phone 100% of the time. Getting up and walking across the room is even less convenient than typing my password.

OG post: https://www.reddit.com/r/windows/comments/17zkqe5/is_there_still_in_2023_no_way_to_authorize_uac/

18:44 UTC


With the latest update (Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.26052.1100 (ge_release)) i can't open a game (it crashes) so i thought about doing a rollback, but should i do a backup first? (it suggests me to do it)

15:27 UTC


did Insider build 26052 broke Steam?

hey I'm on the Dev channel of the Insider Program and I just updated to build 26052.ge_release.240202-1419 and now I can't launch my Steam?

"steamwebhelper, a critical Steam component, is not responding. The Steam UI will not be usable"

09:16 UTC


26052 tricked me what should I do?

I updated to Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.26052.1100 (ge_release) and now I can neither access the system nor roll back. It's stuck in an endless loop of restarting. What should I do? I don't want to reinstall the system.

02:42 UTC


Any way to permanently pause developer for a while ?

My son was messing with my settings .. usually only do stable builds but he went in and changed channel .. the latest update in that channel messed with battleeye.. couldn’t play siege .. able to revert back but I can only pause for a week ? Can I keep hitting the pause vid a week ? Any way to stop it longer like a reg hack etc ?

15:47 UTC


Any way to uninstall latest developer update ? BattleEye Issue

I normally have it set to the stable builds but my son was messing around in my settings and son changed it. After I realized what happened .. it was too late .. now I can’t run Siege ? Any way to fix it ?

03:54 UTC


How do I leave the insiders DEV channel

Is the only way to leave having to install a new clean version of Windows because surely there is a more convenient way

23:28 UTC


(Canary) Can't update to 26052


I've tried updating to 26052 two times now, both giving me the same 0xc1900101 error message, but no GSOD. Is anyone having a similar experience?

The Event Viewer doesn't show anything out of the ordinary, so I'm not sure what's happening.

20:08 UTC


Latest Canary build 26052 causing GSOD!

PC Specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2300X GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580 Ram: 2x16GB Corsair

When I updated from 26040 to 26052 the update installed fine but once the pc reboots into the new version the screen will freeze on the asrock boot logo then just keep turning on and trying to boot until it eventually goes to a gsod that shows “stop code: SYNTHETIC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT”. I have tried doing a fresh install of 26052 which everything will boot and work but once you restart the pc for device drivers to take effect that’s when it will go back into a bootloop and gsod again. This is my first gsod since being in Canary. Currently going to downgrade back to 26040 and hope a new version fixes this issue soon.

19:23 UTC


While updating to Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.26052.1100 my PC gets a BSOD making the update fail

I can't unenroll from the dev channel so i really can't do anything about it.

As far as I'm aware, my two options are:

  • Wait for new Dev Channel update
  • Switch to Canary channel and hope it doesn't blue screen again.

What do i do?

11:44 UTC


Windows kernel have no internet connection after 26052.ge update with a vpn connection, but edge works.


I use an VPN Client, if the client is connected:

Edge and applications with internet access, e.g. Steam, Discord, Outlook 365 works without problems.

Widgets works too.


- Icon in the systray, "No connection", Tooltip show connected.

- Settings->Updates->Insider (Where you normally see "last build notes") "No internet connection.

- App store ->No Internet connection

- console->ping, no connection.

(I named this "Windows kernel" not sure if this term is correct).

I didn't have this problem before the last update. Sure, it could be a bug, but I wonder if there is setting for this.

03:56 UTC


I desperately need copilot pro to analyze my one note notes, I'm in those countries where it's unavailable, is there a turn around?

23:03 UTC


Windows 11 Canary Insiders: If you ever wanted to go back to the Dev Channel, this is your chance.

Last year a lot of Dev channel Insiders were forced into the Canary channel without their explicit consent. If you are one of those users this is your chance to return to the Dev channel. If you're on the latest Windows 11 Canary Build (26052.1000), you will be able to go into the Windows Insider Program settings in Windows Updates and switch to the Dev channel. After which you'll check for updates again and install the latest Windows 11 Dev Build (26052.1100).

18:18 UTC


Stuck at Windows 11 Startup Screen

When installing Windows 11 insider preview 26050.1000 (ge_release), after installation, when startup, the circle just stuck. I forced shutdown the pc, the windows auto start undoing the changes and back to Windows 11 insider canary 26040. I tried to install again, but the situation just same like first time.... Pls fix it

1 Comment
17:45 UTC


GE Release? Can I leave windows preview now?

On Canary, and I've been wanting to leave for awhile and go back to release preview channel at least, or Beta. But i don't want to do a 'clean install of Windows to do so. Apparently 'GE' Release means General Availability Channel?

When I go to Windows Update to switch, it allows me to go from Dev Channel or stay on Canary. But Beta Channel and Release Preview are still greyed out. Can I just pause updates until I can choose one of them? Am I misunderstanding what 'GE' release means?

Sorry, excuse my ignorance. Googling this hasn't been helpful. Thank you, please let me know what you can. Again, I don't want to do a clean install to revert. I'd rather pause updates and wait, if that can work. https://aka.ms/AAp276v

06:30 UTC


Will Win 11 beta channel move to 2300 series now dev is on 2600?

I've basically got the same issue here where somehow I was on beta but got pushed a dev install (23565.1000 ni_prerelease), but I'm on beta channel. Or maybe it used to be dev and moved to beta or something.https://www.reddit.com/r/windowsinsiders/comments/11mqsux/am_on_beta_channel_still_got_the_23xxx_update_is/

Windows Insider settings screenshot in Win 11 showing beta channel active but dev build installed.

Obviously it's not going to give me a 22000 series build without a clean install (not happening, this is my daily driver used for development, a lot of apps and data, and a major headache to reinstall everything. Sure it's backed up in cloud & on my NAS, and I have a bare metal back-up I can reinstall whenever fast, but a fresh install is a major undertaking and can't be out of action for days reinstalling things, especially as I have multiple profiles).

From this announcement, dev are moving from 23000 series to 26000 series.

"Starting today, Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel are being moved from receiving 23000 series builds to receiving 26000 series builds."


I'm wondering if that means beta channel 22000 will move to 23000, and if so can I just remain on beta and it will start picking up those builds once it's same or higher than what I've got?

Or can I trust dev channel? Last year they recommended dev channel, but the above recommends beta and also warns dev has "low stability".

(oops, missed a 0 in the numbers in the post title)

19:33 UTC


Bizarre events on windows insider canary

Hi all

So I have an absolute weird scenario on my laptop with windows 11 insider canary build. If anyone can relate to this I would love to try any fixes you've tried.

My laptop is usually connected to my tv via HDMI (I have not tried to replicate this issue without HDMI and would try this and revert) when I'm on my laptop example watching YouTube and try going to a different video, the screen freezes completely. This also happens when I try loading some games. At first I used to hold power button and kill the power until I once by mistake pressed on my tv remote as I was getting up (here's where it gets weird) and hit the button that changes picture mode. In my case it was on PC mode and I changed it to game which essentially drops frame rate but increases refresh rate to 120hz and the video continued. It plays for a bit and freezes up again and I just need to change mode on the TV which changes the TV's refresh rate and the laptop stops freezing.

Anyone else has anything as bizzare take place?

19:30 UTC


Which Insider build(s) support making a 6E, 6 GHz hotspot?

I have a AX210 adapter and would like to test it by making a 6E, 6 Ghz hotspot. I heard that there is an insider build, 29541 that can do this.

Is this a real build and is it still the only that has this functionality?

Here is question asking and reporting the 29541 build that has this feature. I am wondering if this build is real or is a typo and if other builds will work as well.


17:59 UTC


Need assistance moving out of the Windows Insider Program and transitioning to a stable version

Hey everyone,

I'm facing an issue with moving away from the Windows Insider Program and transitioning to a stable version. I've attempted reinstalling Windows, but it keeps installing the Windows 11 Home Insider Preview instead of the regular Windows 11 Home. I've also tried unenrolling and patiently waiting for a stable release that would move me out of the Insider Program, but no luck so far. Any suggestions or alternative methods to achieve this? Thanks!


14:45 UTC


Problem with the canary version preview 26040.1000 (rs_prerelease)

Hello all, I'm writing this because since this update I am having issues in opening a game (Rainbow six siege). Every time I try to open it I receive a red crossed message where is is written:

The specified device, path or file could not be accessed. It is likely that gou do not have the necessary permissions. Can someone help me please?

03:25 UTC


New Canary Build Ruined My SP7

I have no idea why I'm even on the insider program...I forget even signing up. So long story short, every time my SP7 updates, something catastrophically breaks. This time it has something to do with my graphics. I was just barely getting over the last problem I had with my external monitor waking up and sleeping several times before waking up for good. I have it hooked up via Surface Dock. Now, the picture comes in pixelated and quickly kicks back over to the surface screen with the same problem. If I move a window around or 'draw boxes' on the desktop the graphics will correct themselves. I've tried rolling back updates, reinstalling the update and updating the drivers. Guess I'll have to do a clean install to get rid of this annoying insider crap once and for all 🤬

23:02 UTC


[Canary 26040] No brightness in settings so I can't disable automatic brightness control.

Is there any way to manually disable automatic brightness trough registry or powershell?

The brightness control in settings completely disappeared and I can't disable the automatic brightness control that makes all my screen colors look completely washed out. Weirdly enough the brightness control is still accessible trough the action center and trough keyboard shortcuts.


Probably useful information:
CPU: Intel Core I7 12700h (ARC driver ver.
GPU: Nvidia RTX 4060 (driver ver 546.65)

16:28 UTC


Do I Need to Report a Green Screen of Death to Microsoft?

It's been years since I got a green screen of death and I forgot whether I need to report it through the feedback hub, or does it automatically send the information to Microsoft? It said it was collecting information. That's why I was wondering.

I'm on the latest Canary Build. (26040.1000

17:25 UTC


I stupidly joined Windows Insider Program, don't know how to stop previews

I just got a new laptop a few days ago, and I was setting it up. It says it's a HP Pavilion Plus laptop 14-ew0xxx, it says it's version 23H2 (OS Build 22631.2861) (I don't know what that means though)

I didn't really get what Windows Insider Program was so I just joined it (beta) but I realised after that I don't want to get weird update previews I just want to get the normal updates. On Settings it only allows me to remove update reviews once the next version of Windows comes out (Windows 12 I assume?).

I'm worried about getting weird updates, or it making my laptop unstable somehow. Will I notice anything like not working due to being in this Beta program, like will my laptop have weird disadvantages? Is there any updates that I'll only get a weird "insider preview" version and then not actually get the real general update? Like it's currently downloading a "Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22635.3130 (ni_release)" and I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing? Is it fine or am I worrying for nothing and it will it be fine until Microsoft releases its next version?

If not, is there anything else I can do to remove myself from 'update previews' now?

Microsoft had on the website that I should reset Windows 11 so I tried but it just told me there was an error and wouldn't let me try again, and that's all I've done.

If I forgot any information that's relevant pls let me know. Thank you in advance for any helpful comments

13:44 UTC

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