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Windows defender thinks windows settings is malware

When om playing a game and close it windows defender thinks settings is a malware and it thinks other windows process are malware. How do I stop it

1 Comment
14:34 UTC


Weird thing found on phone

So I was checking my WiFi data usage and it says a large amount was used by "Removed apps and users" but I haven't deleted any apps or accounts from my phone recently. Does anybody know what this might be?

14:33 UTC


fortnite freezes whole screen upon launching? please help (reposted from r/FortNiteBR so theres more chance someone knows about this)

problem: launching fortnite opens and loads (that mini rectangle with 'initializing' comes up) for a few seconds but then my entire screen just stops and freezes on that (no blue screen of death. i tried running it for a couple minutes but nothing happened). it becomes unresponsive, and the only way to turn it back on is a hard reset of my laptop by holding the power button. because of this, i also dont tend to get any error message in event viewer (as far as I can see).

what i've tried:

updating all windows and computer drivers

updating/troubleshooting epic games launcher

check for missing and corrupt files of fortnite

check for missing and corrupt files of computer/windows (sfc)

numerous restarts throughout

uninstalling and reinstalling fortnite

uninstalling and reinstalling nvidia graphic drivers/ + geforce

cleared c drive space (100+ gb free memory)

cleared basically any 'cache' i can (general computer ones from updates, epic games etc)

verified that there is useable ram

checked if firewall is blocking anything (its all good for epic games, fortnite and drivers)

checked if antivirus (i use norton) is blocking anything ^

^ unfortunately none of which have changed anything. still exact same problem

extra info about my laptop: (idk what i should specify bc im not too great with computers but i just pulled some info from the "system about")

its an asus laptop

maybe 2-3 years old

windows 11

64 bit processor

11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11370H @ 3.30GHz 3.30 GHz

extra notes: when trying to replicate the freeze screen, i don't have anything else open, its literally just a restart-open fortnite through epic games (or shortcut), it opens and the dots next to initializing move for a few seconds before the laptop gets unresponsive.

i have looked around a little and i cant seem to find anyone with a similar problem, and the closest ive found was this My whole Laptop Freezes when I open league. :  post. even tho its rocket league surprisingly? however i dont have rocket league so i cant test it out on that- but wuthering waves, the only other epic games game i have right now works totally fine. games i play outside of epic games launching, roblox and minecraft also load and play completely normally. :(

id really appreciate some help !!

thank you

(also as title says i reposted my own post from r/FortNiteBR)

14:32 UTC


New NZXT Pc problems

Trying to make this very brief... Upon arrival there was no display, brought it to tech guy he found the ram was just loose. Worked perfectly fine but two weeks in, it crashed on Eldin Ring, not even a blue screen it just turned off and back on. Launched again crashed again, even crashed in the Minecraft launcher. I take out the 2nd ram stick and instead of crashing 10 minutes in it crashed 30 minutes in. I take out the first ram stick and put it back in and no more crashes but I feel it is just temporary. No idea what it could be but I feel it not crashing right now is temporary

1 Comment
14:30 UTC



So I have this microphone, the KROM KAPSULE, and it has worked perfectly fine for about a year, then out of nowhere, it started to earrape, it was so loud that you couldn't understand anything that I was saying.It would work fine but after some time using it, it earraped. I changed cables, I changed where I plugged it, and it did the same. Then I tried to plug the microphone in the usb hub that I have, and instead of EARRAPING it would have a chipmunk effect (??) yes im confused too. So I sent it to where I bought it and they gave me a new one, the same microphone. I was so happy and was using it perfectly fine, being careful with everything, until a couple of days ago...it started doing it again, and well now it's plugged in the usb hub, better to have a chipmunk voice than to blow my friends' ears. A while ago, before getting a new one, I saw a Reddit post about a person that had the same problem with the same microphone and spoke the same language as me, Portuguese. But I never found out if they ever got a solution because the post was from a year ago. I'm starting to think the problem is my computer, but I've used another microphone while the KROM KAPSULE was earraping and it worked perfectly fine (I could use that microphone but it's so bad and I'm a content creator and a streamer, so...)

some of my pc specs: Windows 10; AMD Ryzen 5 5500; Nvidia GTX 1650; 16GB ram;

14:30 UTC


Unable to boot into anything

Don’t know which flair to put it under — sorry. Here is a complete timeline of my issue and my troubleshooting process: https://pastebin.com/B9KjFxYM

Getting ready to go buy an hdd and installing windows on it at my friends house so I can boot into it and mess with partitions — however I would prefer to backup my files rather than just wiping the original drive fully.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

14:29 UTC


Are there any known random fixes for game stutter?

Hi all, I'm making this post as I am simply out of ideas now trying to solve a stutter issue that I have been suffering from for multiple years in Destiny 2. At this point, you might be inclined to blame the game, but I have asked multiple friends and they do not experience this stutter - so there must be something on my end that is causing this. This was not always an issue I've had with the game, but recall it occurring at least since the Beyond Light expansion (2020). Potentially there is some unknown conflict since then that is causing this?

The stutter looks like this (only the game freezes, not the audio):

This has happened across two completely different PCs, where every single piece of hardware has changed (including peripherals and monitors). Full specs of both setups can be found here, and my current installed programs are here.

I've tried the following with no difference:

  • Changed ISPs
  • Changed PCIe slot gen to match GPU
  • Clean installed Windows (10 and 11 both have the issue)
  • Completely updated PC and all internal and external components
  • Deleted game config file (cvars.xml) and reset all settings to default
  • Disabled / enabled CPU core parking
  • Disabled / enabled CPU undervolt
  • Disabled / enabled Discord overlay
  • Disabled / enabled fps limit (driver / in-game)
  • Disabled / enabled fullscreen optimisations
  • Disabled / enabled GPU undervolt
  • Disabled / enabled G-sync (including monitor VRR)
  • Disabled / enabled HAGS
  • Disabled / enabled NVIDIA overlay (tried GFE and app)
  • Disabled / enabled NVIDIA Reflex (tried on and on + boost)
  • Disabled / enabled ReBAR
  • Disabled / enabled Steam overlay
  • Disabled / enabled V-sync (driver / in-game)
  • Disabled / enabled Windows default graphics settings (variable refresh rate / optimisation for windowed games)
  • Disabled / enabled Windows DoH and tried different DNS providers (Cloudflare / Google)
  • Disabled / enabled Windows game mode
  • Disabled / enabled XMP
  • Disabled Windows memory integrity
  • Installed the game to a drive that is not C
  • Moved to different properties (same country)
  • Removing / installing Game Bar
  • Set game to high priority in task manager
  • Set game to prefer maximum performance in NVIDIA driver
  • Set Steam friends to offline
  • Set Windows performance plan to high performance
  • Tried many different NVIDIA driver versions over several years
  • Updated misc drivers (chipset, audio, ethernet, WiFi, BT)
  • Used SRE and CRU to delete extra display resolutions

Additional info:

  • I am playing via ethernet exclusively (WiFi and Bluetooth are disabled)
  • I am playing with max in-game graphics settings (excluding DoF disabled) - my plan is to go one by one to see if changing any of the settings makes a difference
  • I have not run any random PC cleaning software or scripts on my PC ever (only CMD-based change is disabling hibernation)
  • LatencyMon does not have any standout latency spikes
  • No components in the PC are overheating in any way (verified through HWiNFO64)
  • PC performance is as expected in all titles including Destiny 2 - average fps and 1% lows are fine
  • Switching between windowed fullscreen and exclusive fullscreen in-game does not fix, and Destiny 2 natively supports DXGI flip model
  • This is not an Intel hybrid core issue with e-cores, as the issue was present on my old PC with an i9-9900K
  • Under "turn Windows features on or off" (legacy control panel menu) there is nothing enabled - the only optional features installed are Notepad and Wordpad

I truly cannot think of anything else to try. Is there anyone who has also experienced an issue like this and managed to resolve it (either in Destiny 2 or another game), or are there any random potential fixes that are out there which could fix a stutter like this? I feel like I've tried everything both obvious and obscure, but feel free to suggest ideas regardless.

Thanks in advance!

14:28 UTC


Trying to update drivers on my laptop (presumably) causing major performance issues.

I was trying to update the drivers on my PC (GU604VI-M16.I94070) to account for some major audio latency issues.
At some point while trying to update, everything just started running poorly - I'm not really sure how to verbalize what explicitly is going on, but my games are stuttering, not getting much higher than 50 FPS.

Task manager also runs incredibly slowly and snipping tool takes, like, 12 seconds to start up every time I open it.

Fixing the audio issue is secondary at this point - I'm more interested in trying to just be able be able to run stuff normally. I would roll back to a restore point, but I had it disabled for some reason, and never remembered to turn it on. I'm not sure what else I should mention here that I haven't already, but I'm sure I can answer whatever.

Here's a list of all the stuff I downloaded.

14:26 UTC


A star keeps appearing in my pictures

I have a sumsung s10e that I bought not that long ago, I haven't done much of anything with it but every few days an Image of a white star appears in my photos, in details it says that it is in a folder called JokeyAlbumArt which I never made. It isn't really that much of an issue as other than being mildly annoying it isn't all that intrusive, but I would like it to be removed if possible.

14:21 UTC


How do I enable secure boot? For windows update

So I’m wanting to upgrade to windows 11 I’m net the best with computers and often had a friend help with things. But recently I heard windows 10 was shutting down in like a year so I wanted to upgrade to windows 11.

I didn’t know how in the past as it just said I don’t meet the requirements, so I did some digging and found the problem was secure boot through health check.

So I did a bit of reading and got confused so I thought I’d come here.

I’m aware that it’s stuff in the bios? But is there any requirements I need to do before sorting the secure boot? Like backing up stuff or an update I need, pretty much the any do’s and don’ts? Or do I go in and literally select it and I’m done?

I have the ROG STRIX B450-f gaming motherboard if that helps?

14:21 UTC


My graphics card sometimes seems to shutdown while in games

I have a Radeon RX 580 and at times in games, the fan gets super loud and my monitors turn off. I still hear audio but the game seems unresponsive to inputs after as well. It doesn't happen super often, I have had this issue for years and have had it happen about 5 times. Recently I had it happen twice in two different games both not super intensive. Early last week, I was playing content warning and there is a mine guy that blows up when you push his button. The first couple times that I made him blow up my graphics card was fine. Though one time I believe I may have been almost on top of him and when he blew up my monitors shut off, I could only hear the ambience in game, and couldn't do anything about it other than restart my pc. The second time it happened I was playing hitman, I benchmarked it and had 60 fps throughout. When I got to the final test of the tutorial and sent the guy up in the ejector seat, I heard the explosion (in game) and my monitors shut off and did the same thing as before.

1 Comment
14:17 UTC


Gopro camera won't cupple with my pc.

I have a gopro hero black 11 and hoped I can use a USB port to use it as a Webcam with obs as the recording software, I selected the right source (video capture device), the USB port was recognized, and I could transfer footage from the gopro to my pc, but obs itself never recognized the gopro, any selutions?

1 Comment
14:13 UTC


Volume stuck at 100% whenever I connect wired/wireless headphones to my Windows laptop

Lowering the volume doesn't work until I unplug/disconnect the earbuds. I've tried messing in the Device Manager, but to no avail.

Used to use windows troubleshooting feature in settings, but it seems like they killed that off.

Edit: the troubleshooting feature still exists, but it doesn't help fix my issue anymore

14:11 UTC


blue screen of death problem

everytime i turn on my pc 5 to 15 minutes later(it varies) it gets a blue screen. Ive tried to not do anything till it stops giving me blue screens but all it seems to do is restart and restart. ive tried to update the systems, its all updated.

please help what does this mean and what do i need to do?

these three are what it popsup with:

ntoskrnl. exe



1 Comment
14:11 UTC


Alternative to Cloud storage?

Ran out of current 200GB plan and thinking of getting WD MyCloud 8TB NAS. It's not a cheap purchase, would like to hear feedback from those who are using it. Does it heat up easily, and how are you using it - storage? Streaming? Thank you!

1 Comment
14:11 UTC


How can I tell if a family member installed a keylogger on my computer

How can I tell if a family member installed a keylogger on my computer

14:09 UTC


Invalid SIM card after restarting

So after restarting my Galaxy A15, there's an "invalid SIM card" notification on the corner. I phoned my SIM carrier and they said that my number is still active. I have put the phone on airplane mode, restarted it, removed and put back the SIM, to no avail. I just got the phone a few months ago, so what is happening?

14:04 UTC


Problem with second monitor

Hi everyone,

I've been looking for information about a problem I have with my monitors and the low graphics quality I've had with certain games, such as RD2 or Fallout 76. The problem is that I like to have the games on the second monitor, but when I leave only this one operational (turning off the first monitor) the performance of the game drops a lot, it pixelates a lot and the graphics go down.

I have an Acer laptop, Intel i7-10750H 2.60 GHz, 16 GB Ram, Intel(R) UHD Graphics 8 GB and a RTX 3060 laptop.

Good Sunday!

13:55 UTC


Ps5 TV volume too low?

Hey, so a friend of mine is in a ps5 party chat with me, the party sound is set to his controller and the game is on the tv, but the game volume is very quiet and nothing seems to fix it (we've tried the audio balance and TV volume already)

13:53 UTC


Is it possible to open and edit .STE file

Hello all for some context - The file (file name is wrld_data_CampaignStartMasterList.ste) sits in a really old game (Takeda 2 from magitech) data directory. Im just messing around trying to lowkey mod/dissect it. Cant seem to find any way to open this file and many other formats in the data folder. Maybe protected in some way? I dont know. any help or direction would be appreciated. <3

Didn't really know where to post this and there really is not much info about this file format on the internet. But if any one here knows a way or some other place where i could ask for some help here lmk please. thanks.

1 Comment
13:52 UTC


need help with deciding which budget gaming laptop is better and sustainable

archi student here contemplating on which of these two budget gaming laptops would perform better in CAD, rendering, and 3d modelling softwares.

• ACER NITRO V15 (i5 13420H; RTX4050) • LENOVO LOQ (i5 13450HX; RTX4050)

i've done some surface level research and found LOQ is better with display than the nitro v15 which is why im considering on buying it. although i've seen some people having the same issues with dead motherboards with the LOQ? specifically with ones that have 13th and 14th gens. intel processors. as for nitro v15, seen some complaints about screen/monitor & issues. idk which to pick anymore. HELP

13:51 UTC


Nvidia control panel refuses to open

I recently discovered my laptop is no longer using its dedicated gpu (took me months to figure out I've been without any games since then so please help) but when i try to open the control panel to change this it just does not open. I've tried checking in the services tab if everything is set to automatic which it is as well as running as administrator and reinstalling drivers but nothing seems to work any thoughts?

13:45 UTC


Windows 10 USB Clean Installation Reboot Loop

the windows 10 Installer keeps restarting the installation of the OS. even after i take the USB out after it said it would restart, it would just take me to my bios. i have a MSI B550M PRO-VDH WIFI MB.

13:40 UTC


HELP! Why is my download is taking way too long?

So I just bought a new pc, had a friend help build it and set it up. Finally get to the point where I can download steam and start getting my games back, I have pretty decent internet.

Here’s the issue… I start downloading games at 70mb/s let’s just say it’s a 27 gb game, 27000/70= 385 seconds roughly right? It’s telling me it’ll take 2 HOURS… my gaming laptop that I’m upgrading from gets the same download speed but finishes in the time it should.

Thanks for reading, if there’s any fix’s please let me know, here’s my build https://www.microcenter.com/site/content/custom-pc-builder.aspx?load=4341ae83-c92b-486b-a932-b8229deceef2

P.S. I had my buddy install a windows key on a drive, if activating windows is the issue idk, my brother doesn’t have the same problem and he hasn’t activated his.

EDIT: did a speed test on my devices and the results are New pc: 20 mb/s Phone: 320 mb/s Previous Gaming Laptop: 589 mb/s

13:37 UTC


Windows 11 Home in S Mode

Asking for more context for S mode, how this feature works with home/pro, it just automatically change to this mode with just changing to value for " HKLM/Windows/System/CurrentControl1 or Control/Control or Cl / Skupolicy " idk if I'm right but i changed those value to boot manager,

Afterwards i used my debian, then back to windows after i found myself unable to all app/programs include cmd and powershell, i'm only allowed to use the boot cmd, also followed these https://www.wintips.org/how-to-disable-windows-11-s-mode-without-microsoft-account/.

Doesn't work at all because i got two problem with my machine corrupted boot manager (* unable to change my secure boot even turning on/off also in master password*),

Next is with my previous installation of pro/enterprise ver seems distrupt my system/bootmgr, because incompatiable gpu, thats cause all uset & group manager "lugrmgr" with my current version of home, it may because also someone changing my isp router i just assumed it so it's like unstable thing to switch between created user with admin context of ("The reference accounts is lock-out may not be log-in"),

The machine hosted in Lenove Idealpad3, Laptop I followed everything in diagnostic but no hope fixing the boot manager / bootloader.

Things i consider now is recovery into factory state again (* this thing does not worked for defaulting the boot manager *).

Second buying new shet thing and make backup.

1 Comment
13:36 UTC


.cmd script for enhancing Windows performance through optimized BCDEdit parameters.

The BCDEditTweaks.cmd script is designed to be run in a Command Prompt with administrative privileges. It provides an easy way to apply a set of BCDEdit tweaks or reset them to default values.

These tweaks can potentially improve system performance and compatibility.

You can find the description of all parameters and the usage instructions in the README of this GitHub repository: https://github.com/dubbyOW/BCDEditTweaks

This won't make your system way faster all of sudden, but can improve the feeling and consistency of your inputs during gaming for example. I made this script so I can quickly apply my favorite tweaks on the fresh Windows installations and to share it with you folks.

If you're not sure about some of these parameters, you can use the chosen ones separately in Command Prompt. You can ask Bing AI about them and it will tell you how to do it.


1 Comment
13:34 UTC


how can i get the system metrics like in the image?

hello, trying to get mostly latency system metric like in the image.
Currently using RX 7800 XT, i7-13700K.
Mostly interested on Call of duty MWIIII and Cold War


13:31 UTC


Internet problems

Hope I'm in the correct subreddit, my internet speed is 1000 or so. On my laptop when I perform a speed test the meter starts at 100 then drops quickly to around 8 or so. Not sure what the problem is. On my phone, I'm getting 800ish Mbps. Any help is appreciated

13:29 UTC


Why does my iPhone SE 2nd Generation keep restarting every few minutes?

It's really aggravating because I can't get anything done without a restart. Thid happened after said phone was taken to apple to get a new screen because the touch screen stopped working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

13:29 UTC


Nvidia GPU Fan Tachometer Issue

Hi all, I've had an issue with my RTX 2060 Super for a while now (its an EVGA SC Ultra card). Randomly when powered up, fan 2 will ramp up to full speed and start to fluctuate. Opening MSI Afterburner shows the following for the tachometer speeds: https://i.imgur.com/vcp4XIp.png

In the past I've unplugged the PCIe power cable and re-seated it best I can and the issue always seemed to go away, but recently it has been persisting after startup after re-seating the cable. Notably, it doesn't usually ramp up until the PC boots into Windows.

What's even more confusing is, as can be seen in the image above, it will revert back to expected behaviour without touching anything or doing anything. There are no other anomalous pieces of data in the monitoring tab on MSI Afterburner; all temps and clock speeds at normal levels: https://i.imgur.com/P6Gxfjl.png

If anyone knows what is going on or what I can look into to fix the issue, then any help would be appreciated.

13:24 UTC

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