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GiveThanksNow.Org - A COVID-19 Website to thank the heroes on the Frontline!

Website: https://givethanksnow.org/

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has affected every person and every household differently. Today's world is different for many of us than just a few weeks ago. While many of us are under shelter-in-place orders to help contain the virus, there are many people fighting on the frontline to help keep society functional.

From healthcare workers, local grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, public transit attendants, and farmers, these human beings are risking their lives every day to keep us safe and provide us with the daily essential needs we require.

We started GiveThanksNow to honor these human beings. We believe that all frontline workers deserve to be appreciated more than ever before. Join our mission and help us thank these heroes who are keeping us safe and healthy.



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The Nonprofit Industrial Complex

19:51 UTC


The Boss's Job (explained in 60 seconds)

20:54 UTC


How To Unionize Your Workplace

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How To Unionize Your Workplace

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How to improve international collaboration ?

HEAL Group has been working on public health, nutrition and education. We also support PHD students to carry out research in Nepal for their PHD thesis. The research very cheap in Nepal compared to developing countries. For your reference, we have included linkedin page. https://www.linkedin.com/company/2801402/admin/

Now overweight people are increasing day by day. Therefore we have started to give weight loss tips to overweight people.


Now we realized that single hand is not enough, Looking for more hand to collaborate.

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09:34 UTC


Queer Dreams and Nonprofit Blues Part 2: How Do Rich People Control Our Movements?

17:21 UTC


A History Of Nonprofit Corporatization

17:45 UTC


How To Unionize Your Workplace

15:42 UTC


Tell about your social justice agenda. (Podcast seeking guests.)

Inclusion Catalyst, a podcast about diversity & inclusion, equity & social justice is seeking guests.

We bring diversity leaders to the table to hear about current issues in diversity and inclusion, deconstructing complex social justice issues to showcase the best practices in our workplaces and our communities. If you're a D&I Leader, a consultant that works in that space, or even an activist that can speak about inclusion and equity, we'd like to hear from you. Please drop us a line using this form: https://forms.gle/ZbaQmT9qYyZsZEGs9

04:45 UTC


Will an interactive chatbot change the way we look at doctors?

We know that there is usually a long waiting list at the doctor’s office. Researchers consisting of prof. dr. Pim van der Harst (UMCG), prof. dr Leonard Hofstra (Amsterdam UMC) and prof. dr. Folkert Asselbergs (UMCU) to develop an interactive chatbot for enabling the identification of cardiovascular diseases.

Their research still requires funding and is supported by the Heart to Handle charity to raise the required amount.

More here: https://globalowls.com/hearttohandle.html

Once this is fully operational you can probably imagine the bot is going to be expanded for other purposes. Would you think that an interactive chatbot will be quicker to diagnose and (automatically) refer to the right doctor? Or is a human touch still required?

14:40 UTC


A History Of Nonprofit Corporatization

22:25 UTC


Futuristic ideas for cities: 3d cities, credit cards, linked strip malls, life subscriptions, life search engines

Skyscrapers in cities are linked together by skyways. Buildings are zoned based on levels, so levels 10-25 and 45-60 could be a hospital precinct. So that hospital facility straddles buildings. Buildings are zoned so that they have shops, commercial offices and living spaces. You live high up in an apartment, you walk downwards, upwards, north, east, south, west to get to nearby buildings. Skyscrapers have pedestrian indoor footpaths around the outside of the buildings that link between buildings regularly as you go up the skyscraper. Some buildings would have Road encscribed buildings so that vehicles can get up to higher floors of the skyscraper. Would have to lay out the buildings and pathways so that light can get to everyone.

What credit cards are meant to be - Credit cards are loaded with credit for branded things that you need to live on.

Life subscription - within your life you subscribe to different standards of living. This is a basket of things you have bought for your life. These are branded statements of life that you can buy. You go through a life search engine and find things you want in your life and pick them out of a catalogue. A placement company assigns you to positions within society to take, to get what you want. Each job, job title, salary is linked to every item in the life subscription. So you you can only pick what you can afford given your job. If you pick some thing out of your reach, you are told what you must do to get career progression to get what you want in the life catalogues.

I eat at a midtier restaurant once every two weeks = gets you a free meal and a table in that midtier restaurant brand restaurants. I buy a coffee everyday on the way to work. I travel to work by car/public transport. I drive this kind of car. I live in the suburbs. Or I live in the city centre. I drink this brand coffee. My job title is a X at Y. This means I can afford these things. I live in this kind of house. You can go into a shop and since you've subscribed to that brand coffee, you get it without doing a sale, as you've bought it from life credit.

You earn credit with different companies, from adverts, promotions and sticking to the same brand. Advertisements become instant purchases of credit. Corporate welfare, business perks are outsourced to placement companies that serve the public. Everyone can buy and enjoy corporate benefits.

Strip malls are good - if connected by high speed rail and fast road systems. And have skyscrapers above them. People commute to strip malls to get to work. If you do not work in that particular strip mall, you still have good parking near local shops and good links to other offices.

Society learns that borders delineate acceptability. It's what a neighbourhood is. What is acceptable or what people like within a set of borders, block level, strip mall level, street level, floor level.

People bet on what they want, not what makes the most money and it becomes a form of voting which provides funding for said ideas for both sides. Betting forms the basis of rules that you have chosen to live by.

Parallel societies - societies can fragment by what is wanted by each neighbourhood. You can create a new neighbourhood by living in a place with a set of beliefs, a placement company would try place you near to people who believe the same things as you. Everyone gets what they want.

I want to be 15 minutes of work walking. I want to be 5 minutes away from local shops. I want to be within 10 minutes of doctors. I want to be around this kind of people. All this has a cost and a set of positions to take to get what I want.

23:47 UTC


How social entrepreneurship will change the world!

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Vancouver sucks.

HI, I am a 23-year-old male, and I am in Vancouver. I know nobody, and I have been here for 23 years. I can't believe this city. it's driving me to the loony bin. I am a nice guy, and I actively make efforts to contact people. but no one responds back to me, it's like people don't want to make new friends here. they avoid eye contact, girls don't want to date you, as they date rich guys, or older guys. this city is catering to older people, and young people can never get their foot in the door. I am a local, and have been here for 23 years, so you would think I would have a social life by now, maybe even a girlfriend. but hell no. and there have even been news reports on this by CBC and stuff, but does the city help us, young people? NO, they Couldn't care less. The employment rate for us is 0, and there is always competition for the job you apply for. and did I mention that it was expensive as hell?? (btw I do not use social media or my phone in public.)

04:17 UTC


A small PEACE of advice😋

  • post when you want to post a post not because other's are posting a post.
  • not every status or story from your ex is meant for you,you are not the centre of everyone's universe.
  • go to places to spend a swell time not to dwell in Instagram for posting that you are having a swell time because you aren't.

-people only post one amongst million failed selfies, one success story amongst million failures,so you better know that you have a way better life.

  • it's okay to take a break from social networking once in a while, digital detox helps,face reality for once.
  • love yourself, love the life you've been given, make peace with yourself.✌️
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Legal slavery in the Western world. " Blacks law. 8th."

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