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YouTube Ads

I accidentally clicked on a YouTube ad (on my phone) the first thing linked to some website ad when I think it's a website where you can watch movies for free. Is there a chance I have any malware, I clicked close before most of the page could load, but still some of the page loaded. And another day I clicked on an ad that said "must see female athletes" but I did a scan with Malwarebytes after and it says I don't have any malware. Could YouTube ads have malware? And how do I not accidentally click on them. Thanks!

1 Comment
03:53 UTC


PC making mysterious beeping noises when playing videos

A couple days ago, while watching youtube on my PC, there were sudden glitchy green effects popping up all over the screen. This issue persisted after many restarts, and I couldnt figure out the problem. The next day, for some reason, the pc starts making loud beeping noises whenever playing a video on reddit or twitter. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers, reinstalling windows, and I had a long chat with microsoft support (who basically destroyed my computer lmao). I really need help since even after reinstalling windows it still hasnt gone away and I have no idea what could possibly be causing the problem.

The problem is specifically with reddit, twitter and discord so far, but I havent been able to test it enough to know if its even more system-wide.
For context, the specs are:
Windows 11 Home
RTX 4070
Ryzen 9 7900x
32gb Ram
(Also, I have a video which shows the problem directly but idk how to link it lmao)

1 Comment
03:50 UTC


graphics card issues

black squares keep appearing and dissapearing on my display. I use a gtx 1060 gpu and if i have to end up replacing it i wont have enough money for that. is there any way to fix this other than buying a new gpu? i use a vertical rectangular pc which has had no known problems in the past. I have a prebuilt and it is called "OMEN Desktop 870-224" i do not know the model number.

03:48 UTC


Installed mobo wifi driver, internet now slow

I've been using a USB wifi for the longest time but my new build has built-in wifi in the b650 mag tomahawk mobo. I downloaded the LAN driver off the MSI website so I could stop using the usb wifi, and now it's incredibly slow. I put the usb back in hoping it would go back to how it was, but it's still slow.

I'd like to know how to fix it so the mobo wifi works properly, but if not then I need to uninstall this driver and go back to just the wifi usb. Is there a way to uninstall just a single driver for wifi off the MSI mobo?

03:47 UTC


My Own Voice Haunts my Headset

A few weeks ago, I couldn't get the sound to play in my right ear on my headset when plugged into my desktop computer. Someone on here helped me realize why (turned out the audio port on my computer was broke) but before that, I played around with a bunch of sound settings. Now, fast forward a few weeks, the audio works in both ears, but I think I changed something in the settings that makes it so that whenever I make noise (whether that be my voice or the sound of my mouse clicking) that noise is then played back to me through the headset. I'm trying to reverse this, but forgot what I did to make it that way - although I know it was somewhere in the advanced sound settings.

As always, any help would be appreciated and thanks so much.

03:43 UTC


JavaScript Error keeps popping up everyday

Everytime I boot up my PC I get this error and the only option I have is to hit ok which closes the text box

Error XA JavaScript error occurred in the main process Search Uncaught Exception: Error: Unable to find a valid app at Object.<anonymous> (C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerENGAGE\resources electron.asar\browser\init.js:121:9) at Object. <anonymous> (C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerENGAGE\resources\electron.asar\browser\init.js:188:3) at Module._compile (module.js:642:30) at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:653:10) at Module.load (module.js:561:32) at tryModuleLoad (module.js:504:12) at Function.Module._load (module.js:496:3) at Function.Module.runMain (module.js:683:10) at startup (bootstrap_node.js:196:16) at bootstrap_node.js:622:3

This took a lot out of me to type out 😅

Any help would be appreciated, my PC is a literally brand new Lenovo yoga i7

1 Comment
03:40 UTC


Devices on wifi that aren’t mine

I recently moved into an apartment building and started service with Xfinity. I only own ~4 devices that should be connected to my wifi: my laptop, phone, PlayStation, and TV. No one knows the password but me. However, when I open the Xfinity app and look at the devices connected to my Gateway, there’s at LEAST 15 devices connected at any given time that I don’t recognize. When I run a troubleshoot on any of the devices, it always says that they have a “wired connection” to my gateway. I have no devices with wired connections. I’m guessing this means that my neighbors are stealing my wifi, but how do I make it so they can’t? Xfinity support says that it’s impossible for anyone to connect to my wifi without the password but that’s clearly not the case. Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated! :)

1 Comment
03:39 UTC


when I install windows it shuts off my laptop and doesn't let me use it

When windows gets downloaded I go to my task manager and check what's causing it to turn off and idk what it is. Windows will run for about a minute before making the windows noise and shutting off power to my laptop. Can I get some help here? (No battery in laptop, not original power supply)

03:38 UTC


Small Spider crawled in really tight Edge/Space in my Computer...

So, I spotted a small spider on the wall, and I have a fear of spiders, and I wanted to not kill it but grab it with a towel and let it outside. However, I missed it, and it fell down the wall and found its way into my PC. I tracked it with a flashlight to a tight corner, and it got underneath the top wall of my PC case inside, and I was unable to see it anymore. After this, I turned my PC entirely off and tried to get it out. I grabbed a pair of gloves and a paper towel and went underneath. However, as I slid it to where the spider should be, nothing came out.

I did it multiple times and dusted that area a few times. My PC is generally almost dust-free as of now. I then turned my PC on and put the fans on CPU + GPU to 100% spinning in the hope it draws the spider away, if it's still there. I suspect it still is, as I didn't see it anywhere...

03:35 UTC


Windows 11 slow wifi

Just got a new pc with windows 11, wifi speed on the new pc is around 10 mbps and the speed on all the other devices on the same network (including 2 laptops and mobile phone) is around 300 mbps. What could be wrong? And how can I fix it? Appreciate any input. Thanks in advance!

1 Comment
03:33 UTC


Any tips for a clean commercial CD that won’t play on anything?

I recently purchased a pretty rare used audio cd. The disc looks completely clean, but will not play on any player that I have. I have tried an external drive on my Mac Mini and PC, Xbox 360, blu-ray player, car cd player, and an old MacBook Pro that has a built in disc drive.

The disc is either spit or I get a “disc error” message. The closest I have gotten is on the MacBook Pro which sees the disc as a blank cd, but I can’t do anything with it.

This is not a copy; it is an original red book pressed commercial cd. Again, it’s completely clean without a scratch and no signs of disc rot. It’s an older cd from when disc art wasn’t that common, so it’s just silver on the bottom and the top is also silver with black text (name, copyright info, etc). When held up to the light, I can see through the entire disc. Perhaps is this the issue?

I have an old JVC 5-disc turntable as work as well as a Dell PC with disc drive that I’ll try, but I’m not hopeful.

Any thoughts or tips?

03:30 UTC


Bought a new cpu and when installed won’t work, even with I put old one in.

So I Bought A new cpu, installed it and everything and I try to boot up and it was stuck on the cpu light , then I tried putting my old cpu and still didn’t work. I then realized or what I thought the cpu sockets pins were all bent so I was like this has to be the problem. I ordered a new motherboard , the same exact one as the old one, then tried the cpu on that and it still didn’t work !!! I’m losing hope so bad right now, all this money for what..

Specs Motherboard- B460M pro-vdh WiFi Cpu- i7-10700f Gpu- Radeon 6600 Ram-8gb DDR4 3200mhz

03:27 UTC


My computer doesn’t want to turn off

I recently got a new hard drive and i installed it, then afterwards my computer made a weird sound even when it was off, then today it didn’t want to turn off for some reason, when I went to windows and pressed “turn off” it just didn’t, and didn’t do anything for a while, everything else worked fine until I pressed “turn off” again then the windows menu where the off button is crashed, soon after (like 5 minutes) the whole pc crashed

03:25 UTC


My CAD Audio converter is messing with my Laptop

So, for some context, I bought a CAD Audio PodMaster LavMAX (PM2100) a while ago and I cant help but notice the USB to headphone/microphone adapter that came with it is messing with my laptop recordings. I use Audacity, I know it's the adapter because it records fine in the headphone port of my laptop but when I'm using the adapter, the speaker stops working. I can't listen to my recordings after I record them on audacity when I still have the adapter plugged in, when I take it out, it throws an error every time I try to play it. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

03:23 UTC


Issues with projector

I have an older YABER projector I used to use in my bedroom, that I'm using to instead project images for Halloween decorations instead. However the problem i'm running into is that after the video plays...the whole entire thing freezes...to the point that I can't even turn it off with the power button...I have to unplug it and plug it back in for it to work again. It plays the videos fine, its just after the video ends that the issue arises. I'm using the SD card slot on the unit to play if that makes any difference? Thanks for any help!

1 Comment
03:20 UTC


Issue with laptop storage

So pretty much what's going on is that my storage on my laptop (Ryzen 7 5000 series CPU, Radeon Graphics, 476 GB of storage, HP, no clue what model) all got used up for no reason. I had about 25-30 Gigabytes of free space, but it just kept on getting lower and lower, to the point were it says I only have 659 MB left, even though I haven't downloaded anything over a GB. Does anybody know why this is happening? Is it an issue with my computer hardware or software?

1 Comment
03:20 UTC


Any way to monitor internet speed over time?

Hey guys, Ive come seeking your wisdom if you should find me worthy...

Im wondering if there is a program someone knows of that maybe monitors your internet speed over time. A speed test will run a test and its a snapshot of that moment, but is there a program that will track and record your connection for a period of time, maybe 30 min? Similar to a program which creates a graph of your CPU temp over time, something like that?

The problem im having is connecting to DayZ (online multiplayer game). The server says the ping is 120 ish, I connect, but randomly get these spikes where my ping seemingly shoots up.. Ill get booted for excessive ping. By the time I run the speed test its back to normal saying my speed is fine.

I havent noticed a problem otherwise with my internet, its just a problem with this damned game. Ive tried several different servers and have continued having this problem. No more than 10 minutes of gameplay before I get kicked off for latency.

Ive called Sparklight tech support twice and they ran me through all the typical stuff which 9/10 doesnt ever help. Resetting modem, updating modem, them sending signals to "refresh" modem.. none of it is helping.

Maybe this is relevant. We had cable & internet through Sparklight but the cable service had these stuttering attacks which would make channels unwatchable for 1-3 hours at a time, effecting handfuls of channels regularly. This problem has come and gone for months, we finally ditched their cable just a few days ago but decided to keep their internet. This has been a problem for the last 2 days of not being able to play games online. Maybe its them getting revenge on us for cancelling our cable service? Okay thats a joke, but maybe it is related.

IDK much about tech, but I want to track the internet speed while I play the game. When I inevitably get kicked out in 15 minutes Id like to check the speed log and see if it recorded a drop in speed or connectivity.. I want to know if its actually the internet, or if its a problem with DayZ specifically (if thats even possible?). I cant even imagine what would cause these random spikes of ping.

Anyway, thank you guys all in advance.

BTW, ive also done other basic troubleshooting on my own making sure my network card drivers are up to date, restarted my PC, did a virus scan, did some ip flushing commands, the game is up to date etc.

EDIT==>> So the game is now running poorly consistently it seems, not just sudden jumps of ping, and being booted for "unstable connection". However, according to Ookla speed test im getting over 300 mbps download, 20 upload and a ping of 98 connecting to a server in New York state (from Idaho). New York is the location of the server Im trying to play on DayZ currently, and its reporting a ping of 112, so it seems accurate.

I have run the tests back to back to back, 6, 7 in a row hoping to catch it taking a dive but its not.

Just did some searching in the Steam forums, found someone posting about the same issue Im having and found this post: ""So DayZ servers in general are pretty bad. most of the lag from this game is caused by server desync. Server desync comes and goes. its not caused by anything you are doing. Ive done extensive WinMTR scans, to see that the game drops packets and it has allot of packet overflow issues. Anotherwords its the server thats causing the issues, not your internet connection. You just have to keep trying and trying to connect. thats the only way to fix this."""

So it seems that DayZ is the problem. I didnt think this was possible that a game could have slow connection despite having good internet. So I guess theres really nothing I can do. Does make me wonder why I seem to be having issues and nobody else ive asked in game is. A server full of 60 people, ive run into 3 so far asking if theyve been having issues and they havent.

03:17 UTC


I think this is my last post about my audio issue (help)

So my Pc bluescreened and after had a bunch of issues, anyways i got most of them fixed, but i still have zero audio, i need help, like really bad, this is the only place i know to go, anything is appreciated

1 Comment
03:15 UTC


PC Turn Off while installing games.

Okay so basically one day i started installing a game and while it started to install after 2-3 minutes my screen went all black my pc shut off and i noticed on my motherboard that a red light turned on on the "cpu", so i tried reinstalling the game and i checked the task manager to see if it was really the cpu and yeah my cpu went to 100% and i thought it was overheating, some months passed tried installing 2-3 other games still the same thing,so i thought it may be the thermal paste so i went to a store bought a thermal paste applied it nice still same thing, i can use the pc normally i just cant install games, i have a ryzen 5 2600 but its like 2-3 years old(all pc parts) i dont think it would die that fast if thats the case, can you guys help me?

03:12 UTC


mcafee blocking content

This text has been the bane to my entire life. I never knew a foe as strong as this. It has been inscribed into the very depths of my pc. I've removed mcafee completely using the mcrp, I've turned off all of my security yet somehow I still get a pop up from mcafee saying that it's blocked. I removed web advisor, I've checked extensions and there's nothing. What's crazy is it has a pop up of verizon but my household doesn't even use verizon anymore, we recently switched a couple months ago. I don't understand how it has a hold on my pc even though I'm not under any subscription for mcafee. I'm at the point where I'm about to just factory wipe my pc.

03:12 UTC


Mouse turned off once, now it isn’t working

Hi, I have an old optical mouse and when I was using it earlier, I picked it up once and the red light of the censor suddenly turned off despite it being plugged in, and the mouse wasn’t recognized by Windows (Windows 10) then.

I plugged it in and out of the USB port afterwards and the light turned back on, but the mouse still wasn’t working. I checked device manager and the It was a generic and so I can’t find the brand online to check if it was a driver issue or to download a new one, I’m assuming it probably just used the default Windows mouse driver.

I’ve also plugged it into multiple different USB ports and am getting the same issue. Is the mouse just broken now? I would have assumed that’s the case and why I put this in hardware because the mouse seems to be the issue, but it did turn back on so I’m not quite sure..

03:12 UTC


Anyway to disable AMD Shader caching per game?

It's causing me stuttering in RDR2 but when I clear it, It needs to rebuild again in other games therefore, causing some stuttering in those games. So I was wondering if there is any way to disable it just for RDR2?

03:07 UTC


Lg tv won’t turn on

I recently got a new tv because the old one would not turn on but after a few days the new one won’t turn on even though there is power. I tried switching outlets but still nothing.

03:06 UTC


Windows 11 start function not working properly

So apparently I made a stupid decision of changing the default system font to another font for fun, probably being the cause of this problem (see my clip: https://clipchamp.com/watch/nvv0NEzO848 of what it looks like when I use start). I tried resetting my computer and updating my graphics drivers, no luck. I can only pin apps to the start window and navigate to the apps I want to open (that aren't on my desktop) using the arrow keys, which might be a bit annoying to get used to. Did anybody encounter this problem before or know a fix to this? Thank you in advance.

1 Comment
03:05 UTC


#How to Reduce Very High Temps at Low Util of Ryzen 5 7600 (non X)?

I have recently built a new PC with the mentioned processor, Gigabyte B650 Pro AX motherboard and Cooler Master ML240L V2 AIO. I stress tested the cpu on cinebench r23 and it was around 13.8k multicore @ 4.9GHz with temps not more than 85C with 2 consecutive tests. During gaming when cpu util was around 30-40% at 5.15GHz temps rose upto 80C within an hour. I'm tech savvy enough to go to the bios and make changes but not enough to know what changes to make. Any help is appreciated. I am afraid it might damage the motherboard VRM even if the rated temp is 95C. Yes I have removed the plastic peel of the AIO, turned on XMP, but didn't flash the motherboard.

03:03 UTC


Error window service pack 1 or later needed

I updated cyberpunk 2077 to the 2.0 version today and I try to run it but I got an error saying that I need window service pack 1 or later for it to run. I’ve never encounter this issues before this update or for any other game before. I updated my driver but I’m still running into this issue. Do anyone know how I can fix this?

03:02 UTC


Does Microsoft Get Sent A Copy of Every Single Word/Excel/PPT Document You Make?

I remember hearing it somewhere that it is sent to Microsoft and that even if your computer is not connected to the internet, it will upload it when you are reconnected to the internet. I tried finding something about it online, but i can't seam to find anything. Also, I am refering to when it is saving it locally on your hard drive. I know that when it goes to the cloud that privacy is out the window.

Edit: I know that this is a stupid question, but I am not the best at software stuff. I build the computers, not program them

1 Comment
02:59 UTC


New legion Pro 5 keyboard and mouse problems

Just got my legion pro 5 and notice while gaming mostly at the same time my Bluetooth mouse disconnects and my whole keyboard becomes unresponsive, mouse works after being connected to usb port but the keyboard requires a full restart of the laptop for it to work again.

This is obviously very annoying and I’ve been searching everywhere but can’t find a fix for this.

I’ve tried updating the driver automatically says they are up to date and have search the Lenovo site for driver with nothing either.

Any help would be appreciated this has been driving me crazy and don’t want to return it if there’s a way to fix it

Thank you🫶

02:50 UTC


Need Internet Assistance

So, I am currently staying in a hotel indefinitely and I have some major Wi-Fi issues. I have no access to the router or modem and my room is very far from both. My room has no Ethernet wall jacks so I can't do a wired connection. I was wondering if there was a reasonably priced piece of equipment that I could get to expand the wifi to my room. The other night I tried to hop into a discord call...it took 2.5 hours just for discord to update and open. When it finally did the call audio was cutting out every third word. I don't get a lot of free time but when I do I'd like to spend it with my online group doing DND stuff or gaming....can't really do either. Looking for recommendations.

02:48 UTC


My gpu drivers crash and uninstall themselves

Title basically, it happens while gaming, youtubing or sitting idle in desktop. My monitor will go black and my only choice is to force reboot. Sometimes that wont fix the issue and my pc will turn back on to the black screen, it takes a few tries until i get the image again. This has happened with 2 different gpus (nvidia and amd), 2 different mobos, 2 different cpus (intel and amd), 2 different versions of windows (1 installed in hard drive, and another installed in ssd) My friend let me borrow his spare mobo and cpu with integrated graphics so i tried with the hdmi plugged into it. I was playing a game for like an hour until it crashed and my amd adrenalin closed. When i go reopen it i get the error "the version of amd software that you have launched is not compatible with your currently installed amd graphics driver, go here". It is worth noting, tho idk if it makes a difference, but i was using the adrenalin version i downloaded through choosing my gpu model in amd's website. Now i uninstalled that one and downloaded the adrenalin through choosing my cpu instead, we'll see what happens. But in this case, its the first time this happened where my monitor didnt lose signal, as i was still able to use my pc as normal. My antivirus doesnt flag the drivers nor quarantine them, and under event viewer the only 2 errors i got were 1) my game crashing and 2) "display driver amdwddmg stopped responding and recovered successfully"
I have tried full drivers reinstall through ddu, didnt make a difference

Specs in case they matter:

cpu: ryzen 5 5600g
gpu: amd radeon rx 6500 xt
mobo: msi a320m-a pro
Psu: 650W Aureox ARXGU 80 PLUS Bronze
16 gb ram (2x 8 same brand and model)
1 tb hdd, 250 gb ssd

1 Comment
02:47 UTC

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