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RTX2060 display port problem

Basically,when i connect the cable to both the monitor and the computer,nothing happens. I've tried to fix this by somehow tangling the cable in a way that it would work,but this method is just not sustainable for a longer period of time. I figured out that there might be a contact problem inside the graphics card display port,but i just don't know how to fix it. Is there some way to fix this?

21:06 UTC


Broken headphones

I own a very nice pair of Bose Q45 noise canceling headphones what stopped working recently. They turn on and actually do work. But it registers that the “down volume” button is stuck pressed down. It isn’t pressed down physically, but as soon as they turn on the volume drops to zero and I hear I beeping tone telling me that it thinks it’s still being pressed down. I can turn the volume up and it does go up, but lowers again as soon as I release it.

Bose Costner service was no help to me. Iff bee tried pampering and unpairing, testing the app, resetting the headphones, and updating the drivers. Does anyone have any ideas as to what’s going on? I’m at the point where I’m tempted to break them open and disconnect the wires in charge of controlling the volume level.

21:02 UTC


Intermittent Black Screens with New GPU

Hello, I currently have an ASUS VG27AQ1A monitor. I previously had an RX 6700, and this display worked flawlessly with that card. I sold that card because I want to upgrade soon, and in the meantime I am using my backup 1050ti. I used DDU to remove my old AMD Drivers, and installed the nvidia ones from their website after installing the 1050ti. I have noticed that every so often, maybe every half an hour, my display goes black for a few seconds, and then comes back as normal. This was not an issue with the old card, and from what I remember, the 1050ti didn't have this issue with my old monitor either. I have tried DDU and reinstalling the new nvidia drivers, and it is still an issue. I have also tried fiddling with gysnc settings, but that did not appear to change anything either. Any advice? Thank you for your time. I am on Windows 11, and the rest of my system is an i5 10400f, 16 gigs of ram, and an AsRock B560M-HDV motherboard. Furthermore, I am currently running the most recent Nvidia game ready drivers, 551.52, but this also happened with the previous drivers as well.

1 Comment
20:54 UTC


GPT Outage ( Is it just me or its Actually down )

Please Check Open for Alternatives though

20:52 UTC


Email cc system help


Curious if there is a system or way to get automatically CC’d to every email my boss gets. I’m a personal assistant and I’d sift through them to get most important.

Thank you!!

20:52 UTC


Playing games off old windows ssd

Hello, I currently have 2 M.2 SSDs and I would like to know if I install windows onto to my secondary ssd that doesn’t have anything on it if I’ll be able to play the games off my main ssd still? I also somehow put my pc into dual boot trying to do this myself so if I can get some help with that to lol.

20:50 UTC


Recovery of Data from recovered corrupted Disk(part) possible?

Soo... The Disk(part) (WINDOWS (D:)) has been corrupted on my dad's Computer, so I tried to recovered it, I managed that it showed up again and that it's no longer corrupted BUT he says that there where some Data like pictures on there and now it's empty, like totally clean with nothing on it, no trace that any media or files or something else like that was on it.

Is there any way to recover any data from the disk(part)? How? Pls help 🙏

P.S.: Sorry for my bad English...

20:50 UTC


Is a USB to Rj45 adapter any good? (Ethernet to USB)

I currently have a laptop that doesn't have any port for ethernet connection (wired internet connection), and searched for alternatives and this came, but idk if it's good for the purpose or it's just a waste of money.

1 Comment
20:49 UTC


Impact of Storage Capacity on Performance

So I have a 2019 macbook pro with 1TB of storage: 5 years later I've only used 101GB of that, about 90% is still available.

I'm planning to buy a new M3 macbook pro, and am considering whether to get one with 512GB storage or 1TB storage. My use pattern/purposes should be about the same as in the last 5 years.

I prefer upgrading RAM to 32GB than storage since I often have MANY tabs and apps running at the same time etc., and since I don't use much storage clearly. But I've also read that less free storage space slows down your computer and affects performance.

Is this true, and if so, at what point does it start having any impact on performance? Like, would it have to be 90% full and only <10% available for it to have any impact on performance? Or at a base level, even if only 100GB have been used, would a 1TB storage capacity mac perform better than a 512GB storage capacity mac? (assuming they have the same RAM)

20:49 UTC


Z790 Board displaying White Q-LED overnight. System will POST fine and game fine

Hello all,I have a newly built system that is having issues. The motherboard is a TUF GAMING Z790-PLUS WIFI and the GPU is an ASUS TUF 4070 TI Super OC. I also purchased an ASUS TUF Monitor - VG27AQ1A.

My issue is that the White VGA Q-LED will (sometimes) turn on overnight. I have to switch the power off and boot the PC up again when this happens in order to get back into Windows 11.

Note: I built two of the exact same computers - one for my wife and one for myself. I am running an older ASUS ROG Swift Monitor, that is the only hardware difference. My setup does not have any issues.

I have turned off Sleep, I ran the command "powercfg.exe -h off" to turn off hibernation, I have fan control running the same fan curve on both setups.

The only thing I can think to do next is to re-seat the GPU and unplug/replug the power cables to the GPU. I have a Corsair PSU that had a native 12VHPWR cable, but I am using an extension cable (not a 90 degree bend one that i've been reading about).

I don't know what to do here, I'm hoping reseating and checking the cables will work, but I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions?

1 Comment
20:48 UTC


Weird issue with my keyboard's numpad

So this might sound weird but for some reason my 0 button on my keyboard numpad doesnt work in windows, it works just fine when Im typing in my password but as soon as I enter windows, it stops working.

Has anyone had an issue like this and knows a fix other than reinstalling windows?


20:45 UTC


Can people check my messages and location using social media?

Not really sure if this is the correct tag for this but recently my girlfriends brother told me that he knows when I talk to her and where we go out together and has told her that he can track me using instagram and can read our chats without logging into either her or mine account and I just wanted to confirm if such thing is possible? And if there is any other way he can track me using social media?

1 Comment
20:39 UTC


I got a email that I don't know is a scam or not, any help?

When I clicked the email it said esteemed client thank your order has been successfully completed and went on to continue thanking me and being greatful that I picked them. After that it seems like there's a mailing code or something like a tracking code maybe. There was a PDF and I opened it on my phone and it was a statement from Coin bank global for $400.

I've never bought anything using this email and never put my debit card on this email, this email is strictly for college and work. So y'all think it's a scam? I pulled the drop-down menu to check the email and it looks fake (idk if I can put the email of the person that emailed me on here) so any advice or should I ignore it?

1 Comment
20:34 UTC


SSD Cloning Issue?

Bought a 1 tb ssd from crucial, and in the middle of a cloning process. Used Acronis to do the cloning, and i come back about an hr later, and my laptop screen is all pixels. Is that supposed to happen? Is that normal?? Should i unplug the ssd???

Please provide any help cuz i really dont wanna waste almost $90 - from a broke college student 😭😭

20:31 UTC


can’t undo file delete windows 11

was working on capcut project, accidentally hit delete on all my media. control z doesn’t work, just plays error sound. please help.

1 Comment
20:31 UTC


Gaming laptop issues

So basically I've recently been gaming on my new omen 16 laptop, mostly playing overwatch 2 with some friends. I would play at around 80 fps with GPU temperature being around 70-80 degrees Celsius, which I am lead to believe is normal for a 3070ti. But as of recent my laptop has shit the bed and can barely run at 2fps in the practice range of overwatch. I honestly don't know what went wrong, I'm not even 100% sure if it even is the GPU; I've tried to roll back GPU drivers, nothing works. Oh and to add the problems, I can't seem to even open the battle.net game launcher, the application does seem to open, but the window is completely transparent and i can only see the border; don't really know if and how this connects back to my original problem. I would appreciate any insight into my issue, thank you.

20:29 UTC


Add SIM/Data to Laptop

I have a Lenovo Yoga 460, I was wondering if I could get cellular data in it somehow? If so, how could I achieve that?

20:28 UTC


Fan hub to loud

Hey there! Just installed a new fan hub in my PC, the EZDIY-FAB 10 Port Fan Hub. Everything seems to be working fine, but I'm encountering an issue where all the fans spin at full speed. I have a total of 14 fans, with 3 of them being AIO fans. I've connected 9 of the fans directly to the hub and the remaining 2 to my motherboard due to cable length constraints.

My aio is conected to the Pump_fan1 header of my Motherboard. Here are my system specs:

GPU: Rx 7900xtx

CPU: i9 13900k

CPU Contact Frame: Thermal Grizzly CPU Contact Frame Intel 13/14 gen

Motherboard: MSI Mag Z790 Tomahawk WiFi DDR5

RAM: 7200MHz Vengeance RGB DDR5 (with XMP)

AIO Cooler: ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360

Case: Thermaltake Core P8 TG

Fans: 7 Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB Elite fans (planning to add 6 more)


M.2 SSD: 1TB Lexar NQ790 M.2 SSD

Power Supply: Be Quiet! Pure Power 12M ATX 850W

Thermal Paste: Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

And some more Fans i dont know the Brand of.

I've noticed that even though the fans initially spin normally, they suddenly ramp up to full speed after a few seconds. I've connected the PWM cable of the hub to system Fan 1 and the other 2 fans to system Fan 6 and 3 respectively. All the fans are 4 pins, and none of them are 3 pins.Any ideas on why they're running so loudly? Apologies for any mistakes in my English, and thanks in advance for any help!

20:28 UTC


game crashes (i have tried everything and i am going slightly insane) please help

if you dont have a solution please upvote so that more people can see it and increase my chances (please)

i will note everything tried in this post with the solution if we manage to find one

i believe i have narrowed the issue down to a live kernel error which is displaying error 141 but every hardware test i have done is telling me nothing hardware related is an issue.

the live kernal error i believe is causing this driver error ( nvlddmkm cannot be found, either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted)

it may be worth mentioning that i get a variety of errors stating that metdata staging failed but after a few google searches its considered normal within a system.


ran ddu and reinstalled multiple different driver versions

reinstalled a fresh windows

bios updated fully

checked psu

variety of stress tests which none crash like the games

ran system file checkers

ran windows recovery tool with a bootable usb

created a new user.

underclocked overclocked and normal clocked everything

ran memory checks


20:27 UTC


Is secure erase enough for SSDs? Can't sanitize

I'm getting rid of a few old drives, one being a WD Blue SN550. I've followed the instructions to erase it through a USB drive, but as soon as I hit "confirm" on the sanitize option, it won't even starts before it errors... And I can't for the life of me after hours with their tech support get an answer wherever the SN550 even supports this sanitization feature or just Secure Erase.

If so, is that enough? I'm not planning on selling it, but having a peace of mind is nice anyway.

1 Comment
20:25 UTC


Access to the containerized app on my Synology NAS via QuickConnect


  • I have Synology NAS in my local network.
  • I have running Portainer on the same NAS in which WIki.js lives.
  • My current solution includes Synology's Quick Connect to remotely connect to my NAS.
  • I am not reachable; no public static IP and my ISP blocks all incoming/inbound connections.
  • I can access DSM, Video Station, and other Synology services using the QC.

Is there any way how to access my Wiki.js remotely?
Is there a way to access specific ports via the QC?
It runs on the same NAS, the same private IP, on port 3540.

One way around this could be a web browser in DSM because remote access is only for in-case-of-need, but I am not sure if it is possible.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

20:24 UTC


Help. Pc randomly shuts off

so basically 2 days ago I installed a new PSU and GPU. for the first day it was working great but when I woke up I couldn’t turn it on without it shutting off abruptly within a minute. After this i plugged the pc into my wall (was previously on a power strip) and it worked good for 6 hours no shutting down. but now its happening again and im very confused. what should i be looking for ?

20:23 UTC


How do I get rid of this night mare

In October, My original iCloud was hacked somehow and my life turned upside down...I spent hours on the phone with apple support and we were trying to figure out why my information was being encrypted (some important documents were even password protected) and I was being locked out of my MacBook pro.I ended up never getting it back and from that date, every email/bank account/etc was hacked. So, I made police reports, and I went and traded in all my devices. It all went away for a week or 2 until just a week Ago It began again.

despite it being a new email/iCloud/PHONE number/device/wifi/wifi router & modem, my computer activation locked me out again signed in to a iCloud account starting with a “t” then it blocks it out…. Example: “t*****@icloud.com”

I can 100% promise you and know for 100 percent certain that I have never had access to or MADE a iCloud that starts with a t.

I have no idea what is happening to me and why I continue to be monitored/hacked…but it is very scary. The 2 brand new iPads that I bought my children from Best Buy are also activation locked as well. I was told that changing devices would solve the issue, but apparently not. Spectrum has changed my router/modem 3 or 4 times (since someone said I could be hacked through the wifi)….. we even deleted my entire account and restarted it with a new email/etc.

Please help me in any way you can. What I do know is that somehow they are using HomeKit/airplay/shareplay and the apps/software they downloaded on my devices are android / google home/google assistant….

I originally switched my phone service from AT&T to Verizon and recently to cricket.

It went away for a while, and just came back and it’s really bad. Calls were being forwarded to a bad number (it says neighbor spoofing, etc)

I seriously don’t understand. And what is the motive??? I personally do think it’s my boyfriend of 10 years due to the fact that this all started about 1 week after I broke up with him.

He was on my AT&T service…. Using a phone that I had previously used (just has his own iCloud)….

I did find last night that when I go to “WiFi” on my phone settings, then “edit” in the top right corner… it displays “managed networks” which lists “AT&T Wi-fi Passpoint”

Jesus someone please help me :( I’m at a loss and I need to know and have my life back!!!!!

1 Comment
20:23 UTC


Computer suddenly unable to boot windows

As the title says, my computer suddenly no longer boots up Windows 10, sending me to the BIOS screen, and after some troubleshooting, i believe the problem relies on the computer not reading the harddrive where windows is installed.

At first i believed this was a matter of dust accumulating and messing up the connection, so i took the PC apart, wiped away all the dust, then unplugged the harddrive to wipe the dust, and plugged it back in. This did not do anything at all, The computer still sends me into the BIOS screen. After a while of not knowing what to do, i went to the boot options section, then Secure Boot, and then selected the Windows UEFI mode as the OS, then restated the computer. This still sent me to the BIOS, But now the harddrive with Windows was recognized. I put it as n°1 to boot, and restarted. Again, no effect.

When booting back up, the harddrive was once again gone. I went to boot settings and changed the Windows UEFI option back to what it was before, Other system. I rebooted the computer, And for the first time it actually booted up correctly. I thought that was it, and shut the computer off so i could put back the panels i had removed (It was in case i found anything online that required me to unplug and plug something inside), And then rebooted.

The computer once again throws me into the BIOS screen, and no longer boots up correctly even when repeating the prior steps. Occasionally the computer seems to still recognize the harddrive, but instead of booting up, it sends me to a Windows recovery screen, alongside error code 0xc0000185. No matter what i do in that screen the result is always the same: Back to the Asus logo, and from there the BIOS screen. I have now hit this wall, and i have ran out of ideas and tutorials online that actually work and are relevant to the matter.

This has happened very suddenly. So far the computer had never given me this issue besides a freezing problem a year prior that i had actually fixed. There was no sign that windows was malfunctioning like freezes or crashes, I simply shut off my computer last night as i always do, and when i booted back up earlier in the evening, the issue appeared. Before anyone asks, i do not posess a Windows recovery Disc or USB (My computer does not have a disc reader anyway), and my current plan is praying that, in one of the occasional times the computer reads the harddrive, it actually boots up correctly so i can download the media creation tool for windows 10 off the internet and put it on my USB.

In case it helps, My computer runs Windows 10, has two 1TB SSD's, x2 8gb RAM, an Asus A320M-K Motherboard, and an AMD Ryzen 3 3200g processor.

I'd also like to thank you a lot in advance for any help you might offer, I'm starting to fear there might be a problem with my harddrive and that i would need to buy a new one or take my computer to a technician in order to actually fix the problem, Both of which are things I'm not sure if i even have the money to do given my current financial situation.

1 Comment
20:22 UTC


if i run windows of a separate hard drive does that mean that all kernel stuff is on that hard drive?

Now that so many games start to have kernel level anticheat which i dont want on my pc i was wondering if i could run a separate windows install from a separate ssd and install games with kernel level anticheat on that windows install.
this way if the companies that own the anticheat want to do anything malicious or get hacked and give said hackers full acces to all pc's in their player base im save.
Im unsure if this is how it works though, does anyone have some advice?
should i instead try a vm to keep my pc from being held hostage?

20:20 UTC


16.1GB (half of the RAM) Hardware Reserved

As the title says, exactly half of my RAM is saying it's 'Hardware Reserved'. Not a hard-set value, just exactly half.

I've got 32GB of 3200MHz RAM, GB RX580, Ryzen 5 2600x on an Aorus x570 Elite mobo with Windows 10. I'll try to go through this chronologically, but it'll probably still end up as a bit of a ramble.

I initially had 16GB of RAM when I noticed a game I could run perfectly fine before was chopping. Checked Task Manager, 8GB reserved.Since then, I've changed the ram sticks (thinking maybe one of them finally gave out), changed stick positions, reduced the paging file, updated GPU drivers, checked the BIOS (to no avail) and just about everything else I could find.

I haven't updated the BIOS quite yet because I want to be sure I'm not gonna do it wrong and break something.However, I have noticed that when I was checking the RAM, it wouldn't boot with just one stick in A1 or A2, which makes me think my DIMMs are busted, but every possible bit of soft/firmware registers the full 32 and 2 slots used, with the BIOS registering which slots they're in which feels odd to me (but I'm no expert so). The BIOS does say "single-sided" DRAM, no clue what to do about it if that's the issue.

I'm pretty much just stumped, I can provide whatever other info if necessary, imgur link is just what I can think to get already.


20:20 UTC


After a CPU upgrade, my computer shuts down a second after starting (no problem when swapping with the former CPU)

Hello people, I'd need your help. I've upgraded my CPU from a Core i7 7700 to a Core i7 9700. However, when I start the PC, it immediately shuts down. I tried by reswapping with the old CPU, and it works, so there's nothing wrong with the power or motherboard or fan or whatever.

I've tried updating my bios to the latest version available from acer's website, same result.

What could cause this issue?

20:19 UTC


MS Edge acting weird after turning HDR on


So, I only recently figured out how to set up HDR on my PC. My monitor is capable of it, I just had to turn it on in the menu. The problem I'm experiencing now is, sometimes MS edge top bar randomly gets washed out (over saturated?). Here's what it looks like - https://imgur.com/Iing6Z2

The rest of the screen and programs look fine.

When I restart Edge, it works normally again, but this is the second time now this occurred since I set up HDR two days ago, so I assume it's going to keep happening.

I have set up HDR in Windows settings and adjusted the HDR/SDR balance. I didn't touch Nvidia Control Panel.

Any ideas?


edit: I disabled hardware acceleration but I would like a better solution (if it even works)

20:18 UTC


RAW USB data recovery?

My external USB drive suddenly got corrupted while using it. Data was not accessible, it was all in coded language. I tried to troubleshoot it using windows 10 recovery tool, a few seconds into recovery I got a message drive not accessible. Now I get this message:you need to format the disk in drive E before using it. When I click No, it give me another message: E: is not accessible. The volume does not contain recognized drive system. Please ensure all required file system drivers are loaded and the volume is not corrupted.

Under disk management I see the USB drive is listed as RAW file system.

I have tried a couple of free software to recover data but both of them didn't find anything on the drive. Is there anything at all I can do to recover data?

1 Comment
20:16 UTC


New build installing windows 11 - stuck on asus logo

Did new pc build. When powered on it will post fine and go into the bios. However after attempting to boot using a retail win11 usb stick it does the following.

Loading files with progress bar completes Asus logo appears with small circle below filling in with white. Circle gets to about 40% full and then stops for well over 15 minutes.

Solutions attempted Rebooted same issue Changed usb port stick is in same issue

Tips, suggestions?

20:15 UTC

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